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Arabs  for Israel
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Israel - Jerusalem Weather Report:
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It is understood that this site will under - go other reconstruction.  The Israel part is to inform Arab students and others about Israel - from a cultural Zionist view point.
Arabs in Israel from The World Union of Jewish Students.
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Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation:
(Focuses on the private sector  only -  and will promote free trade, and thus is non - political )
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Israel Acadmic Prgrams.
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Israel Zionist Programs.
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Sherut La -Am
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How to develop your own Zionist group.
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Campus -Community Programs
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Zionist Shabbatons.
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Yavneh Olami.
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Israeli-American Pen Pals Program
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Zionist Youth Campaign 2004 - 2005.

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Palestine Facts, though a lot of us have problems with the word Palestine, never - the - less, this website is more middle ground, and " could help " in building a bridge.  click picture logo on your left.
The Israelis
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Israeli Agriculture and Geology:
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Israeli Art and Theatre"
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