L. A. History 1912 - 1945



Blue and White Weekly newspaper founded.


Mr. Housh persuaded the Board of Education to buy 21 acres on what is now Olympic and Rimpau, but what was then "the middle of a hayfield." Because he had faith in the growth of Los Angeles and had vision enough to move his "college preparatory" Los Angeles High School to the right place at the right moment, his L. A. remained the "classical" high school---the L. A. High "Romans."


September 3: Laying of the cornerstone of the present L. A.---far from the bustle of the city; but in the direction in which the city's best residential district was moving.


School moved into beautiful new building with it's Oxford tower, but there were no gyms, no cafe, no streets, no street cars within five blocks. However, all the students followed the school!


School celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with an ambitious pageant and with the dedication of L. A. High Memorial Park.


Mr. Housh retired. (If an institution can be the "lengthened shadow of a man," that man for L. A. was William Harvey Housh.) Mr. Ernest Warner Oliver, graduate of W'95 and long-time vice-principal, succeeded to the principalship.
Blue and White Weekly became the Daily.


Installation of the Deagan chimes in the tower, making true again that old saying about L. A. High: Always a hill, always a tower, always a timepiece."


Building of Oliver Pool.


Mr. Oliver retired---end of an era of continuity of administration (from 1895-1941).


Dr. Paul E. Webb administered the school as principal during the four trying war years.


Mr. Claude L. Reeves became principal.

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