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Note about sending fanart: No bitmaps, please! :D gifs and jpgs are fine, but bitmaps are big and take up space (and I have limited space now >.<) sooo, please no bitmaps! Other than that, send me any fanart you want, as long as it has something to do with the BH, or makes me laugh, or... okay, I'm actually not picky.

Rosiel's Art

Cuddly Lance and Pietro - Yeah... uh, I drew this over the summer while bored in driver's ed. O.o; (GAH! What's up with their legs?!)
RPG Wade Wilson - Yeah, yeah, it's not Evo, but it's my art and it was for the EvoSlash RPG, so in a sense it's Evo and I'm just abusing my power here. :P Anywho, it's a quick sketch of teen Wade Wilson/Deadpool from the RPG aaannnnd his hair doesn't look like that! It's just an older drawing of him that's messed up.
RPG Fabian Cortez - Like the Wade pic, it's RPG Cortez. Y'know, the wacky Spaniard who keeps on plotting against Magneto one second, then is his lapdog the next! Hehe, I make him a total bitchy brat in the RPG. XD I'm surprised RPG Mags hasn't killed him yet. O.o; Anywho, he looks cranky in this pic... Yep.
Pyro/St. John Allerdyce - Johnny as seen in Slushies/TD... kinda O.o;; He doesn't wear glasses... sooo... I dunno why I drew them on him O.o Oh well! It's fairly old and stuff.
Wadey and the Pussycats - Ergh, more RPG fanart stuff. Johnny turned out REALLY bad in this pic, sadly. He USED to look good! I was so proud of his face! Until I went and had to darken it with the pencil, then messed it up, had to redraw it, aannnnd the result is what you see! Wade's really the only one who turned out well, and Pete looks... bitchy. :D
Nekky Cortez and Not Nekky Denker - Um, this is based off of an RPG. O.o And it's Cortez... naked... and Denker (an OC by Gale who's ass kickity XD Go check him out in her fics!) being all smirky O.o This is the result of the two somehow being slashy when not intended in a... uh... not-slash RPG O.o Okies!
Bleh Wanda and Chibish Rogue - Umm, this isn't REALLY fanart, since I copied this pic from the first images released on Comics Continuum, but the only reason I did that was because I was at school and found them and was all "OOH! I don't wanna forget what she looks like!" so... I drew her... Yes.
Craptacular Wanda - I don't actually know why this is up here. Well, I kinda like the way her face turned out, because this is only supposed to be a quasi-chibi really fast (like... less than a minute fast) doodle of her. Still, it's probably too rough a sketch to be considered fanart.
Baron Von Summers - This is an illustration of a fic within a fic XD Er, by that I mean that my fic "Return to Normalcy" has a story within it written by another character (*cough*Pyro*/cough*), in which Scott appears as the eeevil Baron Von Summers, who wears not one, but two monocles!
Another Wanda - Uhh, not much to say about this one. I like the sketch version better, but hey! At least this one's colored! But I had to draw her clothes all by mouse... Oh well! This is one of the only pics I did that I actually like :D
Merry Christmas! - Drawn for Lesli's X-Mas contest (check out her awesome X-Man Fanart site on the links page if you don't know it already)... Heeeere's Johnny! And Bobby! And a snowman! Now, put Pyro and a snowman together, and what do you get?

Elizabeth's Art

Cute Pietro and Lance Huggling! - Annnd this was the first contribution to my site ever! Woohoo! XD
Oblivious! - hehehe!

Sakari's Art

Pietro as Ruka (from SKU) - *siiigh* :D Rosiel loves Ruka. Rosiel once had a Ruka fansite. Rosiel REALLY loves Pietro. Rosiel likes seeing the two as one! XD
Crouching Toad - Hidden-- no, I won't make any stupid "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" jokes! >.<
Todd's a Naughty Vandalist Boy! - I think... well, there's a can of spray paint, so yeah! Vandalism!
Toddles Gettin' Some Lovin' - No, no, perverts, not lovin' like sex. He's getting the big ol' hug that he deserves!
Pietro Looking Spiffy - Mm, all black looks good on quasi-albinos!
Toad - Erm, actually, that's about all there is to say about this one. O.o It's Todd! And... it's Todd!
Boom Boom - Yeah yeah, I know I hate Boom Boom, but I love Sakari's drawings, and Boomers is technically BH right now >.> It's cute! Look at it!
Furry Todd - It's Todd! As a furry! I used to love drawing furries XD
La Femme... uh... Todd - It's Todd as a chick! He-- er, she-- looks like a tease O.o;
Chickie Lance - *g* Big Bad Lance as... a girlie!

Kayeth's Art

Fluffy Pietro and Kitty Pic - Though Pietro seems to be a tad surprised :P
Cupids - Cupids Pietro and... Boom Boom >.< bringing Lance and Kitty together! (Rosiel's note: I had to make the pic about 1/2 the original size because it was too large, sooo, thought I should say that.)

Chris' Art

Lance/Scott Smoochies - God, I almost DIED from happiness when I saw this pic!

Lesli Weird's Art

Nifty Rogue - Yeah, I know Rogue's not BH, but she's ex-BH and I really like this pic, so :P!
Lance Sittin' - With his minions, the ROCKS! Ahahahaaa!!
Awkwardish Toddy - About to go on a date, it looks like! Or impress some chick O.o Hehe!
BH Yearbook Thingie - BHness!!!! Unfortunately, Tabitha's in the pic, but it's really cute anyway!
Meep Meep - Why Pietro hasn't been around too much in Season 2 XD (I seriously need to link her site whenever I do the links page again... all the art's so ass kickity!)

Gale's Art

Formal Todd and Reiley - Todd and an OC Reiley dressed up for the Freshman Ball!
Pietro! - It's hard to put an interesting description for portrait pics. O.o Basically, it's PIETRO!! XD
Vroom! - You know that pic I drew of Cortez and Denker? *points upward* This is based off of the same RPG XD It's theeee Horsemen of Apocalypse!! And Magneto and Xavier in the background! Alllll chibified!
Karl Denker/Gestapo - Eee! Denker all chibified in his civvies and his... not... civvies. Cuteness is abound, even though he's supposed to be a scary villain!

Severus' Art

Evan/Pietro Smoochies - Uhh just what the title says O.o Smoochies for Evan and Pietro!

Ter Smith's Art

Evo Powerpuff Girls - Um, I hate the Powerpuff Girls as well as Jean and Tabby and occassionally Kitty (depending on how annoying she's being :D) but other than that, it's cute! I liked Rogue and Mystique!

Musachan's Art

Sketchy Pietro - Behold! The cuteness that is irked Pietro! XD It took me forever to get this up because uhhh for some reason I thought I posted it already some weeks ago, then it turned out I forgot to O.o; Sorry!
Chibi Wanda - EEE!! The first Wanda fanart to go on this site! XD Cute lil Wanda, at that!!

Silva Noir's Art

Pinning Hearts - Yummy cuteness Lance/Pietroish stuff! Umm, consider this a really belated Valentine's Day pic! :D

Harkwind's Art

Pietro Portrait - Pietro portrait with a psychadelic background.
Colored Lance - A profile of Lancey innnn color!
Todd - A piccy of Todd being all hip and leaning against a wall!
Lance Sketch - A black and white version of the colored Lance pic.
Grinning Pietro - Pietro grinning with Evan all Spyked up in the background! I keep thinking of that song line that's like "I see a little silhouette of a man" and... yeah!
The Cheshire Cat - Okay, actually... it's Pietro! But he's sitting in a tree and reminds me of the Cheshire Cat! ^^
Sketchy Quicky - Pietro standing all... standing like! Okies, I'm running out of things to say!

Panda's Art

Froggy Riverdance! - It's... uh... really not what I said it is XD It's a super duper cute Toddy with his froggly pals!

Meri's Art

Evo Acolytes - Eee!! XD It's the EvoAcolyte boys with their... Pyroness! And Gambit and Colossus, but mostly... PYRO!
Lance's Super Magical Powers! - Lance! Using his powers! They glow ;D

Katty's Art

Lunch - Mmmm, flies! Yesss, it's Toad eating lunch :D
Beach Fun - THe Brotherhood at the beach having... fun! (well, lookit the title :P Anywho, NOTE! I found this in my fanart folder, and apparently forgot to put it up a while back. Soooo since the email's no longer in my inbox, I couldn't remember who drew this, but I THINK Katty did O.o)
Brotherhood Band - The Brotherhood playing instruments and being band-ly... Of course, the thought of Pietro singing IS rather frightening...
Graffiti - Lance doesn't look very happy for a guy who just spray painted his name to a wall
Somebody's a narcissisit! - And guess who it is ;D

Kelly's Art

Chibified Pyro - Well... kinda chibified! In any case, it's Pyro! EvoPyro, I mean, not... normal Pyro with his... (insert word here)-ness O.o

Morwen O'Conner's Art

EvoPyro! - EEE!!! XD My brain melted from utter joy when I got this! Pyro! My birthday! Together! *glomps Mor and loves her in the platonic way* Look at it! Look at it NOW!

Chiru's Art

Another B-Day Present for Meeee! - Mmm, nummy BH artness!! The Freddy-With-The-Cape amuses me greatly, and... the BH's just nummy! XD

Laila's Art

Lance With Flowers - He'd better not be giving them to Kitty! Er... I mean... the title's self-explanatory :D
Chibi Todd - And he's huggling a... pokemon? Sorry, I don't know my... -mon critters as well as I should, so I dunno what series the thing Todd's hugging hails from :D

Erin L's Art

Lance/Kitty - Very cute Lance/Kitty pic! It's always a good thing when you can get me to love a picture based on a pairing that I dislike ;D (note: for space-saving purposes, I had to lessen the quality of the pic slightly, but I doubt it made any significant difference to the pic)
For more of Erin's art, go HERE!

Beth's Art

BH Cartoon - A very nifty BH cartoon that you should look at!

YanaGoya's Art

Crying Pietro - Just what the title says. It's veeeery purty (and sad) so look at it!
Huh? - It's Pietro! And he's confused! And purty!
Naked Pietro - Tastefully naked (sorry, all of you who want porn :D) Pietro!
Pouting Pietro - Again, just what the title says! Pietro's a' poutin'!
Suuuave Pietro - Well, he's not so much suave as... he's... wearing suave clothes! I love this chick's art... :D

Rosiel and Spooky's Art

Australia, Australia, Australia, we lova ya! Amen. - That quote comes from The Bruces of "Monty Python". XD (and, yes, that silly boy talking to Scott is Pyro, in case you don't know what he looks like on occassion O.o)
Mass Confusion - This is just... confusing! XD Look at it! (Er, okay, so these really don't count as "art"...)

And this Tabitha Chibi is a gift from GypsyJ for me to abuuuuuse! XD

And now I have more gift-chibis to use for my dastardly pleasure! Pyro, Colossus, annnnd Gambit from Meltdown! Expect to see them pop up in the DoR summary as well as the horrible "Rent Space I have no idea what to stick on this page" page!

The Wandas

- Wanda #1 from Almea (Note: there's been some editing done by me because this was the first one I got, I wasn't expecting any others, so I tweaked it up a bit for the site and... yeah... I hope the artist doesn't mind :D)!
- Wanda#2 from Meltdown!
- Wanda #3 from Vchan!
- Wanda #4 from Branden!
- Wanda #5 from KillerNinjaPixie!
- Wanda #6 from Morwen O'Conner!

If, for whatever reason, you want to join in on this... Wanda Contest Thing, then be my guest ;P

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