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Introduction, Technical Hints, FAQ

In this section some of the available Junkers Model Aircraft Kits are listed and reviewed as well as some of the more interesting private constructions of model kits. For models in scale 1:1 please refer to the
Junkers Museum Aircraft section.

We are currently trying to add as much photo / box art material as possible. So the Model entries are no longer anonymous text lines, but we try to make them alive a little bit with box arts and model images. Hope, you enjoy it, even if it takes some time to load all the images. If you have a model photo or a box art of a model, which currently is not shown with images, please send a JPG file of it. We'll add it as soon as possible.

A GREAT THANK YOU to all on the net, who helped to make this Junkers Model Kit Section possible. A special THANKS-A-LOT for his massive support of this new update to

Charles Green

Charles has supplied some 500 additional records upon Junkers Model Aircraft and Detail Sets. Most of Charles' inputs are already added to the following lists. However, we still failed to add some smaller detail sets. So, if you are interested in Charles' Complete Excel List, you can download the list (169kB). Within this list you will also find the sources of Charles. Surely a valuable list, even after you have looked through the Hugo Junkers Homepage Model Lists. Thanks again, Charles for your great support.

Special thanks also for their support on previous updates to:

Helge Lind, visit his Homepage
Tom Holland
Lowell Andrew of CIS Plastic Forum
Dan Johnson, visit his Luft' 46 Site
Julian from Spain, visit his Homepage

who supported me with a large amount of information during the setup of this page.
and all those, who supplied 100s of infos.

Nevertheless, a lot of informations are missed in the following listing and of course, this list will never be complete. Therefore please send your further infos, if you have some.

This page contains order links to Model Shops. I have NO experiences with these shops! Therefore these links are not a recommendation from my personal experience. They just should help you to find possible sources for models If you have any negative experience with one of the commercial links, please let me know, so that I am able to remove the corresponding link. NO RESPONSIBLITY is taken for any use of the following links!!!!

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Links to Model Kit Sites

Private / Non Commercial Sites

Julian's Model Page, Private Homepage with several Junkers model reviews

Paul Gold's 1:144 Page, Private Homepage, a little bit disrupted but still has some great 1:144 Scale Model Lists and images.

John's Model Page, Private Homepage with Model images and reviews

Luft'46, Private Homepage
Dan Johnson has presented some of his Luft'46 Kits here.
Check also his great Main Site (see Junkers Link Page)

International Model News
Informative Modelling Site in German/English, Kit Example, Kit Reviews, Market News

Model Gallery, Kit Reference, Trade and Exchange Market, Search Engine

Modeling Madness
Model Gallery, Kit Reference, Discussion Board

Mostly Links to Scale Model related Sites, Search Engine

WingNut is another Online Model Magazine with Kit Reviews, Model Builder Books.

L46 Modeling
This site is focused on the German WWII Project Kits. Check the Manufacturer Links.

Aircraft Ressource Center
Gallery, Tools and Tips, Reviews, Search Engine under developement

Internet Modeler
This is an interesting monthly Online-Magazine with Kit Reviews. Try the Search Engine.

Titanic Airlines, RC Model Site

Bill Wilson's RC Model Site

Model Kits Archive
An interesting site for tracing model kit history. Manufacturer Links.

Kit Hobbist
This site has a great search engine for model kits!!!

Collecting Airfix Kits
An interesting site, which is focused on Airfix and its history.

The Frog Collectors Site
Another Manufacturer History Site, focused on the Frog Kit History
with a lot of old Frog box arts.

Manufacturer Sites

Aeromaster Products (Decal Producer)

Academy Hobby Model Kits

Accurate Miniatures

Aires Hobby Models (Detail Set Manufacturer)

Airborne Replicas


Arizona Models and Plans

Astrokit (Italian Producer)

Authentic Reproductions (Classic Aircraft)

Bahuer Modelsports (RC Model Producer)

Cooper State Models (German WWI Models)


Easy Built Models (Scale Models)

Eduard (Kits, Details)

AMT/Ertl (mostly cars here)

Fiddlers Green (Paper Models)

Flight Miniatures (Metal Aircraft)

Hasegawa (Japanese Site)


Herpa Miniaturmodelle

ICM (Russian Aircraft Models)


LF Models (Details)

Lonestar Models (Mainly WWI Models, Details)

MDC - Model Design Construction

MPM (previous Czechmaster)

Navwar (Wargaming Toys)

Neckar Verlag (Modelling Plans)

Pacific Models (Desktop Models)

Paragon Designs

Passion Pilots (Desktop Models)

Planeplus (RC Model Producer)

Pegasus / BlueMax Models

Revell GmbH



RS Models (Interesting German Kits)

Schabak (Metal Aircraft)

Tamiya, Japan

Testors (mostly cars and SF)

Unicraft Models

Wiking (Metal Toys)

Wilhelmshavener Modellbogen (Paper Aircraft)

Model Kit Shops

Great Models Webstore
This seems to one of the largest model shops on the net.
It has a great search engine!!! And it seems to have a large stock!!!
Most kits in the online catalogue came with box arts or kit images.

This one is an Online Shop from the UK with also a great search engine.
Good results, a lot of detail sets and decals, some with images

Internet Hobbies
Even if the stock just contains wellknown kits, Internet Hobbies Search engine is very well.
Most kits came with box arts.

Phoenix Model Co.
Phoenix Models has also a good search engine. Its stocks have most wellknown models.
Check also for some out-of-productions here. Most catalogue entries with images.

Roll Models is one of the large suppliers. Their stock is really impressive!!!
If you don't find your kit elsewhere, search it here.
However, I still miss a search engine and there are no images.
I am sorry about missing the previous reviews, for which Rollmodels was wellknown.

Scheuer and Steuver has most of the Paper Models mentioned in the Junkers Model List. There are also books and plastic kits available. Try the Search Function.

C.A. Hood/North Star Hobbies
Check this site, if you are looking for older kits.
Even if it is hard to navigate, you'll find some interesting material here.

And finally one of the best addresses for old model kits is the U.S. Ebay.com service. Most of the models on the following pages are available at this auction service.

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