CLICK TAPING Some pictures taken during one of Click's tapings.... NEW!!!

Last Dance Allie waits for Ben, Ben eager to reach Allie's debut. 

Cara Sucia and Miguel Angel Not exactly the most apt title, but you'll remember this episode where Allie & Ben where teasing each other as Miguel Angel and Cara Sucia from the afternoon telenovela of GMA7. Also the episode where Allie showed Hector how she puts lipstick on Ben's face every time she wins a card game. 

Click debut Screen caps from the first episode of Antoinette & Wendell in Click. Allie's grandparents celebrated their anniversary.

SOP Caps Screen caps from the Click barkada's guesting in SOP. Antoinette & Wendell sang "Don't Say You Love Me" with Alessandra and Miko.

Allie's Birthday Photos taken during Click's taping of Allie's debut on September 16-17, 2000 at the Ciudad Fernandina in Intramuros, Manila. Thanks to our photographer (very amateur!) Angie. The taping began at 2pm, Sept.16 and finished at 5am, Sept. 17.

D!Day celebrates Antoinette Taus' 19th birthday! Snapshots taken after the D!Day birthday guesting of Toni, August 31, 2000.

Click Taping These pictures were taken during one of Click's tapings in OLGM, Commonwealth QC, June 24, 2000.

thank you so much to BiancAllie for all the screen captures and for the very beautiful "The Many Facets of Antoinette & Wendell"!





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