The Beheaded Fiend Inn

The Beheaded Fiend Inn is a favorite waystation of many planar travellers. Run by the semiretired and legendary planewalker Tandra Fiendslayer, many adventurers returning from the lower planes stay here, because it is a place as save from the denizens of the lower planes, as possible. Tandra and her companions make sure that the occasional fiendish guest watches its manners. Here you can find many useful resources on the planes.


Look here, if you visit this place for the first time. You will be introduced to the Inn, its location, neighbourhood and the proprietor Tandra Fiendslayer. Occasionally even the mystical old bard performs and drinks in the common room.

What is an inn without people to populate it? A boring place that closes down soon. The Beheaded Fiend Inn is visited by many different people and run by semiretired adventurers. There are few other places, where so many interesting and unusual people are found.

Not all of the cutters you see here are regular vistors of the Beheaded Fiend Inn, but most adventurers seem to end up here one time or another. It is a popular place to go and lodging is good to top-shelf quality, while prices are decent. You get what you pay for. Another reason for the places popularity might be, that bards and other storytellers are seen here at least every second night.

Tired of more fanged, clawed, tentacled monstrosities from the lower planes? Come on, take a trip to Arborea and dance with the fey Eladrin. Oh, do not forget your blade either. These celestials fight evil and oppression as much as anyone, but they do it with more style than anyone else. Who knows? Maybe you have already met an Eladrin. They mingle with mortals more often than any other planeborn, but they can only do so in clever disguise.

There is no such thing as an inn, where people don't talk about the weird and other things happening around them. In Sigil there is a lot of strange chant around and some of it is retold at the Beheaded Fiend Inn. Here you can find a miscallany of ideas, in character writings and actual chant. It is not always easy to find out, which is what, but any planewalker worth the name should be able to make the call.

Even more ugly (and Evil!) things rear their heads in the lower planes. It seems that the tanar'ri, yugoloths and baatezu aren't enough faces to show all types of depravity. Many things both alien and frightening are happening and News From The Lower Planes tries to keep track of most developements, which are (naturally) of special interest to Tandra Fiendslayer and her companions, seasoned lower planar adventurers all of them.

The Legendary planewalking mage Gillian el'Irand collected the knowledge about many creatures and put it down within the Pages of this Tome. It has been faithfully copied many times. The Alamanach is one of the most comprehensive, reliable and well researched beastiaries avialable in book shops. Some say that the Parted Veil always stocks a few copies, especially of the planer part of the Alamanach. Only the gods know, how she came up with the name for her tome.

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