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Here are some applications I've developed. All applications are in English language. If you are interesting in applications in Greek language click here.
Before you download anything I recommend to read this.

Quake to Delphi Total Conversion
Doom to Delphi Total Conversion
DoomViewer - 2D / 3D Doom / Doom2 / Heretic / Hexen / Strife Viewer
QuakeViewer - 3D Quake / Quake2 / Quake3 / Half-Life / Hexen2 / Heretic2 BSP Viewer
DukeViewer - 2D / 3D Level Viewer for Duke Nukem 3D
Hunter 3D Action Game
MD2 Model Viewer
TombViewer - 3D Tomb Raider Viewer
DirectX Macarena
Graphics Conversions
Fractal Designer
LandScape ScreenSaver
Dictionary system for Windows