Junkers F 13
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Schuko cat. 335779 1:?? F13, metal aircraft
Schreiber Modellbogen cat. 3725 1:50 F13, paper model, 162 parts
more infos at Scheuer+Stuever
Aeromodell / WK Models cat. WK08 1:72 F13, seaplane, resin
Classic Planes cat. ??? 1:72 F13, vacuformed

MPM / Czechmaster cat. 110 1:72 F13, resin, price 25-30US$

Revell cat. 4215 1:72 F13bi, This model was first produced in 1992. It is a landplane version in classic Luft Hansa livery of the years 1926 to 1933. Decals are included for Luft Hansa's D-433 (named Baumlaufer), which was originally a F13bi, c/n 743. The model has a span of 20,6 cm and a length of 13,3 cm.
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Revell cat. 4213 1:72 F13, seaplane, 75 parts
Another F13 from Revell, equipped as a seaplane. Decals included for D-217 (Flamingo, c/n 637) and D-218 (Kauz, c/n 638) in Junkers livery. Both aircraft were used during the South America Sales Tour in 1924. D-217 crashed during this tour, killing a son of Hugo Junkers. Model built by Caz Dalton.
Maerklin cat. 2666 1:87 (HO) F13, This F13 is located on a cargo train for model railways. The train consists of two low level cargo wagons, which loaded the fuselage and the wings of the F13, plus a closed wagon with Junkers ensignas. This set was a special edition of Marklin Model Railways in Germany of 1990.
Maerklin cat. 4506 1:87 (HO) F13, This is an expansion kit with an additional wagon and another Junkers F13
Roskopf cat. 98200 1:87 (HO) F13, metal aircraft in Lufthansa livery
Roskopf cat. 98300 1:87 (HO) F13, metal aircraft in Ad Astra livery
Lufthansa Flyaway cat. ??? 1:87 (HO) F13, metal aircraft in Lufthansa livery
Schreiber Modellbogen cat. 0583 1:100 F13, paper model, 48 parts, price 2-5US$
more info at Scheuer+Stuever

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