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Kennels with this star have contacted
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Of course, other breeders, without the star,
may also have dogs or puppies available.
McCall, Idaho - USA
Aries Collie Kennel
(231)  848-4038
E-mail Aries Collie Kennels

Belfair Collies - Pat Becker & Alene Evans

(360)  275-2849
E-mail Belfair Collies

Bellagio Collies - Jackie Young-Barikhan

(949)  855-0760
mail Bellagio Collies

Silverado Collies
(314) 323-6113
E-mail Silverado Collies

Special Collies - Laura LaBounty
(603)  352-8597
E-mail Special Collies

White Cloud Collies - Linda DeEulis
(208)  634-8050
Please leave a message, I will get right back to you.
Becker, Patricia & Evans, Alene - Belfair Collies
(630)  275-2849
E-mail Pat at Belfair Collies

DeEulis, Linda - White Cloud Collies

(208)  634-8050
Please leave a message, I will get right back to you.

LaBounty, Laura - Special Collies
(603)  352-8597
E-mail Laura at Special Collies

Barbara Naughton - Aries Collie Kennel
(231)  848-4038
E-mail Barbara at Aries Collie Kennel

Peggy Wagner - Silverado Collies
(314)  323-6113
E-mail Peggy at Silverado Collies

Young-Barikhan, Jackie - Bellagio Collie
(949)  855-076
E-mail Jackie at Bellagio Collies
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Lake Forest, CA - USA
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E. Swanzey, NH - USA
Belfair, WA - USA
Wellston, MI - USA
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Missouri - USA
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