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QuakeViewer is an application using data files from the games Quake, Quake2, Quake3, RTCW(Return to Castle Wolfstein), Half-Life, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike, Blue-ShiftHexen2, and Heretic2 makes 3D preview of the games maps. Note that you need original game data to use this software. Files from shareware versions of the games are OK to work with. Both BSP and PAK files are supported for Quake, Quake2, Half-Life, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike, Blue-Shift,  Hexen2, and Heretic2. Also supports Quake3 and RTCW PK3 compressed files, as well as standalone BSPs.
Makes 3D preview of the above games maps. Allow screenshot exports to image files (*.bmp, *.ppm, *.m8, *.tga) or via the Windows clipboard. Supports all screen resolutions supported by the system.Supports joystick.
Detailed information about the games maps support
BSP Version Game Capabilities
29 Quake1,
Full rendering support.
30 Half-Life,
Opposing Force,
Full rendering support.
38 Quake2,
Full rendering support.
46 Quake3 Full rendering support.
47 RTCW Full rendering support.
Version 1.6 build 64 - (30/10/2005)
Added support for RTCW(Return to Castle Wolfstein) bsps.
Version 1.5 build 56 - (22/10/2005)
Fixed support for Quake3 PK3 compressed files and compressed TGA images.
Fog effect added.
Loads a bsp map from command line.
Version 1.4 - (15/9/2005)
3D Engine speed improvements.
Virtual sky added.
Version 1.31 - (30/6/2004)
Fixed transparent textures for Half-Life.
Better search for Half-Life WAD files.
Version 1.3 - (28/6/2004)
Added full support for Half-Life, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike and Blue-Shift.
Version 1.2 - (9/6/2004 - 19/6/2004)
Support for Quake3 bsp files added.
Version 1.1 - (28/5/2004)
Allow screenshot exports to image files (*.bmp, *.ppm, *.m8, *.tga)
Version 1.0 - (26/5/2004)
First working version.
Windows operating system with DirectX 7.0.
Minimum Pentium II,  AGP graphics adapter, 64 MB RAM.
For optimum performance Pentium III, AGPx4 graphics adapter, 128 MB RAM.
Memory requirements may be higher while loading a big map.
Memory requirements may be higher while loading a Quake3/RTCW map in maximum complexity level.

download QuakeViewer (691Kb)

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