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[ I. Studies about Augustine(354-430) and J.Calvin(1509-64) ]

In-Sub Ahn, Calvin's Reception of Augustine's Ideas on Church and State.
Drs. Thesis. Kampen: Kampen Theological Universiry, 1999.

Studying Augustine's Thoughts

Reading Augustine's Writings

Augustine Studies Group

In-Sub Ahn, Augustine's Use of the Bible on Church and State
[18'th Annual Conference of the Korean Institute for Theology in Europe (Korinth). 26. March. 2002. Hopsten, Germany]

In-Sub Ahn, The development of Augustine's idea on Church and State - centering on his interpretation of Dan 2: 31-45
[The Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion, Annual Conference. Amsterdam. Nov.2.2001.]

In-Sub Ahn, Augustine on Church and State
Korean Academic Fellowship in Europe. Annual Conference. Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Aug. 2000.

In-Sub Ahn, "De Gedachten van Augustinus en Calvijn"

In-Sub Ahn, "The Study of Augustine and Calvin"

In-Sub Ahn, "Augustine, Calvin and the Korean Church"

Studying Calvin's Thoughts

Reading Calvin's Writings

Calvin Studies Group

In-Sub Ahn, "The Development of the Political Situation in France"

In-Sub Ahn, A Study of Augustine's Thoughts on the Christian Life in the Society - centering on his De Civitate Dei"
[Logos, Academic Fellowship of Chong Shin Theological Seminary, vol.41. 1994. (in Korean)]
= M.Div. Degree Thesis. Chong Shin Theological Seminary

In-Sub Ahn, "Augustine's ideas of the two Cities in his De Civitate Dei."
[B.A. Degree Thesis. Korea University. 1989.]

[ II. Research into the Fathers and the Reformation ]

In-Sub Ahn, "Cyprian on Church and State"

In-Sub Ahn, An Essay about Luther.

[ III. Research into the Traditions of the Reformed Churches (Centering on Korea and the Netherlands) ]

A View to The Dutch Reformed Churches

Sermons (In the Netherlands)

In-Sub Ahn, The Korean Church towards the 21st Century.
Korean Academic Fellowship in Europe. Annual Conference. Wuppertal, Germany. 2001.8.29.

In-Sub Ahn, A Church History of Korea.
Annual meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the ThUK, 1998.]

In-Sub Ahn, Church in the Korean Society.
1998. 11. 8. Open Hof Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church). The Netherlands.]

IV. Christianity and History ]

In-Sub Ahn, Church History Museum.

In-Sub Ahn, Cultures.

In-Sub Ahn, "Mijn ervaringen in Kampen als Koreaan."
Communique, vol.16-1. Kampen: Kampen Theological University, 1999. pp.67-70.]

In-Sub Ahn, A Study about the Christian Culture of Germany in the end of 19 Century [A Review].
Korean Academic Fellowship in Europe. Annual Conference. Review. Wuppertal, Germany. 2001.8.30.

[ V. Theology Report ]

Recent Theology Report

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