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Though not as popular to convert as the for example the Land Rover Defender, quite a few conversions have been made using the Land Cruiser 75.
To read more about the Artic Truck TLC 75 with 44 inch tires, click here.

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The size and off-road manners of the Land Cruiser 75 makes it the perfect off-road camping vehicle. Most conversions feature a raised roof giving room inside. Other conversions (Like the one made by Lyndi) have a lift-up roof hinged in the front. A third option is to bolt on a cabin onto a pickup or C&C. Finally, also a roof-top tent will satisfy many peoples needs.

The Britz LC75 camper The Britz LC 75 inside A Special Mobiles LC 75? Lyndi LC75 Expedition vehicle

Innovation Campers

A well known company, at least in Germany, is Innovation Campers. They convert Hardtops and Pickups into fully prepared expedition vehicles. A lift-up roof if fitted to the hardtops, and a light weight cabin is mounted to the frame of the pick ups. They also convert LC's J8 and J10 to expedition vehicles.

A LC75 by Innovation Campers Ready for everything! The Lift-Up roof of the IC 75 A solid High-roof can be fitted
The IC LC 80! A pickup conversion A LC73 by Innovation Campers The IC LC 100!

V8 Land Cruiser

Usually the Toyota power-plants are among the strongest in their class, but sometimes there is a need for even more power. Turbo-charging is possible, but also engine swaps can be made. The famous Chevy 350 small-block is a wonderful engine with lots of oomph. Also the 6.2 l/6.5 l Chevrolet diesel engines are popular among converters.

TLC 75 with 6.2 Chevy diesel

Gun ship

I have seen several Land Rover gun ships based on Series-vehicles and Defenders. But these Land Cruisers are the first TLC gun ships I have ever seen. The first two are actually LC 70s, but as an exception to the rule I included them here.The last picture shows the 70 in action.
The LC 70 gunship has a 106 mm recoilless rifle. The 75 has a 50 cal. MG

TLC 70 Gunship TLC 70 Gunship TLC 75 Gunship TLC 70 Gunship

Double cab

This 75 double cab is used by Buffalo Campers in South Africa. The origin of this cool conversion is unknown, but Buffalo Campers should know. The rear-doors look like shortened front-doors, and the rear is probably a shortened pickup-bed. The roof however must have been made from scratch.

TLC 75 doublecab !


While browsing the web I came across these 6x6 Land Cruiser 75. If they really are 6x6 or if they are just 6x4, I do not know. But the homepage claimed they were real 6x6. One of their customers used them for tourist sight-seeing in New Zealand.

6x6 sigth-seeing vehicle 6x6 Workshop


Quite a few conversions have been made using the TLC 75 as a base vehicle. The most common conversion is the 75 Hardtop-ambulance. In most cases it is used because of its suitability. It's roomy and durable, and has everything a 4x4-ambulance conversion needs.

TLC 75 Ambulance Ambulance Interior TLC 75 Cab&Chassis Ambulance Conversion

Some converters buy a cab & chassis 75 before bolting a large cab onto the frame. The cab is large and the space is easier to use than the rear of a hardtop. The larger rear overhang and the width of these conversions will make them unsuitable for any serious off-road work.

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