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What's this stuff gonna cost me?

By now, I'm sure you've asked yourself the question above. So, here are your answers (and, hopefully, answers to a few other questions as well.) This page is almost constantly in a state of flux - either due to the vagaries of material costs (which are generally unpredictable anyhow...) or due to items being added or removed (according to demand.)
This is by no means an "all-inclusive" list - just what I've been able to list as "standard" and what we typically keep on hand. If you don't see something here that you might be interested in or find useful, ask. I've certainly no aversion to looking for something, if you want it!

Also note that applications listed here are not an "all-inclusive" list, either. I'm perfectly willing to do custom work! I've even helped on some high-endurance application design (like Search and Rescue!) and reports from the field are encouraging. So, if you have something special you'd like help with, drop me a line and let me know what you're doing. There will be quite a few questions, but we're going to make sure that your wiring will be as reliable and durable as possible. I've had gear fail on me when I needed it most, and I don't want that to happen to you!

Prices Current As Of 01JUN2009

If the date above is more than one month past, please contact me to verify that they are still current. Also, if you have requested a catalogue from me for offline reference, please refer to this page for current pricing. In the event of a conflict between the offline catalogue and this page, prices on this page will be honoured in favour of the offline catalogue (I can keep up on this page - once you've got a copy of the offline catalogue, I have no more control over it.)

Nota Bene
The Postal People have finally done it - in order to keep up with them, the standard shipping rate for cablesets and such is going to be $12.00 per box, instead of $10.00. At least they're using the same size boxes - and I can usually get quite a bit wedged into one of those boxes. My current record is either one set of twenty-foot booster cables in 4AWG with clamps on both ends, or two full ANL cablesets plus accessories. I do try to make sure you get your money's worth...


I've tried to learn Java to write a shopping cart, and I just couldn't make the connections there. So, we're going to keep ordering by email until I find something that will work for me.
Fortunately, we've finally gotten information for all of the 4.0L-equipped XJ and MJ model years (haven't gotten information on the rest just yet...) so we've been able to consolidate part numbers to simplify things. I find it easier to keep track of four "sets" of parts than to watch over fifteen (1987-2001,) and we can still make things look like they belong there - rather than they were stomped up in a parts house using a "cookie cutter" approach.
So, you've got it easier - just pick the set that includes your model year and ask for that. The only reason for a standard application to not be listed is simple - no-one has given me the information I need to list it yet. If you want cables for something that isn't listed, drop me a line and I'll tell you how you can measure without taking things to bits. I'll also be adding a .pdf file on measuring OEM cabling without tearing anything down and eliminating shock hazzards, and another with instructions for mocking up and measuring custom jobs - watch for them to appear on the "instructions" page.

Payment for your Order

To date, we will accept PayPal payments and Postal Money Orders payable in US Dollars only. PayPal payments may be made using your existing PayPal balance (if you have one,) using a credit card (I'm sure you have one of those,) or using an "e-check" through PayPal (which usually takes three banking days to clear - it will delay your order slightly.) Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of payment - if it takes longer, I'll let you know. The shipping estimates given are "worst-case" times, which assume I have to bring materials in from zero (which I really do try to avoid, for standard cablesets and the like.)
If you are ordering internationally, I've no trouble shipping to you! However, international shipping costs are billed by weight, and any import duties, tariffs, or other taxes or fees are up to you. Also note that your telephone number and email address are required for the US Customs paperwork I've got to do, and Customs (here or there) may open your package for inspection. International orders will come with a detailed packing slip, for that reason (gotta keep them honest, you know...) For international shipments of cablesets, you will also receive a .pdf copy of your invoice separately via email, in case the one packed in with the box should get, er, "mislaid." I've not had any trouble with international shipments yet, and I don't plan to start now. Considering I've shipped to Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Canada, Indonesia, and a good chunk of Europe, that sounds like I'm doing quite well.
Unless you request otherwise, shipping will be via the Unites States Postal People. They're the same people I use domestically, give the best rates for international and domestic shipping, and don't seem to charge "brokerage fees" (an issue in, say, Canada.) I use them domesticallly for much the same reason, with the addition of no extra charge for Saturday delivery. And, they'll ship to PO Boxes, APOs, and FPOs. Not bad at all, for the price...


As I just mentioned, we use the US Postal People unless you request someone else. So far, that hasn't happened - but it'd your option.
Why do we use the Postal People? That's how we do the flat $12 domestic shipping (including Alaska and Hawai'i,) within three days of shipment, six days a week. They've also got the best hours - if I miss the main Post Office, there are also a couple of mall substations that are open to 9:00PM. Try getting service like that out of DHL or UPS!
And, I'll run the flat $12 shipping for cablesets and the like as long as I can - depends on how the rates keep climbing.

Sales Tax

Works in Progress does not add sales tax for in-state orders! What you see is what you pay - let me worry about the Kommisar's Share here in CA. Of course, if you're out of state, this isn't an issue for you to begin with...
Consider the matter closed, unless the rules change.

Wire Gages

Works in Progress keeps 1AWG and 4AWG fine-strand welding cable on hand. 1AWG is usable for mains cabling, battery-to-battery cabling, most winch wiring (it's what Warn and Ramsey use as well - winches have an agreeably low duty cycle,) and anything else you plan on shoving more than 100A through. Use 4AWG for "secondary distribution" - power to lots of lighting, large inverters, large amplifiers, and the like. If you're not sure what size wire you should be using for what you're trying to do, feel free to ask! And note that booster cable sets can be made using 1AWG or 4AWG cable as well.
We're not limited to 1AWG and 4AWG, tho. If needed, WiP can source fine-strand wiring anywhere between 6AWG and 0000AWG (commonly known as "4/0AWG," "4/0," or "four-ought.") It takes a bit longer - but if you need it, we can find it.

1AWG or 4AWG?

You've probably already noticed an added column here - wiring kits are now offered in both 1AWG and 4AWG. Which one to pick? It's really pretty simple - if your alternator is never going to be upgraded past 150A, you may safely use the 4AWG kit. If you think you're going to go past 150A, or are installing it to go past 150A, then select the 1AWG kit.
ANL kits are available for both wire gages - the difference being the lead going into and coming off of the fuse block (the fuse block, fuse, and mounting hardware are the same.)
NB:No warranty, express or implied, exists for cablesets installed in applications beyond the ratings given on the WiP website, or specifications given by WiP staff. If you push something beyond its limits, you are responsible for any failures that occur! WiP rates our cabling rather conservatively for your safety - while it is probably feasible to push past the ratings given, it is certainly not advised, and you are responsible for any problems that should crop up.
If you want your cables or cableset made using 1AWG wire, please append "(1)" to the order number(s). If you prefer 4AWG wire, please append "(4)" to the order number(s). Items with a single price listed will be independent of wire gage used - items like solenoids, relay kits, fuse holder kits, and the like don't care what gage of primary distribution wire you are using. These items will have price cells that span both 1AWG and 4AWG columns.

Custom Jobs

We bill custom cabling according to length, taken up to the next whole inch. Therefore, we can't give you a definitive price on your custom job until we know what it is. Most shorter 1AWG cabling can be estimated by checking against listed parts sets, anything else requires calculation. Simple and easy - but it needs doing.

Power Distribution Centre Notes

There are three versions of the Power Distribution Centre in use on Jeep vehicles from 1991 on up. These can be defined by their input posts:

The PDCs with the 6m/m screwposts also use a pair of MAXI60 fuses to protect the vehicle from alternator surges. The 8m/m stud version uses a segment of 10AWG fusible link wire, in place of the two MAXI60 fuses. To date, I've not found 10AWG fusible link wire in the aftermarket - or anything larger than 14AWG, for that matter.
Since 60A is getting close to the maximum rating for MAXI fuses, there's not a lot of room to upgrade there, either. So, installation of an ANL retrofit kit (in either case) is recommended if you plan to upgrade your alternator - since the ANL fuse is easy to locate and replace.
Also, the ANL fuse is easier to find and replace than 10AWG fusible link wire.
Whatever you decide to do, I still need to know what size the screwpost(s) is(are) for your PDC, so I can size the cable lug accordingly. Also, if you have the two 6m/m posts, you'll need to clip the lug off of the OEM cable and put it back on to tie the two posts together. I have measurements needed to source lugs for that configuration (2x6m/m on 3/4" centres,) but I've not found a lug with an agreeable price. So, it's been easier to just have you re-use your OEM lug.

ANL Retrofit Kit Note

The ANL kit was designed on a 1988 Cherokee, which isn't such a problem. However, when ChryCo started redesigning things in 1991, they decided that the cruise control vacuum servo would go better next to the battery, rather than in the middle of the firewall (where AMC put it. No, I don't know why, either.) If you don't have cruise control, or if you've removed it, no trouble. If you've still got it and want to keep it, it may be necessary to sort out "custom" leads for your application.
For the price of the ANL kit, as listed, you get:
Most people have been able to make the ANL kit work with their application on later models, but this isn't guaranteed. So, please check before you order. A drawing of the ANL fuse block and mounting arrangement will be posted on the instructions page, if it's not there already.

Product Status

You'll note a column in the chart below, on the far right, called "Status." This will mainly affect your timing - because it's going to tell you whether it's something I keep on hand (or keep materials on hand to make it,) or if I have to order it in for you.
"SI" means "Stocking Item," which means I either keep it in stock or keep materials on hand to make it. Items marked "SI" will typically ship the day after they're paid for, unless I'm waiting for a resupply of materials (all cablesets, for instance, are cut from bulk cable stock to order. This helps to reduce inventory taxes, since it's only "materials" and not "finished goods." Also, it allows me to make custom cable runs rather more quickly.) While SI items will typically ship the next day, and you'll usually have it inside of a week; please allow two to three weeks for delivery (but I'll try to let you know if it will take that long, and why.)
"SO" means "Special Order," it's something I find useful, but haven't had enough demand to keep on hand regularly. Items marked "SO" can be changed to "SI" if demand for them increases (and the reverse is also possible.) Since I deal with vendors who typically have minimum order quantities (which gets me better pricing,) it's possible for an "SO" item to ship straight away if I have some left from a previous order.

Pricing Chart

Please refer to my FAQ Page before asking any questions. It's not that I don't want to help you - far from it! - but your question may have been asked before, and often enough that I added it as a FAQ for everyone's reference.
Note - A flat $12 per box shipping fee applies domestically. (USPS Priority Post)
Note - A flat $25 per box shipping fee applies to Canada and Mexico (USPS Priority International)
Note - Books are shipped USPS/Media Mail by weight.
Note - All international shipments are by weight.
How fast you get it is up to you - I'll give you options.
Heavy-Duty Mains Cabling
1987-1990 Cherokee & Comanche w/2.46L I4 Engine
Part # Description Length Termination Price, 1AWG Price, 4AWG Status
RXJ-150-01 B+ to Starter Motor 38" 3/8" x 3/8" $33.50 $17.70 SI
RXJ-150-02 B+ to Starter Motor Relay/Distribution 8" 3/8" x 3/8" $11.00 $5.70 SI
RXJ-150-03 B- to Engine Block 26" 3/8" x 3/8" $24.50 $12.90 SI
RXJ-150-04 Engine Block to Firewall 14" 1/2" x 1/2" $15.50 $8.10 SI
RXJ-150-05 B- to Alternator Case (Optional) 26" 3/8" x 3/8" $24.50 $12.90 SI
RXJ-150-06 B- to Fenderwell (Optional) 10" 1/4" x 3/8" $12.50 $6.50 SI
RXJ-150-07 Alternator Output to Starter Motor Relay/Distribution 26" 1/4" x 3/8" $24.50 $12.90 SI
RXJ-150-A Set of RXJ-150-01 to -04 $84.50 $44.40 SI
RXJ-150-B Set of RXJ-150-01 to -04 + -07 (ANL Kit Recommended!) $109.00 $57.30 SI
RXJ-150-C Set of RXJ-150-01 to -05 $109.00 $57.30 SI
RXJ-150-D Set of RXJ-150-01 to -04 + -06 $97.00 $50.90 SI
RXJ-150-E Set of RXJ-150-01 to -06 $121.50 $63.80 SI
RXJ-150-F Set of RXJ-150-01 to -07 (ANL Kit Recommended!) $146.00 $76.70 SI
1987-1990 Cherokee & Comanche w/4.0L I6 Engine
Part # Description Length Termination Price, 1AWG Price, 4AWG Status
RXJ-242-01 B+ to Starter Motor 38" 3/8" x 3/8" $33.50 $17.70 SI
RXJ-242-02 B+ to Starter Motor Relay/Distribution 10" 3/8" x 3/8" $12.50 $6.50 SI
RXJ-242-03 B- to Engine Block 36" 3/8" x 3/8" $32.00 $16.90 SI
RXJ-242-04 Engine Block to Firewall 10" 3/8" x 1/2" $12.50 $6.50 SI
RXJ-242-05 Alternator Case to B- (Optional) 30" 3/8" x 3/8" $27.50 $14.50 SI
RXJ-242-06 B- to Fenderwell (Optional) 10" 1/4" x 3/8" $12.50 $6.50 SI
RXJ-242-07 Alternator Output to Distribution 24" 3/8" x 3/8" $23.00 $12.10 SI
RXJ-242-A Set of RXJ-242-01 to -04 $90.50 $47.60 SI
RXJ-242-B Set of RXJ-242-01 to -04 + -07 $113.50 $59.70 SI
RXJ-242-C Set of RXJ-242-01 to -05 $118.00 $62.10 SI
RXJ-242-D Set of RXJ-242-01 to -04 + -06 $103.00 $54.10 SI
RXJ-242-E Set of RXJ-242-01 to -06 $130.50 $68.60 SI
RXJ-242-F Set of RXJ-242-01 to -07 (ANL Kit Recommended!) $153.50 $80.70 SI
Please see "RENIX FAQs" on the FAQ Page
1991-1995XJ w/4.0L, 1991-1992MJ w/4.0L
Part # Description Length Termination Price, 1AWG Price, 4AWG Status
1XJ-242-01 B+ to Starter Motor 32" 3/8" x 3/8" $29.00 $15.30 SI
1XJ-242-02 B+ to PDC 16" 3/8" x FAQ #9 $17.00 $8.90 SI
1XJ-242-03 B- to Fenderwell 8" 3/8" x 3/8" $11.00 $5.70 SI
1XJ-242-04 Engine Block to Firewall 10" 3/8" x 1/2" $12.50 $6.50 SI
1XJ-242-05 B- to Engine Block 32" 3/8" x 3/8" $38.75 $20.50 SI
1XJ-242-06 Alternator Output to Distribution 30" 1/4" x FAQ #9 $27.50 $14.50 SI
1XJ-242-A 1XJ-242-01 to -05 $108.25 $56.90 SI
1XJ-242-ANL-xxx 1XJ-242-01 to -06 + K-ANL-xxx $170.75 $101.40 SI
1996 Jeep Cherokee w/4.0L
Part # Description Length Termination Price, 1AWG Price, 4AWG Status
6XJ-242-01 B+ to Starter Motor 32" 3/8" x 3/8" $29.00 $15.30 SI
6XJ-242-02 B+ to PDC 16" 3/8" x FAQ #9 $17.00 $8.90 SI
6XJ-242-03 B- to Fenderwell 8" 3/8" x 3/8" $11.00 $5.70 SI
6XJ-242-04 Engine Block to Firewall 10" 3/8" x 1/2" $12.50 $6.50 SI
6XJ-242-05 B- to Engine Block 28" 3/8" x 3/8" $26.00 $13.70 SI
6XJ-242-06 Alternator Output to Distribution 28" 1/4" x FAQ #9 $26.00 $13.70 SI
6XJ-242-A 6XJ-242-01 to -05 $95.50 $50.10 SI
6XJ-242-ANL-xxx 6XJ-242-01 to -06 + K-ANL-xxx $156.50 $93.80 SI
1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee w/4.0L
Part # Description Length Termination Price, 1AWG Price, 4AWG Status
2XJ-242-01 B+ to Starter Motor 38" 3/8" x 3/8" $33.50 $17.70 SI
2XJ-242-02 B+ to PDC 18" 3/8" x FAQ #9 $18.50 $9.70 SI
2XJ-242-03 B- to Fenderwell 8" 3/8" x 3/8" $11.00 $5.70 SI
2XJ-242-04 Engine Block to Firewall 10" 3/8" x 1/2" $12.50 $6.50 SI
2XJ-242-05 B- to Engine Block 28" 3/8" x 3/8" $26.00 $13.70 SI
2XJ-242-06 Alternator Output to Distribution 36" 1/4" x FAQ #9 $32.00 $16.90 SI
2XJ-242-A 2XJ-242-01 to -05 $101.50 $53.30 SI
2XJ-242-ANL-xxx 2XJ-242-01 to -06 + K-ANL-xxx $168.50 $100.20 SI
1993-1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/4.0L
Part # Description Length Termination Price, 1AWG Price, 4AWG Status
1ZJ-242-01 B+ to Starter Motor 38" 3/8" x 3/8" $33.50 $17.70 SI
1ZJ-242-02 B+ to PDC 10" 3/8" x FAQ #9 $12.50 $6.50 SI
1ZJ-242-03 B- to Fenderwell 10" 3/8" x 3/8" $12.50 $6.50 SI
1ZJ-242-04 B- to Engine Block 32" 3/8" x 3/8" $29.00 $15.30 SI
1ZJ-242-05 Alternator Output to Distribution 18" 1/4" x FAQ #9 $18.50 $9.70 SI
1ZJ-242-A 1ZJ-242-01 to -04 $87.50 $46.00 SI
Electrical Parts and Accessories
Hotlinked Item Descriptions will get you the instructions for that item
Part # Description Price Status
CLAMP-1 Brass Battery Clamps, Solid Brass, "Marine Style", Polarised, Pair $7.50 SI
CLAMP-2 Brass Battery Clamps, Solid Brass, "Universal Style", Pair $7.50 SI
K-ANL-xxx ANL Fuse Retrofit Kit $35.00 $30.00 SI
ANL-BLK ANL Fuse Block and Mounting Hardware (only) $10.00 SI
ANL-xxx ANL Fuse (only), 200A and under $7.00 SI
ANL+xxx ANL Fuse (only), over 200A $10.00 SO
OX-1 Ox-Gard, 1 ounce tube $4.00 SI
SOL-85 Battery Isolator Solenoid, 85A Constant Rating $35.00 SI
SOL-200 Battery Isolator Solenoid, 200A Constant Rating $90.00 SO
POST-1 Surface Mount 8-way Distribution Post $20.00 SI
POST-2 Bulkhead "Passthrough" Distribution Post $10.00 SI
SIDE-1 Brass Side Terminal Accessory Post, per each $4.00 SI
WATO Weatherpack ATO Fuse Holder Kit, single $4.00 SI
ATO1x6 Gang-Fed ATO Fuse Block $16.00 SI
ATO2x3 ATO Fuse Panel, Stud-Fed, 2x3 Fuses $15.00 SI
ATO2x4 ATO Fuse Panel, Stud-Fed, 2x4 Fuses $18.00 SI
ATO2x5 ATO Fuse Panel, Stud-Fed, 2x5 Fuses $21.00 SO
ATO2x6 ATO Fuse Panel, Stud-Fed, 2x6 Fuses $24.00 SO
DIN-BLK Relay Block Kit for DIN (~1"x1"x1") relays $4.00 SI
APP-30 Anderson PowerPole Connector Kit, 30A $6.50 SI
APP-45 Anderson PowerPole Connector Kit, 45A $8.00 SI
BOOK-PM The Jeep I6 Power Manual $25.00 TO
BOOK-S Swappology TBA TBA

NOTE 1 - If you order the ANL kit separately, you will get the ANL fuse block, fuse, mounting hardware for the fuse block, and an 18" lead to go from the fuse block to power distribution. If you order the ANL fuse block as part of your kit, you will get the complete kit, the mains kit, and I will extend the alternator lead by six inches to make it easier to mount the fuse block. The output lead for the fuse block may be run either to the PDC input post or to the battery positive terminal - or to the solenoid input post on dual-battery setups. Electrically speaking, they're all the same connection. Knowing this allows you a certain "extra" flexibility in selecting a mounting location for your ANL fuse block. When ordering, replace the "xxx" with the rating of the fuse you'll need - 100A, 120A, 150A, 175A, or 200A. More ratings will be added as they are requested.

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