Junkers G24 (G23)
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Master Model cat. 1027 1:72 G24, 49 injection-molded parts
rerelease of VEB kit

Meikraft cat. ??? 1:72 G24

Revell cat. 4299 1:72 G24-b1a, 112 parts, price 20-25US$
This seaplane version of a G24 was delivered to Aero O/Y (today Finnair) as c/n 919 in 1926. Aero O/Y decals are included in the kit with registration K-SALC, Suomi. The model has a span of 40,8cm and a length of 21,9 cm. It is produced since 1992. Plastic materials of the kit are already coloured in black and silver metal, so painting is not urgently required.

VEB Plasticart cat. 15600 1:72 G23/24, 98 inj.molded parts, price: 15-20US$
This kit was/is produced by a former kit factory from the German Democratic Republic. Decals are available for Swedish S-AAAK and Swiss CH132.. Further detailled information is available at Julian's Model Page

Modellbaustudio Rhein-Ruhr
Classic Plane
cat. 18 1:72 F24ko, price 20US$
This interesting model is based on the VEB Plasticart G23/24 with several additional parts for modification to a F24 model. Like the original F24, the model is created from the G24 by cutting the wing engines off. Decals for late Lufthansa livery of 1934 and later are included. Registration D-URIS, c/n 894, Bayern, which was in use until 1939. Kit came from the Classic Plane Mixed Model series.

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