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Start a an MSN.Com Group, and use your Garin's name to launch it.  Then, you will have free email, 3 megs for a free web site, and for communications;  This is empowerment, and you do not have to up date every day, but will have a record of who and what you are.
What is a Garin:
Everyone has an idea of life, and in Zionism when you find others who share in an unique Zionist-Pro Israel perception, then you have the basis of planting your idea upoon Isareli soil.

Garinim ( Hebrew plural of the word ), have created Moshavs, Towns, ie. Sherut La Am of Arad, and most of all Kibbutzim. ie. Kibbutz Sumar in the Arava Valley

Most recent example is below.

Garin Nesher Homepage:
Petah Tikvah was the first Garin, then settlement b'arez.

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