An Unchanged Soul
Rating: NC-17
Category: MSR, OC Romance, AU, GPF
Disclaimer: So not mine. Though I claim Sam and Emma. Nyeah.

Summary: In this sequel to "A Familiar Heart", all is not as it seems when Sam

This is in response to the Haven November Challenge, aka Guilty Pleasure Fic. The
basic elements are:

1. The movie "Singles" (wishful13)
2. troll dolls (gchick)
3. A "blankie" or "woobie" or whatever you wanna call a little kid's security
blanket. (CindyET)
4. Pixy Stix (DDIS2HOT)
5. Free movie passes for two (Vivien)
6. a cake (Clau)

If you've read "A Familiar Heart", you know it was written as a 'guilty pleasure'
fic - in other words, the author is free to write whatever kind of story they
consider a 'guilty pleasure' of theirs. By now, everyone knows my guilty pleasure
fic is a seriously AU story. "A Familiar Heart" was set in the days following the
end of WWII, one of my favorite historical periods. I hadn't planned a sequel when
I finished AFH, but Sam's story was impossible to resist. If you can't stand the
thought of Mulder and Scully as anything other than FBI agents, then this story
isn't for you. If you enjoyed AFH, then I hope you like "An Unchanged Soul".

I anticipate it will be novel length, probably longer than the
first story. It is my goal to post this as I did "A Familiar
Heart" - a chapter a day until finished. With weekends off,
naturally. :)
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