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Update: 9-6-03
Recap for "No Good Deed".

Still doing layout shit-- actually, I haven't had time to do it, hence no new layout. Once it's done, I've still got oodles of fics and fanart to add.

On an unrelated note, check out Eternity Inc! It's on Keenspace now!

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Since 5-30-01

STUFF 2-24-04: As you probably know by now, this site is dead. Sorry to all the people whose mail I never got back to. What can I say, I suck at this "e-mail" thing. That, and Loyola thought it would be funny to delete some of my mail a while back, thus wiping out some of the stuff I was going to reply to.

It's been fun doing this site. Granted, it's had its errors here and there and everywhere, and my updating schedule was really lame for a long while, but, uh, well, here's the part where I'm supposed to say something cool, I guess. Er, yes. As a favor to a friend, I am doing one last update.

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Yeah, so, I'm through with most everything Evo related. The series really lost my interest a long time ago, which is pretty apparent in the lack of effort I put into pretty much everything but the episode reviews at the end (but then, even those died). College and other interests really ate up a lot of my time, but really, this site was dying quite a while before I left high school. Plus, I found as time went on, that I really, really hate the fandom. I mean, no offense to any individual out there, but geez, I really hate this fandom. I like most of the individuals I've met in the fandom, but just as a whole, the entire "scene," for lack of a better word (and damn it, I know there's a better word out there, but I don't really care), is just really freaking annoying. I'm not innocent of most of the things I hate it for, and yes, I know how ridiculously petty I've been at times, but I don't care. I've grown up past it, and I'm really tired of the whole thing. So, this is now my official leave from all things Evo. Seriously, don't bother emailing me with anything Evo related, because chances are I don't care. I also probably don't care that I insulted your favorite character, that Rogue's name is really "Marie Blahblahblah," or that I "suck". I appreciate all of the email-- okay, most of the email I've received over the years, and I'd like to give a big thanks to everybody who's sent fanart and fics. Sorry I never got around to putting everything up. And I thank all those who sent me mail, whether I responded to it or not, and again I'd like to apologize for seriously sucking with responding to email.

Well, here's where I take my leave. Love to all, except to those who I don't love at all, and thanks for tolerating this site and its obvious bias (which has been pointed out in many an email from people who don't seem to realize that bias was the entire point of this site) for so long! And I swear "Eternity, Inc." will one day be on a real updating schedule. Seriously. Whenever I redraw all of the old strips and get the new ones out. Errgh.

I still enjoy Marvel comics, even if pretty much every character I've ever liked is dead or in character limbo.

Pyro still rocks.

See ya,

Welcome to a cheap modification of my old layout known as Brotherly Love: Version Witchy Woman (thank you, Gale, for the title!)! Well, the new one's called this, since the old one's "Version Avalance".

Anyway, Brotherly Love's the original X-Men: Evolution Brotherhood fansite (as far as I know). Yep. This is all Brotherhood, all the time! Not only does this site focus mainly on the X-Men: Evolution Brotherhood, but there's some info on their old canon selves as well. What can I say, I love bad guys XD Anyway, uh... Roll Call?

: Uhh, you don't wanna have us introduce ourselves in really lame ways, do you?

Umm... no. No, you don't have to do that! Anyway, apart from the Brotherhood, there's also Pyro and Non-Evo Wanda!

: G'day! Er... I mean... Hi! *cough* Bloody stereotypes *cough*.
: I assume I need no introduction... um... seeing as how I already have one...

Annnd let's not forget Boom Boom, Rosiel's most hated character!

: Hi, I--

And that's all she has to say. Okay! Now... stop reading this and get on with exploring the site O.o;

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