Develop your own Garin - Zionist Group:
Garin Zionist Development.
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The Process:

1st look at all the available Zionist Youth movements to see if you could you fit in.  Many are looking for new members very hard, in as much as their core group constantly changes in cycles due to the idealisms of Aliyah.

Step One:

Never the less, if you still have an unique idea after reviewing the entailed Zionist youth groups ( which is a growing list on this site ), then formulate the words which matches others of similar interest. Try to make it in Hebrew too.  This is your Garin name.

Step Two:

You have several options in forming an internet groups.  Shop around, and look hard to see what you want.

Step Three:

Contact those with similar interest in Israel, or who have an implaced operation in existance, and do not be afraid to ask for their advise.  This also applies to the Jewish Agency.  At some time you will have to deal with them, and do so from the start by expressing your dreams and visions open'ly.

Step Four:

With all this going on and sharing open'ly all the items you have discovered thus far, then you should make up a joint contract, and at sometime have it posted on the internet when you start to look for others to join you.  All during this time do not be afraid what so ever to ask for more information from responsiable Jewish-Zionist agencies, organizations, or groups.

Step Five:

Start you programs around those socials ( like pizza parties ), cultural, or spiritual commonalities which are expressed within your group.  Moreover, it is advisable that you have the group rent out an apartment, or a house, and taking your Garin name, turning it in to a Bayit.....then the name of your Garin....and you will have your own Zionist headquarters. This will also assume an experimental living situation of interests.  More importantly. you will also discover that you have achieved an independence of a sort - which will allow you more access to other Jewish youth who are not campus affiliated.

Step Six:

Aliyah preparations, knowlege of oleh hadash benifits, and which ulpan your group want to attend. and advance training of your groups by developing  specific programs for your groups success in Israel by hachshara, or hachsharim ( Zionist training ). It is also at the critical time that you start to think about extablishing your own support - marketing networks.  Especially if you are going to produce a product or service.  This is most important, as coming to Israel you will have better chance at life, and earning a better living at the sametime, by doing this ahead of time.

Step Seven:

A Garinim to Prevent This:

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