Original Poem—ABCs

by Becky Laney


I wrote this poem in the middle of a very boring class. Actually this is only one of many poems I've written during a boring class.

ABC's of my life

A is for Afternoon. (Wasted in School)

B is for Boredom. (One feels as One Waits)

C is for Candy. (One wishes One had)

D is for Deep Dozes. (One falls in so easily)

E is for Elizabeth. (Who made me take this class)

F is for Funny Faces. (You draw in your notes)

G is for Gum. (You wish lasted longer)

H is for Hair. (You run your fingers through)

I is for Imagining. (You do to stay awake)

J is for Jaw. (You lay upon your palm)

K is for Kevin. (Whom you dream about in class)

L is for Leg Cramps. (You get from the chairs)

M is for Monotone. (The teacher's dragging voice)

N is for Notes. (You supposedly take)

O is for Overall Boredom. (in this room)

P is for Pillow. (You wish you could hold)

Q is for Questions. (Which you want to avoid)

R is for Reality. (Which is looking Really Sad)

S is for Skipping. (Which You Wish You Had Done)

T is for Time. (Which has apparently stopped)

U is for Understanding. (Which is beyond You)

V is for Vivarine. (Which you really need)

W is for Window. (Which you feel like jumping out of...)

X is for 'Xperience. (You wish you never had)

Y is for Yawn. (Open up wide)

Z is for Zap. (you wish you could use to send your teacher to Mars)


Have students write their own ABC poem—about anything they want (favorite foods, etc.)

Module Six Poem Selections:

Module One: The Poetry Environment Module Two: Major Poets
Module Three: Poetry Performance Module Four: Poetry Across The Curriculum
Module Five: Multicultural Poetry Module Six: Responding To Poetry
Author Study: Janet Wong

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