What Dads Do

Viorst, Judith. 1995. Sad underwear and other complications. Illustrated by Richard Hull. New York: Atheneum Books For Young Readers. ISBN: 0-689-31929-0.


This poem lists things that a dad can do.

What Dads Do

Make bookshelves.

Make burgers.

Make money.

Make funny faces that make you laugh.

Scratch your back when you can't reach where it itches.

Lift you up on their shoulders.

Snore when they're sleeping (but say they don't).

Pitch—but not so fast that you can't hit their pitches.

Play tickles with you when you feel like a silly person.

Snuggle up close with you when you feel like a sad one.

Dads explain electricity

And peninsulas

And help you count the stars.

I wish I still had one.


Have students journal or make drawings.

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