My Poem, Krystal White

Writerscorps. 2003. Paint me as I am: teen poems from writerscorps. New York: HarperTempest. ISBN: 0-06-447264-7.


This poem describes how poems can feed the soul.

My Poem

My poem can fight,

My poem can sing,

My poem can fly,

But it has no wings.

My poem can wake

You up from your sleep,

My poem can rhyme,

And stick to beat.

My poem can give,

My poem can take,

My poem can tell

The real from the fake.

My poem can see,

My poem makes you read,

My poem isn't food

But it does fill a need.


Discuss the benefits of poetry. What needs does it fill? Does it feed the soul? What are the benefits of reading poetry? Writing poetry?

Module Six Poem Selections:

Module One: The Poetry Environment Module Two: Major Poets
Module Three: Poetry Performance Module Four: Poetry Across The Curriculum
Module Five: Multicultural Poetry Module Six: Responding To Poetry
Author Study: Janet Wong

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