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Kurds  for Israel
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These are some of the issues now being discussed:   Israel and The Kurds.     This web side will be in a state of on - going re -construction.  Moroever, the Israeli items remain, as an information packge for Kurdish and others to be inform about some of the cultural expressions of Zionism and the Jewish Peoples. The Dar al Hayat logo - some problems in links.
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Israel Acadmic Prgrams.
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Israel Zionist Programs.
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Sherut La -Am
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How to develop your own Zionist group.
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Campus -Community Programs
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Zionist Shabbatons.
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Yavneh Olami.
Page Nine:Hasbara.
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Israeli-American Pen Pals Program
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Zionist Youth Campaign 2004 - 2005.
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Kol   Israel
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(Focuses on the private sector  only -  and wiil promote free trade, and thus is non - political )
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The Israelis
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