Welcome to the Health Page.

There will be many more pages added to this site as an ongoing  project.

The Collie breed is no more healthy nor unhealthy than other dog breeds.
Today's world of dogs, has consciencious breeders knowledeable and aware of the
health issues of the breed they are working with and showing.   This site will address specific health issues to the Collie breed, as well as general health issues of all canines. 

The first article is about incontinence in dogs.  This article is written by a Collie breeder who is also a veterinarian.

We will give general information that will have a link to a second source of information, in that particular field, when we can.

We hope you learn from and enjoy the information we have provided.
"Drip, Drip, Drip"  by Dr. Cindi Bossart, DVM   (Incontinence)
General Canine Health
Collie Health
Just a note here, to let you know, that many Collie health issues
are also the same health issues of other purebred and mixed-bred dogs.
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