Junkers G24 (G23)
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Greece, 02.11.1933, 50c-50Dr, MiNr 362-368 / Scott A15-A20

ex "Air Mail" Stamp Set of 7 aviation stamps
G24 (probably) over Greece and Akropolis

Chile, 1935/1936/1938, 30/40/50c, MiNr 202-204

ex "Air Mail" Stamp Set of 21 aviation stamps
G24 flying over Andes

Austria, 16.08.1935, 20+80Gr., MiNr 599, 602, 606, 611

Two stamps out of 15 airmail stamps (598/612)
Junkers G24 flying over Austrian landscapes

Sweden, 20.02.1936, 1Kr, MiNr 238

blue colored, "300 Years Swedish Mail" with 12 stamps, pricing (***)
Junkers G24 seaplane drawing

Bolivia / LAB, 1932, 40c, MiNr n/a

inofficial LAB Airmail stamp

Bolivia, May 1938, 5P, MiNr n/a

one out of nine airmail stamps
Junkers G24 with three other Junkers aircraft types
in flight over Bolivian Map

Guinea, ????, MiNr n/a

ex Miniature Sheet "L'Histoire de L'Aviation"
G24 Seaplane on landing

Sweden, 2005, 150ar, MiNr n/a
Junkers G24 (S-AAAC) in flight over train

Germany / IAPC, ????, MiNr n/a
one stamp out of 4 x 4 miniature sheets

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