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Case by Case
Case by Case
Case by Case
Case by Case
Case by Case
Case by Case
Case by Case

Basic: Includes basecoating of the model, dark lining were appropriate, and flocked bases. (click here for example of 15mm basic).
Our Best: Our galleries are filled with our best work. Includes the best job we can do, from sculpted bases to blending and layering of multiple colors to get the smoothest blends we can.
Case by Case: Since these jobs vary so much from one to the other, it is hard to give a straight out price. So please feel free to email me for a quote on your model. (Please be sure to include as much detail as you can about the model to get an accurate quote.)

Quotes: Commission quotes are always free. If you are unsure about what I would charge or if a job is to big or to small, or if it isn't listed above,  just drop me a line (click here). Every email will be replied to within one day.

Supplying Figures: I prefer that the client sends me their miniatures to paint. It is much easier for the both of us. But if you prefer I can pick it up myself. The client will pay actual shipping as well as the cost of the miniature from the vendor. Since most of the time the vendor charges outrageous shipping fees.

Shipping and Insurance: I charge a basic rate of $5.00 to send priority mail, this covers all but the biggest orders as figures are quite light. Insurance is optional but buyer assumes all responsibility for shipping losses and damages when declining insurance. Tracking is also available for .35 cents. Any orders over $200.00 receive free shipping within the United States. This doesn't include tracking or insurance, that is up to the client to pay for.

International shipping is a minimum of $7.00 for a small order although weight is more of a factor with international orders. Adding insurance will run the cost up an additional $20 usually. As above, buyer assumes all responsibility for shipping losses and damages when declining insurance. Importantly I do not under estimate customs forms, buyer is responsible for all customs costs incurred by the customs sheets I fill out. In other words if you order $100 worth of painted figures the form will list it as painted miniatures-$100 and merchandise. International orders over $500 receive free shipping. This doesn't include tracking or insurance, that is up to the client to pay for.

Payment Methods: Payment must be received in full before I send the finished miniature to the client. They can pay either before or after I painted the miniature, but if no payment is received within 10 days of completion date, the miniature will be come property of the studio.

I accept Money Orders, Checks (10 day waiting period for check to clear) or my favorite PayPal. International orders are PayPal only at the moment, and all payments are in US Dollars.

Turn around Time

<>On average, for one rank and file trooper (remember even these lowly troops are painted to my highest standards) a turn around of one week is about average. For basic painting, one trooper can be done per day on average. Larger miniatures are a case by case on turn around time. Of course I am not responsible for delays in shipping. When you ask for a quote I will also include the estimated time frame it will take to complete.

The Details

Background: You already know a little bit of my background from the About Us article. But to fill in a few of the blanks. I am a professional tattoo artist and have been so for over 16 years. I have been painting and collecting miniatures for over 19 years. I realized that there might be some something to the miniature painting business when all my friends kept asking me to paint their miniatures for them. After awhile I decided to try my hand at painting and selling the miniatures on ebay. Which was quite successful, then I started getting emails from people asking me if I would paint their armies and so, after some long deliberation, here I am painting other peoples armies.

Figures: I enjoy painting pretty much any miniature from any genre from Fantasy, to Historical, to Sci-Fi. Although my favorite is Sci-Fi or Near Future type miniatures. So far I haven't run across a miniature I don't prefer to paint, but I imagine sooner or later that might happen :) I have also been known to do pieces of terrain from time to time as well.

What I usually don't paint: So far I haven't come across anything I don't paint. But if I have to pick something that I am not fond of it would be painting a regiment of plastic or metal identical miniatures (plastic gobbos comes to mind) Now if they are posable that's a different story.

Paints base coat and sealer: I always use acrylics. Mostly old Citadel colors (they are Coat de Arms now) I also use Ral Partha, Foundry and Vallejo from time to time, depending on my needs. I prime using either Citadel or Ral Partha white spray primer. Although from time to time I use black. You may have noticed that the industry is turning towards black primer, while it does have its uses, I prefer a white coat. It is much easier to paint black over white then the other way around. Plus the colors are brighter and more vivid painted over a white base. When completed I spray the miniature with three coats of Testors Dull coat. I prefer my miniatures dull rather then glossy, but should your needs require a gloss or a matte coat please let me know as I can do these as well. In all cases three coats is the minimum coverage of sealant I use.

Bases: Most single miniature order will come with a sculpted base at no extra cost. Regiments and squads will come with sanded and flocked bases at no extra cost. If you want sculpted bases for squads and regiments it is $5 extra per base. I can do most basing to your specification. Just let me know what your basing needs are and we can work together towards what you need.


Please be sure to check my Ebay feedback to see what other clients have said. I would leave a number of my feedback total here but it is increasing all the time.  I have also painted for Black Orc Games, the makers of Hundred Kingdoms fantasy miniatures game.  And by all means don't forget to check out the galleries.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to painting for you!
David Graham
McCragge Painting Studio

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