International White Collie Club
is happy to present to you, the beautiful White Collie.

We are very dedicated to promoting this lovely Collie color.  There has always been strong interest in the White Collie, and the Club would like to bring this color to the forefront.  We have members across the world and welcome you into the world of the White Collie.

Please come visit us often in the next few months, we will be adding a lot of information and many photos.
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'The White Collie'   by Grace Clark Seaman  (1949)
'More on Breeding Whites'   by Oren B. Kem, Lodestone Kennels  (1949)
'Origin of the White Collie'   by Constance B. Hubbard   (1949)
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History of the White Collie'   by Nancy Higgins, Mareisridge Collies  (1971)
'The History of the Collie in Brief'  by Joan Graber  (2002)
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'Summer Grooming Musts'   by Babs Land  (2002)
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Drip, Drip, Drip' by Dr. Cindi Bossart, DVM   (Incontinence in the Dog)
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Description of Foundation Collies   (These will be available in the next few days.)
        -  "Old Cockie"  1868 - 1882, Sable w/white on neck, frill, tail tip, legs

       -  "CH. Mec" 1870 - ?, Black & Tan w/white on chest, narrow blaze
        -  "Trefoil"       
        -  "Glen" 
"CH. Charlemagne", 1869-79 - Sable & White   (photo)
        -  "Carlyle", 1874 - ?, Black & Tan w/white feet & frill
        -  "Old Bess", 1876 - ?,  Black & Tan w/white feet, chest, blaze
"The Lily", 1880 - ?,  White Collie-sable markings  (pedigree) (photo coming)
More Coming Soon!

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This index will continue to grow over the next few months, please visit us again.
Members will be presenting photos of their White Collies.
They will be used throughout the site.
Come back and see how beautiful the White Collie is.
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