About Us
   You are probably wondering why is this called McCragge Painting Studio when the painter and owners name is David Graham. Well the original plan was to have several artists working under the name McCragge Studio. But once I got things underway, it worked out to where there was just me painting, and I already had the name.

   The name McCragge itself came from a character in several short stories I used to write a couple years back. The actual full name is John McCragge (that's why you will see it on emails from me) In any case, I liked the character so much that I used as my online persona. I have been using it for so long that more people know by the name McCragge then my actual name.

   I have been painting and collecting miniatures since I was thirteen. My first miniatures where citadel goblin archers. Back then though I had never heard of Games Workshop. All I new about was Dungeons and Dragons. Ahh the good old days.

   Well needless to say, once I got home and opened that package of miniatures I was hooked. Since then I have slowly amassed a collection to large to count. So every once in awhile I paint a few up in between commissions and sell them on ebay.

   Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me, or contact me in other ways on my contacts page.


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