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Revenge of the Jedi is a MUD I play, a Multi-User Domain. It's an online text-only game based on Star Wars. Basically, hack and slash role-play combined with a chat line. My main character on there is named Cleaner.


So you might wonder, what is this website for? Basically it's a help site, focusing on Revenge of the Jedi, from here on called RotJ.


Be prepared for some reading. Mudding cannot be explained in a few short sentences. Summarized, yes, explained, heck no.


Important: You MUST read the Disclaimer for this website before continuing. Clicking any other link on this website constitutes your accepting the Disclaimer and the terms and conditions stated within. If you do not agree with the Disclaimer, please leave this site.


Revenge of the Jedi MUD can be found at the address , on port 9400.

Connect now using telnet.






Update: 4 May 2005 - Updated the Newbie questing page because the quests have been changed into one quest which runs on Qlog. Updated some personal info in Author Bio.



Update: 7 March 2005 - Added an explanation to the public communication channels, under the Basics section. Added an example score sheet and explanation of parts of it, also under Basics. Added an explanation of customizing your prompt, under Need To Know. Fixed a few minor typos.



Update: 26 December 2004 -  Added a link to Korben's RotJ Notebook on Links page. Updated my Bio with a few small bits. Updated various pages with minor information changes, to make things clearer. Fixed a few typos.



Update: 10 October 2004 - Added a new section for Newbie questing. Removed the pic of me and money and replaced it with a pic from my wildlife collection.



Update: 6 September 2004 - Added a complete zone guide done by Boar.. Stormtrooper Holo Training. Updated almost every page on the site with something. :-)



Update: 4 August 2004 - Added 'Planet list' under New. Added downloadable script for Unlock alias. No comment on the lack of updates. Personal life hectic.



Update: 26 June 2004 - Made a Pictures section under "About the author" and moved my bio pic in there. Also uploaded two more pics. Go there now. Also added a direct-connect hyperlink to the mud.



Update: 24 June 2004 - Major site overhaul. I'm not happy with some of the aspects of my site, and am changing it all. Dropping the Tips section completely and combining the two "New to" sections.



Update: 22 June 2004 - Haven't updated for a while, feeling guilty about it. :p Updated Triggers section. Working on some more importable scripts. Still nothing new on the Substitution script error, nobody responded to my post on the Zmud support forum.



Update: 13 May 2004 - Added Ion cannon tracking script.



Update: 11 May 2004 - Added 4.62 versions for the Space Walk, ID Capture and Tick Reset scripts. Updated 'Import Instructions'.



Update: 10 May 2004 - Added my Space Walk alias as a downloadable script. Added the FAQ section under 'New to RotJ'. Added Land and Space to 'Need to Know about RotJ'. Removed 'Fighter Pilot' from Lesser guilds. Added directions to guildmasters under 'Classes'. Added a 'Maximum number of ***' table to 'Specific Numbers'.



Update: 7 May 2004 - Added the disclaimer. Added space zones to "A few starting areas". Added spell and proficiency explanations to 'New' sections.



Update: 3 May 2004 - Added the Quick Navigate feature and some typing to some pages. Updated all the scripts for downloading.



Update: 2 May 2004 - Well I'm back on RotJ, so I guess I'll put my site back up. With some changes. Enjoy.




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