L. A. History 1947 - 1951


Los Angeles High as seen from L. A. High Memorial Park (approx 1951)


Beginning of L. A.'s work for Greece.


Celebration of L. A.'s 75th anniversary, beginning with Homecoming Day in November and concluding with a mammoth alumni reunion and the "Cavalcade of L. A. High" in June.


"At 75, L. A. High Looks Ahead." With this slogan, alumni and students opened drive for funds for Memorial Recreation Center. Students raised over $9000.


Mr. Reeves resigned to become Assistant Superintendent in charge of Senior High Schools.
Dr.Paul Fisher became principal.
First L. A. High building of 1873, long ago moved from Temple and Broadway to Ft. Moore Hill, was torn down to make room for Hollywood Freeway. One of the building's doorways was moved to our "B" field.


L. A. welcomed back its wartime principal, Dr. Webb, who had been an administrator in the field of education in Japan as a member of General MacArthur's staff.


Students and alumni continue work for Memorial Recreation Center. Fund has now reached nearly $30,000.


September---To its principals, faculty, alumni, and students, L. A. is never a finished product, but an ever-developing, ever-progressing vital force in the community and the state.

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