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Last Update: 8-16-03

Got the review for "Dark Horizon, Part II" up! Still trying to get my new layout set up, and once that's done, I've gotta add new fics and art, as well as links.

Update: 8-9-03

Got the review for "Dark Horizon, Part I" up! It took a while to write because I've been kinda slow lately. Still trying to get my new layout set up, and once that's done, I've gotta add new fics and art, as well as links. Also, after "Dark Horizon, Part II", I'm gonna be gone, moving into college and all, so PLEASE don't send me any emails during the week after that episode airs, as I'm not going to be able to check my mail, so chances are I'm gonna run out of space and your email will be automatically deleted by Hotmail without my knowing, and I'll never respond. It'll suck.

Update: 8-2-03

Long time, no see, eh? Sorry about the non-updateyness. Anyhow, I've added a new episode summary (I HATE X23! Read the hate :D Send Rosiel flames for writing such a messed up, incoherent review :D). I've got some fics and fanart to add, but first I wanna make a new layout. It's gonna be cleaner, easier to read, etc. Well, hopefully, anyway.

In the meantime! Go see Eternity Inc (or the Eternity Inc art page)! Sure, it hasn't been updated in a long time due to my horrible case of artist block, but see it anyway! I'm working on a new strip as we speak.

News: 1-7-03

Brotherly Love is going on a hiatus until May. Now, I will add the final parts of the update before then (some nice fanart and that's about it :D), as well as respond to all emails when I do that update. The reason why I'm temporarily shutting down BL is 1) Evo's not gonna be on until May, anyway and 2) I have to concentrate more on school and Eternity Inc. So, if you're interested in the projects I'll be persuing in the meantime, check out Eternity Inc and my newest site project, which will be posted on a later date.

So! Go see Eternity Inc (or the Eternity Inc art page)!

Update: 12-21-02

I promised that I'd do it, and thus, I did it :D The site has been... updated! And this is a nice, semi-big update, too! I've got my review and Joe's Guest Review of "Under Lock and Key" up, I've got (after a year of waiting) Chapter 6 of "Tumbling Down" written and posted, Chapter 10 of Lady Eternal's "Aftermath" is up, "When the Joyride Ends" by Lady Eternal is up, and there are six new pics in the fanart section (one by me for X-Mas, and five by the amazingly talented YanaGoya, whose art you've probably seen on PsychoB's site already :D)

Now, I may make a new layout and have it up by X-Mas, but I'm not sure if I can do it or not. This is mostly because I'm not sure what kinda layout I wanna make it (stick with the tables, or toss the links in their own frames...), or who to base it on (I've got it narrowed down to Pietro, Pyro, and a special mystery person :D).

And now, I've gotta go because I was being a space cadet for the past weeks and didn't realize that Christmas was creeping closer and closer. And now I have no presents for anybody! Must go now!

I love you all :D

News: 12-15-02

I don't have much time (and by time, I mean "patience" :D) to update today, so the next update WILL BE (even if I have to chain myself to the computer) on the 21st. NO MATTER WHAT. It's gonna have ep reviews, quite a bit of (yummy Pietro) fanart, a possible new layout (if I'm feeling up to hours of changing all of the pages :D), and (hopefully) two new chapters to Tumbling Down!

Yeah, I know I promised an update like... two weeks ago, but somebody started bothering me RIGHT WHEN I STARTED trying to type up my ep review for "Under Lock and Key" *mmmmmm* and couldn't seem to take one of my hundreds of hints to go away (and I never have the heart to block people... sadly...), so I got too annoyed to finish it. Errrgh. Must... have... guts... to... block...

News: 11-27-02

Since the poll was more successful than I thought it would be (I really thought I was gonna get like... five votes, including myself), I decided to go ahead with the proposed challenge list idea! And so, The X-Men Slash Extravaganza is up and ready for talented writers to accept the insane challenges it presents (such as... uh... Bolivar Trask/Principal Kelly and Mojo/Blob)... as well as the not so insane challenges (like Lance/Pietro, Pietro/Evan, etc)! So (please) check it out and (please) enjoy!

Update: 11-25-02

Wellll, I added three new guest reviews (two by Joe, one by Maria) to the episode section and... that's it. I KNOW there was something else I was supposed to put up on the update, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. So now I'm updating a few of the bios (and by "updating" I mean "changing my opinion section").

Anywho! I've gotta work on VillainSlash now if I wanna get it ready for its December opening. Also, I will again be out of town this weeked (I wonder if I'm EVER going to see another new episode of Evo >.> I've missed every one since "The Stuff of Villains"), so again the update will be a day or two late. Stupid Dallas... (hm, apparently there's going to be an anime convention in Dallas while I'm there. If I still liked anime, that would thrill me... Ahhh what a boring week this will be)

Update: 11-17-02

The Gods of TV hate me and made me miss the ep with Pyro in it >.> However, yesterday's episode has been recorded for me, and I shall update this site once I pick up my tape and watch it. Until then, I have this poll that I desperately need answered.

First off, to give you some background into the poll, I'm gonna babble. You can skip the babbling and go directly to the poll if you already know what the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest is, or if you know what Fuh-Q Fests in general are.

Now, for those who don't, let me explain. While I was working on VillainSlash one day, I was complaining about not being able to find some good villain pairings or something like that (because most canon X-Men slash is Remy/blah). And so, Gale (of "The Boarding House", which you can find in the links) suggested that I do a Fuh-Q Fest type thing for Villainslash. A Fuh-Q Fest (you know... I can't type that and keep a straight face XD) is where you have a big ol' list of pairings and scenarios, ranging from easy to difficult to insane to squicky, and people pick which one they wanna do, write it, and submit it. It's like a big ol' list of challenges. So, for the VillainSlash "Fuh-Q Fest", I'm going to have a crazy list of challenge pairings and scenarios (it's getting pretty long already, and I just started XD), from X-Men: Evolution, canon X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, AoA, Movieverse, etc. It's supposed to be fun; you just pick whichever one you wanna write, and do it, then submit it to the site. The only problem is, if nobody participates, the thing will turn out to be completely lame. So, with that said, here's the poll (PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! I won't know what to do with Villainslash if you don't!):

Update: 11-7-02

My VCR decided it didn't want to record "X-Treme Measures" while I was gone, sooo I missed that episode. Two new eps in a row missed... how annoying. So, instead of having my own review, there are two new guest reviews up, one for "Blind Alley" and the other for "X-Treme Measures". Also, there's a BH cartoon by Beth in the fanart section, and I also stuck a link to Erin's Lance/Kitty art there too. Uhh, that's about it. I've got some comic reviews half written; dunno when they'll be up.

No Update: 11-1-02

Yaaargh, this blows. Because of various reasons involving schools and a wonderful 50% off sale at Bedrock City (best store ever!), I won't be able to post tomorrow until maaaaybe in the evening. Or Sunday. I need to get an update up this weekend, so I'll try my hardest to get things done. May not happen, as I have college applications which are, frankly, a million times more important than Evo right now.

2nd Update: 10-19-02

Spent the afternoon working on a new site, one devoted to my soon-to-be comic. Read It!! Read it now :D

Update: 10-19-02

I hate life. Okay, I don't, I'm actually in a pretty good mood considering that I JUST MISSED THE NEW FUCKING EPISODE!!! And why did I miss it? Because I thought it was a rerun, so I was like "Well, I'll just update Brotherly Love instead of checking the TV". So... I missed the episode because I was updating my Evo site. How ironic... But oh well, I'll hopefully catch the rerun. So, instead of a new episode review, I've got other stuff! Caliban's crappy bio in the "Evo Characters" section, a new "Aftermath" chapter by Lady Eternal, a new fic by Lady Eternal ("The Second Order of Business"), and a new fanart by Erin L.

Oh yeah, and I also responded to some emails. Because I've been a dope lately, I haven't been keeping track of which emails I've already replied to and which ones I didn't. This means that if you don't get a reply from me today, I probably will never reply because I'm an idiot, so I apologize now! And now I leave, because I've got the Homecoming Dance today and RenFest tomorrow!

Update: 10-5-02

Added reviews for "Mainstream" and "The Stuff of Villains". Also, there's two very good guest reviews, so go check 'em out!

Update: 9-22-02

Fixed the link to the X-Men Evolution issue 5 summary, so it should be working now :D Also, my other site, VillainSlash is almost done with the construction portion, so... submit crap to me (otherwise the site will be sad and barren)!

Update: 9-21-02

Ahh there's nothing like the satisfaction of getting an update all done with! Well, maybe there are things like the satisfaction of completing an update, but anyway! I'm in a remarkably good mood today! And because I am, I present to you good people a review for today's ep "The Stuff of Heroes", a new Evo comic review (Issue 5), two new chapters to Lady Eternal's "Aftermath", some new links (namely the one to America's Heroes: Freedom Force; my faaaavorite X-related site :D) and... actually, that's it, I think. Anywho, I've got two more comic reviews in the works (X-Men 1 and X-Men 3 because I can't seem to find my issue 2 anywhere and it's starting to make me scaaaared that I may have lost it).

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to be at debate again next Saturday, so I dunno if I'm going to attempt a Sunday update, purposely lose all of my debates so that I can go home and update Saturday afternoon, or just update the Saturday after.

Also, I haven't been able to do much with my email lately, so I apologize to anybody who's sent me emails. School's keeping me busy (as usual) so I don't know when I'll be able to get to them. And that's all for now!

The Reason Why I Won't Be Updating On the Season Premiere: 9-4-02

As my luck would have it (and this really shouldn't have surprised me at all, as I've had a history of school things coinciding with my plans), I won't be able to watch the season premiere. Not only will I not be able to watch the season premiere, but I'll miss ohhh most of the new episodes after that. Why? Because of debate. Yes, being the genius that I am, I signed up for debate, totally disregarding the fact that it takes up just about every Saturday of a debator's life... So! Since I won't be able to update on Saturdays anymore (well, at least not on Saturday mornings; I may be able to at night), I can do one of two things. 1) Always update on the Sunday after an episode airs and write my review then (I've got like... three people all recording the season premiere for me so that there's no human way that I'll miss it), or 2) get other people to write the reviews and submit them to me.

Hmm. Yeah. So if you're up to writing a review, and you're GOOD at it (by that I mean coherent and able to spell), just email me with it. The catch to this is that you have to 1) follow my format and 2) send the review to me no later than the Monday after the episode airs (why? Because there's no point in you writing a review after that, seeing as how I should be able to find the time by then to do my own). The reason for this would be to keep me from going insane and trying to throw my computer out the window :D

Uh anywho, as I'm going to be out of town on the Season Premiere, I'm going to just get my comic summaries/new bios/whatever else I need for the update ready before I leave, then get everything posted the day after the Season Premiere.

Update: 8-25-02

Season Premiere's comin on up! In September, I mean... Anywho, I'd post some Season 3 news, but I don't know anything that hasn't been reported on other sites. We all know that Magneto's Bitchboys are coming back (here's hoping for some Piotr/Kittyness!), we all know that the Morlocks are gonna play a part in an ep or two (and it's supposed to have something to do with one of the X-Geeks. Since some of the Morlocks that have been noted are Callisto and Caliban, I'm guessing the ep either has to do with Storm, since she's got the whole leadership of the Morlocks thing, or Kitty, since Caliban's in love with her. Or Angel/Cyclops, depending on which they want to use), and we all know there's gonna be biiiiig changes goin' on in the show, since mutants are now known of and ProfX (plus a bunch of others) are missing. Exciting!

Anywho, I added the Interlude and Chapter 6 to Lady Eternal's fic "Aftermath", so go read it! Next update will probably be on the day of the Season Premiere, and by then I'll have some more comic reviews, profiles (for not-in-Evo characters and whomever may be introduced in the premiere), new links, and new fanart. And maybe a new chapter to "Tumbling Down" (haha, not bloody likely >.>)!

Update: 8-8-02

First off, I still have quite a few unanswered emails, and I wanna say that I'm sorry. I was supposed to check out a link, send a fic to somebody, and do other stuff, but I've been... well, either busy or just not in the mood. But I WILL do things! I will!

Anywho, onto the actual update! I added three new profiles (Cortez, Shinobi, and Phantazia) to the "Characters Who Aren't In Evo" section and that's it. Gonna do more comic summaries when I get the time, gonna answer emails when I get the time, and I've got some new chapters to post next update!

Update: 7-27-02

Update! Three new fanarts by me, comic summaries for X-Men: Evolution issues 3 and 4, and some new profiles. I also updated a bunch of profiles, but uhh... can't remember which ones I did. Anywho, I probably should've mentioned something before which would explain my absence and lack of replying to emails. You see, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. That knocked one week out of my time. I also have just realized that summer is coming to an end, so I've actually been out of my house and enjoying it. Mondays are no longer available for me to do things, as they're now taken over by Geekfest (aka Vampire: the Masquerade); stupid Hotmail deleted some of my emails; I've gone back to working on my novel, which takes time out of the Evo fandom; annnnd, most importantly, ever since the horror that was my birthday/death of my grandmother/the day I found out that almost all of my friends gossip stupid made up shit about me, I've been lacking in the motivation to do anything in any fandom (meaning fics, site, and answering emails in general) but my own. Yessss. *pets novel*

But now I'm back again! I think. Still kinda lacking in motivation, but that'll change once the new season starts. I just have to be patient. Till then, the Comic Summaries shall keep me busy!

Oh yeah, and if you're a fan of Gambit, don't read my profile of him. If you read the profile of him, don't bother flaming me. I'll probably update his bio and make it less... hateful towards him later, when my annoyance towards him dies down as it does with most characters.

Update: 7-8-02

Yesss, that's right, it's a REAL update! Lessee, I've got... fics ("Aftermath" by Lady Eternal and "Bittersweet" by PsychoB), four new fanarts (by Katty and LailaMew), three new chibis (fanart section; Pyro, Colossus, and Gambit), and I added some stuff to the links page. I'll add some more fics next update, as well as the comic summary (I'd finish the summary up now, but I dunno where I put the ish), and some creepy as hell chibi stuff :D

For now, however, I wanna go and hang out with those of the outside world... See ya next update!

Rosiel's Sane Again! (7-4-02)

Not that very many people noticed that I went insane for a while, because the day after I posted the previous note *points down* I got an email asking me when I was going to do this and that update for my site. You can guess how happy that made me. Imagine having a mental breakdown from stress, then getting an email asking you to do all this stuff that you're trying to avoid. I'm sure the guy didn't mean to drive me further into stress-induced insanity, so I'm going to pretend it neeeever happened. :D

Anyway! I'm sane again, so yes, update soon. It won't be Friday, because I'm spending the day with my mom (who just got back from Korea a few days ago), and Saturday I'm prolly gonna be playing Warcraft III at a friend's house XD Unless he disappeared... damn him. So! It'll be Monday or MAYBE Sunday. I'm going to add some more links, some new fics (by Lady Eternal and Psycho B, both spectacular writers XD), and a review for one of the X-Men: Evolution comics. Oh! And fanart. YAY!

Bye bye, Brotherly Love. See ya whenever. (6-26-02)

I'm at a real emotional slump at the moment, and it's affecting everything, even the way I type. I'm going to be ignoring all of my duties for a while (webpage, fics, RPGs, etc) and I'm going to just concentrate on myself. Yes, that's very self-absorbed, but I don't give a crap right now. See ya when I get out of the slump.

Update: 6-24-02

All right, this isn't much of an update, but that's because I've been working on something else! Anywho, I started the links page, but the links aren't organized or anything yet. I've got some new "linking to me" buttons that I'll put up (tomorrow, most likely), and also expect to see some summaries for the X-Men: Evolution comic (starting from Toad's intro, as I skipped the previous issues). But that's for tomorrow. Today I just wanted to say that I did some stuff for the links page annnd I'm advertising once more for my other site! Yesss, I think I've FINALLY found a layout to stick with for it! Which means that I can now archive stuff and... stuff!!

Anywho, here's the link to the Old Layout and here's the link to the New Layout. I have no idea which one to use. Oh well, at least I made some progress!

Still... I must know which to use. (And before you ask, it's okay that I use Rogue because 1) Wanda's on the layout and she's a villain so it counts, and 2) Rogue was a villain once, so there :P)

Update: 6-19-02

Added bunches of fanart! Well, not bunches, but... uh... yeah. Some new fanart :D I may add more later, but for now I'm ending the update because somebody's going to come over and it'd be dumb of me to update my site while he's here O.o;;

Oh! And to anybody who IMs me: I have a new screen name! Laures no Miko is FINALLY dead! Say hello to.... "OrangeFruitL00ps"! (yes, I got mad that OrangeFruitLoops was taken, so I cheated and used zeros for the L00p part).

Last Update: 6-13-02 (Happy Early Birthday, Rosiel!)

Yesss, my birthday's tomorrow. Then there's me having to renew my license. Then Father's Day. Then my dad's birthday. This is why there won't be an update for this weekend :P But! If you REALLY care about what I've been up to (*cough cough* shamelessplug *cough*), then go to my Deadjournal. Coming Next Update: maybe the links page (seeing as how it's the only page that hasn't been restored since the crash), some fanart (and by "some" I mean less than three), and uhh... uhhh... shit, I know I'm going to do something for the update!

Last Update: 6-5-02 (Happy Belated Birthday, BL!)

While I was gone at A-Kon, my site turned 1 year old! Whoo!! Too bad I missed its... birthday O.o Oh well, I'll try and draw something or write a fic or... something to celebrate it. Yesss... Anywho! Update! I added Johnny's bio to the Evo Bio section, as well as a new fic by me called "A Return to Normalcy". Besides those, I updated the "Fic Progress" section and... I may do some comic summaries later today.

I'm Baaaack!: 6-4-02

Back from A-Kon! Um, being the idiot that I am, I didn't bring a camera to take any pictures with, soooo... Yeah. Luckily, some total strangers took pictures of me, so now I'm on a website! Whee! However, I look a little stoned in one picture, and just plain bad in the other, so I'm not going to post the stolen pictures of myself here ;P Anyway, you can be sure that I'm going to write some long boring story about it on...

MY NEW LIVEJOURNAL!! (I'm happy) Yessss, thanks to the stupendous Acassha, I now have a Livejournal account!! Yippy Skippy! Anyway, you can now find my babblings under the name of AngelRosiel, which means that I won't have to waste anymore space on the updates page yammering about God knows what! Whee!!! (LaterNote: this has been edited to be my DJ account for uhhh... personal reasons. Eventually, I'll put the real link back)

Anywho, seeing as how I really don't have anything to update the site with at the moment, you can expect an update... uh... geez. I suppose tomorrow I'll find something to add, do some tweaking, or finish up some bios. We'll see!

Last Update: 5-28-02

Added four new fanarts (I think?) annnnd that's all for today! By the way, Wanda #3 won :D And I'm going to work on my other site now... Bye!

NOTE: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this... From May 30th through June 2nd, I'm going to be away at A-Kon (here's hoping they have at least some Marvel stuff, there! *crosses fingers* I'm going to go insane if everything there is anime... and if they spell every word that has a "c" in it with a "k" like it was in the flyer >.<) Anyway, this means that there obviously won't be a weekend update during that time, annnd I'd like it if nobody sent me any emails until after June 2nd (because I KNOW I'm going to get more than enough spam mail while I'm gone, soooo that means my inbox will be all filled up and Hotmail will probably send me one of those "STOP GETTING EMAIL!!" notes that they tend to do when my inbox gets filled up >.<) That's all! Um, I'm going to be there as Haru from Fruits Basket (dude with white and black hair and... yes... I'm betting I'm gonna be the only Haru there O.o) annnd Gabe from Penny Arcade beeecause I'm a freak!

Ugh: 5-26-02

Lots stuff happened this weekend, hence, no update. But I'll be free again on Tuesday, so that's when you can expect some... stuff. Yes. Maybe. It's still pending on whether or not I'm free. >.<

Dag Nabbit!: 5-14-02

Weekend passed and I didn't get to reply to emails due to 1) getting sidetracked (like... REALLY sidetracked) and 2) having no time the day after getting sidetracked. As such, I apologize, because I realllly should respond to the emails I've been getting lately, as most of them are pretty important for me to answer O.o; (some of them can wait, since all I'll really be saying is "thanks" but... yeah) Weekdays are really bad for me and emails, as I'm usually writing or doing homework, and so... uh... shit. I PROMISE I will get them done Saturday if my friends don't kidnap me and force me out of the house *hisses at sunlight*

Update: 5-11-02

Note on the Wanda Chibi Contest Thing: Since my initial posting of the little "Contest", I've been getting some more chibis, so to make things fair to them (since it'd be dumb to stop voting today when I just got some more chibis O.o) here's what I'm doing: Tomorrow's the last day to submit a Wanda, and then next Friday'll be the last voting day, so I can get the BH Chat Thing done in "Day of Reckoning" :D I'm starting to wonder if I should extend this to chibis of all the new characters, but uhh that might get a little nutty, so I think I'll keep this a Wanda-only contest!

Oh yeah, and for the update, I've got the "Day of Reckoning" summary up and I'm starting to make the new layout extend to the other pages XD Annnd uhh... yes, I'm not answering emails until the evening because I'm in a weird mood at the moment O.o; Um, I might add some more to the update later today, but I really need to wake my brain up first, since it's 1:30 and I'm still in morning mode.

Update Again: 5-10-02

There's another chibi added to the Wanda Contest Thingie! Annnd uh... I have Save Ferris' "Spam" song stuck in my head and it won't go away. Aaah!

Update: 5-10-02

Whee! Sorry for the lack of ACTUAL updates in a while; I've been too busy to post more than a stupid blurb here and there, sooo yes. AP tests are ALL DONE! Yes!! So now all I have to do is take one EOC test and... three or four finals or something. Fun. But then the school year will be over... Yay!

Anywho, onto the update. This is kinda a problem since, uh, tomorrow I'm going to have to use a Wanda chibi on my review for "Day of Reckoning", and I have... four. Well, six, actually, but three of those are part of the same group, so I'm counting them as one.

And now my eye is twitching, as I'm about to lose my mind and murder a certain someone in my house, so I'll make this quick! Use the guestbook and tell me the chibi that you want me to use (or email me, I guess, if you really want to O.o Or IM me at... "Laures no Miko" *shudder* Though I may be kinda weird since right now I'm having a problem with total strangers IMing me, which wouldn't be a problem, except that they've never been to my site/FF.net before, so I have no idea how they got my AIM address in the first place, since normally the only people who IM me tend to know who I am at first, but these people are like "Hi, who r u?" and I'm like "Uhh... you... IMed me... so... who are you?" and it makes me nervous O.o Oh, that and I prolly won't be online for a while today :D)

To see the Chibis, go to the fanart section and scroll to the bottom. :D That's all for today! I'll have more of an actual update tomorrow, and I'll reply to emails then, too (hopefully).

And now I must go before I stab myself in the head with my Pietro action-figure-that's-not-very-actionny-as-he-doesn't-really-move because I'm going INSAAANE from STRESSSSSs weehehehheee!! Er... note to self: delete that last sentence later.

Day of Reckoning: 5-5-02

Ironically, I think I'm the last person to know about Pyro's appearance in the season finale. >.< Yessss, while I was off taking the SATs, there was a commercial of wonderfulness which revealed Magneto's Brotherhood/Acolytes (I really dunno which to refer to it as, since Colossus was an Acolyte, and Pyro was BH)!

While I'm uber-excited that Johnny's FINALLY going to be in Evo (though not as Av's best friend like he was orignally supposed to >.<), a part of me is graaaavely disappointed. I was REALLY hoping they wouldn't drag Remy into the show anytime soon, but it looks like he's one of Magneto's Acolytes/BH... well, at least, judging by the screencaps (which can be found at an ultra shibby site HERE). I dunno, I'm just GUESSING it's him (though you can't see much of anybody besides Pyro, Colossus, and Magneto), since he's holding a staff... *grumble* But Johnny will cancel out the annoying roach known as Gambit! If that's Gambit... I hope it's not... And the fourth guy seems to be Sabretooth, judging by the shoes (YES, I know it's stupid to identify Sabie by his shoes ;P)

Still, despite the lack of Acolytes (well, as a team, I mean... at least ONE Acolyte seems to be present!), I'm really looking forward to the ep! PYRO!!! XD

HAPPIER!!!: 4-27-02

Ohhh, holy shit I'm so excited right now!!! I wasn't supposed to update today, since this is like my... day of relaxation/getting ready for prom time, but I just read some news that made me... eehhhheheheee!!! HAPPY!!! MORE SPECTACULAR NEWS!!!!! Okay, I sound nutty now...

First, I'll start off with a random story. My nephew (who's like... 4 months old) is over here from Dallas right now and I can see he's going to grow up a geek like me XD I turned on the TV to watch the early ep of Evo (Survival of the Fittest, my favorite all time episode at the same level as HeX Factor XD), and he was like... hypnotized. It immediately got his attention and he started watching and I was like "Yesss, that's Lance, and there's Pietro" in one of those voices that you speak to babies with O.o Yessss... I'm spreading the Evo to my young, impressionable family member XD

AND NOW THE EVO NEWS! (WARNING: If you don't wanna know anything about the Season Finale, I guess you should stop reading. NO SPOILERS here, but I know some people like to be surprised) I REALLY REALLY can't wait for "Day of Reckoning" now... Anyway, I was on Comics Continuum this morning, checking like I always do for random Marvel news, and I found the official summary for the season finale. I'll sum it up like this: One X-Geek is going to leave (Pleeeease be Kitty or Kurt! *crosses fingers* It'll probably be Scott or Rogue, though, just because I like them >.>) because the BH Boys team up with them to... fight Magneto! However, Maggy's not alone, for they'll also have to face "his group of misfits". According to Kids' WB, this ep will feature mutants who haven't been on Evo yet...

You know what that means, right? Well, I've been trying to figure out, going through in my head the groups Magneto's been affiliated with in the comics, and the only four SIGNIFICANT ones I can think of are: the Brotherhood, the Acolytes, the Hellfire Club, and the New Mutants. Well, I scratched out the Hellfire Club and the New Mutants pretty quickly, since a bunch of the New Mutants are like... already in Evo and the Hellfire Club most likely wouldn't be introduced without a big foreshadowing event involving Sebastian Shaw and/or Emma Frost.

So that leaves the Brotherhood, the Acolytes, or a totally new group consisting of random Marvel mutants who've never been affiliated with each other before (*cough* Like Boom Boom + Brotherhood *cough*). Now, I know the Evo BH is going to fight him *cries* but that still leaves the left behind Brotherhood members from the comics, namely: PYRO!!! And Phantazia, Unus, Mastermind, etc. But they don't matter (well, no, I DO think Phantazia kicks ass) except for Pyro!! XD

Anyway, I think it's more likely that the Acolytes'll show up, seeing as how they're like... totally fanatical worshippers of Magneto who would do anything in his name (except for Cortez, since he's just... himself O.o). So, while I may not see poor, poor Pyro *sigh*, there's at least a chance that I'll see... CORTEZ!!! That's almost as good as seeing Pyro! And it'd make sense for Cortez to be in it, since he's 1) the guy who gathered the original Acolytes (sure, it was just an elaborate scheme to kill Magneto and all of said Acolytes, including his sister, but, eh, what're you gonna do about it ;D) 2) Magneto obviously needs boosts of power, which the stupid boy provides and 3) He's the most well known Acolyte, besides MAYBE Exodus O.o

Oooh... Exodus would be cool, too... And Cargill, since I was just recently talking about how awesome she'd be in Evo!

Anyway, yes, that's why I'm so happy right now XD Here's a link to the article that has made my day :D

Oh, and if you're still interested in the X-Men Movie Sequel BH news, then read down to yesterday's news thing *points down*

HAPPY!: 4-26-02

Well, first off, I'm going to prom tomorrow, so there'll be no weekend update (uhhh not to be confused with the SNL Weekend Update O.o). Whee! Now I have a plea and SPECTACULAR NEWS! First, the plea:

I've finally completed the VillainSlash layout and so the site's almost ready to be launched... there's only one problem... I NEED FICS/ART!! The only requirements is that it's (Marvel) Villaincentric (fics about good guys are obviously acceptable, but there has to be at least one Marvel baddie who's a significant character in the fic O.o). Yes, that includes Evo fics (as long as they're about villains in some way XD And slash is good!) :P So sennnnnnd... or tell me someone who you think I could beg for permission to stick their stuff up O.o; (I figure I should say this now because I just realized I never really asked for submissions except for... once a while back O.o) PLEASE!

Anywho, onto the SPECTACULAR NEWS I head!! Yesssss, it's... SPECTACULAR!!!! Pyro's going to be in the X-Men Movie sequel (uhh... X2?)! Well, that didn't come as a surprise to me, since he was in the first one for an all of five seconds, so I assumed he was going to have a cameo as a generic student who's not at all Australian in the sequel.

But no.

Ohhh no.

He's going to be in the Brotherhood!!! YAY!!! My favorite character (yes, for those of you who think I'm writing Cortez too much for whatever reason, I would just like to state that Pyro IS still my favorite character >.>) will be in the movie as a VILLAIN!!! Like he's SUPPOSED to be! Well, obviously Ray Park isn't going to play him this time (er, yeah, he tried out for Pyro originally, but then they took him outta the movie and so he got Toad O.o Or something like that!), so I'm curious as to who they're gonna get for him XD Here's hoping he's Australian or can fake an Aussie accent! And cute like the boy who played him in the first one! (well, I thought he was cute XD Cuter than Bobby, anyway) *happy melting ensues*

Damn. I can't remember which site I read the article on... I think it's X-Men Unlimited or something... too lazy to look it up again (I actually found the article by accident because I was trying to get to UncannyXMen.Net, but forgot that the site was called UncannyXMen.net, thought it was the other site, got all mixed up and ended up finding the Pyro article O.o) >.< But thanks to whoever wrote the article for giddifying me!

Oh yeah. And I have a new fic but it's not up on the site yet because I'm not in the mood to upload it right now O.o I have to go in a few minutes, anyway, soooo yeah. So if you're curious enough to check it out it's on FF.net under AngelRosiel! Wheee, advertisments... And now I gotta go drink coffee like a little yuppie child O.o 'Till next week! (God, I can't wait for the season finale... It'd better be ass kickity!!!)

Last Update: 4-20-02 (later)

Accomplishments! Today, I got the review for "The HeX Factor", Wanda's Bio, Mesmero's Bio, Amanda's Bio, uhhh started Cortez's and Exodus' for the "Characters who aren't in Evo" section, and added 7 fanarts (I think seven...?). Yeah, anyway, one by me, one by Musachan, three from Harkwind, and one from Panda. Oh! And I answered all of my emails-- I THINK! If I didn't get to yours, that means I thought I already answered it so... sorry! :\ Oh yeah, and I started working on the newest layout.

Last Update (and Update-In-Progress): 4-20-02

Umm, this update may or not be completed when you read this. I'm going to type this before finishing the update only because I dunno how long it's gonna take me to do the whole update and I don't want people thinking I'm NOT updating right now O.o Yes, if THAT made sense...

Okay, here goes! Added a review for "The HeX Factor"! I LOVE THAT EP! Okay, besides that, here's what's being worked on: Gonna make the Wanda Bio and work on the few that I have to... work on, some fanart'll be added, annnnd I'm gonna write some comic summaries (I just carried four heavy boxes of comics downstairs because I recently organized them, so the ones for this site are scattered all around all four of them >.< And I just now realized that one of the boxes was totally unnecessary because it's just my Jhonen Vasquez stuff O.o And Battle Pope o.O;; In any case, it was nothing Marvel >.<)

Okay, see ya when I'm done with the update! (I'll put the specifics of what I added up here then).

I'm In Such a Dorky Mood Today (No, this isn't an update, I'm just rambling like a loser): 4-16-02

Can you tell that I need a Livejournal or Blogger or SOMETHING? I keep posting totally irrelevent things here XD Anywho, a few days ago, a friend of mine said I was an uke (uh, basically for those who don't know, in a slash/yaoi pairing, that's the boy who's the bitch) and then called me Pietro (long story; I called a friend of mine Magneto because I was doodling her pose but making it Magneto not her annnd blah blah), so I was like "Oh yeah?! Well, if I'm Pietro, you're Lance!" And she was all "...you're an idiot." "Why?" "Because you're calling me Lance while you're Pietro." "So?" "You wrote Slushies! SLASH!" Yeah, that was basically what happened O.o Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything. In an attempt to disprove her, I today took a quiz that was something like "Seme or Uke" thinking "HAA! I'll show her!"


Are you a Seme or Uke?

Damn it.

No Update: 4-16-02

No update! I just deleted the rant because I'm no longer in a bad mood (I watched maaaanny episodes of X-Files with maaaannny cute shots of Krycek since then XD) and I figured leaving the rant up served no purpose other than to stand as a monument to that hyper-critical person (who will remain un-named since I don't even really know said person' name [I didn't even know of said person's existence until someone told me about the little "Rosiel SUX cuz she's a bitch who wants reviews!" fest], and chances are if you're reading this and thinking it's you... it's probably NOT, so don't even bother wasting any thoughts over this because it's over and through :D) who bitched about me writing "fake" Evo fics and about how I DARED to ask for reviews like almost every other author online (and the people who don't get as much credit for being... stupid enough to tick me off O.o)! Egads! Anyway, yeah, rant go poof (like... almost every singly one of my rants do after a few days) annnnd.... stuff.

The Moral of the Story: Next time you ("you" being... anyone O.o) have a problem with me, what I say, what I write, whatever, here's a clue: Instead of running around spouting bullshit, why don't you TELL ME YOURSELF? Look! I'll even give you my AIM name! "Laures no Miko"! And trust me, I respond to messages on AIM waaaay faster than I do email.

OH! And Wanda's new look leaves me with mixed feelings! Part of me is like "Wow! She actually doesn't look like Jean!" and the other part is like... "Damn, no curly hair *pout*." I'm kinda... "ehh" about their making her all dark and dangerous and stuff since, I dunno, I always saw her as the more stable twin. But I'm still looking forward to the episode! Fwee!

Oh, and Morwen of "Fatal Optic" (which I WILL link to once I... get around to making the links page... *sigh* Oh hell, it's one of the best Evo-sites out there, so you should know the address already) made a fun lil pic of me looking very spazzmatically scary which I shall post... at... some time! It's good to be able to laugh at yourself XD 'Till Saturday, see ya!

Quasi-Update And Bitchy Rant: 4-13-02

Eh, didn't do much. I played around with the About Me page because I was bored and had nothing to do, except now that I think about it... I have fanart to add... and emails to respond to. Shit! Oh well. And I won't be here next Saturday-- at least, not in the afternoon, so my review won't be up until the evening.

Oh, and I posted a random picture I played around with in photoshop. It's... not Evo, but most of my art isn't >.> *cough* Anyway, unless something stupid happens (which I'm sure it will), I'll be updatin' next Saturday evening with a real update and no psychotic bitchfests!

Update: 4-7-02

Guesssss what? This is a real update! A REAL update!! I've added a new fanart by me, 2 by Gale, and 4 from a new artist (Harkwind) to the site! Also, there's some new fics/chapters! Most of these have been on FF.net for a long while now, and I've only now gotten around to sticking 'em here. Anyway, I've added a bunch of fics by Gale (which should be easy to find, since they're all new :P) and by Madame Moonbeamshinystardust, there's the third chapter of "Scott and the Elixir of... DOOM!" and the first chapter of "Big Brother is Watching". By me, there's "Plastic Stars", "Pietro Maximoff in the Labyrinth", and "Empty Pages". Now, normally I don't make it an effort to tell people to read and review my stuff (I mean, sure sometimes I stick a note on the bottom of the fic, but overall I don't care :D), but I swear, I'm going to go INSANE if nobody reads Empty Pages!

What's so freaking wrong with the story, anyway?! Why is it the ONLY fic I've written that's gotten less than 10 reviews (it doesn't even have 5!!)?! Even my biggest piece of crap fic got more reviews than that! Is it because I didn't throw "LANCE/PIETRO!!" in the summary? Is it because I decided to write about something more original than usual (well, not terribly original, but I really DON'T think there's ANY fics out in the Evo section like this one. Sure, there's probably something about Apocalypse in the Evo fandom, I'm sure, but BH Slash AND Apocalypse AND the Acolytes AND Magneto ANNNND Cortez? I doubt it, since NOBODY writes about Cortez)? Is it because it's crap and I'm the only person who's not aware of that?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE DAMN STORY?! So... um... go to FF.net, read it, find out what's wrong, and freakin' review it >.<

Sorry about the rant O.o It's just that that's one of the few fics I'm slightly PROUD of (the other being "Slushies" :P) and nobody's reading it >.< Anyway, I've heard about Wanda being in Evo and I'm veryveryvery happy about it! Wheee!! They'll probably screw her up or something, but oh well, it'll be a Pietro-Maybe-Magnetocentric ep, and that always makes me happy XD As far as future updates go... gee, I really SHOULD be doing my reviews of the Evo Comics sometime...

Update: 4-4-02

I've been really really bad about updating lately and I just wanna say I'm sorry >.< It's been hard to update because a certain SOMETHING has hijacked my life... But I don't wanna talk about it :D Let's just say the past month has been miserable and once I get out of the habit of updating, it's hard to get back in. ANYWAY, there's some good news! I've got lots of stuff to add, which I'll HOPEFULLY do after school tomorrow. This being: fanfics, some fanart, and... something else I was going to do but apparently forgot. Anywho, I REALLY want to get started on my new site (which is all things relating to Villains and/or the slashing of them XD), but since I'm not sure what to do layout-wise (it's hard to find a good pic of Cortez that's not obscured by words, damn it! And he's who I want the first theme of the site to be about!), so it hasn't gotten off the ground yet. Well, that and the fact that I have ZERO submissions because I haven't advertised yet.

Oh yeah, on to the update. I added a special GUEST REVIEW for Operation: Rebirth by Gale! Read it! :D I'll be adding my own eventually.

Update: 3-3-02

So bored... But I have homework to do. Anyway, dinner lasted longer than expected last night, sooo I just got around to adding the new fanart today! Enjoy! Oh, and my counter died... Damn it >.<

Last Update: 3-2-02

Episode summary for "Walk on the Wild Side". Bleh. In other news, I have some more fanart to add (hopefully later today) and I'm gonna work on the "Retreat" summary as soon as my schedule clears up! Also, since I've got a ton more comics, I'm gonna do some reviewin' (not today, but some day! Probably over Spring Break), annnnd I'm going to add the first chapter of a new fic of mine sometime soon. And there's other things... uh... Join the slash RPG!!

Update: 2-20-02

I'm an idiot!! >.< A total idiot! While doing the last update, I kept on thinking that there was something I forgot, but I couldn't quite figure it out and now I know! >.< So uhhh when I get back from school, I'll add the Pietro fanartsy pic that I forgot to stick on the page last update ^^;

Update: 2-18-02

*sigh* Sorry, no ep summary yet. I'm not sure when I'll have time to rewatch the episode and get it written, so uhhh to tide you over 'till then, I got some new fanart! There's one by me (which has nothing to do with Evo, but it's fanart nonetheless), a new one by Lesli Weird, annnnd something from Ter Smith! Okay, that's about it. Er, I was gonna say something... Wow, I need to do some new bios. Anywho, I've destroyed my Cortez mini-shrine and will now work on creating a new site, one dedicated to... Marvel Villain Slash XD If you've got some nifty-keen Marvel Villain, uh... slash, then please send some my way! The site's not really up yet, so I have no submissions other than my own, and REALLY, you don't want a site that's just... my fics O.o;;

Bwah, that's all for now!

Update: 2-2-02

Well, first things first, I got the summary for "Shadow Dance" up! That's all for now, but uhhh I got some things planned for later that'll probably never happen because today I need to transfer a bunch of files from my other computer to this new shiny one that refuses to run my Alice game correctly! :D Umm, I plan on doing some more comic summaries later, and adding a fanart from.... myself O.o It's got nothing to do with Evo, though, uhhh well, not canon Evo, anyway! It's just a stupid doodle I did of some of the Evoslash RPG characters ^^; Anywho, I just got the newest X-Men: Evo comic, which I'll do a summary for since it's the first that features a BH member! XD And uhhh stuff... I'm gonna try to respond to a bunch of emails today, too! And... work on TD some time involving never. O.o;;;

Pointless Second Update!: I went back and fixed some of the more obvious typos in the "Shadow Dance" guide using my handy dandy OLD keyboard which doesn't screw up everything I type! XD Also, I took a quiz and felt like shoving the result here because it has no where else to go. Apparently, if I was a band, I'd be Sum 41 O.o;

click to take it!

The result surprised me, so I took the test again, and.... got the same result. Hmm. And here I thought I'd get some band I hated, like Limp Bizkit *shudder*

Update: 1-26-02

Whooo, sorry for no updates in... 20 days. I haven't really had anything to update WITH, plus, I've been playing around with my newest Marvel obsession: Fabian Cortez. XD He's such a bitch! And so I've been working on a site for him and neglecting poor poor BL. Anyway, I added a summary for "Mindbender" annnd yeah. I'm SO glad one of my two predictions were wrong! Prediction #1 being that Mastermind would be in it (thank God he's not) and Prediction #2 being something that concerns the season's villain, which I explain in the summary >.> And now I go!

UPDATE 2: I discovered something strange today, going about my site to check for any errors, and that is: The color purple makes me want to shoot myself now. Being that I have no access to a gun, you must imagine how strange it is to find alternative means of shooting oneself :D Anyway, I've been more or less okay with this layout for months now, but it's time for a change. Really. Before I go insane and start gouging my eyes out because I'm so sick of the color purple. Anyway, I'm probably not going to go back to frames, though that would be SO delightfully easy... I think what I'm going to do is merely change the color scheme and title pic. Lance's been up there for far too long. Anywho, suggestions would be nice!

Update: 1-05-02

Lesseee... I added 1 new fanart by Severus, moved my Pyro pic over to the fanart section, changed Slushieverse to The Sims, added a bunch of soon-to-be bios to the "Characters Who Aren't In Evo" section, annnnd I added two new fics! "Face of Fear" by Rina and "Highschool Horrors" by Severus. That's all for today! Ohh, and I added a guestbook yesterday after the update.

NOTE: "Highschool Horrors" will be the LAST fic I accept as a direct link from FF.net. From now on, if you send me a fic that's just a link to FF.net, I'm not going to accept it. I don't like direct linking to that site because it's waaaay too unreliable. So, uh yeah, just send me a regular ol HTML link or the word document itself from now on. o.O

Ohhh and I took like... two hours and just responded to every email from the past... two months... Whew. All done! So now I won't go insane if people email me anymore! :D

Update: 1-04-02

Ever since I opened this site, back in... uh some month, there's always been one factor responsible for stopping me in the middle of an update: My father. Once again, I can't complete this update because of my dad. Blah. And I was in the middle of a comic summary, too. So, here's what I've got for you (so far >.>): "On Angel's Wings" summary, Angel's bio, a bunch of the old fanfics that were once on the site, two pics by me in the fanart section, annnnd half of the comic summary for Cable 87.

Blah. I'll do the rest like at midnight or something.

Update: 12-29-01

*hiss* My emails seem to have doubled. Not that that's a bad thing, but uh... now I have more to respond to. >.> And I'm so very lazy. So very very laaazy. But! Due to my grades dropping drastically (like 10-12 points), I got to quit my job. Yay. And so, today I added three new fanarts by Sakari. I also have other things to add, but I no longer remember. Okay.

NOTE TO ALL FIC/ART SUBMITTERS PEOPLE (*poke* THAT MEANS READ THIS): PLEASE, if you don't see what you submitted to me within the last two months up here, resend it, because my files are all wonked out and unorganized at the moment. And if your fic is on FF.net, I do NOT want the FF.net link. Send me the actual document containing the fic. I really don't like going through and editing the HTML from FF.net, since it's more work than I feel like doing. Or! Even nicer! Send the file WITH the HTML already done! That'll make me happy XD Other than that, I need the people whose fics USED to be up here (before CW killed the site) to email me with... their email address and what name they wanna go under, because... yeah. I need those if I wanna get the fanfic page back up. I think the only person who doesn't have to send me that issss Elizabeth, because I already have her info and fics and all that good stuff. Oh! And Rina! YAY!! I love "Face of Fear"! XD

*grumble* Other than that, I've got a belated Christmas Present for you guys to make up for my absence, but I think it's going to have to wait until Monday because of time constraints. Anywho, I'm going to sit down and FORCE MYSELF to write the "On Angel's Wings" review, write Angel's profile, work on a few comic profiles, write some comic summaries, put Slushies and what I have of TD back up, *siiigh* get a guest book, put up the fics (if the authors actually email me with said info O.o), and I think that's it. O.o Maybe my own profile, but that's doubtful. Uhh. Yeah. I think that's it. Enjoy the piccies!

Update: 12-8-01

Godddd, I'm starting to hate work. Now, I don't hate what I DO, I just hate my schedule. It's like... uh, I'm only home when I'm sleeping (or SHOULD be sleeping), then I'm at work or school because my managers seem to forget that I'm a high school student who has HOMEWORK on the weekends! OH! They seem to forget that I'm a high school student who has SCHOOL on weekdays, too! My crazy new manager (who's very nice, just... evil) made me and a bunch of other HIGH SCHOOL students (and adults) stay after until 11:30 PM on a school night, and, oh gee, I didn't get to bed until 1:30 AM because of my homework! And then I had to wake up at 5:00 to get ready for school! And then I had work RIGHT after school until 10:00 PM. WHEE! Wanna know how hard it is to function on about 3 hours of sleep, knowing that they intend to keep you after WAY past 10? But, alas, I put my foot down and said I was leaving AT 10 no matter what, as I would pass out if I was there a second longer, so! Yay! I got some sleep last night!

Uh. Yes. That was a rant. And I won't be able to update my usual time next Saturday because I have to leave for work RIGHT after "On Angels' Wings" airs. Whee. God, I hate life. Err, hehe, kidding! :P Anyway, WHEN I get time (i.e. NEVER), I want to work on a new layout idea I had. Whee. Of course, the only days I have time are now monopolized by the evil world of retail. I CAN'T EVEN MISS WORK WHEN I'M SICK FROM OVER-EXHAUSTION CAUSED BY ONLY GETTING 3 HOURS OF SLEEP BEFORE GOING TO SCHOOL AND FAILING ALL OF MY TESTS FROM NO SLEEP AND Argh argha gjahdcjkmm!!! ARGH!! Uh, yes, that was another rant. :D

I'm a teeny bit stressed out. And I gotta go to work now. Oh. And I'm gonna get a guest book because there's no way in hell I can keep up with my emails anymore. Whee. See ya in a month! Hopefully sooner...

Update: 12-1-01

Whee! Yet again, I either read the article wrong or they weren't specific enough. I could've sworn it said "A new character from the comics is going to be introduced in the episode following 'African Storm'", but maybe it was in "an episode following 'African Storm'". Yep. Because all we got was a bunch of New Mutants running around with Lance and Kitty. Plus, Angel's gonna be introduced in the next new episode. Good ol' Warren Worthington III. I still think it'd be funny if Duncan turned out to be Angel, hehehehhh, but he won't be. :D

Anywho, I'm very sorry, I still haven't gotten to any of my emails from, oh, the past month. I've been so busy and then when I get online, I'm just not in the mood to go and respond to... the so many that I have... I'll try to soon, though!! Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop sending me info about Berzerker, people! I already knew his real name and powers and stuff like, uh, right after I posted his bio (because I found a copy of the Comics Continuum article on the new mutants), I was just way too lazy to change it! But really, I've been getting more than enough info on him now :D Thanks, though, I appreciate it! Oh! And I will get a new fic and art thing up from Sevy (I think... yes? Or was it another "Sev-something"? Argh, too lazy to check inbox)-- well, the fic'll take longer, as I still have to get them all ARGH!!

Ohhh! Er... wait... Okay! I added the "Joy Ride" summary, and then I might work on getting "Slushies", "TD" and my doodles up on "Slushieverse" (and then explain why the hell I even MADE that section, because there is a reason), as well as attempt more comic summaries and getting the fanfic section up again. That is, if I'm not too busy attempting to write TD again. >.< God, I hate that story now.

Update: 11-24-01

God, Evo's getting so stupid. I can't believe what they're gonna do to Lance (well, according to the commercial). *sigh* Gee, and I WONDER why I'm losing all interest in the show. Does Avalanche have this "Screw with my character" sign on his back? Because ever since... I dunno... in Cable 87, his character went downhill and now he looks totally screwed up both in canon Marvel AND in Evolution! ARGH! ARGHARGHRG! I'm gonna write slash.

Anyway, for today I have some comic summaries :D Enjoy!

Update: 11-17-01

*grumble grumble* I was planning a big update today. But my dad was on the computer for 11 hours, so that promptly eliminated my plans. So now all I have is the "African Storm" summary. Hmph. Maybe I'll be able to update in peace tomorrow after work...

Oh yeah, and to anyone who's emailed me and not yet received a reply, it's because I've been crazy busy insane argh lately, and uh... I'll try to get to them tomorrow. >.<

OH! And I was wrong, if you hadn't guessed, about the "New character in 'African Storm'" thing! I misread the Comics Continuum thingie, which said that the NEXT new episode ("Joy Ride") was supposed to feature the new character, and focus on one of the new mutants and a BH boy. WHEEEE!! XD The BH returns!!! I'm hoping it's gonna be Bobby (since a commercial shows him in the jet and the episode is called Joy Ride) and Pietro and I-dunno-who-comic-person-yet. Actually, I'm hoping it's gonna be Bobby, St. John, and Lance. Yesss.. that would make me happy and it would kinda work! Avalanche and Pyro were best friends in the comics... Pyro and Iceman have opposite powers so... yes! Whatever. I go to sleep.

Update: 11-10-01

Added the summary for "Adrift"... Sure, it's one week late and really sucks, but at least I have it! I haven't been able to update as much as usual lately because my schedule's gone insane and it'll only get worse because I might apply for a job at Old Navy (despite the fact that I've never shopped there before O.o They pay well, and I'm a whore for money :P). That and when I actually DO have time to update, it's when my dad's monopolizing the computer time. Oh well! Anyway, uh... shit. I really need to finish putting the fics back up where they belong. And I wanna work on the comic summaries now that I have Pyro's first ish (it's shitty! BUT! I didn't have to pay $30 for it!!! I got to buy it, I Feel Sick #2 which I'd been looking for for a YEAR now, and two issues of Deadpool for only $13! MWAHAHAAA!! I love sales and cute comic book store guys with dreadlocks who... according to my friend, was flirting with me) and the summaries are only gonna be about issues with the BH (or characters from the BH, i.e: Freedom Force), because this is a site about the BH. :D

Um. Yes. What else do I need to do? Ohhh, there might be a layout change for December called "Wonderland" BUT it'll only affect the main page, as I am lazy and with tables it's not as easy to mess around with total layout changes for all the pages as it was with frames. And it'll only be around for December, then probably go back to Avalanche :P

Ohh and I've been trying to figure out who the "New Evo character from the comics" is going to be for "African Storm". Um. Well, the answer's not nearly as obvious as it was with "Fun and Games" so... the only name that comes to mind at the moment is Shadow King, and I really DOUBT it's him. Hmm... or maybe it IS him... I dunno!

Update: 11-02-01

5000 hits! I love you people! I love you! *hugs* Er, I won't be able to do an update at my usual time tomorrow (or maybe I can pull it off) because I gotta go to school and order a class ring after the ep, then drive for TWO HOURS just so I can make a sale and buy Pyro's first issue for less than $30. The things I go through for that boy... (Yes, yes, I'm obsessive, but c'mon, I think it's a good deal, considering that the prices of comics tend to increase after time) Anyway, I've been working on getting the fics up today, but they're still not linked here yet. But they're up! You just can't find them. ;D Well, anywho, I'll update tomorrow after I kidnap Pyro... hehe.

Update: 10-27-01

All of the profiles for Evolution are done!! YES!! And I have "Fun and Games" and "Beast of Bayville" summaries up! And I think that's it! Daaamn... I started fixing the HTML for "Slushies" so that I can finally begin posting the fics again (since FF.net's so freakin' unreliable). Uhh... yeah.. Okay!

Update: 10-26-01

Bwah! Bad Rosiel! Lazy Rosiel! Er, sorry... I didn't update when I was supposed to :( Got sick, got a lot of homework, blah blah blippity blah. Anywho, I added three new fanarts! 1 from Singh and 2 from Gale and... and... that's all today! Tomorrow, I'll get summaries up for "Fun and Games" (ehh) and "Beast of Bayville". And... I need to finish the Bios... Okay!

Minor Update: 10-19-01

I just fixed this WACKY error in the fanart section. Apparently, I left out one teeny letter in the HTML thingie in GypsyJ's email address (like a " or an /a or something), so it deleted all of the text that came after that and said that the icon was from "DMB/Rosiel" which is... weird O.o Anywho! Just wanted to say that because I hate it when somebody doesn't get credit for their work, soooo yeah! :D Anyway, a real update will come after I do my history project (IF i finish it today), so see ya later!

Newsish Stuff: 10-17-01

Dooode, I'm mad at myself. Stupid schedule. Okay, I'm gonna be taking the PSATs on Saturday, and then I'm going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. This means a couple of things. 1) I'm not going to be able to watch "Fun and Games" until, like... many hours after it's aired. 2) Can't put the review up my usual right-after-the-ep time because I won't be home. 3) Probably can't put the summary up until Tuesday, actually, because I have to do the PSATs, get my hair cut (it's gonna be aaaalll gone!! XD Well, mostly gone), do tons of homework (stupid history project!!), and be at RenFest all Sunday, while doing more homework on Monday. Whee! 4) This sucks because "Fun and Games" is supposed to reveal a couple of villains! ARGH!! You know how much I love villains!! 5) I have 4000 hits! Nifty! 6) Uh, I.... bah!

And here's a note on future updates! Okay, fanart!: I have like... I think three pics to add... and maybe-not-really-I'm-lying something of my own. Fanfics: Realistically, these probably won't be up until I have a long break like... Thanksgiving Break! :D The Rest of the Bios: I'm gonna try to do these on Friday. Slushieverse: Gonna try for that on Friday, too. Comic Summaries: I have NO idea when this is gonna get started!! Links: I hate making links pages. Here's the deal, email me, and I'll put your link up. Otherwise, I'm waaay too lazy to go link hunting again. :D

Ahh, that's it for now. :D I would've done a real update today, but, heh, I have NO time because I'm obsessively working on my newest fic (it's not Evo... but it's X-Men! And it's slash! And it's the most nonsensical pairing ever!!)

Last Update: 10-14-01

Teeny update. Just added Pyro's bio in the "Brotherhood Characters Who Aren't in Evo". It's... uh... long. :D

Update: 10-13-01

Feh. The "Power Surge" summary's up and... well, that episode was SO boring that I really don't feel like getting the new bios and Slushieverse (along with the new chibis O.o) up today. *shudder* But I prolly will, so you can look for an update later!

Laaaater!: Okay, I added... uh... a bunch of new bios! Iceman, Jubilee, Cannonball, Multiple Man, Boom Boom, Berzerker, and Sunspot! WHEE!! and I changed the BH Babble and the rating of "Power Surge" aaaand say HELLO! to the new chibis!!

The first two're Boom Boom (duh!) from GypsyJ (well, the first one is; I added a smilie to the second one because I need to have a smilie chibi :P), and the second two are Wanda. Suckiness >.< I tried the curly hair, got really frustrated, and in the end just turned Johnny into a girl, heheheh, so it doesn't really look like her. But it's amusing to see how easily John can become a girl!
: I hate you.

Update: 10-11-01

Uhh, not much, I'll prolly have more tomorrow, though! XD Anywho, I added all of the Random Losers profiles, sooo this means I get to start on the BRAND NEW profiles soon!! AhAHAHAA!! Oh yes, and be prepared for new chibis. Be afraid. :D

Update: 10-6-01

Going... kill... bad... DIE! I mean... uh, heheh, added the "Badda Bing, Badda BOOM!" summary to the ep guide...

Update: 10-4-01

WOO!!! I finished all of the X-Geeks profiles, which means I have Random Losers and the new X-Men left to add!! XD Aaaand there's three more pics in the fanart sections (1 by Kayeth, 2 by Lesli Weird)... and... hm. I got one index in the fanfic section somewhat up. Yep!

Rantish Thing: 10-3-01

*twitch twitch* Rosiel was gonna update today with three more pics and some new profiles, but then Rosiel checked her email and got something from Yahoo that is either a "Your site's too popular! DIE!" message (which is odd, really, because I didn't think I got so many hits that they actually noticed O.o Because I don't!), or a cleverly worded advertisement (most likely). :P Anyway, apparently BL gets too much traffic, so Yahell's been shutting it down at... er, random times, I suppose... So, in order to get them to stop doing that, I'm going to have to upgrade to one of their premium packages (i.e. pay money that I do have but don't wanna spend ;P) or move, or... just deal with it and not care. O.o Actually, I'm pretty sure this is a standard email that they send to most people, it just bugs me because I never got this before with any of my other Geocities sites. O.o Oh well, maybe it's a new thing. Er. I'll update tomorrow when I'm less confused. :D

On another note! I have a new idea on who's gonna be the villain in "Fun and Games"! Deadpool! He's silly, much more well-known/popular than Arcade, and... and... DEADPOOOOOL!! XD But he's probably too homicidal for Kids' WB, so nm. ^^

Update: 9-30-01

*blinks* I am one hit away from 3000. Neato! Anyway, tiny update, I added three fanarts (1 by Lesli Weird, and 2 by me an' Spooky). That's all folks!


Well, I've gotta go to the comic store today, sooo this update's tiny! ^^ Basically... I wrote the sumamry for "Growing Pains", so you can read it in the Episode Guide. And... that's it for now. I might be back later for a second update. O.o

Second Update: All of the episode guides are up because I went on google.com and found them! YAY! And there are four new fanart pics from Sakari, so LOOK AT THEM! XD

Update: 9-28-01

Whoo!! I didn't make a whole hell of a lot of progress, but come on, I'm one girl trying to restore a site! >.< Anyway, here's what I've got done: Profiles up to Shadowcat, got most of the fanart back up (all that I had backed up. This means if your pic isn't up there, I need it sent to me again, buuut I think I have everything O.o), er... the "Progress" part of "Fanfics", most of the "Cauldron: Part 2" episode summary, a Pyro fanart by me in "Slushieverse", and... well, actually, I think that's it! I uploaded a bunch of fics, but the links aren't up yet so :P

OHHHH!!! Speaking of fics and pics, I'm bored and want more BH fanart :P Yep. SEND, BITCHES! Haha, no, I kid. You're not bitches. :D I love each and every one of you... unless you're reading this and thinking "Gee, this girl's dumb. I'm gonna flame her!"... then I don't love you. Oh yeah! Here's some Season 2 News!

The third episode airing this season is going to be called "Fun and Games". According to... some guy... it's going to introduce a villain that X-Men fans are all familiar with. So, I've done some thinking. I'm hoping it's gonna be Pyro, but it's not :P Judging by the title, it sounds like... Arcade. O.o;; That would be weird, heehe. Well, actually, I don't give a shit WHO the villain is, as long as it's NOT Apocalypse because he needs to DIE DIE DIE!! I HATE HIM!! But I love AoA... even though Pyro dies in AoA >.< (but, he seems to die in most non-canon stuff, hehehe!) ANYWAY. Hm, we'll have to wait till then to find out who the villain is. Ah well, as long as X-Men: Evo doesn't interfere with my Renaissance Festival schedule (yes, I'm a dork, shaddup. I love RenFest. It's like... Christmas for me :D), I'll happily sit down and find out who the villain is gonna be!


*sigh* Not a lot of progress today... I, uh, lessee... All of the Brotherhood Profiles up to Magneto's are done (and since they're from scratch, they're different from the old profiles...)! And that's about it. I have a new fanart piccy to go into Slushieverse (well, I also have fics, but bleh, they're not new :P)... but I'm not doing the fics or art until I have the Profiles done and part of the summaries up, sooo yeah. It shouldn't take too long, though. If I DON'T make a detour back to the comic book store on the way home tomorrow, I'll have some more time to rebuild this site-- that is, if my dad's not gonna be using the computer all tomorrow... >.<


Just getting... the basics OF the basics back up. God, I hate this. I hate Crosswinds. I hate the fact that I planned on backing up my files YESTERDAY, when the site was destroyed, instead of earlier... I hate the fact that I have to rewrite every profile, episode summary, and dig through my folders to find some of the fics. I hate the fact that the new season starts Saturday and I'll have to catch up on Season 2 info while trying to restore the Season 1 info. I'm not happy today. ^^

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