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DukeViewer is an application using makes 2D and 3D preview of the games maps of Duke Nukem 3D game. Note that you need game data to use this software. GRP file from shareware version of the game is OK to work with. Also allows to hear the level music when you are in 3D mode.
Makes 2D and 3D preview of the above games maps. Display detailed information about the map's walls. Allow screenshot exports to image files (*.bmp, *.ppm, *.m8, *.tga) or via the Windows clipboard. Supports all screen resolutions supported by the system. You can choose full screen only for 3D preview of the map. Supports joystick and mouse.
This program does not rely on Duke Nukem 3D source code as released by 3D Realms, it is written from scratch in Delphi. It uses Direct3D technology to render the maps. The result is very good looking graphics. 
Version 0.1 beta - (15/10/2005)
First public release.Stable enough and fast enough to use it, some problems with texture alignment and minor problems with some sloped walls.
Windows operating system with DirectX 8.1.
Minimum Pentium II,  AGP graphics adapter, at least 128 MB RAM recommented. 
For optimum performance Pentium III, AGPx4 graphics adapter.

download DukeViewer (578Kb)

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