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Israeli Sports
Gal Freidman Wins The Gold.
Maccabi Torach Relay for Ithaca ?
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This section, Israeli Sports is to  bring to your attention that can not only Cornell can participate in these games, but also Ithaca College, and TC3.  There even  high school divisions, and that means Ithaca High School, as well as Lansing and Groton-Dryden High Schools can compete in this International opportunity with the Israelis and others from mostly Latin America.

The Maccabi Torch Relay, which is also done out the offices of the ZOA, allows local participation with this movement.  And a movement it is, and with the incident at the Munich Games, a very important movement for the Israeli society to maintain it's normality in the on going acts of terror agsainst our Peoples.
The following responsiable organizations are linked to this process:
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