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DoomViewer is an application using original WAD files from the games Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen and Strife makes 2D and 3D preview of the games maps. Note that you need game data to use this software. WAD files from shareware versions of the games are OK to work with.You can also use standalone PWADS.
Makes 2D and 3D preview of the above games maps. Allow screenshot exports to image files (*.bmp, *.ppm, *.m8, *.tga) or via the Windows clipboard. Supports all screen resolutions supported by the system. You can choose full screen only for 3D preview of the map. Supports joystick. Supports things and enemies preview for the games Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. Support for the game Strife is a bit  limited due to lack of documentation. Documentation for Strife game about things and enemies is welcome to the author.
This program does not rely on original DOOM source code as released by ID Software, it is written from scratch in Delphi, although I've made my own port of DOOM (Doom To Delphi Total conversion).  It uses Direct3D technology to render the maps. The result is very good looking graphics. Be sure that your favourite game maps never were looking so good.
Version 2.2 build 93 - (30/10/2005)
Some bug fixes.
Support for animated walls, floors and ceilings.
Version 2.1 build 84 - (15/10/2005)
Better support for midi files inside WADS.
Lower memory utilization.
Good speed optimizations, I think that now loads as fast as possible!
Improved 2D display preview.
Better perspective for things.
Version 2.0 beta build 58 - (29/9/2005)
Speed optimizations and source code clean up. At least twice as faster from version 1.63.
Options to configure 3D engine.
Display missing upper/lower textures with typical texturing.
Gravity behaviour while navigation control is enabled.
A splash screen added.
Support for playing the level's music while in 3D mode.
Navigates using also the mouse while in full-screen.
Version 1.7 - (22/9/2005)
3D Engine speed improvements and other speed optimizations.
Some bug fixes.
Version 1.63 - (21/2/2005)
Some speed optimizations.
Version 1.62 - (26/6/2004)
Memory and speed optimizations for Heretic, Hexen and Strife.
Better support for Strife things.
Version 1.61 - (25/6/2004)
General speed optimizations.
Memory and speed optimzations for Doom and Doom2 support.
Version 1.6 - (18/6/2004)
Lower memory utilization, loads twice as faster on slow machines.
Small support for Strife things.
Fixed texture alignment.
Scrolling textures support added.
Version 1.5 - (8/6/2004)
Bug fixes, color landscape outside the map.
Version 1.4 - (4/6/2004)
Better navigation control, using accelerate and brake movement.
Option to hear a "step" sound while navigating.
Minor bugs fixed, better sky support.
Version 1.3 - (May 2004)
Option to show/hide things and enemies.
Sky support for Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen.
Support screenshot exports to image files (*.bmp, *.ppm, *.m8, *.tga)
Better walk simulation while navigating inside the map.
Version 1.2
Support for maps of the game Strife.
Version 1.1
Support things and enemies rendering.
Go to the starting point on open.
Version 1.0
First working version.
Windows operating system with DirectX 8.1.
Minimum Pentium II,  AGP graphics adapter, 128 MB RAM.
For optimum performance Pentium III, AGPx4 graphics adapter, 256 MB RAM or more.

download DoomViewer (822Kb)

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