Grace Coolidge
with Rob Roy
Former US President Lyndon B. Johnson's
White Collie, Blanco
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Blanco was born on July 19, 1963 and registered as
Leader Blair Jamie of Eden.  He was a gift from a little girl in Illinois
n December 1963.  He was given to a Kentucky doctor and is wife before the president left office.  Blanco died in September 1974
of a heart attack.  President Johnson always shook hands with
Blanco when he left or returned to the White House.
Photo by Yoichi R. Okamoto
This painting is of Grace Coolidge
with Rob Roy, one of four Coolidge Collies at the White House - two wihites,
Rob Roy and Prudence Prim
and one 'brown' Collie named
Ruby Rough
and a 'yellow' Collie
named Bessie.
President Coolidge
purcased two white Collies from Shamont White Collies after seeing
one in a Ringling Brothers

Rob Roy came from a long line of sheep herding Collies.  He was originally
named Oshkosh.  He did not like his first few trips in the Wihite House elevator.
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