Therefore, do not fear their fear, neither be troubled: but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts; and be always prepared for giving an answer, with meekness and reverence, to every one who asks of you a reason for the hope which is in you. Hold fast a good conscience, that, whereas they speak against you as evil doers, they may be put to shame who arraign your good behaviour in Christ.
— I. Peter III. (Living Oracles)




Volume I

September 1863

Preface. — Moses E. Lard.

The Reformation For Which We Plead—What Is It?

Dick and South Point.

Allen Wright.

Do the Unimmersed Commune?

The First Beatitude.

Human Creeds as Tests of Truth Make Void the Word of God. — J. W. Cox.

Criticism of the Holy Scriptures.

The Synopsis of the “New Interest” in Detroit.

Remarks on the Preceding.

Short Articles for Periodicals.

Note to the Brotherhood.

December 1863

Spiritual Influence As It Relates to Sinners.

My Church.

Do the Scriptures Authorize Infant Baptism?

Repentance. — Kappa — J. W. McGarvey.

Shall We Recognize Our Friends in Heaven?

A Commentary on Acts of Apostles.

Reply to an Article Entitled “Do the Unimmersed Commune?” — Theta — Thomas Munnell.

My First Meeting.

The Cause and the Work It Needs.

March 1864

Spiritual Influence As It Relates to Christians.

Have We Not Become a Sect?

Criticism of the Holy Scriptures.

Baptism in One Spirit into One Body.

A Review of “Theta” On Communion. — Cullan — J. W. Cox.

A Review of Theta’s Reply on Communion. — Alpha — L. B. Wilkes.

The Expression — John the Baptist. — Lambda — C. L. Loos.

Hymns and Hymn Books. — Kappa — J. W. McGarvey.

Instrumental Music in Churches and Dancing.

June 1864

The Gift of the Holy Spirit. — Sigma — H. Christopher.

Baptism — Meaning of the Word.

The Christian Name. — Omicron — James Challen.

Will-Worship. — Discipulus — G. W. Longan.

Theta’s Reply to Cullan and Alpha. — Theta — Thomas Munnell.

Immersion in the Holy Spirit. — Kappa — J. W. McGarvey.

The Baptists—Where Are They Going? [From the British Millennial Harbinger.]

Close of First Volume.

Volume II

October 1864

A Theory of the Millennium.
transcribed by Hans-Paul Rollmann and posted at the Religious Studies site at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The Bible Union — Its Works Criticized. — Allan — J. W. McGarvey.

Alpha’s Reply to Theta. — L. B. Wilkes

Reply to Kappa on Immersion in the Holy Spirit.

The Contribution. — Philian — Albert Allen.

Translations and Revisions.

Review of Sigma on the Spirit.

Solomon’s Confession.

January 1865

The Kingdom of Heaven.

Missionary Societies and Our Hymn Book.

Letter from C. A. Buckbee — Reply Thereto.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit. — Clement — Thomas Munnell.

John the Baptist and the Word Baptism.

H. T. Anderson’s Translation.

The Burnt Offerings. — Omicron — James Challen.

A Fondness for the Mysterious. — Bentley — W. C. Rogers.

Orthodoxy and Heresy. — [John] Locke.

Professor Stuart — Millennial Items.

Suggested to Our Colleges.

April 1865

Christ as Mediator.

Ministerial Education. — Allan — J. W. McGarvey.

The Work of the Past — The Symptoms of the Future.

The Contribution. — A. G. — George Austen.

Hades, or the Unseen.

Abuse of the Name Christian.

Unclean Spirits and Demons. — Lansford — L. B. Wilkes.

Sigma’s Reply to the Editor. — Dr. H. Christopher.

The Olive-Tree Argument for Infant Baptism. — Clement — Thomas Munnell.

Pastors. — Allan — J. W. McGarvey.

Lard’s Notice of the New Translation. [From the A. C. Review.] — Benj. Franklin.


The Crisis of the Quarterly.

July 1865

The Miraculous and the Providential. — Philip — J. B. Grubbs.

Ordination of Church Officers.

Who Ought to be Baptized? — Clement — Thomas Munnell.

Sunday Schools and a Sunday School Paper.

Baptism—What Is It? — Delta — David Walk.

Too Many Churches—An Evil.

The Language of John, “He shall baptize you in the Holy Spirit,” Literal or Figurative? — C. — D. Crawford.

The Contribution. — Philian — Albert Allen.

Destiny of the Wicked. — J. W. McGarvey.

Co-operation of Missionary Societies.

Close of Volume Second.

Volume III

October 1865

What Think Ye of Christ?

Review of Dr. Christopher on The Gift of the Holy Spirit. — Polycarp — Thomas Munnell.

Their Testimony.

Nature and Revelation. — H. C. — Dr. H. Christopher.

Christian Union: Real and Unreal.

A. W. Robbins.

The Roman Census. — By Grumpach.

The Missouri Test Oath.

January 1866

Justification by Faith. — M. — J. W. McGarvey.

The Missouri Oath and A. Campbell.

Original Sin.

Creeds. — W. — L. W. Wilkes.

The Presence of the Holy Spirit in Christians. — L. — G. W. Longan.

A New Translation, Based on Revised Texts. — John.

The Conversion of the World to Christ. — P. — Alex. Proctor.

Scripture Types. — G. — Robert Graham.

Renan’s Life of Jesus. — G. — I. B. Grubbs.

April 1866

Should Christians Go to War?

The Presence of the Holy Spirit in Christians.

Alexander Campbell.

Scripture Types. — G. — Robert Graham.

Another Theory of the Millennium. — Titus — James Henshall.

The Church of Christ. — Othniel — O. A. Bartholomew.

Baptists and Disciples.

Renan. — W. — L. B. Wilkes.

Can We Divide?

October 1866

The Third Chapter of John.

Reply to the Question — Should Christians Go To War? — J. S. — John Shackleford.

Our Relations to the Invisible. — W. — David Walk.

Support of Aged Preachers.

A New Translation, Based on Revised Texts. — John.

The Influence of the Holy Spirit. — Beta — James Beatty.

The Confession of the Eunuch—Is it Genuine?

Draper’s Intellectual History of Europe. — B. — John A. Brooks.

A Trip to Missouri. — M. — John W. McGarvey.

Translation of the Scriptures in France.

An American Fable on the Simplicity of Water Baptism.

The Fourth Volume of the Quarterly.

Volume IV

January 1867

Paul’s Allegory of the Olive-Tree. — L. — J. M. Long.

The Law and the Gospel in Their Relation to Each Other. — G. — I. B. Grubbs.

Bruce Vance’s Experience.

Prayer. — W. — David Walk.

Odds and Ends. — Didymus — Thomas Munnell.

The Three Modes. — W. — L. B. Wilkes.

Emanation and Character of Human Spirits — Reply.

How Can It Get It?

Scripture Types. — No. 3. — Robert Graham.

Attitude in Prayer — Comments.


What Is Religion? — Heber.

April 1867

The Editor’s Theory of the Millennium. — E. E. Orvis.

Union of Church and State. — L. B. — L. B. Wilkes.

The Two Aspects of Faith As Presented in Hebrews XI., 1. — L. — J. M. Long.

War. — A. — G. W. Able.

A Few Words on Missionary Societies.

The Family of Judah. — J. W. McGarvey.

Lectures on the Pentateuch by A. Campbell, Edited by W. T. Moore.

The Commission. — E. — F. W. Emmons.

Ecce Homo.

Scripture Types. — No. 4.; No. 5.; No. 6.; No. 7. — Robert Graham.

Delay of the Present Number — Explanation.

July 1867

Faith—Its Definition.

“Thy Kingdom Come.” — W. — David Walk.

Our Mode of Preaching.

Efficacy of the Atonement. — G. — I. B. Grubbs.

The Temptation of Christ.

Patterson Institute, at North Middleton, Ky.

Fairs and Their Effects.

The Editor on Miracles. — Secundum Hinsdale — B. T. Hinsdale.

O. On the Editor’s Theory of the Millennium. — E. E. Orvis.

Modern Philanthropy. — Mrs. J. D. Pickett.

Scripture Types. — No. 7. (Concluded.) — Robert Graham.

Selfishness. — R. T.

October 1867

Our Present Position and Future Duties.

On Instrumental Music in Churches of Christ. — Dr. H. Christopher.

O.’s Theory in Regard to the Millennium. — O. — E. E. Orvis.

“It Is the Power.” — B. — L. B. Wilkes.

The True Worship of God.

Dr. Broaddus on Baptism for Remission of Sins. — J. W. McGarvey.

The New Birth. — G. — I. B. Grubbs.

Elder Goss — Kentucky and Virginia Campbellites. (From The Western Recorder.)

Reason and Revelation. — Dr. M.

Romanism and the Confessional. — David King.

Volume V

January 1868

The Will of God.

Emanation of the Human Spirit. — C.

A Trip to Missouri.

Missionary Societies. — W.

Thou Shalt Surely Die. — L.

Internal Revenue. — X.

Romanism, Protestantism, and Rationalism. — G.

A Journey from Cairo to Jerusalem, A Sketch. — P.

O Ye Mitred Heads, Preserve the Church. — L.

The Care of the Churches.

Brief Biblical Criticism. — E. H. H.

The Triumph of Christianity.

Strangers and Pilgrims.

Woman. — B. N. M.

The Other Side.

April 1868

Jewish Wars as Precedents for Modern Wars. — M.

“Preaching Funerals.” — J. F. [Extracted from the A. C. Review.]

Moral Evil. — L.

The State of the World at the Coming of Christ.

The Atonement. — Clement.

Review of “W.” on Missionary Societies. — M.

The Testimony of the Water, the Blood, and the Spirit. — L.

The Treasure in Earthen Vessels. A Discourse by J. B. Grubbs.

Suspension of the Quarterly.

References to the Old Testament.

References to the New Testament.

Other References.

Moses E. Lard published a quarterly journal for the churches of Christ from September 1863 until April 1868. The Old Paths Book Club of St. Louis, Missouri reprinted these in 1950. The fifth and final volume of the Old Paths series continues with the June 1865 (Vol. 2, No. 6) issue of The Christian Herald and the April 1876 issue of The Christian Quarterly.

I transcribed the selections from Lard’s Quarterly which I am presenting here from the bound original volumes in the library of the Austin Graduate School of Theology.

Many of the articles are ascribed pseudonymously with the actual authors sub­sequently identified in the volume tables of contents. I follow my source by giving the names as they appeared in the corres­ponding “Index” (table of contents) and at the end of the articles, but when an author has been identified in the Index, I add his name under the title of his article. I have seen no Index for Volume V.

The table of contents on this internet Web page adds entries which are not in the printed Indexes. At the Memorial University of Newfoundland Religious Studies site is Ernie Stefanik’s more scribally faithful copy of those printed Indexes.

Please email me with any corrections which ought to be made to the articles posted here.

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