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On December 9, 2000, don't forget to watch CLICK'S FIRST ANNIVERSARY! The show has something for the fans of Antoinette & Wendell... could this be the last time we will see them together before Toni leave for the United States (hope not! so let's just continue our email campaign to GMA Network feedback and hope that they grant our request for a guesting for Toni & Wendell).


Have you guys noticed the ATWR poster in SOP? Yessiree, those are fans of Antoinette Taus who have embraced Wendell Ramos as Toni's screen partner. Let's thank the Solid Antoinette Taus fans club for their generous support to Toni & Wendell's team-up.

Site Updates - The article from Teen Movie Mag... GETTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WENDELL RAMOS! Enjoy! Incidentally, for fans of Ryan Agoncillo, you can visit a new (and unofficial) fansite... R Y A N.

Thanks to all the fans of Antoinette Taus who openly supported her team-up with Wendell Ramos. Specially to the Solid Antoinette Taus Fan Club headed by Angie!


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