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 MOO2 Leaders/

Ailis Gifted 100 2 Enviromentalist, Spiritual leader, Medicine
Altos Alkari Pilot 120 1 Helmsman, Fighter Ace, Navigator
Androgena None 110 2 Farming Leader, Financial Leader, Labor Leader, Medicine
Aquasarrious Trilarion Navigator 90 1 Navigator, helsman, Weaponry
Black Razor Enforcer 190 2 Assassin, Spy Master, Farming Leader, Financial Leader
Brainac None * 2 5 Random Admin Abilities
Caern Tulosian Mercenary 120 2 Weaponry, Helmsman, Navigator, Ordanance, Security
Cassandra Elerian Mystic 120 2 Telepath, Enviromentalist, Spiritual Leader, Tech Knowledge (Telepathic Training), Diplomat
Chug Planetologist 90 2 Enviromentalist, Researcher, Farming Leader, tech Knowledge (Terraforming)
Claw Klackon Taskmaster 160 3 Farming Leader, Labor Leader Operations
Crassis labor Leader 30 1 labor Leader
Cyr Fighter Ace 30 1 Fighter Ace
Dalan legendary Captain 300 4 Weaponry, Ordanance, Helsman,Famous, Fighter Ace
Dantos Bandit Lord 400 4 Famous, Megawealth,Fighter Ace, Weaponry, helmsman
Diablo Cyber Marauder 140 2 Assissin, Spy Master, Weaponry, Commando, Ordanance
Draxx Spy Master 100 1 Spy Master, Assassin
Electra High Priestess 170 4 Spiritual Leader, Enviromentalist, Telepath, farming leader
Emo Science leader 30 1 Science leader
Fellina Naturalist 100 2 Enviromentalist, farming Leader
Galis Financial Leader 30 1 Financial Leader
Garron Ambassador 80 1 Diplomat, Famous, Megawealth
Gizmo Gadgeteer 50 1 Engineer, Researcher
Grak Bulrathi Commando 110 2 Commando, Security, famous, operations
Grum Armsman 40 1 Security, Commando
Hawk Astrogator 50 1 Helmsman,Navigator
Houri Enviromentalist 40 1 Enviromentalist
Jarred Explorer 100 2 Navigator, Diplomat, Weaponry, helmsman
Karg Pirate Captain 360 3 Navigator, Weaponry, Ordanance, Galactic Lore, Helmsman
Kher Smuggler 100 2 Weaponry, Helmsman, Navigator, Trader
Khunagg Ruthless 90 2 Farming leader,Labor Leader, Tactics, Commando
Kimbuzzi Farming Leader 30 1 Farming leader
Kirsus Psilon Scientist 100 2 Science Leader, Researcher
Kronos Ancient Spacefarer 130 3 navigator, helmsman, Galactic lore, Tech Knowledge (Dimensional Portal)
Kytryl Privater 170 2 helmsman, Weaponry, navigator, Famous, Trader
Loknar Last Orion* 300 6 Weaponry, Ordanance, Galactix Lore, helmsman, Fighter Ace (* = Loknar the last orion will offer to join the race that defeats the Guardian and first conquers Orion. he comes with a ship of his own. Loknar has vowed to destroy the Antaran race utterly- or die trying!)
Lydon Noble 60 1 Diplomat, Famous, Megaweath
Malovane Battle Lord 240 4 Spiritual leader, Labour leader, Commando, Instructor, tactics
Matrix Cyber Mage 200 3 Science Leader, Spiritual leader, telepath, Assassin
Megatron Relic Android 210 3 Farming Leader, SCience Leader, Labour Leader, tech Kmowledge (all androids)
Mentox Legendary Scientist 170 3 Science Leader, Researcher, famous, tech Knowledge ( Reasearch Lab, Autolab)
Mukirr Mrrshan Warrier 90 2 Weaponry, Commando
Mystic X Unknown Ran 3 8 Random non-Admin Abilities
Necron Dark Lord 300 4 Dinancial Leader, Labor Leader, Science Leader, Telepath, Spiritual leader
Nhagg Armsmaster 140 2 Commando, Ordanance, Weaponry
Nile Forsaken Warrior 140 2 Commando, Security, Weaponry
Nimrazz Master Tactician 150 2 operations, Tactics, Instructor, Commando
Orphus Peachmaker 200 3 Diplomat, Weaponry, Ordanace, helmsman, Famous
Ralleia Siren 120 2 Famous, Diplomat, Spiritual leader
Rash-Lki Warloard 110 2 Tactics, Commando, Instructor, Labor Leader
Ruola Weapons Officer 30 1 Weaponry
Skaine Legendary pilot 220 3 Fighter Ace, Helmsman, WEaponry, Navigator, Famous
Slag Arms Dealer 240 2 Trader, Navigator, Weaponry, helmsman,megawaelth
Slith Rebel Pilot 110 2 WEaponry, Navigator, helmsman, Ordnance
Sparky Meklar Cyberbaut 100 1 Engineer, Ordanance, Tech Knowledge (Adv Damage Control)
Tanus Revolutionary 160 3 Farming Leader, labour leader,Science LeadermSpiritual Leadere,tech Knowledge (Advanced Goverment)
Tellik Legendary Engineer 240 4 Engineer, ordanace, Researcher, Famous, operations
Torg Overlord 190 3 Farming Leader, Labor Leader, Financial Leader, Commando
Tulock Bounty Hunter 200 3 Weaponry, Commando, helmsman, Navigator, Assassin
Tyranous Sakkra Armsman 70 2 Weaponry, Commando, Security
Urro Ikarian Doctor 60 1 Medicine, Researcher
V'Larr Independent Trader 160 1 navigator, Helmsman, Megawealth, Weaponry
Valin Rogue Trader 140 2 Magawealth, trader, Financial leader
Vott Technomancer 380 3 Science Leader, Financial Leader, Megawealth, Researcher, tech, Knowledge (Virtual Reality network)
Xantus Supreme Leader 300 4 Spiritual Leader, Financial LEader, labor leader, Enviromentalist, Science leader
Yota Elder Sensei 60 1 instructor, famous
Zog Gnalam Capitalist 180 2 Financial Leader, labor Leaderr, megawaeth

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