Here a few of my favorite places as well as links to reference sites. If you would like me to add you to my links list please send me your link by clicking here.

 My Favorites

Eastern Fringe: This is my alternate website. Mostly for rules and scenarios.
Eastern Fringe Forums: A great place to talk about everything miniatures, from game design to sculpting.
Cool Mini Or Not: A place to see how well your miniatures fair against the rest of the internet. I spend way to much time here :)
The Miniatures Page: If you want to keep up to date on what is going on in the world of miniatures. This is the site to be at!


100 Kingdoms: This is a new fantasy game that is very easy to learn and fun to play.
Black Orc Games: The makers of the miniatures for the 100 Kingdoms game.
Copplestone Castings: This is the place to get all those really cool Future Wars miniatures. Plus he has other genres worth looking into.



Miniature Painting Net: This is the website that has the Visions In Color galleries. Very helpful resource site as well.
White Dwarf 'Eavy Metal Archive: Being a photographic record of previous 'Eavy Metal painting displays useful as a reference to painters and collectors of fine miniatures.
EllsWeb: Tons of articles on painting and modeling as well as a huge link database of other miniature painting websites and professional services.

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