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Tikvah E - Magazine:
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Israel - Jerusalem Weather Report:
This E - Magazine is named after Petah Tikva.  Israel's first settlement:
There is a lesson which can be found here.  This focus upon the nature of human creativity, and how the early Zionist reached out for solutions, and discovered a renewed sence of Jewish pride by taking their fate in to their own hands.  No longer depending upon the whims of others.  According to all documents available, this was, and to a certain degree still is, a radical departure from the then existing communal traditions.
See for more in detail about Petah Tikvah>
Tikvah E - Magazine Reports:

Cultural Zionism Get Togethers now being promoted in Calinfornia, Floraid, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Texas, and Washingtoin DC . See full report here.
Israeli Art
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Miss Israel Sima Bakahr Wins Miss World 2005
This is the Second year for this effort.
Gal Friedman win Gold Medal at Olympics
see 1012
Tikvah will show the very human side of Israeli life, and that also of World Jewry.  The only editorial concept in which this E- Publication will ever continue to espouse is The National Jewish Liberation of The Torah

Post Script:  With the meta tagging screening techniques of Pro - Palestinian supporters, this is apparently more important.  The stuff which has infiltrated the crawlers of the search engines has become the sole pervue of Palestinian propagandist.  Every human side has been infiltrated behind the Israel, or Israeli meta tags
Guide to The Perplex ( table of contents ):
Page 1:       The Lighter Side.
Page 1b:     Israeli Models  ( F )
Page 1c:     Israeli Models   (M)
Page 2:       Israeli Sports.
Page 3:       Weird and in Israel Too!
Page 4:       Personalities.
Page 5:       Israeli Music.
Page 6:       Israeli Stamps.
Page 7:       Maccabi Torch Relay.
Page 8:       Israeli Fashions.
Page 9:       Israeli Weather and Maps
Page 10:     Israeli Child's Art
Page 10b:   Israeli Art
Page 11      Attractions - Parks

Annex 1: 
Dry Bones.
Two groups are looking into forming their own Garin here in Ithaca, New York.
They are doing this in private.
Wanted, Volunteer Reporters, and Poets:
Fill - out:
Zionists Reporter Form.
While every one is a sleep:
The disinformation arm of the P.A. has flooded the internet searches with the screen meta tagging of Israel, or Israeli to attract users to Palestinian hard core propaganda. I.E. Thus a seach for  Israeli Children Artists-you will get fearful Palestinian Children Artist instead.

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