Camping flights over package holidays provide freedom of choises. Tourists often stay in crowded and boring resorts, places they haven't seen when they were booking. Travellers on the other hand do their search and go wherever they please to. Myrtiotissa itself and the area nearby are ideal for travellers. Far from the noise of tourism and closer to the way of living of the locals. There is a variety of places, available for young people for staying, to choose from. Prices vary but they're all quite low. And don't forget: what you pay is what you get (not always though). The choise is up to your needs.

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Camping on the beach

If you have very low budget you can save the money, you would otherwise spend on a room or a camp site, by sleeping on the beach. This is what youth has been doing for many years. Get your backpack and things, down to the beach and just find a place to stay.
Place your tent next to a big rock so you can have plenty of shade and enjoy nature. It is safe there at night besides, you will not be the only resident (especially at high season). Renting a scooter, for more flexibility to move around, is a good option.

Size of the beach

From 2006 on, the beach got shrunk on all parts, especially the main - dressed part. What happens is that the sand goes away, leaving just the rocks underneath. While in 2008 it was a lot bigger, the following years it became smaller again so is this year (2014). So take this under consideration if your main intention is free camping and watch this site for updates regarding this issue.

Mirtiotissa Sunset