How to get to the beach

This site aspires to be more like a guide, hoping to inform the visitor, in as many aspects as possible, about the beach. It applies mainly to people who visit Mirtiotissa for the first time, but not only. To find the beach is not the easiest thing in the world but on the other hand all nice things in life are not easy to find, right? The difficult location along with the lack of adequate labeling, are just couple of reasons for that. Unless staying somewhere nearby, some sort of vehicle is needed to get to the beach.
  • If you prefer the bus, the suburban buses station (green buses) is at the new port in the city of Corfu. Take the bus to Glyfada and ask the driver to let you off at Mirtiotissa. From then on, the distance is about 1km walk to the beach. Be aware of the timetables as they differ on Sundays.
  • To get there by car from Pelekas, follow the way down that goes from Pelekas to Glyfada. At the end of Pelekas don't turn left (goes to Glyfada), continue straight and after a few curves turn left and you will see a sign pointing to "Mirtiotissa monastery". Enter that road and the beach is after about 800m 
  • If you come from Corfu town, follow the signs to Aqualand. Pass Aqualand and at the next T-junction turn left for Glyfada, Ermones etc. Pass Kokkini village and at the second T-junction turn left on a smaller road. At the end of that road don't turn left (goes to Glyfada), continue slightly right and after a few meters you will see the sign to Mirtiotissa monastery. Enter that road and the beach is after about 800m.
  • If you come from the north of Corfu, leave the highway at Diellas super market, take the secondary road and follow the signs to Aqualand, Pelekas, Glyfada etc., until you reach Aqualand. From then on, the directions of the paragraph above apply here too.
  • The way to the beach consists entirely of concrete. The last part is very steep. The walk down to the beach is OK, but allow yourself more time (and energy) for the walk back up. You are advised to leave your car somewhere along the road before Elia restaurant and walk the rest. Alternatively, you may park outside of Elia restaurant (parking for costumers). That will save you from a lot of trouble (especially at high season where the beach gets too crowded). There is also a parking place close to the monastery but it is a risk as you have to cross the steep and narrow part down to the beach. There is simply not sufficient space for car passing and Greeks have the whim to have their cars closest possible to them, like pets. Every summer many jocular have occurred when cars meet down there, with burned discs and deck to be some of them. Let aside the frustration under the burning sun.
  • Scooters and bikes can go all the way down and will easily find a place to park. The road down is steep, so drive with caution.


Click here to view a map of Corfu island or here to take a closer look at the area of Pelekas.

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Where to eat

Because it has been characterized as a naturist place, Mirtiotissa doesn't offer the comforts of organized beaches although you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. Bringing food along is an option (saves money too) however, there are kiosks / canteens on the beach offering fresh sandwiches, coffee, cold water & drinks, fruit salads etc. Prices are reasonable and food is clean. The owner on the kiosk shown in the photos (Michalis) is on the dressed part, on the road, is very friendly and he simply makes the best sandwiches on the beach (see right pic). He is also the owner of Panorama rooms. Recommended.

Michalis' kiosk Yummy!!!

If you prefer to enjoy a proper meal on a restaurant, there are two options: either Bella Vista or Elia. They both offer the ordinary tourist menu but also Greek and traditional Corfiot meals. Bella Vista (left photo) is on the way to the monastery, old "hippie" styled with nice view but the service is quite low. It is not clean either - i have seen often rats running inside. The owners are a local family, whose only interest is money and there are not good people. A friend of mine payed them with a 20€ and they gave him change from 10€. No matter how much he insisted, he got stolen at the end. So apart from the view... not recommended.

Elia on the other hand (right photo), is about 100m on the way back up the hill. Food and service are far superior compared to Bella Vista. It is much better value for money too, it is quite new with a wooden decoration, and is better choise when coming or leaving the beach. I have been many times there with my friends and never had a complaint. The owners are polite, open-minded, friendly Corfiots and they organise some nice events and parties throughout the season. Place, food and servive... all recommended.

Bella Vista Elia

Things to remember