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November 21, 2005: A few new catagories have been added to my gallery. A Ral Partha section with four of my latest Shadowrun miniatures. Also, I have added a new subsection to the Reaper Gallery, Dark Heaven. I have added four new pictures of Olivia Copperbell, a Reaper Halfling. And a few minor updates through out the website, such as typos and what not.

May 20, 2005: A huge update this time. And I hope you find it was well worth the wait. First, we have been selling some miniatures on eBay, so be sure to check out the For Sale link on the left hand side of the table here. Also, if you want to keep informed of latest events be sure to join the McCragge Studios Painting group, (also located on the left bottom). You will be the first to know of any updates, or sales as they happen. Now, on with the updates.

Dusty Ann has added a bunch of new miniatures. First off, she has three new mini's in her Chaos Gallery, as well as a new mini in her Reaper Gallery.

Dave has added a ton of new Dragon mini's all ten are finally done. Be sure to email Tahsin ([email protected]) for the details behind these ten dragons. Also new, another Necromunda miniature added. And finally a Wildlings regiment gets a little updating as well as put up For Sale.

March 25, 2005: Three new Dragons added to the Reaper Dragon Gallery. Also a new catagory, Necromunda, has been added to Daves Gallery. Hopefully there will be more to come in the Necromunda section.

February 10, 2005: I have added a new Reaper catagory in Daves Gallery. I am currently filling it with their dragon models.

The dragons were commissioned for a special event at GenCon SoCal 2005 in which the mightiest chromatic dragons face the mightiest metallic dragons in world-shaking battle. E-mail [email protected] for more details.

January 07, 2005: A few new items have been added to the Galleries. First we have a whole new catagory opened. The Bretonnians, with the addition of the bowmen. And a Wildling regiment has been added as well.

September 19, 2003:
It has been awhile since the last update. A long while, but some how real life always seems to get in the way. In any case, we have a few new images up for you to check out. And also be sure to peek in at the auctions from time to time as we are selling more miniatures and accessories from time to time. So, first off, we have new images in the Wildlings as well as OutKast, and the FreakShow. Plus there is little add ons here and there throughout the website.

April 28, 2003: Several new pictures have been added to a couple of my galleries. First I have several new ones in the French Infantry section. I added one new one in both the Simian and Void galleries. I have also gone through and fixed up a few spelling and grammar errors brought to my attention by visitors to this site. I have also updated the Links section. 

March 15, 2003: A long wait for an update, I know but hopefully you will agree that it was worth it. Both my new artist Dusty Ann and I have been very busy both with real life stuff and painting. But now, I have uploaded a ton of new images for you to check out. (And be sure to let us know what you think in the forums) Let's see where to begin, Dusty Ann has a few new things in her galleries. We did a joint effort on a Dwarf regiment. (Dusty Ann's Gallery, Dave's Gallery) She also has a new Outkast mini, and a new Ral Partha mini.
I have a few new things as well. I have some new French Infantry from the Napoleonic Wars (painted in the basic style) also a few Outkasts as well. 

February 18, 2003: Another update has arrived. Two new galleries have opened in Dusty Ann's section, The OutKasts from Hundred Kingdoms, and a gallery for her Reaper models. Expect a bunch of new images in the next week as well.

February 03, 2003: A few new things have been added to the website. Let's see where to start. Dusty Ann has added a new miniature in her Chaos Gallery. I have also added a new Gallery. This time the Space Marines. And as always a new Wildling has been added. We have a few mini's up for auction at the moment, so be sure to click on the For Sale link.  Also, I have added a new link, Services. Following this link will bring up our new revised pricing list. All orders that were made before the new prices will still be completed at the original price.

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