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Weird and in Israel Too:
Flying Saucers in Israel: Biblic Text ?
Cautionary Note:
The items here on this page are not endorse in any manner what so ever by this publication.  The reason why they are included is that everything being human in one society to another, one wonders about crop circles and E.T. in an tolerant Israeli society.  Well, they got them there too.  Even with Israeli governmental cover-ups too.
So ever wonder, and like to smile, and maybe laugh just a little? Then some of this stuff you will certainly like.  For the weaker minded, do not take this seriously. Especially the Israeli version of an UFO:  Flying Triangles?????
Web Page Sittings:

Israeli Media Discovers Alien Healings.

FS UFO Dimension:
The Flying Triangles Return to Israeli Skies.
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