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Following is an alphabetical listing of prominent authors who regularly appear/appeared in the newsgroups mentioned above along with a brief description of their stories. It would be the labour of a lifetime to acknowledge each and every contributor to the groups. Reluctantly, this then, will be a listing of the more prolific and/or accomplished writers. Or the ones Ole Joe liked. Or the ones I know. If your favourite author was omitted, it might not have been intentional. If you will provide descriptive details and a story list, future revisions of this document will include that information.

The time demands to maintain this portion of the article may quickly grow to exceed the capacity to keep current. There may be, and likely are, additional stories extant for each author which are not listed. Additionally, there are many more authors than there are listed. If a listed author or somebody else is interested s/he can mail me about authors s/he would like to see in this list or inform me about other stories for each author which is listed, of course ever name at least one source where such a "new' story can be verified. This document can *never* list all stories posted to the groups. For such purpose are existing Google, ASSTR, Nifty and other archive sites.

Ole Joe has added story ratings as posted in Celestial Reviews as a guide to potentially interested readers. He has tried to find a few reviews for each author cited. Not all authors have been reviewed. See a Celestial Review and FAQ to understand just what the ratings mean, otherwise, accept a 10-10-10 for what it sounds like. For updating Ole Joe's data I used John Dark's Celestial Reviews #1-309 Index by Authors A-Z and Celestial reviews #1-309 Index by Stories A-Z, posted to ASSM. Note that Celeste traditionally quoted low for stories featuring rape, bondage, D/S, humiliation and so on. Read her FAQ file.

Starting with version 3, Ole Joe started adding ratings from Lady Cyrrh's Annex Reviews. Her ratings run from A+ to D-, though I don't remember seeing one that low. Neither Ole Joe nor I collect(ed) gay fiction, and some of what she reviews falls in that category, so not all her story reviews will be listed in this document.

Notation and Abbreviations

(p) : a poem

(RP) : a repost

YW## : a file number at Dark Wanderer's site.

[flash fest], [summer rom fest], etc. : a story written for an ASSM festival or challenge.

CEL-146: 9-10-10 : Celeste gave these scores in Celestial Review #146

BillyG: 10-10-10 *Cel-146 : Guest reviewer BillyG, writing in Celestial Review #146

A rating Annex 11-6-97 : Lady's Cyrrh's rating in her Annex Review dated Nov-6-1997

CRIM-15: [9,10,6,7] : the Crimson Dragon gave this score in Crimson Review #15.

FAQs by Celeste, Lady Cyrrh or Crimson Dragon explain each reviewer's scoring and motives.

Authors letters E to M

ed dippus

Family Fun
Family Stud
Fucking Who's the Boss

eddie glover

A Fair Bit of Revenge 22k
A Genie's Life 101k
Another Genie's Life 109k
Blood Sword 19k
Brave New World 24k
Bride of Brox 4k
Brox and the Amazons 4k
Brox vs the Critics 4k
Brox's Wish 5k
By a Nose 47k
Challengers 24k
Channel Changers  35k
Do Unto Others 6k
Fixer Upper 10k
Gender-Benders Anonymous 141k
Knight by Night 75k
Mythical 145k
Onslaught Lives 219k
Score 11k
Spells R Us: Football Mania 11k
Star Trek: The Revenge of Mudd 136k
Star Wars: Punishment 2k
The Bet 5k
The Sorcery School 8k
Timeripper 127k
Universal Collision 127k
Unless Darkness Falls 71k
Wandering Hands 10k
Watch the Road 11k
Winner Takes All  67k
Wiz TV 155k


A Pattern in Parts, Ch. 1 (8k)
A Pattern in Parts, Ch. 2 (15k)
A Pattern in Parts, Ch. 3 (7k)
Last Night I Dreamt I was the Air (4k)
Letter From Cecilia (9k)
Nasrudin! Large And In Charge! (4k)
Nasrudin! The Mystical Prophet! (8k)
Nasrudin! The Mystical Whatever (5k)
Sex and Taxes (6k)

el sol

A Master's Ring CEL-208: 8-7-5
 1-3 (72k)
 4-6 (53k) (RP)
 7 (18k) (RP)
 8 (38k) (RP)
 9 (5k) (RP)
 10 (45k) (RP)
 11 (18k) (RP)
 12 (90k) (RP)
 13 (23k) (RP)
 14 (21k)
A Slightly Sexier Christmas Carol, (RP)
Full Contact (51k)
Gray Shades of Evil (65k) 
Intro to Your Seduction Ivan: CEL-300: 9-9-9
Master or Slave
Not Fantasy, Or Reality Just A Story 1 (31k)
  2 (47k)
On The Other Side of Seduction CEL-204: 6-5-5
Seductions (30k)
Six Pills of Domination (1/6) (22k)
Stalkings (58k)
Thank You - Mr Dickens CEL-247: 9-9-9
The Bus Story (68k) CEL-226: 10-10-10,
The Bus Story (Revised) (80k)
The Other Side (28k)
The Return of Dacia (61k)
 CRIM-28: [10,10,10,10]
The Wolf Summers 1 (31k)
The Wolf Summers 2 (24k)
The Wolf Summers 3 (77k)
The Wolf Summers 4 (108k)
The Wolf Summers 5 (115k)
The Wolf Summers 6 (96k)
The Wolf Summers 7 (176k)
The Wolf Summers Interlude (7b) (39k)
The Wolf Summers 8 (62k)
The Wolf Summers 9 (234k)


(a.k.a. Silverlink) was quite a while, but came back in 2003. I
think this story list is complete.
Autumn Sunday CEL-345: 10-10-10
 Message-ID: ([email protected])
Bare in Barry Message-ID: ([email protected]) (Mud Slingers `99)
Brighton Beach Story
Calling at Doncaster CEL-321: 10-8-8, (5k)
Flexi-time (5k)  Kivlina: CEL-322: 9-6-9,
Hen Night (12k)
Lester (15k)
Lottery Winner (15k)
 CRIM-27: [7,9,8,8]
Now That He's Gone
Perky in Pink (19k)
 CRIM-26: [9,9,7,8]
Perverts in Plastic Message-ID: ([email protected]
Qualified CEL-332: 10-8-8
 Message-ID: ([email protected])
Stuffed (8k)
Specially Prepared CEL-333: 10-9-9
 Message-ID: ([email protected])
The Bodysuit Kivi: (10k) *7-8-8-CEL-321,

elf sternberg

has written a very large body of work for the science
fiction element within a.s.s.m. "There is so much of it, in fact, that
I'm not even going to include Elf in the story index. It would take
two days to type it", said Ole Joe. I took the story list from Elf's
website {}) It is all available on Google,
Elf's page, and temporarly (re)posts by Elf to a.s.s. If you like your
Sci-Fi with more sex, sometimes furry, than what you find at the local
bookstore, look no further.
A Cold and Lonely Night In Agrabah
A Night On Thundera
Akhnaten & Aye
Bloody Beth 10-ch.-pirate-story, rp in 2003!
Elf's AD&D Gamebook
The Ghost of Saint Katherine
The Modern Sadomasochist
The Only Fair Game
X-Files We'd Like to See
_Journal Entries:_ 250 tales, nearly 1,8 mio. words!!
Goodbye, Kris 000 / 00000
Days Before 292 / 00000
M'Ress On The Plain 095 / 00010
The Courage Of My Convictions 222 / 00019
Brieanna, Part 1 201 / 00057
Brieanna, Part 2 173 / 00058
The Kittenin' 136 / 00068
P'nyssa's Introduction 031 / 00081
P'nyssa and M'Ress 125 / 00090
Starlight, Starbright, First Star I See My Life 181 / 00093
Embassy Tales: Terran Sands 002 / 00100
Embassy Tales: Paramount Importance 049 / 00100
Embassy Tales: The Convention 049 / 00100
Embassy Tales: Flags 062 / 00100
Geographic: The Eternal Answers 171 / 00100
Embassy Tales: Stabilities 200 / 00100
Geographic: The Ranch 202 / 00100
Geographic: Family Photos 243 / 00100
Geographic: The Misanthrope 245 / 00100
Geographic: Public Spaces 287 / 00100
Geographic: Floating Free 010 / 00101
Geographic: Possibilities 021 / 00101
Geographic: Epiphany 045 / 00101
Geographic: Terminal 052 / 00101
Geographic: Reorientation 241 / 00101
Goodbye, Donna 262 / 00106
Gravity 161 / 00110
Floating Point 020 / 00113
Mobility 017 / 00114
Kitty 073 / 00119
Kitty And The Dragon 080 / 00119
Healing The Dragon 082 / 00119
Greta and The Great Hall 108 / 00120
A Dearth of Irony 028 / 00124
Raising Castles 038 / 00127
The Second Kittenin' 136 / 00152
Ambassadors 212 / 00164
Hiding In New Hampshire 218 / 00164
Infinite Precision 231 / 00174
First Flight 067 / 00188
Travelling by Water 158 / 00192
Plain Dangerous 078 / 00229
Vence 223 / 00252
Between a Hard and a Rock Place 226 / 00259
P'nyssa's Child, Concept 014 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, Conception 019 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, One Week 025 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, Late Term 233 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, Birthday 254 / 00264
Post Partum Depression In The Male Of The Species 070 / 00265
Sarge 165 / 00293
Waking With Rain 166 / 00293
Susan 075 / 00312
Candy Cane 292 / 00312
P'nyssa and Susan 001 / 00313
Oenone 123 / 00320
Freya 186 / 00339
Switch 037 / 00364
Katherine Hawkwind 025 / 00412
Kathy On The Beach, Part I 169 / 00412
P'nyssa's Letter 029 / 00413
Kathy On The Beach, Reprise and Epilogue 120 / 00413
Unmask! 030 / 00477
Rainy Day 031 / 00477
Stardiver Accidents 233 / 00484
Aaden's Revenge 026 / 00512
Kathy On The Table 123 / 00512
Aaden's Kiss 204 / 00514
Lynn's Birthday 245 / 00519
A Day At Castle Rhysh 246 / 00519
Ally 247 / 00519
Aaden's Dance 187 / 00523
Aaden's Heart 193 / 00523
Mind and Heart 194 / 00523
Object Lesson 216 / 00525
Family Negotiations 159 / 00527
Finding The Nice Girl 177 / 00527
Tiny Shuttles 238 / 00527
Convers[at]ions 257 / 00527
Distracting Aaden 098 / 00528
Aaden's Punishment 068 / 00529
Working Out 030 / 00534
Come From Behind 213 / 00543
Affirmation By Experience 118 / 00544
Breaking In 147 / 00545
A Kiss From Aaden 136 / 00555
Contact Closed With Foreign Host 146 / 00571
Anger 276 / 00590
Cheyenne 112 / 00609
Dual Life 131 / 00611
Existence 006 / 00612
Vengeance Angel 011 / 00612
Rebellious Angel 036 / 00612
Local Effects 179 / 00614
Space, Again 192 / 00622
Kathy And The Sphere 261 / 00622
Amanda 017 / 00623
Pannel's Picnic 079 / 00623
Kathy's Tattoo 210 / 00671
Remember 020 / 00672
Coming Home 079 / 00672
Teasing Ramsey 111 / 00674
Confession and Redemption 146 / 00674
Fleabitten 200 / 00681
Thirty Kilos 089 / 00693
Cooler Carroll 193 / 00695
Carroll's Bath 201 / 00695
Teacher, Mentor, Lover and Friend 175 / 00696
Princess Anni 282 / 00733
Confronting the Princess 191 / 00737
Decanting Difficulties 112 / 00741
Making Records 041 / 00778
Wings Over Rhysh 159 / 00820
Genesis 2:19 082 / 00843
The Uncia In Our Lives 058 / 00844
Family Pet 242 / 00877
Separate Electricities 185 / 00892
Separate Responsibilities 209 / 00892
Separate, Together 098 / 00893
Rats And Engineers 179 / 00916
Asking Denni 180 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 1 183 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 2 184 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 3 185 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 4 186 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 5 187 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 6 188 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 7 189 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 8 190 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 9 191 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 10 192 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 11 193 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 12 194 / 00916
Asking Aaden 206 / 00916
Asking Samuel 213 / 00916
Kiza 277 / 00916
Elizabeth 019 / 00917
Turing Attraction 097 / 00918
Proof 115 / 00918
Memories Breaking 133 / 00918
Reunion, Part 1 141 / 00918
Reunion, Part 2 142 / 00918
Reunion, Part 3 143 / 00918
Reunion, Part 4 143 / 00918
Reunion, Part 5 144 / 00918
Reunion, Part 6 151 / 00918
Reunion, Part 7 152 / 00918
Reunion, Part 8 153 / 00918
Reunion, Part 9 154 / 00918
Reunion, Part 10 155 / 00918
Reunion, Part 11 163 / 00918
Reunion, Part 12 164 / 00918
Reunion, Part 13 165 / 00918
Pronouncing the Patient Cured 172 / 00918
Hurricane Force Winds 011 / 00920
Paying For Your Pleasures 070 / 00925
Reason to Live 128 / 00928
Involuntary Exodus 134 / 00931
Coming Home 137 / 00931
The Wolves 161 / 00966
Planetfall: Purpose 126 / 01022
Planetfall: Ask The Rat 130 / 01022
Planetfall: Convincing Etta 149 / 01022
Planetfall: Recruits 155 / 01022
Planetfall: Spinning Amanda 191 / 01022
Planetfall: The Foreman 215 / 01022
Planetfall: The Handback 240 / 01022
Planetfall: Meeting Tails 252 / 01022
Planetfall: Moving Day 271 / 01022
Planetfall: Meeting Trianna 112 / 01023
Planetfall: Shardik's Revenge 147 / 01023
Planetfall: Starships and Surfing 211 / 01023
Planetfall: The First Man 096 / 01024
Planetfall: Landing Day 261 / 01024
Planetfall: Erecting Tents 263 / 01024
Planetfall: Around and Around The Mulberry Bush 291 / 01024
Planetfall: First Mound 091 / 01025
Planetfall: Chartography 093 / 01025
Planetfall: Battia's Last Battle 094 / 01025
Planetfall: In Daedelos Gaer 144 / 01025
Planetfall: Never See Me Like This 145 / 01025
Planetfall: Going Native 146 / 01025
Planetfall: The Han (prologue) 150 / 01025
Planetfall: The Han (In Transit) 157 / 01025
Planetfall: The Han (New Haven) 163 / 01025
Planetfall: Lindsay Summer 167 / 01025
Planetfall: Making Love 171 / 01025
Planetfall: Confession 172 / 01025
Planetfall: Contact Has Been Made 185 / 01025
Planetfall: Treed 212 / 01025
Planetfall: Beth, Dao, and Nuclear Weapons 061 / 01026
Planetfall: The Assassin 094 / 01026
Planetfall: Doubts Abound 112 / 01026
Planetfall: Resolution of Doubt 116 / 01026
Planetfall: Comfort From The Cold 150 / 01026
Planetfall: Ramsey, The Dildo Ramsey 159 / 01026
Planetfall: Last Day 181 / 01026
Planetfall: Amanda And The Sphere 201 / 01026
Planetfall: Dependence 021 / 01027
Planetfall: The Big O 048 / 01027
Planetfall: Topping Trianna 161 / 01027
Planetfall: Anniversaries 242 / 01027
The Ritacha War: Breakthrough 031 / 01028
The Ritacha War: Frozen Futures 032 / 01028
The Ritacha War: Alpha Brief 033 / 01028
The Ritacha War: Out of My Hands 034 / 01028
Decision to Go 046 / 01028
The Beaches of Terra 055 / 01028
Temporary Relief 080 / 01028
The Earth Moved 126 / 01028
Planetfall: Conceived Purpose 147 / 01028
Family Reunion 148 / 01028
Planetfall: Minding The Ropes 159 / 01028
Planetfall: Homespace 171 / 01028
The Rewards of llerkin 172 / 01028
The Beaches of llerkin 173 / 01028
Flying Tylia 174 / 01028
Coming Home 176 / 01028
Accepting Treasures 180 / 01028
Saying Goodbye to Aaden, Again 192 / 01028
Leaning Post 195 / 01028
Heroic Measures 206 / 01028
Movie Night 209 / 01028
Contrasting Opinions 224 / 01028
Meeting Elizabeth 229 / 01028
Mode 233 / 01028
Rima 242 / 01028
The Meeting 244 / 01028
The Last Ritan Base 246 / 01028
Wakeup Day, Ritacha 247 / 01028
A Mom and Pop Operation 249 / 01028
Threats and Promises 250 / 01028
The Past, Imperfect 251 / 01028
The Present, Tense 255 / 01028
Solitary 261 / 01028
Making Contact 264 / 01028
Detached 266 / 01028
Electronic Realizations 284 / 01028
Beer 292 / 01028
Dormant Ghosts 008 / 01029
Stepping Disks 020 / 01029
Compounded Errors 021 / 01029
My Little Machiavelli 034 / 01029
Frustration is a 13 Year Old Girl 065 / 01029
One Last Chance 292 / 01115
Albedo One 133 / 01309
First Contact 164 / 01314
The Visitor 191 / 03259
Honest Desires 251 / 03261
The Last Journal Entry 999 / 999999

eli the bearded

is not a frequent writer of erotica, but has been
known to dabble in many things. His stories fall into two broad
categories, those which he writes for his own mental well being and
those he writes for the challenge of it. Challenge pieces aim to defy
categorisation and may upset some/many readers. Elijah was the sole
moderator of and a public archiver of the
stories from 1997 to 1999. Prior to his involvement ASSM was a dead
group. See Annex B. Thanks, Eli.
A Story of Warning (5k)
A Train Ride Marked by a Crying Baby *Cel-184: 10-8-2
Abecedary CEL-278: 10-10-10
B----'s Lover *Cel-191: 8-7-7
Barbara's Dad's Staff Stabs Barbara (1k) 2003/41048
Central Sex
Coerce [aka A Quickie] 7-8-8 *Cel-82
Doorknob 34b Gets Lucky
Dragon and the Slug
Enigma in the Mirror 9.5-9-9 (14k) *Cel-228,
Experiment A CEL-235: 10-8-8
Fuck Exon [a warm response to Senator
 Exon's ammendment to the
 Telecommunications Reform Act of
Ginger Lee stories:
 -- All Dolled Up (9k)
 -- Cock Sucker Cop (5k)
 -- Hooked on the Ceiling (3k)
 -- The Comfort of Bed (8k)
Grand Round [several akas]
Hydrocarbon Barriers Which do not Barricade
I've Got Huge Tits
 (A Mocking of Spam) A+ rating Annex Reviews 5-5-97
Lipograpm of S-E-X
May 9.5-10-10 *Cel-182,
Metamensity *Cel-180: 10-10-10
Mindfuck [many akas]
Psycho Clam 1: Jennifer on the Beach
Psycho Clam 2: Lady Whiteshell
Psycho Clam 3: Jonathan of the Polar Bear Club
Psycho Clam 4: Just in Justin
Smell of Lust [a reinterpretation of the title
 of someone else's story]
Smoke Sworls
Special Treatment CEL-227: 10-10-9
Teacher's Pet
Unknown Quarry
Virtually Severed
yes Mistress {220 words ch.}

emerson laken-palmer

is someone I'd personally like to know more
about. The seven stories that I've seen all came through other
reposters. There may be more. I've seen titles to four stories I
don't, but would love to have. These are mostly teen incest stories.
All are good, but "Ellen" is on my favourite's list and "The Pussy
Show" should be. Why isn't it? I am happy to report that a group
reader has found ELP on a BBS and is posting some new stories. Thank
you Sxjames.
A Lover's Tail CEL-258: 9-7-6
Black Box - MF mc 9.5-8-8 *Cel-219
Different Sisters + assm-1998/7466.txt
Digger - mf teen CEL-221: 8-9-9,
Eddie and His Sisters assm-1998/7403.txt
Ellen - mf teen inc BillyG: CEL-368: 9.5-10-10, 8921.txt
Embers *Cel-368
Frankie's Story CEL-353: 9.5-9-9
Libido - MF wife 9.5-9.5-9 Cel-221,
Lusting for Valerie - Mf teen
Mike CEL-269: 9-8-7
My Three Sisters
Peggy and Brad CEL-253: 9-9-9
Pictures of Hayley DocRock: 10-6-2 Cel-338
Tempest - Mf inc CEL-251: 8-5-3,
The House of Joy CEL-252: 9-8-7
The Pussy Show - mf teen inc voy assm-1998/7250.txt CEL-272: 5-6-6,
The Sexdoll 9,95-10-10 *Cel-260

emi tsuruta

describes (autobiograhically?) the adventures of a
japanese couple in the U.S. There is pretty much exhibitionismus. The
stories are (in posting order):
In the woods with my boyfriend
On my university campus
In our friend's apartment
When Norika and I were younger
A bit more about Norika and then me!
Back home in Japan
On the beach at night
The two of us take a trip
Our Trip Down The Coast 2 (49k)
In a bikini shop change room
At a Japanese hot spring {Asuna}
In and around my host family's house
My first time at a nude beach
Dancing and strip poker with my friends
At my friend's swimming pool (20k)
At a swimming pool (31k)
Beach Barbecue (31k)
In Japan With My Boyfriend This Time (35k)

eric mj12

Family Love 1.330k

eric shon

Cousin's Delight (111k)
Exquisite Error CEL-237: 10-10-10,
Sibling Rivalry
Unexpected Company (172k) CEL-273: 10-10-10

erin halfeven

Dirty and Dangerous Stromer: CEL-352: 8-6-5
Every Lollipop Loves A Licking CEL-353: 9-8-7
The Girl with the Goodbye Eyes CEL-354: 10-10-10,
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]


wrote 53 stories that Ole Joe was aware of, most all involving incest. No, there's not valid address for the author, more's the pity, because his work remains wildly popular today. Repost a handful and watch the e-mail come! A couple of Australian correspondents informed Ole Joe that Eros has/is spending time in jail for writing these stories. Ole Joe thought they were pretty good. We can't imagine putting someone in jail for writing a story.

Eros was a long time and prolific author of erotic stories, starting in the BBS era with the "Blue Moon" BBS and continuing on up until he ran afoul of the Australian authorities in 1998. In between, Eros authored better than 50 tales, most involving some sort of a happy, loving family [...] he had the panache (and the writing skills) to pull the reader into this world. [...] Eros understood, at a gut level, what erotic fantasy was about, and for pure, unadulterated, lusty, joyous, unapologetically pornographic sex, he is unmatched. --Stephen

A Date with Mom
A Masked Ball
Babysitting Rachel
Bangkok Baby
Big Sis Is Horny 113k
Billy's Education
Boffing Mom
Crusin' Cousins
Cumming with Mom and Dad
Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy's Little Office Slut
Dark & Delicious
Daughter's Horny Urge 74k
Dildo Mom
Donna's Three Sons (199k) 10-9-9.5 *Cel-246
Family Fantasies
Family Fun (457k) 4493.txt
Family Fun Revisited
Family Pact
His Father's Cock
Horny Like Mom 75k
Hot Horny Family 113k
Island Girl
Joyful Experience
Little Sister Likes It Hotter 132k
Little Sucking Sisters
Loving Mom & Sis 84k
Masturbating Mom  23k
Melissa - A Chance Encounter 403k
Mom Licks Best
Mom Likes It Hot  72k
Mom's Lusty Lesson
Mom's the Word
Mothers and Sons 212k
Mother's Touch
My Kinky Brother
My Naughty Family
My Sister's Family 91k
My Sister's Wedding
Neighborhood Slut 146k
Now It's My Turn
Nympho Moms
Our Family Secret
Sucking Up to Daddy
Sweet Little Suzy 65k
The Captive Family 372k
Three in a Van
Three to Play
Two Loving Daughters
Wanton Family 201k
Wet Dreams
Wild Wanton Daughter


After *Cel-251 (Ero-Tales & Adrian Hunter)
Ruthie's Afternoon CEL-286: 7-8-7
Science Project (rp Ted E. Bear)


was a meticulous stylist for whom femdom is very nearly a religion. Male subjection or worship especially of young women being a deep natural instinct in men and boys, he believes, and a privilege some women grant some men, appropriately testing their willingness to endure pain and humiliation. Most of his stories are long on philosophic exploration of the phenomenon and short on action, but they can have an analytic intensity which is awesome (as in "I Meet Toni's Mom," or "Travels with Aunt Paula") or hilarious (as in "I Learn to Think" and the earlier "War Games"). -- Vickie

Estragon died February 12, 1998.

Fashion's Slave
I Learn to Think 10-10-10 *Cel-133,
 #46 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
I Meet Toni's Mom #36 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-23: 10
Letters to Jane CEL-29: 7
Memories of Underdevelopment (1/7) 2 3 4 5 6;
  #94 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-107
Pommel Horse CEL-245: 10-8-8
Serving Young Girls CEL-25: 10
Sweetness 10-9-6 *Cel-122
Travels with Aunt Paula (1/6) 2 3 4 5 6;
  10-10-10 *Cel-75
War Games #31 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-36: 10


Affair (2k)
 CRIM-26: [10,8,6,7]
Anniversary (17k) (RP)
Baby 39k *Cel-276,
Babysitter's Mom
Back in the Saddle Again (40k)
Bad Girl 20k CEL-363: 10-9-9,
Ballbuster (27k) CEL-316: 9-5-4,
Bass Boat (13k)
Best Woman (20k) CEL-330: 10-10-10
Bound and Helpless 9-9-9CEL-275,
Brandy (3k)
Carol's Understanding CEL-277: 8-6-2
Carol's Christmas (9k)
Cathy's Sentence (34k) CEL-345: 10-10-10,
Chip Malone (31k)
 CEL-368: 10-9.5-8
Christmas Melody (13k)
Concubines (94k)
Dangerous Women (39k)
Dealing With a Bastard 15k CEL-275: 9-9-9
Diana's Slavery 1-2 29k+22k CEL-277: 5-5-4
 Part One:
 Part Two:
Doors (6k)
Election Bet (7k) CEL-376: 10-9-9,
Evesdropping 2k
Evil Sex (16k)
Eyes (3k)
Family Secrets (15k)
Finding Betsy (18k)
Freed 10k

This is a first-rate example of a situation where the controversial rating system simply breaks down. How do you "rate" a story that's so terrific? Three perfect 10 aren't nearly good enough.

Mary J. Gandmar, Cel-359 (no score given)

Grandpa and Me 1 (19k)
Grandpa and Me 2 (13k)
Grandpa and Me 3 (10k)
Grandpa and Me 4 (13k)
Grandpa and Me 5 (19k)
Grandpa and Me 6 (13k)
Grandpa and Me 7 (14k)
Hannah's Humiliation 23k
Heat (10k) Sven the Elder: 10-9-10 CR 290
Housewife - 1946 (26k)
Jason's Power (57k)
 CEL-364: 10-10-10
Janet's Return (25k)
Jean Brown (18k)
 CEL-369: 10-9.5-9.5
Jezebels 1 (43k)
 CRIM-3: [10,10,8,8]
Jezebels 2 (38k)
Jezebels 3 (46k)
Karen 58k CEL-335: 10-8-8, (RP)
Laurie (18k) CEL-342: 10-10-10, (RP)
Little Filly (10k)
 *A rating Annex Reviews 4/19/98
Loneliness (10k) RP,
 CEL-332: 10-10-10
Mac Kenzies Journal 1-6 (178k)
Mike's Present (17k)
Mrs. Burns (21k)
 CEL-355: 10-10-10
My Boss' Slut - MMF wife 45,000+- words. April-August 1998
 1 (31k)
 2 (12k)
 3 (18k)
 4 (24k)
 5 (31k)
 6 (31k)
 7 (35k)
 8 (25k)
 9 (29k)
My Inheritance - mc 140,000+- words. Apr - Aug 1998,
 52-chapter 750KB epic
 01 Uncle Bert (14k)
 02 I Meet Andy (16k)
 03 Message from the Grave (10k)
 04 Mary (8k)
 05 Hide 'N Seek (10k)
 06 Two Road Trips & a Funeral (11k)
 07 Love Letters (14k)
 08 York (13k)
 09 Bound to Be Good (15k)
 10 San Francisco Here I Cum (19k)
 11 Lisa (16k)
 12 Lisa's Submission (13k)
 13 Home Again (13k)
 14 A Quiet Day (7k)
 15 Learning from Mary (15k)
 16 Raping Julie (16k)
 17 Last Day in Aspen (15k)
 18 Lisa Leaves (17k)
 19 Mouse Play (10k)
 20 A Kitten (9k)
 21 Pinged (12k)
 22 Predator (13k)
 23 Proper Lady (11k)
 24 Christmas Eve (13k)
 25 Dream (15k)
 26 Finishing the Assignment (12k)
 27 Good Clean Fun (16k)
 28 Whipping Andy (19k)
 29 Family Time (14k)
 30 Mom (12k)
 31 Cathy's Secret (23k)
 32 Good Morning (14k)
 33 Day in Denver (22k)
 34 Answers? (16k)
 35 A Wild Night (16k)
 36 Dreaming (17k)
 37 Cathy's Power (20k)
 38 On the Road (14k)
 39 Honkytonkin (21k)
 40 Decorations (14k)
 41 Passage (12k)
 42 The Hermit (17k)
 43 Decision (18k)
 44 Hen Party (17k)
 45 Programming Lisa (13k)
 46 Jewelry (25k)
 47 Kitten Fun (13k)
 48 Making Up My Mind (18k)
 49 Birthday Party (25k)
 50 Bert's Last Message (23k)
 51 Angie (27k)
 52 The End? (26k)
Night Table (5k) CEL-334: 10-8-8
One Day A Year (31k)
 CEL-374: 10-10-10
Punishment Fits the Crime 23k Myers: 8 *Cel-332,
Raping Helena (25k) 10-10-- *Cel-280,
Reel Men (12k) CEL-330: 10-9.5-9.5, RP
Sally And Me (31k)
Santa's Christmas (27k)
Sharing (20k) CEL-328: 10-8-8,
Sharing Kim (57k)
  CEL-345: 10-10-9.5,
 Rogue Reviews 257: 8.0 of 10
Slaves: The Capture of Elise (56k)
 Myers: No rating. *Cel-353,
 A+ rating Annex reviews 1/31/00
Speed (19k) CEL-327: 10-9-9
Speedy (58k)
Suellen's Wedding 15k 2 *Cel-281,
Sugar Daddy (18k)
The Anniversary (17k)
 CEL-285: 9-7-10
The Babysitter's Mom
The Best Woman 19k
The Garden (18k)
 CEL-326: 10-9-9.5,
 CRIM-6: [10,10,10,9] (RP)
The Incident of the Despondent Dick 67K {Blanket-Story}
The Lioness (3k)
The Next Generation (3k)
The Nose Knows 4K {Blanket-Flash}
The Punishment Fits the Crime R'khaan: CEL-293: 8-8-8
The Ultimate Mind Control (17k) CEL-280: 8-9-8
The Wedding Conception Retribution CEL-277: 8-5-5
Trust (36k)
 CEL-351: 10-10-10,
 Rogue Reviews 472: 9 of 10
Ultimate Mind Control (17k)
V Day (31k)
 10-10-10 CR 359
VW - Buying Tasha (55k)
VW - Changes (42k)
VW - Lily 1 (23k)
VW - Lily 2 (24k)
VW - Lily 3 (23k)
VW - Lily 4 (22k)
VW - Marie Dinsmore (30k)
VW - Sonya (36k)
VW - The Sunset (32k)
Wager (78k) RP
Wanda 12k
Wedding Day (3k)
Window (10k)
 V Day: CEL-360: 10-10-10
Winning Denver 29k CEL-277: 8-5-5,


writes stories about tortured woman. His plots are mostly
historical and are involving rape, cruelty and often snuff. His
stories are rather short. First he posted at alt.torture but recently
his stories are also in a.s.s.m., complete at
A New Slave Dawning
Ancient Arena Shock
Annika's Second Fight
Annika Gets Her Pink Slip
Annika In HR
As The Pilum Turns
Barbarian Torture
C - The Fighting Slave
Caliente Alto
Canines At The Gates
Classical Wax
Connie's Fast-Track
Crucified! II
Crucified! III
Cruel Sport
Dawn's Conversion
Dawn's CROSS Country
Differing Views
Faena and Connie
Galley Slave
HR Meets Sales 1
In The Hands Of Romans
Irena & Renee Go To Extremes
Mary Alice Gets...It
Mary Ellen's Next
Nazi Experimentations
Panay Las Cruces
Return To Panay Las Cruces
Roman Justice, Plus...
Sands of Fate
The (Latin) Summer Wind
The Accidental Surgeon 1-4
The Bra That Got Away A+ rating Annex Reviews 9/29/02
The Captured
The Crvcifixion
The Eggz!
The Passions of Zeema
The Royal Slave
The Target
Tortures, Tortures and More
Vulcanalia, The Whole Story
Win The Battle But...
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria


- VP VIDDLER writes rape stories. Well, usually. He is a
master of the story-by-dialogue. I'm sure there is quite a story to
tell behind this unusual author. Maybe Viddler will come back and tell
us someday.
All Night Long
Anything for Barry
Bonnie Sweet Robin
Breaking Linda
Can I Fuck You?
Cindy's Bargain
Cop Lover
Cry Harder
Daisy, Daisy
Diana Drops Her Pants
Doing It for Daddy
Donna's Descent
Every Hour
Family Values
Fat Charlie
Ginny Again
Hello Arnold
His Darling Daughter
Hot and Cold
Hurt Me Harry
Hurting Jill 80k
I Want This Pain
In the Dorm
In Your Dreams
Jenny Gets a Car
Justin's Girl
Looking for Silk
Lords and Ladies
Lorna and the Law
Love Story
Making Daddy Watch
Miss Tully's Bargain
Moira's Breasts
Mrs Vanderbilt
Mrs X and Mrs Y
My Bare Lady
My Daughter Ginny
My Dolly
My Morning with Victor
Nick's Lucky Day
On the Lips
Pizza Man 10-9--- *Cel-272
Prelude to Incest
Pretty Polly
Raping Susan
Remember Sylvia
Sid's Toy
Suffering Students
Sweet Lisa
The Animal
The Assignment
The Babysitter
The Bottle
The Buttons
The Contract
The Doorman
The Executive
The Gang
The Gathering
The Right Words
The Ruler
The Screams of the Dove
The Servant
The Sheriff
The Show
The Shrinking Bra
The Tape
The Traitor
The Truck
The Visit CEL-227: 10-8-3
Tim Wants Your Sister
When Dawn Breaks

father ignatius

is at and
sufficiently active on a.s.s.d.
Bang Bang Youre Dead (22k) CEL-371: 9.5-8-8
Convalescence 19k
Expanding Julie's Sexual Horizons (28k) CEL-370: 10-10-10
Lifeguard-cum-Coach 14k
Note to Self 6k
Passion Play 37k
Replacing the Follies 21k
Ricksha Boy: Servicing the Tourist Industry (32k) CEL-367: 10-10-10
Sister Celia's Damascus Road 12k
The Lesbian Lolita 19k
The Trouble with Penises 14k
Trimming the Sweetheart 6k

felix dartmouth

Amy on Trial
An Easy Job
Drill Team in Bondage at the Renaissance Festival B+ rating Annex Reviews 10/26/02
Gag Order
Hoakie Oldie
Locksmith CEL-22: 4
Vacation for Jessica
Vacation Weekend in Mexico
Women Prison Commission
 - Committee Report 12/95 9.5-8-7 *Cel-162

felix phile

Class Mates (RP Henrik Larsen)
Landscaping Nick: CEL-355: 10-10-9, (RP Henrik Larsen)
Sorting Comics (RP Henrik Larsen)
The Key CEL-368: 9-9-9, (RP Henrik Larsen)
The Kissing Game CEL-351: 10-8-7
Themes CEL-377: 9.5-6-6, 27489
Tutoring  (RP Henrik Larsen)

ferrous juggler

At the Ranch *A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
Beautiful View
Melodies 6.CEL-4: 5
Midnight Movie
Neutral Party *A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
Reading Material
The Dressing Room
The Traveller's Introduction *A rating Annex Review 7-7-97,
 CEL-4: 5
Third Party Check
Welcome to Dallas


is still actively posting to soc.sexuality.spanking. He has
271 stories on his site (about 4,6M) (marked with FM, year and month).
_The website wasn't updated since 02/2000._ For reading his stories
use google, or use his pay-site, or
A Daughter's Love FM, 99/09
A Mid-Year Transfer FM, 97/11
A Trip to the Head FM, 97/12
A Visitor FM, 98/12
Acceptance FM, 98/05
After School FM, 97/12
Afterglow FM, 96/04
Amalthea FM, 98/06
Amy and Isabelle 1 FM, 95/12
Anticipation FM, 98/04
Betrayal FM, 97/09
Buffy, the Vampire Spanker FM, 98/10
Buns of Steel FM, 97/11
Caroline's Punishment Day FM, 96/04
Caught in the Web FM, 95/10
Child's Play
Christmas FM, 95/12
Competitive Assets FM, 98/05
Confession FM, 95/10
Confessions of a Naughty Maid FM, 95/10
Courtship of a Goddess
Crazy FM, 97/11
Curtains FM, 98/09
Daily FM, 95/10
Decisions FM, 99/02
Delta House FM, 96/05
Edna #1: 4-11-FM, 94 FM, 95/10
Escort FM, 95/12
Fantasy 001: William FM, 96/03
Fantasy 002: Karen FM, 96/04
Fantasy 003: Thomas FM, 96/04
Fantasy 004: Samantha FM, 96/03
Fantasy 005: Eric FM, 96/03
Fantasy 006: Julie FM, 96/03
Fantasy 007: Alan FM, 96/03
Fantasy 008: Jane FM, 96/03
Fantasy 009: Joe FM, 96/03
Fantasy 010: Ellen FM, 96/03
Fantasy 011: Robert FM, 96/06
Fantasy 012: Susan FM, 96/03
Fantasy 013: John FM, 96/06
Fantasy 014: Gloria FM, 96/06
Fantasy 015: Matthew FM, 98/03
Fantasy 016: Rebecca FM, 98/03
Fantasy 017: Noel FM, 98/03
Fantasy 018: Cindy FM, 98/04
Fantasy 019: Harold FM, 98/06
Fantasy 020: Denise FM, 98/08
Fantasy 021: Dennis FM, 98/08
Final Cut FM, 95/11
Fornication FM, 99/03
Fragment 01: The Agreement FM, 96/02
Fragment 02: The Cave FM, 96/02
Fragment 03: The Estate FM, 96/02
Fragment 04: Humility FM, 96/02
Fragment 05: The New Movie FM, 96/03
Fragment 06: The Party FM, 96/02
Fragment 07: The Studio FM, 96/02
Fragment 08: White Slave FM, 96/02
Fragment 09: The Machine FM, 96/02
Fragment 10: The Slavemaster FM, 96/02
Fragment 11: The Castle of Correction FM, 96/02
Growing Up FM, 98/02
Honey, I'm Home FM, 95/10
How I Got My Pulitzer FM, 99/06
I Was a Teenage Rebel FM, 96/02
In For It FM, 99/10
Incident at Fourth and Gresham FM, 95/10
Island of Susans FM, 95/11
It's a Dirty Job But ... FM, 96/05
It's Natural FM, 95/11
It's Natural II FM, 96/02
Jump Street FM, 96/05
Justice: A Novella FM, 96/01
Kids – Child's Play FM, 96/04
Lakemont I FM, 97/10
Lakemont II FM, 97/10
Laura FM, 98/02
Lauren FM, 99/04
Letter to Elizabeth's Mother FM, 99/10
Little Bitch FM, 95/11
Little Trouble Leads to Big Trouble FM, 99/02
Mating Habits FM, 95/07
Memory Lessons FM, 98/11
Mind Games FM, 96/07
Mother and Daughter FM, 96/02
Mr. Moffat FM, 98/05
Music Video FM, 96/03
News Show
Nymphet Juliette FM, 98/06
One of Those Days FM, 95/10
Oops III FM, 99/04
Oops! FM, 96/03
Overboard FM, 98/01
Passion FM, 95/12
Paul Bunyan and the Great Lakes FM, 96/04
Photo Album
Poker Game
Popular FM, 98/05
Public Punishment FM, 95/10
Punished Nuns FM, 99/01
Report Card Day FM, 98/05
RLS 01: Neighbor Watching FM, 95/10
RLS 02: The Recital FM, 95/10
RLS 03: The Apple Orchard FM, 95/10
RLS 04: African Customs FM, 95/10
RLS 05: Horse FM, 95/10
RLS 06: Model FM, 95/10
RLS 07: Girlfriend FM, 95/10
RLS 08: Birthday Spankings FM, 95/10
RLS 09: Police FM, 95/11
RLS 10: Music Lessons FM, 95/11
RLS 11: The Paddle Club FM, 95/11
RLS 12: Uncle FM, 95/12
RLS 13: The Tractor FM, 95/12
RLS 14: Exchange FM, 95/12
RLS 15: Warm-Up FM, 95/12
RLS 16: Sisters FM, 95/12
RLS 17: Love FM, 96/01
RLS 18: Best Friend FM, 96/01
RLS 191: Gramps FM, 96/01
RLS 20: Mommy FM, 95/10
RLS 21: Camping FM, 95/10
RLS 22: Grace FM, 95/10
RLS 23: My Little Brother FM, 97/10
RLS 24: Assistant FM, 98/06
RLS 25: My Education FM, 98/06
RLS 26: The Den FM, 98/07
RLS 27: Gym Teacher FM, 98/07
RLS 28: The Paddle FM, 98/09
RLS 29: Twins FM, 98/10
RLS 30: Cousin Rachel FM, 99/01
RLS 31: The Treehouse FM, 99/09
RSP and Pain FM, 96/07
Scavenger Hunt
Singing Lessons FM, 98/02
Single's Blues FM, 98/03
Sneaking FM, 95/11
Snippet 01: Boredom FM, 97/06
Snippet 02: Church FM, 96/06
Snippet 03: Shorts FM, 96/06
Snippet 04: The Woodshop FM, 97/06
Snippet 05: The Video Game FM, 96/06
Snippet 06: The Chamber FM, 96/06
Snippet 07: Denial FM, 98/02
Snippet 08: The Choice FM, 98/02
Snippet 09: The Absent Minded Housemistress FM, 98/05
Spank Me, Please FM, 95/10
SSC: A Good Excuse FM, 99/07
SSC: Angels FM, 99/07
SSC: Automaton I FM, 98/06
SSC: Aversion Therapy FM, 97/07
SSC: Bachelor Party FM, 97/07
SSC: Catch-22 FM, 98/07
SSC: Contrition FM, 97/07
SSC: Fate FM, 97/07
SSC: Final Exam FM, 97/07
SSC: Games I FM, 97/07
SSC: Games II FM, 97/07
SSC: Hell Week FM, 97/07
SSC: Chamber of Horrors FM, 97/07
SSC: Ice Cream In Pain FM, 97/07
SSC: Lines FM, 97/07
SSC: Memories FM, 95/08
SSC: Mindy 2: The Kiss FM, 98/07
SSC: Mindy 3: Addiction FM, 98/07
SSC: Mindy 4: Decision FM, 98/07
SSC: Mindy I FM, 98/07
SSC: No Reason FM, 97/08
SSC: Oops 03 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 04 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 05 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 06 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 07 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 08 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 09 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 10 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 11 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 12 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 13 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 14 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 15 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 17 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 18 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 19a FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 19b FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops! II FM, 97/08
SSC: Phone Call FM, 97/08
SSC: Someday FM, 98/07
SSC: SSC: Oops 16 FM, 98/07
SSC: The Basket FM, 98/07
SSC: The Cruise FM, 98/06
SSC: The Exchange FM, 98/06
SSC: The Gamble FM, 97/07
SSC: The Joke FM, 97/07
SSC: The Rose FM, 98/06
SSC: The Shapeshifter FM, 97/08
SSC: The Spanking Automaton II FM, 98/06
SSC: The Statue FM, 96/06
SSC: The Woodshed FM, 99/07
SSC: Twins FM, 98/06
Star Trek: The Next Generation,
 'Vacation' FM, 96/04
Strict Teacher FM, 98/03
The Accident FM, 99/01
The Advertisement, Parts 1-3 FM, 95/08
The Affair FM, 95/10
The Android FM, 96/03
The Apprentice FM, 96/02
The Billiard Lesson FM, 97/10
The Boarding School FM, 99/11
The Client FM, 98/03
The Contest FM, 95/10
The Couple Ole Joe's favorite, FM, 96/02
The Courtship of a Goddess FM, 96/02
The Cropping FM, 95/10
The Daredevil FM, 96/02
The Date FM, 95/10
The Diary FM, 98/11
The Director FM, 95/10
The Dominant Bitch FM, 96/02
The End, and a Little Bit More FM, 97/11
The Escape FM, 95/10
The Example FM, 99/10
The Favor FM, 96/02
The Fight FM, 99/10
The Final Initiation FM, 99/11
The First Day FM, 98/04
The Fratority FM, 99/09
The Funeral FM, 95/10
The Girl Who Cried Wolf FM, 99/04
The Greeting FM, 95/10
The Healing Pool FM, 97/09
The Janitor FM, 97/08
The Lake FM, 94/10
The Lecture Series: Punishment Spankings FM, 98/07
The Loan Shark (Part 1) FM, 96/04
The Lover FM, 96/05
The Lunchbreak FM, 95/10
The Models' New Clothes FM, 96/02
The New Head FM, 99/09
The New School FM, 95/11
The News Show FM, 96/01
The Office I FM, 96/02
The Old Boys Club FM, 99/10
The Performance FM, 97/12
The Photo Album FM, 95/12
The Pirate's Wife FM, 96/06
The Poker Game FM, 96/02
The Psychology Student FM, 99/11
The Right Answer FM, 99/10
The Rich Maid FM, 99/12
The Sacrifice FM, 96/02
The Scavenger Hunt FM, 96/03
The Secret Life of Amelia Journey FM, 98/07
The Schoolroom FM, 99/09
The Social Worker FM, 96/01
The Spanking FM, 96/07
The Spectacle FM, 96/01
The Spy FM, 98/03
The Strap FM, 95/10
The Swimsuit FM, 98/03
The Teacher FM, 96/01
The Tenderfoot FM, 97/11
The Twenty Dollar Bill FM, 95/12
The Virgin FM, 97/12
The Waiting Room FM, 96/01
The Wedding Day FM, 96/08
The Whipping Boy FM, 96/01
The Woodshop
The Y2K Blues FM, 99/12
There's Nothing New Under the Suns FM, 96/02
Three's a Crowd FM, 97/10
Tough FM, 98/05
Truth FM, 96/03
TV Family FM, 96/01
Uncle Charlie FM, 95/10
Venting FM, 97/12
Water of Life FM, 97/10

fm hazer

Naughty Games 248k (reposted to ASSM in 1997)

forrest curran

Adventures of the Amorous Amazon 175k
Ursula Parkheart

francis dashwood

(Both available at
Lauren Gisal 904k
Lauren Gisal II 1,12 Mb


([email protected])
Arlene (7 chapters)
Betty (45 chapters)

frank downey

was named Best New Author 2001, and his story "Dance of a Lifetime" won two awards: Best Series/Serial and Best Long Story by a New Author.

Frank writes excellent romance stories -- some poignant, lighthearted, hot, sticky-sweet.

Alexandra (49k) (RP)
Brick (48k)
Comfort (3k)
Conditioned Response (18k)
Changeup  (8k)
Cheeseburger (3k)
Chosen (3k)
Crucifix  (4k)
Conditioned Response (18k)
Dance of a Lifetime (a novel in six books, completed in 2004)
 Best Series/Serial (2001)
 Best Long Story by a New Author (2001)
Dedication (4k)
Destiny Delayed (35k)
Diagnosis (3k)
First (3k)
Friendship (3k) [flash fest]
Giggle (3k)
I Was a Teenage Pet (30k)
Jared and Amanda NIS Prelude (4k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 1 (48k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 2 (37k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 3 (21k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 4 (42k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 5 (37k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 6 (45k)
Old Friends (35k)
Ramrod (2k)
Recognition (4k)
Regrets (4k)
Rhythm (3k)
Samantha's Secret (70k)
Shout (3k)
Tempest (3k)
The Agreement (33k) (RP)
The Curse of the Bambino 1 (10k)
The Curse of the Bambino 2 (9k)
The Curse of the Bambino 3 (6k)
The Curse of the Bambino 4 (8k)
The Curse of the Bambino 5 (16k)
The Curse of the Bambino 6 (15k)
The Curse of the Bambino 7 (10k)
The Curse of the Bambino 8 (12k)
The Distance Between (with Girl Friday; 21k)
The Ghosts of Christmas Past (53k)
The Orgasm Game (30k) (RP)
The Perfect Six (28k)
Transcending the Role 1 (42k)
Transcending the Role 2 (45k)
Transcending the Role 3 (32k)
Transcending the Role 4 (30k)
Transcending the Role 5 (25k)
Transcending the Role 6 (27k)
Treats from the Trickster (43k)
Twist (3k)
What Do You Dream Of? (45k)
You Dance (40k)

frank mccoy

has a website for his stories and reposts them to the group occasionally. All his stories are incestuously related, generally adult male/teen-or-pre-teen female. Often includes impregnation. If that turns you on, you gotta have them.

 With My Little Sister (9k) (RP)
 With My Little Sister (22k)
'Safe-Sex' (28k) (RP)
'Statutory' Rape (35k) (RP)
A Bedroom Scene (15k)
A Brother's Duty (17k) (RP)
A Brother's Duty To His Sister (5k)
A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins (14k) 9.5-6-6 *Cel-213, (RP)
A Good Catholic Girl 57k
A Matter of Taste (56k)
A Short Interlude With Nieces I-III *assm-1999/20916 (18k) {GALAGO}
All Her Fault (14k)
Allie-My Little Sister 52k
Appearances (41k) (RP)
Asking for it (27k) (RP)
Assumptions (32k) (RP)
At the Doctor's Office *Cel-182: 9-6-6, (51k)
Bad Memories (22k) (RP)
Before The Wedding (27k)
Being Careful  (6k) (RP)
Big Sister's Lessons (76k) (RP)
Bound for Fun Comment (22k) (RP)
Bound for Fun I (65k) (RP)
Bound for Fun II (61k) (RP)
But Mom (13k) 8-5-3 *Cel-66, (RP)
Collage (64k)
Consent (54k) (RP)
Conversations I (13k) (RP)
Conversations II (10k) (RP)
Conversations III (45k) (RP)
Conversations IV (14k) (RP)
Cousin Kim Baby-sits (29k) (RP)
Cumming of Age (30k)
Daddy Slid In Bed With Me (p)  (7k)
Daddy Taught Me All I Know (15k) (RP)
Daddy's Daughters (24k) (RP)
Daddy's Girl (11k) (RP)
Daddy's Lessons (106k)
 3537.txt, 3539.txt (RP)
Daddy's Present (21k) (RP)
Daddy, Please? 1-5 (68k)
Daddy, Please? 6 (16k)
Daughter's Lessons (46k) (RP)
Daughter Needs Practice (10k) (RP)
Donut Shop CEL-298: 9-8-5
Dumb (10k)
Family Ways (10k) (RP)
First Cousin (21k)
Fun with Dick and Jane (64k) CEL-271: 10-3-4,
Fun with My Sister's Kids (43k) (RP)
Gee Daddy! (12k) (RP)
Getting it on the Bed (22k) (RP)
Getting my Daughters Dressed for School (8k) (RP)
Getting off Grandpa (8k) (RP)
Getting out of hand (57k) (RP)
Getting ready to have 'twins' (14k) (RP)
Good Deed 10-8-6 *Cel-112
Grand-Daughters (34k) (RP)
Grand-Daughters (3 of them) (64k) (RP)
Grandpa's Little Fuck-Toy (50k)
Grandpa's Rape (22k) (RP)
Grandpop's Cum (11k) (RP)
Gumshoe (45k)
Heck Of A Job (26k) (RP)
Helping Big Brother (114k)
 3533.txt, (RP)
Helping Out Sis (15k) (RP)
Helping Papa (28k) (RP)
Helping The Kids (9k) (RP)
Her Brothers (21k)
Her Father's Daughter (688k) 3599.txt
 3601.txt, 3595.txt, 3596.txt,
 3600.txt, 3597.txt, 3603.txt,
 3607.txt, 3602.txt, 3604.txt (RP)
Horny Nieces (103k) (RP)
Horny Out of my Mind (55k) CEL-33: 10,
I Need a Divorce (13k) (RP)
In Your Sister (8k) (RP)
In-breeding (16k) (RP)
Interruptions 131k
It's Not Fair (34k)
It's Not Right (2k) [flash fest]
Jasmine and the Purple Panties (35k) (RP)
Jocelynn's Sweet Dreams (61k)
Just a Dream? (26k) (RP)
Just Horseshit (25k) (RP)
Just Posing (40k) (RP)
Learning (27k) (RP)
Little Girls Need It Too (60k)
Little Red Ridinghood (39k)
Love for the World (35k) (RP)
Making it "good" for Daddy (23k) (RP)
Making Momma Proud (34k) (RP)
Melanie's Busy Day (45k) (RP)
Missing Big Brother (43k)
Momma Taught Me How (30k) (RP)
Momma's way (21k) (RP)
Mommy Juice (26k)
Mornings (12k) (RP)
Mother's Day (5k)
My Brother (8k) (RP)
My Family (21k) (RP)
My First Time with Daddy (17k) (RP)
My Granddaughter Learns How (22k) (RP)
My Hot Little Sister (21k) (RP)
My Little Sister (39k) (RP)
My Little Sisters (50k) (RP)
My Pedophile Father (49k)
My Sister Drinks It (65k) (RP)
My Sister's a Pervert (83k) (RP)
My Sister's Baby (18k) (RP)
Nap Time (18k)
Not Really (2k) (RP)
Nuttin' CEL-378: 10-8-8, (4k)
On 'Being Molested' (18k) (RP)
On Vacation (91k) (RP)
One Fine Morning (5k) (RP)
One Fine Morning Part-II (44k) (RP)
Ouroboros (28k)
Patience (11k) (RP)
Peeping In on My Daughter (13k)
Piss-Hard (9k) (RP)
Playing 'Mommy and Daddy' (19k)
Playing Adult Games With Little Sister (76k)
Please Daddy? (16k) (RP)
Police Stop (34k)
Poor Planning (40k) (RP)
Practicing Birth-Control (19k) (RP)
Pregnant! #1 (6k) (RP)
Pregnant! #2 (7k) (RP)
Privacy (21k) (RP)
Pure-Bred (24k) (RP)
Raising Unicorns (22k)
Raping Little Suzy (51k) (RP)
Rats (80k) (RP)
Restrictions (64k) (RP)
Sandwich (38k)  9.5-7-7 *Cel-91 (RP)
Seeing My Daughter Properly (6k)
Shifting the Blame (45k) (RP)
Showing My Daughter (17k) (RP)
Showing My Younger Daughter How (3k) (RP)
Sisters in Heat (17k)
Sleeping Little Sister (32k) (RP)
Spoiled (21k)
Spoiling It (11k) (RP)
Taking Care of Grandpa (70k) (RP)
Taking Care of Uncle Frank (27k)
Taking Daddy's Sperm (14k) (RP)
Taking Chances (74k) CEL-38: 7,
Taking my wife's advice (22k)
Taking the Blame (14k) (RP)
Tall Tales Night (42k)
Taught by My Big Sister (19k) (RP)
Teaching Judy (15k)
Teaching Little Lisa (39k) (RP)
Teaching our Daughter  (7k) (RP)
Teaching the Kids (53k) (RP)
Telephone (3k)
Tempest 3 (10k)
The 'Certified' Pedophile (46k) (RP)
The 'Good Girl' (95k) (RP)
The Best Laid Plans ... sometimes work out OK (50k) CEL-214: 9-4-2,
The Big Brother Caper (58k)
The Birthday Present (15k) (RP)
The Breeders Cup 40k
The Guarantee 10-9-9 *Cel-148, (250k) 3485.txt
 3484.txt, 3487.txt (RP)
The Good Deed (12k) (RP)
The Pedophile (82k) (RP)
The Reformed Child-Abuser (37k) (RP)
The Reward (24k) (RP)
The Selkie (24k)
 (Hopper-Swap Challenge)
The Shopping Channel (16k) (RP)
The Wizard (15k)
The Wolf and The Seven Little She-Goats (41k) (RP)
The Wrong Sister (11k) (RP)
The Zucchini (22k) CEL-244: 7-8-2, (RP)
Two Bets (56k)
Two Much (84k)  6-5-4 *Cel-65, (RP)
Vignette (1k) (RP)
Watching Our Daughter (16k) (RP)
Watching The Kids (8k) (RP)
Weird (46k) CEL-269: 9-6-3,
What Grandparents Are For (26k) (RP)
What's Fair? (11k) [naive nympho challenge]
Why is it? (26k) (RP)
Winning the Lottery 9k
You MIGHT be a sex-maniac if... (18k) (Update)


(Mind Control)
Highway Hypnotist 1-6 170k
Hypno House
Hypno Sister
Julia 1-4 119k
Your Second Lesson
Zarah the Mesmeriste

fred clarke

Encounter in Kellen County *Cel-166: 10-10-10

frederick t

wrote and writes (mainly) about Willy Tamarack. He posted
the "Adventures of Willy Tamarack" (1996-1997), `Shack, Lead!' (1997),
"The Travels of Willy Tamarack" (1997-1998), `Every Man's Fantasy'
(1998), "The Stories of Willy Tamarack" (1998-1999, 2002), `If Candy
is Dandy and Liquor is Quicker...Who's Maryjane??' (1998) "The Tales
of Willy Tamarack" (1998-1999) and a row of miscellaneous stories &
tales (1996-1999, 2002). On his site you find most stories in a zipped
form. ( (in reading order)
 _Adventures of Willy Tamarack_
The Afternoon Feast 30k
Evening Delight 31k
A Surfin' Safari 1 31k
A Surfin' Safari 2 37k
It's a Hopping at Red Rock 36k
The Visit 35k
The Party 37k
The Police Officer, the Hot tub and the Real Estate Agent 41k
Mexico, Si 1 26k
Mexico, Si 2 34k
The Hero and the Peeping Neighbor 45k
A visit to the Dentist and Prom Night 46k
A Busy Weekend 44k
The Cabin 35k
The End, My Friend 38k
 _Travels of Willy Tamarack _
Betrayed 40k
On the Run Again 31k
The Big `C' 30k
The Big `J' 39k
Let's Do a Dope Deal 1 31k
Let's Do a Dope Deal 2 39k
Layin' Low and Gettin' High 1 40k
Layin' Low and Gettin' High 2 40k
Layin' Low and Gettin' High 3 30k
Ol' Willy Had a Farm 33k
Neighbors 31k
Back to School 1 36k
Back to School 2 29k
Back to School 3 42k
Over Here, Over There 1 37k
Over Here, Over There 2 34k
Over Here, Over There 3 40k
Viva ! Las Vegas 1 37k
Viva ! Las Vegas 2 41k
The Operation 1 37k
The Operation 2 39k
To Live is Good 1 39k
To Live is Good 2 38k
To Live is Good 3 30k
To Live is Good 4 39k
 _The Stories of Willy Tamarack_
Settling Down (134k) BitBard: CEL-294: 10-10-10
The House Warming(s) 115k
Revenge 149k
Wedding Bells 135k
Makin' Movies 116k
You a Wise Guy ? 117k
The Shit Hits the Fan 137k
Yamashita's Gold 114k
Welcome to America ! 139k
 _Tales of Willy Tamarack _
Long, Long Ago..... (58k)
Death Valley (30k) Maria: CEL-323: 5-5-3,
 B+ rating Annex Reviews 5/5/99, (rp)
The Pageant *assm-2003/40275 (43k)
The Softball Tournament (16k)
Summer Time, Summer Time *assm-2003/40273 (40k)
Tale 6
Balboa (32k)
High School was so Long Ago... (40k)
Tale 9
Poetic Justice (63k)
A Peak into the Future *assm-2003/40265 (100k)
 Back Yard Stories_
Finding My Baseball Cards (10k) *Cel-170: 9-8-8
In the Backyards (9k) CEL-247: 8-6-7
The Shower 6k
 _Miscellaneous Stories and Tales_
The Super Bowl (78k)
Four Seasons (47k) CEL-291: 8-6-7,
Guess You Had to be There? (65k) 40333
The Poll (31k)
The Way it Should Have Been *assm-2003/40353 (125k)
The Goose and the Gander *assm-2003/40338 (137k)
The Concert 19k
Early (21k)
The Fool (27k)
The Gambler 13k
The Girl Friend 17k
The Inquisition (96k) ASSM/40339-40341
The Ride Home (13k)
The Star 127k
The Thief 63k
The Workout (15k)
The Yard Boy 21k
If Candy is Dandy... 372k
Every Man's Fantasy 389k
Shack, Lead ! - Chapters 1-15 (543k) *Cel-171: 9-9-10
My New Stepsister CEL-280: 10-9-10

friar dave

tends to write longer, thoughtful stories. They are largely about under-age sex, but are exceptionally well done, so enjoyable for all readers. The stories are difficult to find; the Google archive seems to be incomplete. Some stories are at Storiesonline, others have been reposted by John Dark to ASSM. Ole Joe wrote:

I don't know a thing more about her than you would from reading the story, but read "Marie" to see why I care. It is one of my personal favourites.

Alice 36 KB,
Angela 10-10-10 *Cel-151
 #66 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 1:(25k) (JDR-rp)
 2:(22k) (JDR-rp)
Bonnie 10-10-10 *Cel-155, 168 KB,
Constance CEL-231: 10-10-10, 108 KB,
Elly 9.5-9-9 *Cel-136, 69 KB,
Furlough CEL-288: 10-10-10, 41 KB,
Gwen CEL-289: 10-10-8, 56 KB,
 #97 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-48: 10
Inger (98k)
 #8 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-132,
Jealousy CEL-248: 10-10-10, 30 KB,
Kevin (44 KB)
 #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-26: 10
Livinia (150k) 9.5-10-10 *Cel-135
Marie (18 parts: 458k)
 #14 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-192.

It seems that the reposts by Joseph Clayton (parts 1-18) are the most complete. marie1.html through marie.12.html are in Eli the Bearded's archive.

Marissa 20 KB,
Next Door 10-10-10 *Cel-131, 14 KB,
Olivia 39 KB,
Perfect Lover CEL-308: 10-10-10, 51 KB,
Phi 137 KB,
Singapore Girl CEL-46: 8, 122 KB,
Tryout CEL-200: 10-10-10, 260 KB,
 #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Ursula CEL-215: 10-10-10, 144 KB,
 #23 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Wanted 77 KB,
Wendy (122k) CEL-259: 10-10-10 (JDR-rp)
Yule (a.k.a. Christmas Presents) CEL-276: 10-10-10, 45 KB,


has posted some stories to ASS in 1994, but I don't know if
he is the writer or only was the reposter.
Julies Initiation -mf,ff MID ([email protected])
Nasty Sexatary -mf MID ([email protected])
Night Train -mf, nc MID ([email protected])
Party Girls 1 -mf, ff, nc MID ([email protected])
Party Girls 2 -mf, ff MID ([email protected])
Police Brutality -mf, ff, nc MID ([email protected])
Short -mf, nc MID ([email protected] uucp. netcom. com)
The Night -mf, ff MID ([email protected])
The Pool -mf MID ([email protected])
The Trip -mf, ff- MID ([email protected])


(incest, teen) originally had the nick "Jame", but someone
protested, and so he changed the nick to Frostflower, but never really
liked it. Then, when he decided to post some NC stories he thought
that a nick change would be appropriate. Aside from the BH90210 story
"Frostflower" hadn't done any nc stuff. He was posting his NC-stories
A Spanking From Daddy MID ([email protected])
Beverly Hills 90210
 -1 [mf/nc] MID ([email protected])
 -2 [mf/mmf/ff/nc] MID ([email protected])
Desert Fantasy [by Jame] MID ([email protected])
Drunken Party Girl MID ([email protected])
Father In Law [mf] MID ([email protected])
Gramps Teaches Suzie MID ([email protected])
Jehovah's Witness Sees The Light MID ([email protected])
 -1 MID ([email protected])
 -2 MID ([email protected])
 -3 MID ([email protected])
 -4 MID ([email protected])
 -5 MID ([email protected])
 -6 MID ([email protected])
 -7 MID ([email protected])
 -8 MID ([email protected])
Mad About You [mf/bond-cons]
 - 1 MID ([email protected])
 - 2 MID ([email protected])
 - 3 MID ([email protected])
 - 4 MID ([email protected])
 - 5 MID ([email protected])
 - 6 MID ([email protected])
 - 7 MID ([email protected])
 - 8 MID ([email protected])
My Loving Father [by Jame] MID ([email protected])
Northern Exposure [by Jame] MID ([email protected])
Seducing Carol [mf teen] MID ([email protected])
Strawberry Blonde [by Jame] MID ([email protected])
 -1 MID ([email protected])
 -2 MID ([email protected])
 -3 MID ([email protected])
 -4 MID ([email protected])
 -5 MID ([email protected])
 -6 MID ([email protected])
 -7 MID ([email protected])
 -8 MID ([email protected])
Teaching Sis MID ([email protected])
The Dirty Old Man MID ([email protected])
The Triplets!
 -01 MID ([email protected])
 -02 MID ([email protected])
 -03 MID ([email protected])
 -04 MID ([email protected])
 -05 MID ([email protected])
 -06 MID ([email protected])
 -07 MID ([email protected])
 -08 MID ([email protected])
The Corner Office [by Jame] MID ([email protected])


Dawn 224k
Jocelyn's Sweet Dreams 61k
Little Girls Need It Too  60k


Kicking the Habit
Plea Bargain
Pool Shark
Sacrifice to the Goddess
The Expensive Date 9 6-9.5-9 0 *Cel-214
Tom Gets His Comeuppance
War Is Hell


The Girl in the Window ***

gary jordan

is a regular to ASSD and the guy behind the Silver Clitorides Awards; also the author of many excellent stories. For his birthday, Gary's friends served up an orgy of chocolatey sex stories.

Chocolate Kisses (17k) [P2C],
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 7/10/02
Chocolate Knights (6k) [virago challenge]
Chocolate Knights and Chocolate Daze (25k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,10,10]
Chocolate Rules (17k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sighs (26k)
Chocolate Sunday (Version 1) (21k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sunday (Version 2) (20k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sunday (Version 3) (23k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sunday (Version 4) (20k) [summer rom fest]
First Impressions
 Golden Clit Long Story of the Year (2002)
I Just Wanna Be Naked In School (6k)
L is for Lethargy (7k) [dulcinea fest]
Master PC: A Short Edition (13k)
Not A Knight In Shining Armor...  (5k) [virago challenge]
Pirates of the Carob Bean *assm-2003/43304 (69k) {Pirate}
Smokin' Hot Sex (14k)
Smokin' Hot Sex, Redux (21k)
Smokin' Hot Sex, Too (20k)
Tiny Bubbles (7k)
Unplugged (4k)
 CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10]

generic joe

is around a while and here and then he is posting a story
to ASSM (about 15 since 1999). In early summer 2003 he posted with a
series of images, inspired by Suki, but containing even more bondage
stuff. (
20 Questions (14k)
300 Words (3k)
A Hope and A Prayer (22k)
Anniversary CEL-342: 10-9.5-9.5
Benjamin CEL-348: 10-7-4
Body Double CEL-371: 9.5-9-9.5,
 0 (2k)
 1 (27k)
 2 (28k)
 3 (29k)
 4 (35k)
 5 (25k)
 6 (29k)
 7 (27k)
Choices (18k)
 CRIM-11: [10,10,9,8]
Desk Job (48k)
Harry's Story (19k)
In the Kitchen, With Dinah (26k)
Images 0001-0040,
 – 0009 CRIM-28: [10,10,8,10]
Lisa (18k)
New Year's Vacation (21k)
Packing (14k)
Public Service Announcement Homer: CEL-338: 9-9-8
Rollover (35k)
Something About Him (22k)
The Dawning (20k)
The Dominated (18k)
Thoughts of Him (8k)
Upstairs (5k)


-- There were several stories, apparently, written by an
unnamed author, all beginning with, "Dear Phantasies.", the writer
later appeared as `Ghostwheel'.
Shauna 1: Lockerroom Lust rec.arts.erotica: shauna-1
Shauna 2: Halloween with Shauna (17k) (Shauna 2)
Shauna 3: Shauna Makes a Bet (29k) (Shauna 3)
Shauna 5 (10k) MID ([email protected])
Terri MID ([email protected])


(M^F sexual slavery)
Summer Slave 199k CEL-4


([email protected])
Cowboys Up!
Master, Margo Ynd Me...
Mornings With You
My First Fantasy
My Massage Part 1

gina marie wylie

(ff teen romance) Just the moment I was implanting a citation of Bitbard's statement about her, she reposted "Katie and Lynn". Bitbard wrote:

Just as the music world has its one hit wonders, so too does the world of erotica. "Kate and Lyn" (...) it's not really complete (even if it were complete I'd still want it to go on). But what a wonder it is. This story, about two teenage girls discovering their passion for each other and the subsequent sexual emergence, has been one of the most popular stories I've had on my site. For good reason (...), this is one very hot, VERY satisfying story.

Gina Marie added two chapters to Katie & Lyn (at Jan Vincent's Sisters in Love site) and a new story in 2003 (on Gina's site).

Katie and Lyn (parts 1-7; Bitbard's archive)
 CEL-26: 10
Katie/Lyn 1 - At the Movies (21k) (RP)
Katie/Lyn 2 (20k) (RP)
Katie/Lyn 3 - Tomorrow (20k)
Katie/Lyn 4 - To The Weekend (22k)
Katie/Lyn 5 - Diversions (25k)
Katie/Lyn 6 - Together Again (20k)
Katie/Lyn 7 - Three's Company (25k)
Kristie's Thanksgiving Day (16k)
Tom's Diary 3-15-02 (34k)
Tom's Diary 3-16-02 (24k)
Tom's Diary 3-17-02 (44k)
Tom's Diary 3-18-02 (28k)
Tom's Diary 3-19-02 (33k)
Tom's Diary 3-20-02 (27k)
Tom's Diary 3-21-02 (14k)
Tom's Diary 3-22-02 (28k)
Tom's Diary 3-23-03 (80k)
Tom's Diary 3-24-02 (68k)
Tom's Diary 3-25-02 (23k)
Tom's Diary 3-26-02 (36k)
Tom's Diary 3-27-02 (39k)
Tom's Diary 3-28-02 (43k)

ginny walker

posted 7 of the stories below on X-mas 2002 what made me
aware of her stories. Her stories contain sex between women, and often
the moral struggle facing them. The subject matter she finds most
interesting deals with first time experiences, innocence lost,
lactation and reluctance.
Business Trip (23k)
Camping (with Cheri) (26k)
 CRIM-16: [8,10,10,9]
Art of Seduction (14k)
College Kiss (20k)
Dentist (14k)
Disney (30k)
Firsts: Ron Jon's (9k)
Fly the Friendly Skies (19k)
High School Dance (18k)
Jail (26k)
Maid Of Honor (17k)
Moral Dilemma (14k)
Movie Girls (20k)
Poolside (21k)
Sister's Honeymoon (28k)
Wet-N-Wild (19k)

girl friday

(aka Friday Jones)
Always and Forever (4k)
Christmas At The Beach (19k)
Elevator Ride (6k)
Friends and Lovers *assm-2003/45454 (100k)
Good Morning, Babe (6k)
Last Night (12k)
Reunion (42k)
The Birthday Gift (8k)
The Game  (5k)
The General (69k)
To Be A Man (3k)

gm sullivan

Dying for a Cigarette
Eschaton Boulevard
Hybrid Vigor
Phoenix Ascending

gobs o'semen

A Mother's Forbidden Passion 258k
I Was My Mom's Lover
Mom and I Say Cum a Lot the First Time 58k
Mom's Amorous Son 72k
Mom's New Boarder 230k
Mom's New Love 49k
My Coworkers 490k
My Friend Beth 69k
My Friend Jamey Labian 58k
My In-Laws 1-6 176k
My Neighbor Amber
My Neighbor Gloria 1-2
My Neighbors Gloria and Kristin 1-2
My Neighbor Phylis
My Neighbor Virginia
My Sister 1-2 112k


A Brotherly Love
A Family Affair
Born of Love
Boy and Girl
Brothers and Sisters
Daddys Will Play Around
Daughters 1-2
Families at Play 198k
Family Ties
Living Under One Roof 127k
Michael's Perversion 127k
Sexual Toys 1-5
SixSex 1-3
TenSex 1-3
The Internet Affair
The McFare Academy 78k
The Rape of Tina Williams
The Replacement Daddy
The Warehouse
The Watcher
Virtually Sane


A Dream Come True
Be Careful What You Wish For
Blackmailing My Sister Sabrina
Caught with My Pants Down
Fun with Miss Jensen
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Humiliation of Hope
Katy CEL-251: 4-4-3
My Secret Spot
Peeper's Paradise
Perverted Dream
Sally's Painful Fun
Sister Ashley CEL-240: 4-3-3
The Catfight
The Fun Bus
The Humiliation of Tammi Stevens
The Screamer
True Love

green onions

([email protected]) writes stories about watersports
and large women.
Advice Request
Another Green Onions story
Combination of the Two
Georgia 10-9-9 *Cel-148
Ketchin' Up
Scorpio Madness CEL-54: 10
Sleepy Tuesdays
Soaked in Seattle CEL-21: 10
To Cee or not to Cee


Phone Call *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Sweet Home Chicago *Cel-167: 10-10-10
Take 2 8-9-9 *Cel-159
Watching You Watching Me *Cel-170: 10-10-10

h. jekyll

An Episode in the Affair (40k)
 1: The Show (26k)
 2: Loss and Remembrance (28k)
 3: Life and Death
 on the Web Site (26k)
 4: The Box (32k)
 5: Aftermath (34k)
End Game (37k) [summer rom fest]
First (25k)
Hurt Her (24k)
Chattooga River
 I: Waterfall  (5k)
 II: Maggie and Magic (9k)
 III: On the Rock (6k)
Infidelity I: Ache (30k)
Infidelity II: Redemption (27k)
Intimacy (32k)
Love Letters (20k)
 CRIM-27: [10,10,10,10]
Maggie (11k)
Midsummer (42k)
Mysteries (27k)
Obsession, 1 (16k)
  2 (10k)
  3 (13k)
  4 (14k)
  5 (17k)
  6 (22k)
Silent, 1/2 (41k)
 3 (15k)
 4 (15k)
 5 (12k)
 6 (15k)
 7 (19k)
 8 (29k)
 9 (24k)
Sodomy (7k) [dulcinea fest]
Stepsister (46k)
The Interview (35k)
The Russian Front 1-3 (87k) 39103, 39157
Unfaithful: A Romance (57k)

hammon wrye

(a.k.a. E. HOWE) started a writing discipline exercise in
2003, in his case that are short vignettes or flash stories he tries
to write daily – we don't know if he is fully disciplined, since
posting is sometimes overdue. He also wrote some longer stories.
Catharsis CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10]
He Made Me Stop CRIM-3: [notrated]
Ho'omaluhia A-/B+ rating Annex Reviews 10/26/02
Liberty Call CRIM-6: [10,8,10,10]
Quality and Quantity CRIM-3: [9,10,9,10]
Unspoken Thoughts CRIM-4: [9,9,10,10]


Disney's The Parent Trap: Hallie Meets Her Mom (14k)
 Hallie Meets Martin (18k)
Full House: DJ & Stephanie CEL-320: 7-6-6
Gianna (19k)
My 7 Year Old Daughter (11k)
My First Threesome (11k)
 CRIM-12: [5,5,5,5]
My Step Son (12k)
Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Sabrina and Seth (14k)
The Brady Bunch: Marsha & Greg CEL-361: 8-5-5
The Girls Of Roswell
 - Liz and Izabel (18k)
 - Liz and Merie (18k)
 - Liz and Tess (19k)
 - Maria and Her Mother (16k)
 - Liz and Her Mother (13k)

harry berg

in his stories deals with torture, humiliation and rape --
and that can occur on both genders.
Mission to Mexico (202k)
Field Trail No.11 (102k)
Beyond Pilates (27k)
Encounters With Trailer Trash (71k)
Writhing To The Top (107k)
Employee Motivation Enron Style (84k)
Celtics Pride (30k)
Preserving The Family Farm (131k)
Family Vacation (121k)
Open Victory Celebration  (44k)
Dealing with the WTA Board (54k)

hawk richards

As the Paige Turns *A rating Annex Review 7-13,
 CEL-200: 10-10-10
As the Paige Turns: The Second Coming (Cumming) CEL-230: 10-10-10
Crazy Tomas Dragon: CEL-297: 9-8-8
Dream A Little Dream CEL-271: 10-10-10
Escape from Mars CEL-201: 5-4-4
Friendship CEL-246: 9-9-10
Body Chemistry
Gray Hair Society
Honeymoon Summer
 (newlywed passion) CEL-205: 9-7-8
Ironic *Cel-203
Katrina (infidelity) 10-6/9-8 *Cel-245
Mardi Gras Adventure CEL-227: 2-5-3
Planting the Seed of Intrigue
Poetic Justice
Stammering Waiter
Tease (sexual titillation) CEL-234: 10-10-10
Tongue and Cheek CEL-243: 9-8-8
The Fetish Series CEL-225: 10-10-6
Through the Grape Vine
Violet's Second Chance
When Summer Comes Leanna: CEL-308: 8-5-5
When the Angel Smiles *Cel-195: 10-10-10
Where's M1ke Hunt? CEL-323: 9-9-9.5


"wrote a series of short stories tying the dynamics of human
sexuality to seasonal themes, in 1993. Over the years, the individual
parts were scattered and lost: One could find part one, but not part
two, part six but not part five, etc. Bit by bit the individual parts
would be rediscovered and reviewed as stand alone stories – the
reviews were always favorable. As the critical aclaim poured in,
people began to try and piece together the completed series. Finally,
in august of 1998, the series was reunited. Though the stories stand
alone, they stand best when they stand together." (BitBard) They can
be found at Bitbards library at ASSTR.
Hazy Shades of Winter
Summertime Blues
Season of the Witch
April Showers
The Cruelest Month
The Real World
A Time to Cast Away Stones

hd meister

Curse of Love CEL-236: 9-9-9
Back to the Fold --- *Cel-225
Hunts the Night 4-9-9.5 *Cel-227
Lost Passion CEL-232: 7-8-7
Monks Five: Scorpion CEL-235: 7-6-5
Perverted Monks: Snake Style CEL-231: 9-10-10
Rebel Monk of Wu Tang CEL-233: 8-4-2
Soul of Dawn CEL-225: 9-10-10
Story Tales One: Henry CEL-223: 9-8-8

henrik larsen

Henrik Larsen's stories are set in Northern Europe where people are
more tolerant to sex and legal age for sex is fifteen. His stories
describe male-female-intercourse of young people. He does not label
all his stories "rom" but I think they are. Try `Deep in the woods'
which can be found somewhere in the net also in French.
( ("Au fond des bois".)
A Day At The Beach (26k)
 Cartwright: CEL-364: 8.5-9-8.5
A Party With Dionysus (22k)
A Whiter Christmas Than Ever (23k) (RP)
Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me 1 (45k)
  2 (15k)
  3 (11k)
  4 (9k)
  5 (13k)
  6 (13k)
  7 (11k)
  8 (18k)
Casting The Model (33k)
 CRIM-6: [7,9,8,8]
Christmas Cards (1k) [flash fest]
Computer Conference (93k)
Conference (94k)
Confessions 1-5 *assm-2003/45289 (230k) (RP)
Day At The Beach (26k)
Deep In The Woods (53k)
 Cartwright: CEL-364: 8.5-9-8.5
Eyeliner (25k)
 Annex 7/17/00: A+
Grains of Rice (3k) [Wedding]
Happiness Is A Warm Gun (3k) [flash fest]
Hausefrau 1946 (21k)
 CRIM-20: [8,10,9,10]
Hidden (3k) [flash fest]
Irresistible (3k) [flash fest]
It Never Happens To Me (26k)
Mr Fou And The Price Of Innocence (48k)
Old Friends (46k)
Powerless (19k)
Tempted by the Fruit of Another (3k) {Birthday},
 CRIM-22: [10,10,10,10]
The Morning After (3k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,8,10]
The Neighbours Daughter 1-4 (74k)
The Neighbours Daughter 5-8 (75k)
The Neighbours Daughter 9-12 (65k)
The Neighbours Daughter 13-16 (69k)
The Neighbours Daughter 17-20 (71k)
The Ritual (32k)
The Trip (57k)
 BillyG: CEL-363: 10-9-10
Thunder (Complete Version) (46k)

holly rennick

"Writer's Notebook" was a Golden Clit Best Long Story finalist, 2003. I've read three of Holly's stories: Nightcap, Twister, Wesleyan Partners -- all marvelous.

See Holly's web page -- Ingrid

Lilith's Precious Ingredient
Tactical Twister
Manhattan Trio
Duck and Cover
Wesleyan Partners
Sibling Rivalry
Spanish Fly
Jazz Ukulele
Accidents Will Happen
Soccer Boundaries
Scandinavian Birth Control
Man on Page 602
Nora Bird
Do it till Dawn
Close Cousins
Boathouse Revisited
Humping with Howdy
Into the Palms
Readers Theater
Seven Seas
Writers' Forum
Writer's Notebook
Risky and Risque
Chocolate and Hockey
Notes on Oneida
Cindi's Top Tips for Sibling Success

homer vargas

Alexandra's New Practice
A Cop too Far
After Awakening (9k)
Again? (with Allison George)
 CRIM-16: [8,6,8,6]
An Author's Fantasy CRIM-6: [9,7,7,6]
An Examination for NAG
A New Infection CEL-326: 9-7-7
Ask Dr. Vargas
At Last
A Woman Who Loves Men
A Woman Who Loves More Men
A World Upside Down
Celeste Withdraws
Chloe and Mom
Cromwell's Court Case
Cutters Creek 1-8
Dawn and Ken and Maria and David
Fantasy Aftermath
First Mate
Judith and Me
Lit 101 CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5
Lovebright Academy: The Real Story
Makin'Pagins CEL-338: 9.5-8-8
Meanwhile, Back in Cutters Creek
My Doctor, My Maid
No Deposit, Return
On Further Examination
Pearls Before Wine
Personal Examination
Pillow Talk
Pregnant Puzzle
Sabah and Rod
Sabah at the Ball
Sherry's Mom
Solon: First Contact
Summer Holidays: Epilogue
Teaching the Tomboy
The Examination
The Girl from "Principles"
Toni's New Life
Wonder Woman's Examination
Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure A- rating Annex Reviews 12/27/02
WOPI Chronicles
World Lit 101


The Dispensation of Grace 1-3 10-10-10 *Cel-73

hunter jackson

begins and ends for Ole Joe with "The Fourth Ring," a
story that will always stay with. It can't be said he was first, but
he is close to the best at this topic, which is MMF wife watching.
Impregnating Lauren
Insemination in September
The Fourth Ring CEL-35: 10 ***
The Good of the Order


A Drop Of Inque (37k)
Cell Division (4k)
Co-ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest (30k)
Contest at Amazon House (25k)
Cum Sponge (31k)
Dish [1]: Memorial day picnic (18k)
Dish [2]: Labor Day Picnic (10k)
Dish [3]: Thanksgiving Dinner (16k)
Dish [4]: Holiday Party (19k)
Dish [5]: New Year's Eve Party (14k)
Death Wish (56k)
Dream Sequence (7k)
Field Trip (13k)
Girls Night Out (22k)
Hmm, I'd Do Her (21k)
Human Wheels (9k)
Hungry For Dori (24k)
Hungry For Eve (29k)
Hungry For Monique (44k)
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (40k)
Just A Plain Fucking Story (8k)
Just Another Plain Fucking Story (10k)
Long Dong Silver (17k)
Moby Jane (19k)
Nurse Your Drinks (27k)
On His Lap (13k)
Oh Poo-Poo (23k)
Oh Shit (46k)
On The Beach (15k)
Pissing Practice (23k)
Prisoners Of War (50k)
Puzzles (65k)
Rain (26k)
Rape! (14k)
Rathskellar (12k)
Replacement (21k)
Rescue (55k)
Sex Dare: Can I Suck Your Dick? [A] (29k)
    [B] (57k)
 Can I Sit On Your Face? (6k)
 Can I Eat Your Pussy? (15k)
Toilet Slave (31k)
Toilet Slave 2 (38k)
Two On One (17k)
Ultimate Toilet Slave (17k)
Under Her (20k)
[email protected]: Sexist Male Chauvinist [1/3] (13k)
 Turnabout [2/3] (17k)
 Feminazi Fuck Toy [3/3] (22k)

imma scared

(rape) []
a dream come true
after the Party CEL-296: 2-2-2
Cock Slave
Dawn's Doom
Demon Rapist
I Didn't Scream
In Harm's Way
Just the Facts *Cel-167: 4-5-3
My Name Is Dawn
Paul's Strange Gift
Pretty Little Girlie
Rape Stop
Richard the Rapist
Special Delivery
The Brotherhood 1-2
The Diner
The Rapist's Mind 1-3
What Happened

isabella reyes'

stories are posted on her website at
Her works include a handful one-chapter-stories; though most of her
works are ending with "to be continued" – we're still waiting. Her
longest work "Alma" made it up to twelve chapters at present. Her
stories include M/F, M/FF, MM/F and MM/FF interaction.
Alma 12 chapters so far
Riding Until The End Of The Line 1 chapter so far
Sylvia Pays The Rent 4 chapters so far
The Taking of Lissette
Letty's Diary 8 chapters so far
Fundraising 3 chapters so far
Yolanda's Awakening 2 chapters so far
Catching Mona 2 chapters so far


mostly writes slut wife stories, which are often indicated on the group with the tag (MMF wife). He is still around, though I don't remember a new one since "Christmas with the Andersons." They are all good, but my personal favourite is "Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation." There'll have to be a whole lot of writing going on before it ever gets pushed off my personal top 10. Before you decide J Boswell runs on just one track, read "A Love Deeply Missed," Celeste's favoured story. About himself, J says:

My first exposure to CyberPorn was in the mid-to late-Eighties when I got my first modem and lucked into a couple of BBSes with adult stories. I had already written a few letters to some adult magazines and publishing a story on a BBS seemed like a much better medium. As far as publishing and the response, I miss the boards - they seemed much more personal than the `net.
I love and hate the Internet. I love what you can find on the `net, but I hate the time you can spend reading what you find. Since I began surfing, my writing output has declined drastically.
I don't really have a favourite story. I'm always partial to the one I've just finished, but I do go back and look at my earlier stories, editing them a little. By far I get the most requests to write part two of "Paying for It," which I promise to do, some day soon. I'm working on the third part of the "Find a Penny" tale and a few other things.

Celeste says in *Cel-192:

I personally think Boswell writes best when he gets off the wife-watching theme. I think his two best stories are "Love Deeply Missed" and `Christmas with the Andersons'. Nevertheless, Boswell obviously likes to write about slutty wives, and that's what he's famous for. His two best stories of that genre that I have encountered are `Those Ex-Wife Blues' and `Giving Him What He Wants'.

A Crime of Love
A Leopard's Spots 10-10-10 *Cel-132
A Love Deeply Missed (44k) 10-10-10 *Cel-140 (RP)
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty 10-8-8 *Cel-135
Christmas with the Andersons (174k) 10-10-10 *Cel-144, (RP)
Find a Penny 1-2 (225k) (RP)
Forever Faithful 8-6-5 *Cel-73, (rp)
Giving Him What He Wants 10-9-9 *Cel-140
Group Sex
Guilty Pleasures MID ([email protected])
Hot Dancer CEL-64: 90
Intimate Sharing
Just a Little Country Girl CEL-64: 90
Long Day 9.5-8-8 *Cel-133
Mom's Healing Love 10-10-9 *Cel-126
My Cock Crazy Wife 9.5-8-7 *Cel-125
My Little Party Girl
My Party Treasure MID ([email protected])
Oh, What a Trip *Cel-192: 9-7-5
On the Job Benefits *Cel-169: 10-9-9,
Open Door Policy
Paying for It (complete) (42k) (RP) OleJoe
Sharing a Bed for the Night
Terms of the Probation
The (Fore)Skin Game 10-8-8 *Cel-137
The Hots for a Hooker (complete) (110k) (RP) M.T.Head
The Professor
Those Ex-Wife Blues 10-10-10 *Cel-138
Traffic Jammin'
Vacation Doesn't Count 9-9-8 *Cel-134,
When Hubby Likes to Watch
Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation Ole Joe's personal favorite ***

jack c. lipton

has been writing for a while but posted late in 2002,
firstly. His stories are romantic vanilla MF, some MF+, SciFi stories,
mostly with an angst athmosphere. He also jumped on the train into the
NIS-universe in 2003.
Affirmative Action (118k)
Balance (2k)
Beauty and the Bleak (29k)
CDD (6k) {Birthday},
 CRIM-21: [9,9,9,9]
Challenge / Response (27k)
Challenge / Response [2] (29k)
Ecstatic Cling 1-12
Exit Interview (15k)
 CRIM-18: [9,5,9,8]
Footprints... (p) (3k)
Friendly Fire (p) (2k)
Horizontal Integration (44k)
Jumpstart: Home (43k)
Not yet... (2k)
Safety (2k) [flash fest]
Seeds of Extinctions (16k)
 CRIM-13: [9,6,9,9]
Sex in Adjacent Cubicles (31k)
Share and Enjoy (12k)
The Beard Necessities [1/2]
 - Assets and Elbows (42k)
The Grim Peeper (15k)
Trial by Fear (p) (4k)
Winning (2k) [flash fest]
Witch [1/?] (20k)
Witch [2/?] (19k)

jack of all trades

can be found at
Adoration (17k)  CEL-377: 10-10-10,
Aieeee2K (15k) {Y2K}
An Extraordinary Woman (25k) CEL-372: 10-10-10,
Baby Doll (7k)
Betsy Laughed (38k)
Breakup (12k)
 Myers: No rating. *Cel-355
Carnal Val - Prelude (3k)
Carnal Val - Louse (60k)
Carnal Val - Lover (58k)
CASH-ing Out (37k)
 Owl: CEL-361: 9-10-8
Eternal Rest - Halloween (19k)
Evangelism (7k) CEL-354: 9.5-8-8
Final Return (20k) CEL-363: 10-10-10,
Great Grandpa Fucks Sherry 18 (20k)
Character Assassination (17k)
 9.5-10-10. *Cel-354
Jack Couples (3 Short Stories) (33k)
Jen CEL-375: 10-10-10, (6k)
My Jugs Flow Huge (9k)
Nakita the Collage Slut (17k)
New S-E-X (13k)
Peaches (15k)
Ruthie's Smile (25k) CEL-355: 10-10-10,
S-E-X CEL-360: 10-10-10
Sam and Eric - Graduation 1-3 (116k) 22655, 22897
Sometimes Love is Not Enough (81k) CEL-367: 9-9.5-9.5, (Rev.)
The Promise (23k)
Tied Up (31k) (with Ruthie)

james dawson

Cheerleader's Torment
The Reluctant Film Star 9-8-8 *Cel-82

james c lynn

A Matter of Curiosity *Cel-180: 10-9-10
The Heat

james wellington

The Young Babysitter 425k %assm-1997/3655.txt
Junior High Neighborhood Sluts 379k
 Ch 1-5
 Ch 6-10
Teacher's Summer Sex School 395k
Uncle Teaches His Niece (317k)

jan vincent

is an old entry to the list but still active. Themes are lesbian love, involving teens and incest.

Jan's stories are now on her Sisters in Love site; also: more erotic fiction, true stories, pretty pictures, and some (non-sororal) romantic lesbian stories.

A King's Word (35k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 1 (26k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 2 (30k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 3 (20k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 4 (19k)
Dear Diary 1 (17k)
Dear Diary 2 (16k)
Feel the Passion (32k) (RP)
My older sister (11k)
Paula and Jennifer (26k)
Sisters 1-2 (54k) (RP)
Sisters 3-4 (60k) (RP)
Sisters 5-6 (41k) (RP)
Sisters 7-8 (64k) (RP)
Sisters 9-10 (28k) (RP)
Sisters 11-12 (48k) (RP)
Sisters 13-14 (48k) (RP)
Sisters 15-16 (49k) (RP)
Tenderness (74k)
Tenderness for a Rebel With a Cause (51k)
The Lisbon Girls *assm-2004/46449 (48k)
The Reunion (32k) (RP)
The Supermodels
The Triumph Of The Muses (26k) [sapphic fest]
 CRIM-10: [10,10,9,9]
Twin Brides (20k)
Unexplainable longing 1 (47k)
Unexplainable Longing 2 (38k)
Unexplainable Longing 3 (42k)
Unexplainable Longing 4 (36k)
Unexplainable Longing 5 (39k)

jane parks

Jane's stories contain F/F humiliation (f/F, ff/F, fF/F, reluctant), role reversal and the domination of older women by younger ones. Some of her stories are rather rough, and there are no male characters in them.

Ali Baba's Thief (34k)
Amber's Big Day (92k)
Bank Girl (28k)
Bank Mommy (39k)
Bird Food (19k)
Breast Exam (34k)
Canoe Trip (65k)
Dog Trainer (29k)
Gina's Day At The Mall (72k)
Gina's Smile (40k)
Golfer (24k)
Horsewoman (17k)
Choir Director (64k)
Choir Director 2 (55k)
Choir Director 3 (142k)
Jeannie Gets Her Collar (37k)
Jennifer The Boss (47k)
Layla At Home (31k)
Puppet (17k)
Sitting Elaine (83k)
Stacey Says (193k)
Submissive Teacher's Humiliation (93k)
Submissive Teacher's Humiliation - 2 (27k)
Tennis Coach (105k)
The Dream (37k)
The Dream Comes Home (46k)
The Dream Later That Night (39k)
The Dream Still Later (59k)
The Dream Very Late (44k)
The Swimmer (66k)
Tying Mary (41k)

jane urquhart

(FM con)
Dies Irae
Erotica 101 CEL-368: 10-9-9
Island CEL-308: 10-10-10
Janey's April
Janey's February
Janey's Friend
Janey's Grocery Lust CEL-328: 9-9-9
Janey's January
Janey's June
Janey's March
Janey's May
Janey's Trip
Quickie CEL-375: 10-10-10,
Y2K CEL-322: 10-9-9

janet l. dunning

wrote the story attributed to Friar Dave until v2003 of this Guide:

Dunning (aka "My Brother") 6 parts (?), 70 KB,


A Stolen Moment
Confronting Lies
Curiosity 1-2 CEL-32: 9
For My Wife
Party Girl #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Night Moves #92 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Paying the Price #73 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Soothing Aches
Stretching the Limits
Taking Chances *Cel-193: 10-10-10
Testing Bounds
The First Time
Too Tight for Comfort CEL-25: 9

jayant lund

Birds of a Feather
Hard at Work
Pit Stop
Secretarial Practice
The Real Thing CEL-227: 10-9-9
Tool Using Animals
Under the Mango Tree CEL-230: 9-5-10
Vendor of Coconuts
Video Knights in Katmandu *A rating Annex Review 11-16-97,
 Lady Cyrrh said, "If you think
 all people of East Indian
 extraction do is play the sitar,
 make curries, and program
 computers, you're wrong. They
 also write some very fine porn,
 of which this is an example."

jeanne de stein

The Horsewomen 1-9 279k - Ole Joe personal favorite


Breaking in a Slut YW259
Breeding Farm
Cindy's Breeding YW479
Getting Slammed in the Slammer YW489
Knocking Up Trudy YW282
Susan's Black Lust

jeff zephyr

is writing stories mostly labeled: (MF cons, rom, oral,
exhib). In year 2001 he started the ongoing autobiographical series
`Jeff Zephyr's Life' covering his life between age of five and eleven.
A Pregnancy Story
 --Waiting for the Future 10K
Angelina the Naive Nymphette 5K
Conventional Temptation 60K
Does This Dress Look OK, Honey? 8K,
 CEL-375: 10-10-10
Lauren's Halloween Ghost (46k)
My Dear John Letter POV 21K
My Kitten Laps Up Her Cream 14K
My Niece's Christmas Spanking
 - A Christmas Story 31K
One Fine Day #1-#3 26K
Picking Berries in the Rain 5K
Purple Morning 8K
 [Blanket - Flash]
Surprise! My Sister is a Stripper 69K
Surprise! My Sister is a Stripper - "Sunny Exposure" 55K
T-shirt Teasing At Easter 35K
My Best Friend Kissed Me On Valentine's Day 16K
Jeff Zephyr's Life Series ongoing, many postings

jefferson james

In a Dark Place *Cel-172: 10-10-10,
The Pennington Case 10-10-9 *Cel-142
The Price of Freedom *Cel-163: 9-10-10,
Young Stuff 7-8-7 *Cel-143
(p)Love and/or Lust a poem and a damned good one

jennifer doalfer

is a Danish writer. Her stories have European
character and are pretty erotic. Most of her stories are involving
exhibitionism and/or voyeurism with hetoresexual encounters). Celeste
criticised that her plots are unrealistic liberally (for readers in
the U.S.), e.g. skimpy bikinis at the beach, mini skirts etc. Thank
God that we in Europe are having indeed more liberality – sunbathing
topless at the beach is tolerated even in catholic countries like
Spain or Italy... (BTW: legal age for having sex is 15 in most
European Countries and 18 for reading/watching). Although some of her
stories are completely fictious and some are based upon any occurrence
she writes also true stories.
A Boating Experience
An Erotic Video
Anniversary 2002
Anniversary night CEL-370: 8-8-8
Early Morning Run
Ethnic Persuasion
From Poul's Viewpoint BillyG: CEL-359: 9-8-9
Hawaiian Weekend
Horsing Around Myers: No rating *Cel-377
Initiation CEL-379: 9-8-8
Island Dreams
Not So Proud CEL-368: 8-8-8
On the Terace
One for the Husband
Remote Controlled BillyG: CEL-359: 10-10-9.5
The Electricians
The Changing Room
The Milkman
The Wonders of Hypnosis Nat: CEL-371: 9-10-10
Third party liability
Tied and Tried
Tivoli CEL-346: 7-6-6
US encounters

jennifer eastman

writes stories about lesbians who like oral, anal,
licking, rimming, fisting including watersports and scatting, it's
really a mess. If you're into these you will enjoy her stories.
Otherwise rather stay away.
A Week At Camp Browning 206K
Desperate Measures 169K
Desp. Measures 2: Wood Nymph and Goddess 116K
Dream Diary Entry
 - Big Sister's Milkmaid 30K
MDS-1: Mother's Dirty Secret 114K
MDS-2: Karen and Mom 20K
MDS-3: Katrina Learns The Ropes 36K
MDS-4: Guidance For The Girls 34K
MDS-5: Karen's Birthday Party 56K


JT's Party
Closet 1 & 2
Dentist 1 & 2

jenny wanshel

(Jenny's stories "1942" and "Amanda's Honeymoon" were nominated for Best Short Story of 2001.

Amanda's Honeymoon CEL-370: 10-9-9
Be Prepared 7.5/10, Rogue Review No. 495 -
 February 26, 2000, Jack: NR *Cel-377
Boy Magnets Story Writer: 9-7-6 (CEL-309)
Call Me Jailbait BillyG: CEL-357: 10-10-10
Calling All Girls
Coco The Gorilla CEL-368: 10-10-10
Eager Beaver CEL-331: 10-10-10,
 9.0/10, Rogue Review No. 363 -
 April 28, 1999
Sex Life of An American Girl

jim fix

A Summer Romance *Cel-173: 10-10-10,
 #93 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
A Summer Romance Revisited
Angeles City 9-10-10 *Cel-154
Coal Town Cousin 113k 9.5-9-5 *Cel-220
Delivering the Evening News 9-9-8 Cel-221
Growing Up with Mom
Life with Anna
Maiden Aunt
My Mother's Son
My Neighbor Peg
My Sister's Love
Pimples and Demon CEL-227: 10-10-10
The Rest of My Life *Cel-224

jimmy hat

(M+F, MMF, MF)
Adult Tech (41k)
 CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5
Betting on Eight Ball (18k)
Betting on Nine Ball *assm-2001/32303 (26k)
Case Study (5k) [dulcinea fest]
Coin Operated (29k)
Commanding Agent Stanton (17k)
Crossing the Border (13k)
Crossing the Border (13k)
Dear Agent Stanton (19k)
 *A rating Annex review 8/1/00
Easter Proxies 1-2 *assm-2001/29365 (54k) [easter]
Episode 36: Lust for the Aliens 1-3 (63k)38982,38984
Exotic Imported Delights (28k)
Fuck the Year 2000 (15k)
Glows in the Dark 1-3 *assm-2001/30766 (43k)
Hands on a Hardbody 1-3 *assm-2002/39290 (49k)
How to Avoid Being Blown (19k)
Kiko and the Better Screw (37k)
Locker Room Fictions --, Homer: CEL-343: 10-9-7
Lou's Last Stand (30k)
Mall Cupid (18k)
Maytag Earns a C-Note (14k)
Maytag, Where Are You? 1-3 *assm-2001/33711 (46k)
Of Baby Sitters and Pizza Drivers (22k)
Photo Club (20k)
Privilege of Abuse (38k)
S is for Sun Screen (6k) [dulcinea fest]
She Was a Boy Band Groupie 1-3 *assm-2000/24345 (46k)
St. Muffins --, CEL-324: 9-8-8
Taffy Pull (21k)
Take Two Nurses and Call Me in the Morning (29k)
The Ass Menagerie 1-4 *assm-2001/32747 (82k)
The Case Is Licked Tiramisu: CEL-338: 7-9-6
The Ethics Conference CEL-354: 10-8-8
The Color of Attraction (19k)
The Ethics Conference (52k)
The Gift of the Maytag 1-4 *assm-2003/40248 (63k)
The Palmetto Underwear Incident *assm-2001/31440 (33k)
The Russians Are Coming 1-4 *assm-2001/28349 (49k)
The Server 1 (13k) [server challenge]
The Server 2 (14k) [server challenge]
The X-Ray Glasses (30k)
Timing is Everything Owl: CEL-334: 9.5-6.5-7
Totally Unreal Girls CEL-346: 10-9-9
Unexceptional (21k) CEL-322: 10-7-7,
 A+ rating Annex review 4/19/99

joan cum

The Camping Trip 1-2
The Family that Cums Together 1-8
The Ride 1-2

joanna de brito

A Posteriori (51k)
 CEL-348: 10-10-10
Damnation of Alice Myers: 10 *Cel-330
Darkest Fantasies 127K
Streaker  (14k)
The Code Of Tawr (10 parts) (290k)
The Hut Behind the Garage CEL-326: 9.5-8-8.5
The Ignominy Run 1-3 *assm-2000/22240 (183k)
The Mating Game (29k)
The Revenge of Edward Hopper (27k)
 A+ rating Annex reviews 3/16/99
Too Hot to Handle (29k)
 Homer: CEL-324: 10-9-7

joe parsons'

"Test Ride" was #3 in Celeste's Top 100 for 1996. Joe
runs an international phone sex shop and advertises at the tag end of
his stories. As long as the quality of story remains as high as the
one's I've read, he can advertise forever.
Angelic Interlude *Cel-183: 10-10-10
Conversation with Eve
Encounter at Green's Rock *Cel-183: 10-10-10,
 #27 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Intrusion 10-7-7 *Cel-91
La Salope 10-9.5-CEL-82: 10
Test Ride #3 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
A Day on the Bay #84 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Fools Rush In *Cel-183: 10-9-9
When Morning Comes 10-9.5-9.5 *Cel-183/A+ Annex Reviews

joe slackie

Caught by Dad
First Cum
Fourth Date
Business Trip
Lorri 1-3
No More Whores
Show Off
True Love 1-2

john a

got the Clitorides Award 1999 `Best New Author' (together with MichaelD and Vickie Morgan). In ASSM there are postings between 1999 and 2001. "Fonda and Cat" was a project he did with Virago Blue. He also wrote the Jake Lucas stories.

Afternoon Delight (7k) CEL-375: 10-10-10
Blind Date CEL-337: 10-8-8
Conductor's Log (33k)
Five Hours CEL-338: 10-9-9
Fonda and Cat CEL-372: 10-10-10 (with Virago Blue)
 Golden Clit Long Story of the Year (2001)
 [1,2] (28k)
 [3,4] (30k)
 [5,6] (24k)
 [7,8] (21k)
 [9,10] (30k)
 [11,12] (21k)
 [13] (11k)
 [14,15] (22k)
 [16,17] (21k)
 [18,19] (30k)
 [20] (19k)
 [21] (18k)
 [22] (16k)
 [23] (30k)
Love Is All You Need? (180k)
 BillyG: CEL-337: 10-10-9
 Golden Clit Best Story of 2000
Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog Homer: CEL-340: 10-8-7
Non Compliant (26k) {Y2K}
Reunion (51k)
Summer Awakenings 62K+(48k)
 Golden Clit Best Short Story of 2001
Welcome to Miami BillyG: CEL-362: 10-10-10,
Witchcraft (72k)  Homer: CEL-346: 10-10-10, {GALAGO}
_Jake Lucas Stories_
Acquisition (34k)
Berlin Diversion (50k)
Coo Coo Ca-choo Mrs. Robinson (71k)

john carter

Tina's Tale 9-7-4 *Cel-137
The Bet 9.5-10-10 *Cel-140
The Journey 9.5-8-8 *Cel-133

john dear

All's Fair (14k)
Caught (formerly "Not Caught") (11k) (REV)
Fire (12k) (REV)
Marian (8k)
 [Blanket - Flash]
Of Things No Longer There (13k) (REV)
 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10]
Quartet (11k)
The Opening (11k) (REV)

jordan shelbourne

has written several excellent stories, so deserves mention here. He quit writing, quit writing twice and came back both times. "Tomboy," a story about friendship and emerging sexuality, is exceptional. He characterizes himself as a fairly vanilla writer:

The majority of my work deals with male-female relations, with occasional side trips into bondage. Some of the very short pieces are gimmicky in that I'm exploring an idea more than characters (I hope they're satisfying despite that).

Jordan's stories page

A Clean Taste (3k)
A Matter Of Style
Autobiographical Essay CEL-265: 10-10-10
Cusps 10-9-9 *Cel-92
Dive 10-9-9.5 *Cel-195
Friday 13th LXXXVIII (3k)
Haunted (15k) (THM)
 Silver Clitorides for November 2001
Heads or Tails? (May, 2002) (7k)
In Memory of You (August, 2001)
In Our Tenth Year on the Yellow Brick Road
Interlude, With Coffee (chap. 3 of Pushing the Envelope)
It's Not Cheating (February, 1997)
Just This Once (February, 1998) 10-10-10 CR ???
Lost and found (chap. 2 of Pushing the Envelope)
No Names CEL-60: 10
Nothing Like Ruby (11/2001), (16k)
Pidge's Story CEL-258: 10-10-10,
Pushing the Envelope CEL-220: 10-10-10
 (AKA A Question of Etiquette, first
 chapter of a projected novel
 entitled "Pushing the Envelope")
Tease *Cel-199: 10-10-10,
 *A rating Annex Review 7-20-97
That Long Distance Feeling (November, 1997) CEL-320: 10-9-9
Thaw *Cel-166: 10-10-10
The Fence (reprinted Hot off the Net)
The High Dive 10-9-9.5 *Cel-195
The Mark of Cane CEL-348: 10-8-7
The Wedding Night (6k)
Think Of It (7k)
Tomboy 10-10-10 *Cel-110
Under the Blindfold
Unmasked (December, 1997)
 CEL-300: 10-10-10 (LeAnna),
 A+ Rating Annex Reviews 8/30/98
Unwrap Party (51k) #10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, (RP)
Virgin on the Ridiculous #72 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996


1-2-3 say cheese  (6k)
At Last (21k)
Behind the Bamboo Curtain (3k)
Better Than Before: Charlie and Mike (prequel) (38k)
Better Than Before (22k)
 CRIM-29: [8,9,9,9]
Blanket Amnesty (7k)
 [Blanket - Flash]
Brace Yourself (12k)
Brush With Destiny (1k) [flash fest]
Cum Pirates of the 97th Century (29k) {pirate}
Finally (14k)
Fresh Pussy (2k) [flash fest]
Great Performances (3k)
Juan, two, three – Flashes (6k)
Oh What's In A Name? (60k)
Pay To Play (30k)
Philatal Mistake (17k)
Racoon Eyes (1k) [flash fest]
The Essence of Stroke (6k)
The Understanding (28k)
Time To Decide (1k) [flash fest]
What's my name? (19k)

jubal harshaw

Pasages of Life 250k

julian coreto

is the creator of the multi-part mind-control-story
"Alan", appearing in ASSM since February, 2001, 26 chapters so far.
Alan _(ongoing)_
Master PC: Julian's Education 1-3 75k


A Night to Remember
All Work and No Play
Another Year, Another Birthday
Backyard Barbeque
Being Neighborly
Driving Miss Leslie
From Cyberly Yours to Entirely Yours
Hanauma Bay
Hole in One or Two
Hurricane Hattie
I Must Be Dreaming
In the Kitchen
Julie Comes to Visit
Just Teasing
Lady's Night Out
Meeting Marv
Must We Say Goodbye
My Friend, My Mentor
My Secret Santa
Office Party
Olympic Champ
Pleasurable Surprises
Reporter Scores Big
Rules of the Game
The Best of Friends
The Boarder
The Breasts of Janabeth
The Checkup
The Promise
The Pub
Training Partners
Trick or Treat
Vacation Cruise
Victoria's Body Social

julie stevens

New Beginning
Trouble at Home


primarily writes about female-female dominance and submission.
This description may seem bland. Read one of his/her stories.
A Different Story
A Wife's Temptation
Allison & Sarah
Becky and I
Blackmailed into Slavery
Encounter 1-7
Flight 9.5-9-7 *Cel-119
Hannah and Sara 1-3
Jill - The Offer 1-2
Kathryn and Sara
My Place in Life
My Submission 1 (no part 2)
Sarah and Allison 9.5-10-10 *Cel-102
Susan - Lez Slave
The Beginning
The Business Trip
The Flight
The Offer I-III
The Operation
The Photograph CEL-207: 10-10-10
The Sale
The Saleswoman
The Slave
The Summer Intern
The Theft
Undercover Cop I-III

kalisha connors

came up to ASSM with `Violet Hour'. Booah! What a
debute! It's about a woman hanging around in goth circles where she
fixates on a attractive stranger who beckons her over and tells her
two tales about her friends' sex lives that or may not turn out to be
A Visitor at St. Peter's (19k)
At the Violet Hour (30k)
 A/A- rating Annex review 5-25-2003
Elaine and the Dragon (18k)
_Kalisha stories_ _in reading order_
Kalisha Meets the Goddess (14k)
Kalisha does a 360 (29k)
Kalisha Turns the Tables (28k)
Kalisha and the Tricks (35k)
Kalisha Breaks and Enters (40k)
 CRIM-28: [9,10,10,10]


Ass Ambush
Calf Night
Grip Therapy
Hitting the Wall
Leather vs. Legs
Power Tennis
Remote Possibility
Snow Job
Twin Terrors


Holly at Work
Holly: Rekindling My Lesbian Past
Holly: Waiting for My Husband
My Life: Diary of Holly
Santa's Cumming CEL-349: 9-10-10

karen wagner

wrote the story that started it all

Karen Naked In School - Karen Wagner

Several youngsters followed (collected at Gary's Naked in School page).

Carl Naked in School - Peregrinef
Beth's story - Peregrinef
Beth Naked in School - Peregrinef
Keiko Naked in School - base212assm
Dee Naked in School - Terry
Jared And Amanda Naked In School - Frank Downey
Mike And Lily Naked In School - Frank Downey
Ed And Natalie Naked In School - Frank Downey
Frankie and Cassie Naked In School - Frank Downey
Michelle Naked In School - Frank Downey
Naked High (series) - Frank Downey
Naked In School: Kelly - Jack C Lipton
Naked In School: Jeff - Jack C Lipton
Bert Hart - Chrissy: Naked in School
Klaus Knaacht - Nackt in der Schule
& many more...

kari gold

wrote some very imaginative stuff to ASSM in 2001.

Babysitter Brad (mg)
 2001 Golden Clit finalist
My Life... Starring Me
 (f~FM+ kp inc cyberporn … other stuff in future installments)
My Golden Garden #1 (several fantasies: scary nc mf best f~fm+ gb ds)
Middle School Mysteries (ff+M+ tease*)
 #1 Whole lot of shaking going on
 #2 Uncut
 #3 Madre Dios
 #4 Jeepers Creepers
Kari Gold, Teen PI (hs)
 #1 - Basic Blackmail
    (f+ teen hs sex blackmail ds humil)
    parts 1-4 were posted to ASSM

karim al-zib

posted 3 stories to a.s.s in 1998 (the email adress does not work further). His stories are uncoded; they involve all sort of sex including slavery and beastality.

A Helpful Wife Message-ID: (360db866.
 [email protected])
Lois Lane's erotic adventure Message-ID: (VQyBlFAU4NF
 [email protected])
Wild In The Country


Domme-in-a-box 1-4 52K
First times 22K
The Lady's Chamber 22K
The Nice Guy 1-8 120K
Thoughts at the gym 21K
Will you recognize me? 4K

katie mcn

writes stories about female sex and anything else that strikes her fancy. She has organized several challenges and festivals, e.g. "The Summer Solstice Rom Festival" in 2002 for which she also submitted several stories. Katie was named the Golden Clit Best New Author of 2000 (with Dr. Spin & Souvie) and the Golden Clit Best Author of 2001 (with Al Steiner). She also posted a non-erotic story, "Murder In The ICU", to AFO

Katie wrote one-off stories and series, covering a wide range of themes, and did all of them well. Her Mary Kay and Mallory stories were particularly good examples of Lesbian Romance and were worth awards on their own. She was also a person with a good sense of humour and a fair number of her stories were parodies, lampooning particular genres, and managing to make the reader laugh and get aroused at the same time.

All in all, Katie was a woman proud of being a lesbian, and proud of her ability to write -- and that she had in abundance. Losing her creativity and humour is a loss indeed, and ASSM and ASSTR will be poorer for not having any more Katie stories. -- Hecate

A Katie R Halloween (32k) (RP)
A Letter to Vanessa (21k)  CEL-348: 9-9-9, (RP)
A Purple Yesterday (10k)
 [Blanket - Flash]
A Six Pack of Hecate CEL-351: 10-8-6
A Slut's Story
Aunt Becky
Chocolate, Little Girl? (11k) [choco-erotica],
 CRIM-21: [9,10,10,10]
Claudette Fucks the Parish Priest
Claudette Gets a Job
Claudette of the North
Country Club Dance
Day Job
Debt Without Honor
Dr. Zherkov and Willy
Eyes of the Beholder
Fucking My Way Through High School
Girls In Tight Pleated Skirts (15k) (RP)
Girls Stroke Story
Halloween Story - Mallory
I Know What You Did (18k)
 CRIM-20: [8,10,8,9]
I'll Do Anything (27k) (RP)
It Was the Sex Before Christmas (21k)
Just Like Everybody
Just One Wish
Kind of a Guy Thing
Lakeside Youth Sanitarium
Lap Dancer (68k)
 CRIM-26: [10,10,10,10]
Last Outpost
Love In The Year Two Thousand
Making the Grade
Mallory (13k) Golden Clitorides Award 2001 - Short Story of the Year (RP)
Middle School Innocent
Miller's Pond
Mother Knows Best
Murder In The ICU {AFO} 3500 words, Message-ID:
 ([email protected])
Paris Love Story
Playing for Keeps
Private Conversations
Reflections on a Dolphin
Revenge Is Mine CEL-363: 10-9-7
Sex and the Magic Book
Sex Monsters from Earth (10k) (RP)
School for Sluts
Sister Mary Margaret CEL-351: 9.5-9-9
Slut Therapy
Something New
Song of India
Street Scenes
Suzi Fucks Her Brothers
Sweet Swell of Success
Teen Models In Venice (32k) (RP)
The Ceiling Fan
Windy City Surprise
Winter Storm
Women In Love CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10]


writes lesbian sex stories. Also she edited DIVA, a
lesbian E-zine published about twice a month at In her words she is now writing for
love only.
A Room In Perugia (11k) (RP)
A Special Evening
Angela (17k) (RP)
Another Doctor (11k) (RP)
August Heat
Banking Hours (11k) (RP)
Bernita (20k) (RP)
Blue Boy
Blue Flame
Celebration (13k) (RP)
City Of Women
Doctor's Orders
Drifting (162k) (RP)
Dykescape I - X
Fire Below
First Time
Goodnight, Irene
Hollywood Moves
Lady In Red
Lipstick Girl
Lou's Girl (24k) (RP)
Lovers (212k) (RP)
Only On Fridays
Paris (14k) (RP)
Rachel (15k)
Relax, Darling
Somebody's Woman
Tennis In Phoenix
Texas Lady
The Blonde
The Frenzies
The Real Rose
Triple Delight
What Would Smollett Think?
You (12k)


(a.k.a. Don James) has become a specialist for long stories,
many of his stories are set in a historic universe (MF rom mostly).
100 Octane 1 (38k)
100 Octane 2 (34k)
100 Octane 3 (32k)
100 Octane 4 (28k)
100 Octane 5 (28k)
100 Octane 6 (26k)
100 Octane 7 (26k)
100 Octane 8 (23k)
100 Octane 9 (26k)
Altered Perceptions (12k)
Business Studies 1-13
Fogbound Encounter 1 (19k)
Fogbound Encounter 2 (18k)
Fogbound Encounter 3 (17k)
Fogbound Encounter 4 (18k)
Fogbound Encounter 5 (14k)
Fogbound Encounter 6 (17k)
Fogbound Encounter 7 (19k)
Fogbound Encounter 8 (18k)
Fogbound Encounter 9 (15k)
God's Flock 1 (28k)
God's Flock 2 (19k)
God's Flock 3 (22k)
God's Flock 4 (24k)
Growing up in a Broken Land (8k)
Mo' and the Thief 1-4 (31k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 5 (11k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 6 (12k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 7 (20k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 8 (15k)
Ostafrika 1 (44k)
Ostafrika 2 (39k)
Ostafrika 3 (44k)
Ostafrika 4 (37k)
Ostafrika 5 (40k)
Ostafrika 6 (33k)
Ostafrika 7 (38k)
Ostafrika 8 (38k)
Prequel (21k)
Sorry, Anais Nin (16k)
The Colonel (33k) (RP)
The Colonel's Diary 2 (18k)
The Donor 1 (16k)
The Donor 2 (17k)
The Donor 3 (17k)
The Donor 4 (20k)
The Donor 5 (19k)
The Donor 6 (15k)
The Donor 7 (19k)
The Donor 8 (14k)
The Musician (10k)
The Re-educator 1 (17k)
The Re-educator 2 (15k)
The Ride (18k)
The Ride (Postscript) (8k)
The Russian Girl 1 (26k)
The Russian Girl 2 (16k)
The Russian Girl 3 (17k)
The Russian Girl 4 (15k)
The Russian Girl 5 (23k)
The Russian Girl 6 (15k)
The Russian Girl 7 (19k)
The Russian Girl 8 (20k)
The Russian Girl 9 (24k)
The Russian Girl 10 (19k)
The Russian Girl 11 (17k)
The Russian Girl 12 (21k)
The Russian Girl 13 (27k)
The Russian Girl 14 (23k)
The Russian Girl 15 (24k)
The Russian Girl 16 (20k)
The Russian Girl 17 (14k)
The Russian Girl 18 (12k)
Undercover 1 (21k)
Undercover 2 (21k)
Undercover 3 (23k)
Undercover 4 (20k)
Undercover 5 (23k)
Undercover 6 (19k)
Undercover 7 (21k)
Undercover 8 (19k)
Undercover 9 (20k)
Undercover 10 (21k)
Undercover 11 (20k)
Undercover 12 (22k)

kelli paine i

n all of the following stories are starring Helen, Dara,
Laurel and Dillon and the stories contain all kind of perversities,
even torture, humilation and snuff. Nothing for sensible people.
Bed and Breakfast 1 (8k)
Bed and Breakfast 2 (8k)
Bed and Breakfast 3 (20k)
Bed and Breakfast 4 (30k)
Bed and Breakfast 5 (17k)
Bed and Breakfast 6 (16k)
Bed and Breakfast 7 (20k)
Bed and Breakfast 8 (20k)
Bed and Breakfast 9 (17k)
Helen's Whores (101k)
Laurel's Torment (124k)


A. B. C
Alternate Wife
Conversation with a Working Girl
Daisy's Sister
Deferred Pleasure
Deviation Tira: CEL-331: 8-4-4
Discreet Winner
Discrete Sailor CEL-363: 10-10-10
Double Delilah
End of the Party
Estri's Escape
Ex-Girl Next Door (24k)
Favors (20k)
Frazier Haven CEL-327: 10-8-8
Gifts for the Meshir
Hasty Guesses
How I Stumbled into Modeling
I Suck (49k)
Improbable Rape
In the Movies
Late Curiosity
Learning to Bang
Luncheon Fist
Meshir Rescue
Mrs. Hollowell
Night of Privilege BillyG: CEL-345: 10-10-10
Pandora's New Box
Party with Bimbos
Picnic Crumbs (22k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,10,10]
Poor Little Rich Girl
Promise Delayed
Red Dick's Girl
Rescue (21k)
Riding the Tiger Mary: CEL-348: 10-10-10
Room at the Top
Sisters in Waiting
Substitute Seed
Sudden Dividend
Surprise Arty
Straightening Out the Boys (36k)
Swinging Pair (60k)
Tarnished Pearl
The Blackmailer
The Chocolate Cock (7k) [Birthday],
 CRIM-21: [8,9,9,9]
The Cooperative Defendant (57k)
The Eager Donor
The Hidden Journal
The Hitch-hikers
The Injury (38k)
 CRIM-26: [10,9,8,7]
The Lab Tart
The Last Slave CEL-363: 10-10-10
The Last Two Days, 6/10 *Cel-379
The Meshir
The Other Man's Chance
The Pickup
The Poker Chip
The Reverse Guy
The Slack Night BillyG: CEL-341: 10-10-10
The Victor Mary: CEL-337: 8-9-9
Timely Pool
Under his Nose
Under Surveillance
Wet Nurse
When Opportunity Jiggles
Yard Work

kelly h. adams

is a twenty-something woman living in the midwest. Her
(rather short) "Bed Time Stories" – up-to-now 19 stroke stories --
take the form of second-person narratives told by a female narrator to
a male subject, relating allegedly true events of sex and eroticism
(mainly male/female and/or female/female action.) She also wrote some
other stories outside the series as well as "The Walnut Grove
Chronicles". Also, she is one of the moderators of ASSM. On her
website she has "Bedtime Stories _For_ Kelly" which were written by
her fans for/about her.
Bedtime Stories with Kelly 1-20 10K
Calendar Girls, part 1 25K
Do You Trust Me? 15K,
 Mary: CEL-339: 8-8-9,
 CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
Fresh 12K
 CRIM-3: [10,10,9,10]
Happy Birthday, Madison! (FF) (14k)
Maggie and Tammy (43k)
My Day as a Model 31K
Ringing In the New Year with Kelly 11K
Sandy's Story (10k)
The Book, chapters 1-2 47K
The Prattingville Pussy Posse CRIM-16: [9,10,9,10],
The Server 12K
_The Walnut Grove Chronicles_
Bowling (by Bill)
Andi and Jo Meet Charity (45k)
Adventures in Shopping (by Bill)
Jo and Hilary's First Date 34K
Charity & Andi (by Bill)
Ginny Comes to Town 94K
Polly the Mechanic 17K,
 CRIM-7: [9,10,8,9]
Ginny's Good Day
Kelly & Gretchen Play with Betsy (by Bill)
Hilary's Muse *A rating Annex Reviews 9/29/02
Too Short a Summer CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10]
Maggie & Tammy
Happy Birthday, Madison! CRIM-17: [10,10,9,10],

ken bristol

Aunt Pamela 418k

kenny gamura

A Pepsi (11k)
 CRIM-8: [8,10,10,9]
A Present from my Daddy (9k)
A Reminder of Her (4k)
 CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10]
A Thank You to the Moderators (3k) [flash fest]
An X-mas Tale (25k)
Asking Only Workmans Wages (5k) [song fest]
At the Conference (7k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,7,9]
Beggars Can't Be... part 1 (12k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 2 (13k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 2 (12k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 3 (10k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 3 (9k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 4 (9k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 4 (10k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 5 (20k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 6 (17k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 7 (24k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 8 (18k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 9 (20k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 10 (16k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 11 (18k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 12/13 (21k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 14 (18k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 15 (39k) 36883
Beggars Can't Be... part 16 (15k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 17 (11k)
Bottoming from the Top (12k)
Case of the Uncommon Whore (35k)
College Bar Party Time (3k) [flash fest]
Cheerleaders Need New Uniforms (21k)
Double Celeb Meeting (7k)
Enjoy Your Youth While You Still Have It (13k)
Fred Bags a Porn Star (7k)
Fred Flintbone and the French Tickler (21k)
Free Minor Repairs (9k)
Free Babes on Cam (5k)
Fucks Sake (9k)
Girls Just Want to Have Cum (8k)
Getting What She Asked For (3k) [flash fest]
Good Boys and Girls {caution} (7k)
Got Beer  (9k)
How to Be a Pain in the Ass 1 (3k) [flash fest]
I Am Just a Poor Boy (4k) [song fest]
I Wiggled a Finger at Her (3k) [flash fest]
In the Clearing Stands a Boxer (5k) [song fest]
Intercourse, The Penguin  (9k)
lagadum, lagadum, scoobiedoobie (24k)
Last of the Moe Peek-Ins (20k)
Laying Out My Winter Clothes (5k) [song fest]
Minnesota Twins (8k)
My Daddy's Graduated Cylinder (11k)
My Daddy's Slave (12k)
My Daddy's Little Sports Ho (17k)
No, I Really Didn't See That (7k)
Officer Sherry, USMCR (8k)
Officer Sherry vs the Shoplifting Porn Writer (2k) [flash fest]
Officer Sherry vs the Slightly Chunky Roommate (11k)
One Dead Cheerleader (33k)
One Morning at
 214 Clitlick Street (16k)
Pat and the Trucker (15k)
Prince of Wails (28k)
Prize Money (4k)
Repossessed Teacher (13k)
Saturday in the Park (12k)
Sausage Stuffing  (3k) [flash fest]
Ski Trip (37k)
Story Quickly Writen in Hotmail (13k)
Sweet Julie Brown Eyes (24k) [summer rom fest]
The Chocolate Shoppe (14k)
 CRIM-22: [8,10,10,10]
Tuesday Morning, Please Be Gone (10k)
Triple Play (6k)
Watching Shelly (30k)
 CRIM-28: [9,10,10,10]
When I Left My Home and My Family (5k) [song fest]
Work Cocktail Party (3k) [flash fest]
Your New Bride Is A Little Spooky (10k) (RP)


A Moonlit Winter Night
Cherries of Love
Pleasuring Myself
Possession of a Stranger
Silk Bindings
Sweet Surrender
Through the Looking Glass

kid dynamite

Lessons in Lust CEL-12: 10
Sally's Surrender 10-10-10 *Cel-89
Wonderful Journey 10-10-10 *Cel-133


the irrepressible. For all around good cheer, Kim is impossible to
beat. Excellent, unusual imagination. Wrote guest reviews for Celeste
and was a regular on a.s.s.d. Quit writing and posting to the ng's in
A Christmas Triple CEL-349: 10-10-10
A Quiet Rooftop Orgy
A Triple Twist
Best Laid Plans
Bouts - -
Carole #87 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-349: 9-10-10
Computer Games on a Sunday *A rating Annex Reviews
Dark Doings in the Dungeons
Descent of a Woman
Doubts and Uncertainties CEL-251: 10-10-10,
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 1-11-98
Free Sex CEL-220: 10-8-9
Going Home CEL-228: 10-10-10
No Fury
Nobody's to Blame
One Birth, Two Breakups, and a Crash
Payback - or Life's a Beach
Silent Night
Sophia, the Maid, Her Husband, and Me
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, 4
Two Stories from the Island
Violence in Video Games v 1 & 2
Your Wish CEL-222: 10-10-10,
 #99 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97


(a.k.a. sarah7932) (in order of reading)
Nicola's Hot Screen Test
Nicola & the Helpful Angel
Bikini Audition
Shutterbug Starlets
Bikini Stewardesses Go Mile High
Hollywood Party Hostesses
Maid in Australia (34k)
Nicola: Live & Uncensored
Carwash Cuties
Nicola Gets A Woody
Bikini Christmas Carol
Sex Kitten
Bikini Sorority House Party
Bikini Audition 2: The Wrath of Angela
Best in Show
Knickers Down in Acapulco
Undercover Starlet
BikiniVivor (58k)
Topless Cheerleaders, Inc (59k)
Harem'd (3 parts) (149k) 42861, 42910


(exh) ([email protected])
Human Sexuality 201 228K (9 parts)
Human Sexuality 201 - Cindi
Joni - The Mannequin (7k)
Joni - Taxi (4k)
Tina's X-Party (5k)
The Club 13K (3 parts)

kristen kathleen becker

is a young woman from Oregon who is both an avid story collector as well as an author. Additionally, she has written stories in collaboration with several other authors. Thanks a lot, Kristen. You made several good recommendations. She went on hiatus since she was following her husband to Asia.

Kristen's own stories are collected at Kristen's Written Word.

Air Force
Callie B+ Annex Review 8-22-97
Hershey's CEL-359: 10-8-7
Kristin `This story was written for me by
 someone who wished to stay
 anonymous. It's a rework of
 another story.'
Nanako's New Passion
Quake (2 parts) A sexy story written
 with Storysman.
Peeping Jane CEL-346: 10-7-7
Significant Others Myers: 8 *Cel-322
Sister `was originally written by
 Jennifer and Steve Jensen. I
 was asked to help rewrite it with
 a little more umph in it.'
BiKathy `Cindy originally wrote this
 story, but I didn't like it, so I
 changed it and made it better, I
 think...' ***
Dreamsex `This one was written for me by
 Jon, who is a real dreamer...
Kristen Written by Dennis
Nikki Comes to America
We Become Swingers


posted exclusively to, under the name
Eileen Stone. Her stories are based in the alternate dimension of
Earth called the Darkside. They can be found at Grey's Erotic Archive: under the "Paranormal" category. Each arc
from the Darkside has its own title, and the first one is called `The
United States of Anarchy'. The series seems to remain unfinished.
Darkside Stories:
_United States of Anarchy_
USAN 01 "Boy in the Attic"
USAN 02 "Indian Cavern"
USAN 03 "Robert's Revenge"
USAN 04 "The Dark Palace"
USAN 05 "Gifts of Power"
USAN 06 "Hell Hath no Fury..."
USAN 07 "The Spreading Darkness"
USAN 08 "She Blinded me with Science"
USAN 09 "A Little Power..."
USAN 10 "When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play"
USAN 11 "Within The Fist of Darkness"
USAN 12 "Braving The Fimbulwinter"
USAN 13 "Un-Pleasant Valley"
USAN 14 "The Slither-Thing"
USAN 15 "The Green Eyed Wanderer"
USAN 16a "The Charge Keepers, Part 1"
USAN 16b "The Charge Keepers, Part 2"
USAN 17 "They're Coming to Take Me Away"
USAN 18 "The Mystic Woods"
USAN 19 "The White Tower" _forthcoming_
USAN 20 "Imperial States of
  America" _forthcoming_
(USAN 19 and 20 are announced on her website, but last update
 is from May 2000)

kysa braswell

died April 7, 2002 and maintained a homepage on the net
where she hosted stories written by herself, stories written by others
about her, and stories she just liked.
Numerated story files can be found at
There was a thread in ASSD considering the site as a fake. I'm
documenting it, not commenting it.
001. Erotic Fiction Resources
002. Erotic Keyword List
003. Kysa's Views on Penis Size
004. It's a Girl Thing
005. Student-Teacher Interaction
006. How I Met Kysa Braswell
007. Sex Bomb Cheerleader
008. Her Dirty Little Secret Life
009. My Daughter's Wish
010. A Wife Driven to Cheat
011. Getting Back at Sis
012. Beating His Wife's Ass
013. Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass
014. Maximum Slut
015. Dirty Deeds
016. Near and Naked
017. Her Dog Days
018. Kysa's Addiction
019. Cheating Bitch
020. Dog-Loving Daughter
021. Twins for My Baby
022. Forcing Mom to Fuck
023. The Big Setup
024. Proper Wife Beating
025. Rape and Roll
026. A Tale of Brotherly Love
027. Forbidden Acts
028. Let the Wife Beware
029. Nasty Sister
030. She Can Take It
031. Craving in Lust
032. Helping Her Dad
033. Max Power, Cocksman
034. Ass Breakers
035. Fuck Them All
036. Ga Ga Over Mom
037. Cherry Bombs
038. One Online Romance
039. Jenny's Schoolgirl Training
040. Sexual Publicity
041. Family Relations
042. Money Can't Buy It
043. Raping the Girl Next Door
044. Punished by Mother
045. What Should Never Be
046. A True Cuckold
047. Milk of Mother
048. Deceived Bride
049. Keep Her Cumming
050. Prostitute For a Wife
051. Prissy White Bitch
052. Kysa's Cuckolded Husband
053. Father's Day
054. Between Husband and Wife
055. A Size Queen Explains Why
056. Finding a Stud is Hard
057. Teaching Mom a Lesson
058. Sexual Instrumentation
059. Too Young to Fuck
060. Tale of the Tape
061. Seducing Mom and Sis
062. Rampant Teen Sluts
063. Raping the Minister's Daughter
064. Reset
065. A Cuckold's Life
066. Carol Brazil vs. the Rape Gang
067. Brandi and Carol: True Friends
068. Impregnated by My Big Brother
069. Three Girls and a Horse
070. Wrong Man at the Wrong Time
071. The Wife Confesses
072. Raping the Teacher
073. Virgin Turned Slut for Horses
074. The Girls' Club
075. Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
076. The Lure of Anonymous Sex
077. Daughter for Sale and Breeding
078. Black and Cocky
079. The Perfect Rape
080. Brotherly Love
081. The Black Breeders Club
082. The Courtship of Kysa
083. The Whore in Her
084. Perverted Little Angel
085. Everyday Girl
086. Lolita Dara
087. Banging Anna's Ass
088. My Mom's a Slut
089. Country Girl Fever
090. Free to Fuck Sis
091. Breaking Her In
092. Such a Tease
093. The Teen Likes It
094. Whoring the Daughter
095. A Cuckolded Husband Writes
096. A Gift for Kysa
097. Mom Fucks the Negro Help
098. Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog
099. A Cuckold's Letter to Kysa
100. Kysa and the Gang
101. Ain't That a Kink
102. Halfway House Rape
103. Kysa Horses Around
104. Hot Young Neighbors
105. The Stud Always Cums Twice Raccoon: CEL-313: 7-3-1
106. Kysa Pays Off a Debt
107. Slave By the Pond
108. My Slut Kysa
109. Depraved Blackmailers
110. Kysa Buys a Breeding Buck
111. Breast Size vs. Cock Size
112. Twisted Daughter
113. Fucking in Front of Hubby
114. Pregging Mother and Daughter
115. Can't Get Enough Black Cock
116. Love the One You're With
117. A Sadistic Gang Rape
118. The Wife Gets Auctioned
119. Kysa's Big Black Surprise
120. To Catch a Rapist
121. My Little Suck Slut Wife
122. My Big Daddy
123. Incest is Best
124. Kysa's First Black Baby
125. On Vacation From Husband
126. Horny Teen Girls
127. Teaching My Son
128. Sisters Make Loving Fun
129. Kysa and the Black Bikers
130. A Mother's Sin
131. Wife Whores It Around
132. Teaching Her to Behave
133. An Ironic Wife
134. My First Meeting with Kysa
135. Luring His Daughter
136. Kysa's Boyfriend Finds Out
137. Sneaky Sister
138. Irreverent Fucker
139. Kysa's First Black Rape
140. Mom's Sweet Memory
141. Las Vegas Affair
142. Kinky, Version 1.0
143. Kinky, Version 2.0
144. Anya's a Prick Tease
145. Letter: A Personal Experience
146. Mom Breaks in Daughter
147. Kysa's Blacking Party
148. Teen Whores for Horses
149. Operation Fuck Daddy
150. My Game Cousin
151. Letters to Rita, Kysa's Mom
152. Kidnapped and Forced to Breed
153. Kysa's Mom Spanks HARD
154. Impregnating My Alien
155. Cock-whipped Wife
156. Raping Bunny Langtry
157. New Meat
158. Fucking My Girls
159. Horn Dogs
160. Learning the Hard Way
161. Degenerate Daughter
162. Beautiful Son
163. Built to Fuck
164. Learning the Ropes
165. Raging Pain
166. Corporate Lez
167. Paying Their Debts
168. Horse Fever
169. Attitude Adjustments
170. Kids Will Be Kids
171. Splitting Hairs
172. Kysa, the Blowjob Girl
173. Inside Family Trading
174. Trained with Pain
175. Sexual Rescue
176. Breaking in a Virgin
177. Daddy Needs to Rape
178. Tunnel of Love
179. Letter: On Interracial Sex
180. One Very Wild White Girl
181. Extreme Daughter
182. My First Time with a Boy
183. Family Gone Wild
184. Kysa's Hung Black Brother
185. A Stud is Born
186. After School Slut
187. Letter: Kysa's Future Children
188. Kysa's Raping
189. Naked Curiosities
190. Loyal to Mom
191. Kysa's Wedding Present
192. White Wife with a Black Baby
193. Painful Pleasures
194. A Mother's Weakness
195. Finding Studs for My Wife
196. Kysa's Little Brother
197. A Fanatic for Girls' Volleyball
198. Kysa and the Hung Teenager
199. Trying Young
200. A Fantasy Gets Out of Hand
201. Letters to My Dark Lovers
202. Stepping Over the Line
203. License to Rape
204. Bang the Teen Slowly
205. Meeting My Match
206. Finding Her Bliss
207. Blacking the College Girl
208. My Size Queen Conversion
209. Losing My Wife to Him
210. Righting a Wrong
211. Three-way Whipping
212. Long May You Rape
213. Storybook Dreams
214. Young Meat
215. Slut for Animals
216. Molesting Daddy
217. A New Sensation
218. Genetic Appreciation
219. Stud Finder
220. The Bride's Best Man
221. My Black Neighbor
222. An Inside View
223. Seduction of Sister
224. The Sweetest Revenge
225. Kysa's Big Tits
226. The Fucking Family
227. Teen Sex Obsessions
228. Bridal Cum Showers
229. Mommy Gets Raped
230. Bring the Pain
231. Relatively Beautiful
232. Tearing Her Up
233. Re-educating Sandra
234. Oh, Brother!
235. Teacher Fuckers
236. Life in the Country
237. Teenaged Curiosities
238. Baby Making Brother
239. Doesn't Get Any Better
240. Foreskin Whore
241. Raped to Death
242. Practicing on Sister
243. Hickville Fuckers
244. Unnatural Abuse
245. Young Slut Bride
246. Starting Young
247. Big-cunted Wife
248. The Second Lover
249. Momma's Boy
250. Sick Fucking Family
251. Cry Rape
252. Naked Cabin Girl
253. Breeding Her Daughter
254. Such a Cock Whore
255. Tiny Girl, Big Horse
256. Daddy Needs His Girl
257. Horny Fucking Teacher
258. Tight Small One
259. Whore Wife on the Side
260. Servicing the Men
261. She Fucked the What?
262. Wife Suck-ceeds
263. Cum-slut Nieces
264. Fucking Uncle Jeb
265. Watcher Husbands
266. Peeping Sister
267. Trans-Sexuality
268. She Got Blacked
269. Sick Animal Fuckers
270. Sodomizing Her Son
271. A Good Day to Fuck
272. Her Son's Training
273. The Truth About Girls
274. Raping the Drunk Teen
275. Those Were the Days
276. When the Wife's Away
277. The Sisters Double Up
278. Learning the Hard Way
279. Young Girls Inside Out
280. Growing Up Fast
281. Pain Becomes Her
282. Look Who's Fucking Whom
283. Intimate with Animals
284. Wife's Hung Lover
285. Making My Sister Pregnant
286. Banging the Cheerleaders
287. A Girl and Her Horse
288. You're Never Too Young
289. Demanding Daughter
290. Sister's Incest Lessons
291. Skin-deep Scandal
292. If It Bleeds, It Leads
293. Cheating Raped Wife
294. Daughter Learns from Dad
295. Family Fuckfest
296. Schooling the Boy
297. Big Swinging Dick
298. Marriage American Style
299. Prick Dreams
300. Learning Before College
301. Mom's Love of Dogs
302. Her Year of Reading Proust
303. The Pleasures of Twins
304. Horse Loving Teens
305. My Neighbor, My Slut
306. Whore for Big Black
307. New Girl at School
308. Tricking the Pre-teen
309. The Stepfather Raped Her
310. Caning the Schoolgirls
311. A Big Surprise for Wife
312. She's Likes Losing
313. Wild Fucking Teens
314. Getting Their Kicks
315. Homespun Fucking
316. Crossing Over
317. Daddy's Horny Girls
318. Teen Orgies
319. My Wife the Slut
320. Size Queen Slut
321. All She Wanted
322. A Cousin To Sleep With
323. College Girls Suck
324. Busting the Babysitter's Ass
325. Dad's Huge Prick
326. All the Hung Horses
327. My Kysa Complex: A Novel
328. Thoughts of a Sleepy Wife
329. Cock of the Rock
330. The Lover Next Door
331. A Wife's Lewd Hunger
332. Sex and the Mother
333. A Monstrous Rapist
334. The Ladies Prefer Black
335. Animal Slut Bride
336. My Sister's a Slut
337. Violated Virgin
338. Stealing Sister's Husband
339. Kysa Learns about Sex
340. Finally I Fucked Mom
341. Wife is Hot for Black
342. My Mother, Her Clit, and Me
343. Drugged and Fucked
344. Taking Daddy's Sperm
345. They Raped the Daughter
346. Wife Needs a Real Man
347. The Help was Hung
348. Waiting to be Sixteen
349. Teen Farmgirl Nymphet
350. My Pregnant Friend
351. Rematched Young Lovers
352. She Spreads for Them
353. She Welcomed Rape
354. Cock Fear
355. Bare-assed Niece
356. Her Husband's Best Friend
357. Kysa's Darkest Fantasy
358. Busting 'em Young
359. Once They Go Black
360. Size Ten Please
361. Passion of a Wife
362. The Hellion Bridesmaid
363. Taming the Girls
364. Baby Training
365. Then Came Him
366. Making My Compromises
367. Family Fuck Buffet
368. Arla Likes Big and Black
369. Growing Up and Out
370. Daddy's Little Lover
371. Blackmailed Navy Wife
372. His Mother Knew Best
373. Her Ever-Parted Thighs
374. Stolen Innocence
375. Servicing My Daddy
376. A Killer Cock
377. Lost Bet Lost Wife
378. Cockteasing Teen
379. Tricking My Uncle
380. Perverted Uncle James
381. Double-slut Twins
382. Twisted Niece
383. Niece Loves Creampies
384. Sisters Join In
385. Sowing Her Oats
386. A Sexual Feast
387. Easy Wife, Slut Daughter
388. Sex-Starved Family
389. Raping the Schoolgirl
390. Kysa Takes a Dive
391. Birthday Babies
392. Little Girls, Big Breasts
393. Raped By Animals
394. Ass Slut
395. Pulling Her Panties Down
396. Mom's Gotta Have It
397. Discovering Mom
398. Drug Slut
399. Dependable Dad
400. Horse Lovin' Babe
401. A Writer's Passion
402. The Way of All Flesh
403. Old Times
404. Raping the Smart Babe
405. Pregging Little Amber
406. A Rape of Justice
407. Mom Takes It Black
408. The Shapely Panty Model
409. First Mother, Then Daughter
410. The Good Father
411. It's All Wrong
412. It's a Fucking Robot!
413. Mom's in Heat
414. Whatever It Takes
415. Daddy's Little Lover
416. There Is No God
417. The Neighbors' Vanity
418. Black Lust
419. Son Takes a Bath
420. First Date, First Cock
421. Sluts for Daughters
422. Sister Sucks
423. Rehabilitating the Parolees
424. Bondage 101
425. Rape Education
426. Schoolgirl Takes a Hit
427. Making Babies for Daddy
428. Wicked Master
429. Falling for Cocks
430. Raped Cheerleader
431. Daughter Takes On Daddy
432. Sex Scandal at School
433. Family Cums First


Any Other Way *Cel-196: 9-7-6,
 *A rating Annex Review 7-26-97
 Lady Cyrrh said, "Check this one
 out of its psychological realism
 and intensity."
Nothing Like the Sun 360k+
Red Rain 195k

lara v. cataluna

Her stories are focused on the themes of non- consentuality and humiliation. On her website she states:

The victim, often the esteemed author herself, is a young woman, smart and privileged, who finds herself at the mercy of some highly unsavory characters. The villains usually have a score to settle and they do so with the help of your garden variety villain tricks: Mind-control, blackmail, physical subjugation...
Of course, in re-reading most of my stories, I find many things that could have been better. Maybe the language in some were a little too cheesy, or maybe some of the shortcuts in the plot were too easy. But in the spirit of authenticity, I change them not.

Gang by the Pool
The Palermo Six
Mental Captivity
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed
The Property of Raging Pythons A-/B+ Annex 5/30/99
Raising the Perfect Slut


-LYNN DAVIS posted many stories in a short time at break of years
2001/2002 with copyright claimed in 2001 and 2002 but I believe they
were already written and perhaps published elsewhere in earlier time.
In september 2002 she posted some further stories, but since then ...
nothing. There was a statement in ASSD by her, that she quit writing
under this nick and will not post to the groups anymore. So "A
Semester Abroad" posted to ASS only was certainly her last story. Most
of her stories are lesbian stories, from romance about bondage and
rape up to violence and execution. She describes herself as a 28-year-
old bisexual of Connecticut. She's writing for living out her fairly
lurid fantasies, about things she wouldn't dream of doing in real life
-- dancing nude in a lez bar, or sucking tweenty cocks in one night; or
things that are impossible, like being taken to Hong Kong to be sold
into slavery. Many of her fantasies involve being executed for a crime
she didn't commit.
A Night at Emma's
A Night at Emma's (Version 2)
A Semester Abroad MID: (68ddmu4c6i3idmfh94t5t1sk5
 [email protected])
A Slave's Story
A Vacation at the Cape
About Me
Amazon Story
Another Night at Emma's
Birthday Present
Birthday Present (Version Two)
Called to the Office
Car Trouble
Career Change
Daddy's Whore
Enslaving Laurie
Field Hockey
First Time CRIM-3: [8,9,7,8]
Hanging Jill
Chris and Logan
If Only
Jungle Dreams
Justine and Nichole
Kate's Bitch
Los Angeles
Meat II
Megan's Fantasy *A rating Annex Reviews 1/18/03
My Execution
News at Six
PC Support
Personal Assistant
Posing for Kirsten
Running From Rape
Serial Killer
School Girls
Soccer Team Slaves
Stanton Academy
Summer at the Pool
Temple of Destiny
Terri's Bitch
The Assassin
The Baby Sitter
The Bitch Trainer
The Board Meeting
The Dyke Bar
The Enema CRIM-4: [7,8,5,5]
The Eurasian
The Execution of Jennifer Fair
The Family Business
The Gambler
The Garden Party
The Household Slave
The Immediate Future or The Call of the Rope
The Pain Slut
The Party
The Reporter
The Scandal
The School Girl
The Special Day
The Spy

laura s

Our Lori Matriculates 37k
Lori and her Family 63k
Lori's Third Grade 18k
Lori's Uncle 43k
My Story Cel-359


is writing stories F+/F, always one woman reluctant to lesbian
love. `Nanny 3 - Back To School' (s)he wrote with Greatness (still
Attitude Adjustment I (120k)
Attitude Adjustment II (114k)
Attitude Adjustment III (96k)
Attitude Adjustment IV (110k)
Attitude Adjustment V (106k)
Attitude Adjustment VI (117k)
Attitude Adjustment VII (95k)
Attitude Adjustment VIII (111k)
Bountiful Plantation (157k) (RP),
 *A rating Annex Reviews 2/5/99
Into The Maelstrom (293k) (RP)
Jenny At Hanauma Bay (59k)
Nanny1 (235k) (RP)
Nanny2 (176k) (RP)
Nanny3: Back To School 1/14 (76k)
Nanny3: Back To School 2/14 (63k)
Nanny3: Back To School 3/14 (46k)
Nanny3: Back To School 4/14 (36k)
Nanny3: Back To School 5/14 (76k)
Nanny3: Back To School 6/14 (48k)
Nanny3: Back To School 7/14 (50k)
Nanny3: Back To School 8/14 (78k)
Nanny3: Back To School 9/14 (63k)
Nanny3: Back To School 10/14 (43k)
Nanny3: Back To School 11/14 (78k)
Nanny3: Back To School 12/14 (38k)
Nanny3: Back To School 13/14 (42k)
Nanny3: Back To School 14/14
Tentacle, My Tentacle (33k)
The Return Of Carolyn Lord (273k)


(aka Kalika aka Fallen Angel)
Amazing Grace
Burning the Church
Cock the Hammer [ff, dark] 12K,
 CEL-346: 10-10-10 {GALAGO}
Collection [m/f, bibl] (11k)
Crack. [bsdm poetry]  (1k)
Crying Confusion
Dance [mf] (20k)
Girl [f/f, dark] (8k)
He Left [m/f] (10k)
Milady [f/f, sub, hist] (19k)
Moon – ff teen
 1-5 [f/f] (71k)
 6 [f/f rom] (36k)
On Her Leg [m/f] (9k)
Poison Ivy
Psion [m/f, s/f, mind sex] (54k)
Rag Doll CEL-265: 10-10-10
Strawberries m/f, hist? (45k)
Ten [mff] (26k)
The Dragonlily [m/f, cons] (26k)
The Mechanic [m/f, oral] (7k)
The Watcher


A Late Afternoon (18k)
A Long Lunch (11k)
After Bedtime (6k)
An Early Morning (14k)
Bath Night (12k)
Birthday Present (17k)
Faithful Companion (10k)
 CRIM-16: [9,8,9,7]
Four Vignettes from Bear Valley (11k)
Hacker (10k)
Helping Pete be Gentle (24k)
House Trained (5k)
Christmas Presents (7k)
Khathrinia: Leaving Home  (7k)
Night Train (11k)
Open Arms (21k)
Sentient Encounter (12k)
Sleep Over (28k)
Softened boys in in Bear Valley (6k)
The Fox and the Chick (14k) [virago challenge]
Winter Holiday (6k)
Year's End (7k)


died in 2003 as result of a car accident earlier this year.
_"Valley", "Rhianna Summer" and "Compound" series in reading order:_
The Valley ..#1 (RP) (300k)
More Tales from the Valley ..#2 (RP) (263k)
Return to the Valley ..#3 (RP) (173k)
 B+ Rating Annex Reviews 2/24/99
To Walk in the Valley ..#4 (235k)
To Catch a Smuggler {Bluewords} ..#5
The Power of the Valley ..#6
To Catch a Child Killer ..#7 Wherryman: CEL-341: 9-9-10
Stolen from the Valley ..#8
To Catch a Friend {Jay Alam} ..#9
To Catch a Cold ..#10
To Catch the Past ..#11
To Catch a Monster ..#12
 1 (21k)
 2 (26k)
 3 (26k)
 4 (23k)
 5 (29k)
 6 (24k)
 7 (29k)
 8 (31k)
 9 (26k)
 10 (27k)
 11 (26k)
To Catch Rhianna ..#13
 1 (24k)
 2 (22k)
 3 (23k)
 4 (21k)
 5 (27k)
 6 (17k)
 7 (21k)
 8 (17k)
 9 (18k)
 10 (16k)
 11 (22k)
 12 (20k)
 13 (15k)
 14 (24k)
 15 (25k)
 16 (19k)
 17 (18k)
 18 (16k)
 19 (17k)
 20 (17k)
 21 (20k)
 22 (31k)
The Compound ..#14
 1 (31k)
 2 (26k)
 3 (18k)
 4 (31k)
 5 (25k)
 6 (30k)
 7 (22k)
 8 (31k)
 9 (26k)
 10 (29k)
 11 (24k)
 12 (32k)
 13 (26k)
 14 (25k)
 15 (27k)
 16 (23k)
Watchers of the Compound ..#15
 1 (30k)
 2 (28k)
 3 (32k)
 4 (23k)
 5 (25k)
 6 (31k)
 7 (36k)
 8 (28k)
 9 (43k)
 10 (10k)
 11 (26k)
 12 (30k)
 13 (39k)
_other stories (in alphabetical order:)_
Buttons (18k)
Her New World: Section 1. (53k)
Her New World: Section 2  (84k)
Her New World: Section 3  (77k)
Her New World: Section 4  (80k)
Her New World: Section 5 (100k)
Her New World: Section 6  (89k)
Her New World: Section 7  (75k)
Her New World: Section 8 (116k)
Her New World: Section 9  (88k)
Is this story Truth or Fiction? (59k)
Junkheap Wars (46k)
Mrs McCabe's Ye Olde Bed & Breakfast
On the Water Parts 1-10 (RP) (183k)
On the Water Parts 11-20 (RP) (207k)
On the Water Parts 21-End (RP) (168k)
Other Eyes
Parade (RP) (24k)
Sam and E.
Sidewalk Chalk (20k)
Snow White: Slave Girl (22k)
Temperance 1-9
The Cat in the Hood (9k)
The Cave  (22k)
The Inheritance (14k)
The Parade
The Pony Princess *A rating Annex Reviews 9/2/02
The Sixth Bullet
The Stake  (9k)
Wrapped up in the Holiday

linda b

(ff teen romance)
The Passing of Seasons #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996


(D&S) reposted his bondage stories to as a "
flood" and can be found be searching Google with "LineMstr flood".
Posting date: 25 Jan 1997 (if not indicated different)
A Trip to the Texas State Fair 9 Sep 1998
A Trip to the "Toy" Store 9 Sep 1998
Beach Bondage 9 Sep 1998
Couch Shopping Trip 9 Sep 1998
First Meeting 9 Sep 1998
Niki's Trip 9 Sep 1998
Niki's Adventure 9 Sep 1998
Niki's Trip To The Library 9 Sep 1998
On Display I-III
Punished in Public 1-6
Ruthie's Story 1-12 9 Sep 1998
Slave Shops for a Sofa Sleeper
Slave's Night at the Rodeo
Slave's Public Exhibition at the Mall
Slave's Trip to the Library
Slave's Trip to the Toy Store
Sunday Jogging 9 Sep 1998
The Branding Google-Search thru Message-ID:
 [email protected])
The Car Buying 9 Sep 1998
The Cats And Niki 9 Sep 1998
The Ladies' Club 9 Sep 1998
The Pavillion 1-10 (216k) Google-Search thru
Message-ID: (1998090902322400.
 [email protected])
The Redemption Ball
The Runway
Window Scene


writes slut wife stories. He has written several, though
nothing recent, and all are good if you like the genre. Lingus'
stories are hosted on Dark Wanderer's site.
Dental Hijinks
Dessert Free with Meal at Donna's Diner
Down The Road With Ann YW9
Fellatrix Summa Cum Laude
Full Body Massage
Fun Develops in the Darkroom
Ginny's Big Surprise YW10
Good Neighbor
Good Night at Casey's
Half-Time Huddle
Her Lesson in Success
Hot Lunch
Charity Auction
Icy Hot Layover in Chicago
In the End Zone
Intimate Customer Relations *Cel-190: 10-10-10
Joan's Lesson in Success
Karen's Good Neighbor Policy
Kathy Mixes Politics with Pleasure
Ken's Big Surprise
Kim Cums Home YW11
Lingerie Shop
Marty's Massage YW14
Mattress Politics
Mother Knows Best
My Wife's Homecumming
My Wife Laps the Field at Indy
My Wife's Big Three O YW55
New Standard for Service
Nikki's Vacation Fun YW15
Our Vacation Fun
Really Big One for Jenn
Rockin' Down the Road
Sex Therapist
Traci Makes the Team
Turning the Tables
Undercover Reporter
Who Is That Masked Woman?
Wild Birthday Bash
Woman Who Loves Lots of Men

lisa cohn

Kathy *B rating Annex Review 5-22-97
Looking After Little Vickie
The Day I Licked Out Those Panty Wetting Brownies
The Talent Contest CEL-241: 8-10-10

lisa n doc

(MMF wife exhib)
Showing Off Susan 1-7
Strip Search
Tattoo for Lisa

lord malinov

"What do I say about this guy? If you haven't been to
Castle Malinov yet, you need to kick yourself in the ass and get busy.
There are a group of young people active on a.s.s.d. They are very
articulate, witty beyond my dreams, and each and every one write
wickedly good stories. Lord Malinov is one of the leaders of that
group. If you aren't reading these kids' stories when they hit the
newsgroup, why are you here? The other people I am talking about are
Uther Pendragon, Mike Hunt, Mat Twassel, Mark Aster (occasionally),
Bronwen, Taria, Kim, Kristen, Anne, and The Bear. (...) This guy
writes stories faster than I can download and catalog. Good, too."(Ole
A Certain Point of View
A Cold Night
A Christmas Carol
A Matter of Pride CEL-259: 10-8-8
A Poorly Written Essay CEL-264: 10-8-8
An Eye Full CEL-261: 10-9-9
At Home
Bad Sex
Bearing Gifts
Big Mouth
Blossoms CEL-247: 10-10-10
Bored [flash fest]
Bulls CEL-249: 10-10-10,
 *A rating Annex Review 1-17-98
Burning Letters CEL-250: 10-10-10
Confessions of a Scoundrel
Conjuring Details
Costumes CEL-228: 10-10-10,
 #28 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Crashing Waves
Creation  [flash fest]
Diana's Sanction
Driving to the Sampras-Roddick Exhibition Match CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Duet [flash fest]
Equal Opportunity
Eruption CEL-225: 10-10-10,
 A-/B+ Annex Review 10-27-97
Faint Praise
Faster than Light
Flagrante Delicto CEL-260: 10-10-10
Flashes of Pink
Flowers CEL-276: 10-10-10
Fortunata CEL-252: 10-10-10
Fringe Benefits
Her Two Lovers [flash fest]
Holy Night
Imaging My Surprise
Iris CEL-304: 10-10-10,
Love and War
Midnight Snack
Mismatched [flash fest]
Mistaken Identity
Old Road
On a Long Drive
Once More
One of Those Nights
Pale Blue [flash fest]
Playing the Fool
Poetry Lessons
Prick CEL-253: 10-10-10
Quantum Lust
Reason not the Need
Rock Me Amadeus
Roundabout CRIM-7: [10,10,10,10]
Satin to Satin
Satisfied CEL-256: 10-10-9.5
Scratches BillyG: CEL-293: 10-9-10
Sketch (p)
Sky Riding
Slip of the Tongue
Stepping Over the Line
Taking a Bow
Telling Tales
The Cauldron Bubbles CEL-346: 10-9-9
The Conspiracy CEL-261: 8-9-10
The Christmas Present
The Deal
The Invitation [flash fest]
The Jealous Lovers
The Last Call
The Mating of the Muse-Faerie
The Pizza Girl (7k)
The Poetry Reading
The Professor
The Romantic
The Scene
The Trap Door CEL-266: 10-10-10
The Visitation CEL-251: 10-10-9
Untied [flash fest]
Visual Feast
Whoms [flash fest]
Wild (4k)
Winter Roses
(p)I Can Only Dream Tonight
(p)The Mating of the Muse Faerie


After the Funeral CEL-230: 10-10-10
Beachbum Crimson: CEL-321: 7-8-6
Better? CEL-273: 10-10-10
Coaching the Coach Nick: CEL-323: 9-8-8
Destiny Manifested 9.5-10-10 *Cel-244
Front Window CEL-241: 9-9-9
Happily Ever After CEL-225: 8-8-9
Just Right CEL-223: 7-8-8
Let's All Nap Now, Please CEL-241: 10-10-9
On the Virtue of Having Your Ribs Crushed CEL-321: 9-7-7
Pollywanna Owl: CEL-324: 9-8-8
Revealing Secrets CEL-347: 10-10-10
Shit-Eating Grin *Cel-333
The Birthday Party CEL-232: 8-8-9
The Island CEL-233: 9-8-9
The Substitute
Weekend CEL-224: 10-10-10


(aka Kim Cheng) came from Hong Kong to the US. She was
quite young – about 21 or 22. She must have returned home, and it is
suspected that we will not hear from her again. Story categories:
lesbian f/f.
Afternoon Delight (16k)
Discoveries (17k)
Exposed (10k)
File 'D' (13k)
Chocolate Dreams (24k)
 CEL-348: 9.5-9-9
In the Ladies' Room (8k)
Lotuseater:Mother's Day (14k)
Mother and Child Reunion  (8k)
Payback (12k)
Preying Mantis - Black Widow (8k)
 *A rating Annex review 4/10/00
Sweet and Sour (10k)
Teachers Pets.Com (17k)
The Librarian (14k)
Two Part Invention (29k) with Oosh

lou moran

is writing – well, I would describe it as stroke, stroke as
stroke can. He is writing several series as well as stand-alone
stories, but I like the series "My Mom Is Too Hot" most.
Buzzer :: The Word (14k)
Eat The Rich :: Fear Of Flying (8k)
Eat The Rich :: The Paperwork (17k)
Funeral (8k)
Hand Cream (10k)
Hurt Her :: Jennifer (15k)
Kiddie Party (8k)
Lost Balls I (17k)
Lost Balls II (10k)
My Mom Is Too Hot :: The Complaint (13k)
My Mom Is Too Hot :: The Moves (13k)
My Mom Is Too Hot :: The Statement (18k)
The Plan  (8k)
The Promise :: Kristen's Unproductive Day (11k)
The Promise :: Mark's Dilemma (12k)
Train Stories :: Jerky Stop (10k)
Train Stories :: My Wife's Idea (11k)
Train Stories :: Skinny Girl (5k)
Train Stories :: The Promise (11k)
Yvonne Craig :: The Tonight Show (10k)

lucky man

Crossings 1-17? 412k


German Shepherd
Dog Slave
Director's Cut
Dogs and Horses
The Sultan
The Grand Vizier's Sex Party
The Goat
The Experiment
Animal Party


Caitlin's Tale *Cel-182: 10-8-8
Droit du Signeur *Cel-182: 10-8-10
Grey #35 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Night of the Wolves #46 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-372: 10-9.5-10,
 A+ rating Annex review 12/23/99
She Invited Me to Fuck,
 Her Over the Net #86 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Summer Dreams #16 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995


Fast-Acting and Safe *Cel-174: 10-9-9
Java CEL-224: 10-10-10,
 #9 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-27-97
The Bitches Upstairs CEL-223: 10-10-10,
 #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Evil Queen *A rating Annex Reviews 5-5-97
A Souvenir of War CEL-223: 10-10-10,
 #43 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97


Afraid of Sleeping Alone (25k)
Discovering Rachel (34k)
 CRIM-17: [4,7,7,6]
If Only Anna Knew (38k)
Lusting for my Used Sister (58k)
Masters of the Arches 1 (26k)
Masters of the Arches 2 (20k)
Masters of the Arches 3 (13k)
Masters of the Arches 4 (14k)
Masters of the Arches 5 (18k)
Masters of the Arches 6 (15k)
Masters of the Arches 7 (15k)
Masters of the Arches 8 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 9 (19k)
Masters of the Arches 10 (25k)
Masters of the Arches 11 (22k)
Masters of the Arches 12 (20k)
Masters of the Arches 13 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 14 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 15 (28k)
Masters of the Arches 16 (25k)
Masters of the Arches 17 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 18 (25k)
Masters of the Arches 19 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 20 (32k)
My Sister Made the Rules (20k)
New Neighbors *assm-2001/34208 (68k)
Night Prowlers (50k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 1 (23k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 2 (43k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 3 (48k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 4 (34k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 5 (49k)
The Three Companions part 1 (34k)
The Three Companions part 2 (30k)
The Three Companions part 4 (67k)
The White Tribe of Africa *assm-2001/31169 (42k)
Watching and Lusting 1 (25k)
Watching and Lusting 2 (23k)
Watching and Lusting 3 (21k)
Watching and Lusting 4 (24k)
Watching and Lusting 5 (22k)
Watching and Lusting 6 (24k)

mar arch

A New Tie
Around the Cape of Good Hope 586k
At Long, Long Last A+ rating Annex Reviews
Breaking Paula's Limits 1-3
Ceremony A+ rating Annex Reviews
Conquering Texas 1-4
First Full Day
First Time at Play 1-2
Growing Pains
Love in Reverse
Into My Parlor, Said
It's Her Turn Now A+ rating Annex Reviews
Midafternoon Delights
Photo of E Slave A+ rating Annex Reviews
Picture Show
Simple Things
Surprise, Surprise
The Ceremony
The Punishment A+ rating Annex Reviews
Time of Possession 213k
Whitney's Training Session

maria gonzales

started posting to ASSTR in 1998 Maria writes (wrote?)
funny, sexy stories, containing some form of exhibitionism in them.
Since she hasn't posted any story since end of 2001, she was nominated
for the ASSTR Hall of Fame in beginning of 2004. In my archive I list
21 stories of these hispano-american writer. Maria, come on, do it
A Cure for the Hiccups
A Sexy Story CEL-334: 10-10-10
A Starlet Christmas
At Home Dares BillyG: CEL-328: 10-7-6
Dr. Rui's Amazing Love Potion in a Can
Every Girl Has HerPrice CEL-329: 10-10-10
Everything Goes
 (The Game Show) CEL-361: 10-10-10
Lisa's Revenge (At Home Dares 2)
Mall Strut CEL-339: 9.5-6-6
Only Way Out CEL-346: 10-9-9
Partners CEL-340: 10-6-6
Patricia Cruz - P.I.
Telemarketing CEL-368: 9.5-9.5-9.5
The Auction - Lisette's Story
The Famous Donkey Girl of Tijuana
The Interview Fiddler: CEL-347: 7-8-7
The Maid CEL-323: 8.5-9-9
The Package

maria pollick

There are approximately 63 "Maria" stories, numbered in sequence. The
emphasis is on threesomes, gangbangs, and group sex. Maria is a white
wife with a penchant for black cock. Maria also hosts stories by
Bobbi, Danielle, Jan, Joanna, Lisa, and Tiffany.

mark allen


mark aster

is the author of something like sixty stories in the "My
Friends the Allens" series. While most of the stories are pretty
standard MF stuff about Pat and Julie Allen, a pair of gorgeous
intelligent bisexual nymphomaniac sisters, told by a nameless male
narrator, Mark has also explored a few corners and boundaries,
including FF and MM, light bondage, parenthood, Jane Austen, and even
(gasp!) at least one story with no actual sex at all. Mark is one of
those writers who usually gets the grammar and spelling, as well as
the sex, right, and Celeste seems to like him. His story "Darcy and
Elizabeth" was #7 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996. If I ever fucked
myself into a coma, and could awaken anywhere, it would be in Mark's
fictional household.
A Daughter's Breasts CEL-219: 10-10-10,
 #74 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
A Night at Suzy's 10-10-10 *Cel-88,
 #99 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Acquisition (6k)
Among Friends 10-10-10 *Cel-82
At the Pool (13k)  10-10-10 *Cel-101,
Atoms 10-7-9 *Cel-80
Aunt Kate 10-9-10 *Cel-66
Aurora Drake 10-9-9 *Cel-69
Big Cypress (12k)  10-10-9.CEL-96: 5,
Black Cat 10-9-9 *Cel-68
Buckets of Cum (19k) 10-10-10 *Cel-90,
But... (7k) CEL-272: 10-10-10,
Civility (3k)  *Cel-191: 10-10-10,
Clean White Linen 10-9-9 *Cel-153
Coffee? (8k) 10-8-8 *Cel-116,
Coming Home 90-100 CR 64
Corruption of the Innocent (17k)
Darcy and Elizabeth 10-10-10 *Cel-125,
 #7 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Dear Gus 10-8-8 *Cel-77
Do You Want It? 10-10-10 *Cel-76,
 #36 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Dream (6k)
Dyke Crossing 10-10-10 *Cel-108,
 *A rating Annex Reviews 1-13-97,
Et Tu 10-10-10 *Cel-92,
 #64 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
Falwelling Tracey CEL-62: 10
Familiarity (9k)  10-10-10 *Cel-157,
Fantasy Bathhouse 10-CEL-63: 10
First (10k) 10-10-10 *Cel-132,
French Kiss 10-10 CR 57,
 #55 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
French Kiss II 10-10-10 *Cel-67
Fresh Air and Exercise (10k) 10-8-8 *Cel-69,
Friction (12k)  10-9-9 *Cel-110,
Fucking Carmody (7k) CEL-309: 10-10-10,
Gravity (8k) 10-9-10 *Cel-95,
Heat 10-10-10 *Cel-71
Helicopters CEL-340: 10-9-8
Hello, in There (14k) 9-9-9 *Cel-104,
High Beams I (11k) 10-8-9 *Cel-155,
High Beams II CEL-347: 10-8-7
How I Met and Julie 10-10-10 CR 69,
 #87 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Chrissy's Mom 10-9-9.CEL-72: 5
In the Booth (10k) CEL-259: 10-10-10,
In the Valley 91/CEL-64: 100
Inaugural 10-9-9 *Cel-86
Irina (8k) CEL-265: 10-10-10,
Julie and the Beast 10-10-9.CEL-80: 5
Julie Bound (15k)  5-10 CR 57,
Kayla and Martin (14k)  10-10-10 *Cel-106,
Library of Congress 10-10-10 *Cel-84,
 #56 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Light Like Butter (7k)  *Cel-165: 10-10-10,
Lips 9-10 CR 62, (10k) 
Make Love Slowly 10-9-8 *Cel-140
Marta in the Doorway CEL-340: 10-9-9
Melissa (11k) 10-10-10 *Cel-25,
Moonlight Again *Cel-208, (9k)
My Friends The Allens #1: How I Met Pat and (12k)
My Friends The Allens #2: French Kiss (10k)
My Friends the Allens, the FAQ (28k)
New Toy 10-10-10 *Cel-76
Night (11k) *Cel-164: 10-10-10,
Night at Suzy's 10-10-10 *Cel-88
Nightmare (7k)  CEL-297: 10-9-9,
November: High Beams II (7k) {GALAGO}
Ohio (11k)
Old Friends 10-10-10 *Cel-75
On the First Date (7k) [dulcinea fest]
One Afternoon 10-10-10 *Cel-65,
 #69 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Partially Stable Carbamides CEL-362: 10-6-6, (30k)
Pat Comes of Age 10-CEL-61: 10, (17k)
Pat Considers 10-10-10 *Cel-74
Please Speak into the Flowerpot 10-8-9 *Cel-91
Post-coital 10-10-10 *Cel-139
Prenatal 10-9.5-CEL-131: 10
Rain (9k) 10-10-10 *Cel-73,
Reflection (10k)  CEL-241: 10-9-9,
Robin (6k) 10-10-10 *Cel-159,
Rocks (8k) 10-10-10 *Cel-102,
Room with a View (7k)  CEL-245: 10-10-10,
Slinky Red Thing (9k)  10-9-9 *Cel-112,
Soccer Moms (8k)  CEL-251: 10-9-9,
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Classical Clit
Stars in Our Eyes 10-10-10 *Cel-1118
Storm 10-9.5-9.CEL-76: 5
Surprise!  (13k) 10-10-10 *Cel-98,
Tanya Fills In (9k) 10-9-9 *Cel-114,
The Hills of the Chankly Bore (15k)
The New Toy 10-10-10 *Cel-76
The Storm (16k)  10-9.5-9.CEL-76: 5,
Thursday, 10:45 10-10-10 *Cel-135
Tommy Allen and the Intergalactic Cavern of Doom (16k)  CEL-358: 10-10-10,
Two on One *A rating Annex Reviews 1-11-98,
 CEL-248: 10-10-10,
Vancouver Diary 10-10-10 *Cel-71
Video Hits 10-9-10 *Cel-65
Woman Being Tongued to Orgasm While Reciting the Names
 of North American Capital
 Cities CEL-235: 10-10-10,

mark bastable

Alphabet A: Auditor 10-10-10 CEL-117
Alphabet B: Bean City 10-10-10 CEL-118
Alphabet C: Catalyst 10-10-10 CEL-116
Alphabet D: Dutch Treat 10-10-10 CEL-119
Alphabet E: Escalator 10-10-10 CEL-120
Alphabet F: French Tickler 10-10-10 CEL-121
Alphabet G: Glissando 10-10-10 CEL-122
Alphabet H: Hotel 10-10-10 CEL-123
Alphabet I: Interpreter 10-10-10 CEL-136
Alphabet J: July 4th 10-10-10 CEL-140
Alphabet K: 10-10-10 *Cel-232

mark e dassad

Apple of My Eye
Brady Bunch
Chickenhawk - Karen 1-5 180k
Christmas Carol 5-9-8 *Cel-159
Family Room
Happy Campers
Latrine Duty
Morning Glory
My Brand of Slave
Praise for an Unnamed Boy
Quickie Pickie
Rainy Saturday Afternoon
Rape of the Bride
Spear the Queer
Thompson's Lesson


Marlissa the inscrutable. She has written 16 stories to my
knowledge. Half are transgender stories and the other half are stored
in Ole Joe's "rape" category. All of them are well written, though
none fall into the category of something I'd personally want to
experience. Marlissa is Parker's soulmate with a heavy sprinkle of
Vickie Tern thrown in. Read "After School Special" or "One Thousand
Kisses," then tell me you'd cross Marlissa.
Marlissa began the "Bangkok Slaver" series with "The Newlywed" (96k)
and "Stewardess" (52k). The series was extended to three with "Bangkok
Slaver" (77k) by Parker. Stroker Ace has since taken up the torch with
#4 "Lollipops" (70k), #5 "Beyond Chiang Mai" (113k), and #6 "Sex,
Slaves, and Punishment" (48k). Spoonbender wrote certainly the final
part of the saga: "Fitting up Katie" which is shorter than the earlier
parts of the "Bangkok Slaver" series.
Marlissa also has a set of `Postcards', pictures of alluring young
women with short vignettes accompanying them. Nearly 150 – mostly of
them representing the second generation of them can be found at (That's a site Marlissa
maintains). About the first hundred Marlissa lost in a harddisk crash
- who has some of them may them post to: [email protected]
After School Special
Bangkok Slaver 1 The Newlywed
Bangkok Slaver 2 Stewardess
Child's Play
Boy's Bra Training and Discipline
First Time
Lisa's Leash
Not That Bad
One Thousand Kisses
Postcards from the Edge These are a bunch of jpegs of
 fabulous models with a little
 scenerio added as a sidebar.
 Short teasers, or story ideas, as
 Marlissa intended.
The Arts
The Conditioners 367k
The Mortgage 123k
The Price of Perfection
The Practice 128k
The Prize
The Whip Must Win
To Love, Honor, and Obey
Wages of Sin
Wetware *A rating Annex Review 6-8-97

mary anne mohanraj

has written many stories of varied erotic flavour,
from het to queer, from vanilla to kinky, tending towards the more
"literary" end of the genre. Her favourites are "Jinsong", a story of
two net lovers, and "Chantal", a rather disturbing ffm nc piece.
Mohanraj also moderates the Internet Erotica Writers' Workshop
( for details), and has recently
published a collection of her work, "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet
Erotica." Many of the stories and poems from the book are also
available on her web site. This young woman started out learning to
write through practice on this newsgroup, and then published, a
success story right on our group.
A Jewel of a Woman 10-9-9, *Cel-270, 1997
A More Congenial Spot 10-10-10 *Cel-112, 1994
A Night to Remember 10-8-8 *Cel-98, 1994
American Airlines Cockpit 10-10-10 *Cel-94, 1993
And Baby Makes Four 2000
And Can This Ever End?
 (a cyclic tale) 1998
Attraction 10-10-9.CEL-97: 5, 1994
Blind 10-10-10 *Cel-120, 1994
Caught Between Two Angry Women
 - a novella 10-9-9 *Cel-134, 1995
Composition in Cream and Chocolate 10-10-10 *Cel-95, 1993
Dialogue 10-9-9 *Cel-124, 1995
Diana 10-10-10 *Cel-100, 1994
Dreams of a Distant Lover *Cel-167: 10-8-8
Esthely Blue 1998
Feather 1995
Fireworks and Storms 1994
Fleeing Gods 10-10-10 *Cel-102, 1994
Girl Meets Girl Meets Boy 10-10-10 *Cel-128
Goddess Blessing 1996
How It Started 2002
Chantelle 10-10-10 *Cel-98, 1993
Charlie 10-10-10 *Cel-118, 1995
Japanese Garden 10-9-9.CEL-104: 5, 1994
Jinsong (with Cecil Williams) 10-10-10 *Cel-106, 1994
Johnny's Story 1998
Just Reading News 10-10-10 *Cel-108, 1994
Kali 1998
Lady 9.5-10-10 *Cel-110, 1994
Lady Distressed #5 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-150, 1996
Letter Found Near a Suicide 10-10-10 *Cel-112, 1994
Making the Sale 10-9-9 *Cel-135, 1994
Meditation on Human Relations *Cel-167: 10-8-8
Metari Nights - a novella #55 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 9.5-10-10 *Cel-154
Minal in Winter CEL-343: 10-10-10, 1999
Mint in Your Throat CEL-271: 10-9-9, 1997
Mistress Molly CEL-210: 10-10-10, 1996
Morningsong 10-10-10 *Cel-114, 1993
Paint 10-9.5-CEL-114: 9, 1994
Radhika and Matthew 10-9-9 *Cel-159, 1994
Rain Sings A Sad Song 10-9-9 *Cel-116, 1993
Reunion 1994
Season of Marriage 10-10-10 *Cel-126, 1994
Seven Cups of Water 1999
Silence and the Word
 (part essay, part story) 2000
The Adventures of Gorgeous Gracie 10-10-10 *Cel-136, 1995
The Devouring Night 10-10-10 *Cel-153, 1995
The Girl Behind the Fantasy CEL-269: 10-10-10, 1996
The Masks We Wear *Cel-167: 10-9-8, 1996
The Other Woman 10-8-9 *Cel-118, 1994
The Poet and the Mathematician (a fable) 2002
The Poet's Journey (a fable) 1998
The Survey 1998
The Temptation
 ...the shiver of your mouth CEL-211: 10-10-10, 1997
Was It Good for You? 10-7-7 *Cel-124, 1995
Wide Brown Eyes 10-10-10 *Cel-122, 1993
Wild Roses 2001
Would You Live for Me? *Cel-167: 10-9-8, 2000

mary jorsay gandmar

Dirty Amber *assm-1997/5197.txt (207k)
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour 186k
Fusebox 9 *Cel-275
Pentaprism 1: Tantalus (40k)
Pentaprism 2: Line of Sight (18k)
Pentaprism 3: The Heart of a Whore (33k)
Pentaprism 4: Sweat Sex Teens (68k)
Pentaprism 5: Embraces of Men Past (30k)
Pentaprism 6: Manori Belle (72k)
Pentaprism 7: Beach Ball (57k)
Pentaprism 8: Onan's Bride (45k)
Pentaprism 9: Pit Stop CEL-227: 10-10-10,
Pentaprism 10: Moaning by the Sea (28k)
Pentaprism 11: The Demons of Youth (73k)
Pentaprism 12: Whorrorscope (65k)
Pentaprism 13: Aurangabad Antics (113k)
Pentaprism 14: Wild at Heart (88k)
Pentaprism 15: Camera Candida 272k
Pit Stop CEL-227: 10-10-10
Picture This CEL-335: 10-9-9
Poona Company 1-5
Sibling Rivalry 1-2 112k
Shiva's Bride (29k)
The Cocktail Party
The Harlot Letters
Tropical Heat (62k)

master chris

wrote about 80 stories, to our knowledge, about male
domination and female submission. A complete index of stories reposted
in 2000 is to be found at ASSTR, %assm-2000/24389, "The Master Chris
Story Collection" is a post by Dick Goesinya with the stories 1-73!!
01 The Doctor's Office (14k)
02 The Store Manager's Office (6k)
03 The Chateau (10k)
04 Return as the Nurse (10k)
05 Back to High School (10k)
06 Demonstration at the
 Hospital (7k)
07 The Country House (13k)
08 Kidnapped to the Islands (12k)
09 Watching the Maid (12k)
10 Trip to the Caribbean (15k)
11-15 Special School
 for Discipline 1-5 (10k)
16 The Restaurant (11k)
17 The Secretary (15k)
18 On Display (14k)
19 The Girl's Locker Room (11k)
21 On the Beach (10k)
22 In the Principal's Office (12k)
23 South American Adventure (18k)
24 Submission in the Suburbs (16k)
25 Andrea's Fault (14k)
26 Submission in the Wild West (13k)
27 Special Reform School for
 Girls 1 (17k)
28 Nicole's Discipline in
 the Office (13k)
29 Special Reform School for
 Girls 2 (11k)
30 The Interview (15k)
31 Special Reform School for
 Girls 3 (16k)
32 Sharon and Her Mistress (15k)
33 Initiation into the Club (11k)
34 Preparing for the Prom (31k) 24482
35 Arrested in Georgia (24k)
36 Sam and His Young Sisters (11k)
37 Jennifer and Her Mistress (12k)
38 Visit to Her Master (14k)
39-41 Threesome in the
 Country 1-3 (33k)24545,24546
42 Visit to the Club (14k)
43 A Mistress Takes Charge (11k)
44 Shelly Transforms a
 Fantasy into Reality (11k)
45 Best Friends 1 (16k)
46 Karen Visits Master Chris (14k)
47 Lisa's Story: The Police Line-Up
47A For a Price - Chapter 1 (15k)
47B For a Price - Chapter 2 (20k)
47C For a Price - Chapter 3 (10k)
47D For a Price - Chapter 4 (16k)
47E For a Price - Chapter 5 (13k)
48 Interview for the Clinic (19k)
49 Saturday's Adventure (14k)
50 Elizabeth's Adventure
 in Chicago *A rating Annex Reviews 6/17/00
51 Evelyn on an Adventure (21k)
52 The Hotel Room Adventure (10k)
53 Jeffry's Visit to
 San Francisco (14k)
54 Training Camp for
 Submissives (28k)
55 Alicia's Descent into
 Submission (20k)
55b Alicia Submits to Jeffrey (25k)
56 A First Meeting with
 Master Chris (6k)
57 An Evening with My Mistress (8k)
58 Tara in the Hotel Room (18k)
59 Kim's Adventure (19k)
60 From One Couple to Another (29k)
61 Talia's Medical Exam (20k)
62 Kathy Gives Herself to
 Her Husband (9k)
63 Jim Finds a Dominant
 Girlfriend (13k)
64 Jennifer's Punishment (18k)
65 Pregnant Submission (17k)
66 The Farmer's Daughter (30k)
67 Letter to the Editor (24k)
68 Karen's Medical Examination (22k)
69 Alison's Punishment (25k)
70 A Trip to the Woodshed (28k)
71 The Consultant (24k)
72 First Visit to the
 Gynaecologist (27k)
73 Sara in Jail in
 South America (37k)
74 Playing Doctor (29k)
76 Airport Arrival (21k)
77 Back in the Corner (20k)
78 Camping Trip (37k)
-- Lira's Story -
 The Police Line Up (14k)
-- Patty's Rape (12k)

master jim

Pony Girl Bondage 529k

master paul

Linda'a Epic Adventures in Life (510k)
 B-/%C rating Annex Reviews 1-15-97

master wade

has written over 300 stories about male domination and
female submission. If that is your bag, look no further. Master Wade
stories are archived on Mr Double's site, to include new stories never
before published. Thanks, Mr D.
Programs Notes to the Slut-Wife Course 1-4
1 The Nurse
2 Monica Goes For A Ride
3 A Nurse For Monica
4-8 The Poker Party: Part One - Five
9 Michelle, College Coed
10 The Shopping Trip
11 The Delivery Boy
12-14 Karen, Sorority Slave: Part One - Three
15 Monica And The Saleslady
16 Monica Reveals Her Thirst
17-18 Allison Brings A Friend: Part One - Two
19 Out For Drinks
20 Monica Goes To The Movies
21-22 Monica's Early Training: Part One - Two
23-26 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part One - Four
27 Buying Jennifer
28 Kristi Gets A Workout
29 A Letter From Laura
30 A Letter To Laura
31-32 Thursday With Laura: Part One - Two
33 Finger Music
34 Julia Opens Up
35-37 Karen Kidnapped: Part One - Three
38-41 Julia's Ass: Part One - Four
42-44 Ashley Presents Herself: Part One - Three
45 Legs, Legs, Legs!
46-49 Ashleigh-1932: Part One - Four
50-56 Julia's Begging: Part One - Seven
57 Waitresses
58 Fax About Max
60 The Leg-Show Stint
61 Complimenting Julie
62 Art and Bob Discuss Julie
63 Hole Heaven
64-67 Raping Brenda: Part One - Four
68 Watching Pauline
69 Warming Pauline
70 Wenching Pauline
71 Whipping Pauline
72 Whoring Pauline
73-74 Monica's Vacation: Part One - Two
75 Lusty Leggy Leah
76 Portrait of a Stripper
77 Lauren's Leaky Lips
78-87 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part One - Ten
88 A Letter To The Modern Woman
89 Monica's Virginal Fantasy
90-94 Filled Stockings: Part One - Five
95-97 Balling The Bought-Boobs Babe: Part One - Three
98 A Letter To Karen
99-101 A Letter From Carolyn: Part One - Three
102-103 Black Springs Girl Part One - Two
104 The Derby
105 Dirty Sex Night
106 Nasty and Needy Nookie
107-108 Our Hershey Honey Part One - Two
110 My Personal Confession by Sherrie Wade
111 A Letter to Another Master's Slave
112-126 Girls in the Wood Part One - Sixteen
127-129 Marsha and The Mandella Part One - Three
130-157 Latin Lust Part One - Twenty Eight
158 The County Agent and the Farmer's Daughter
159 The Home-Maker
160-163 The Farmer's Step-Daughter 11-14
180-188 Brenda's Story: Letter 1 - 9
189 The Double-Dater
190-194 The Whores of Weddle Manor 1 - 5
200 He Who Laughs Last
201 Pussy
202 To or Not to, That I the Question
203 Pots and Kettles
204 The Personal Banker
205-206 Diane and Susan 1-2
207 The Dream Girls
208-209 Summer Time 1 - 2
210 Karen: Leg Slut #246
220-222 The Phantoms of Prolac 1 - 3
225 The Christmas Gift
226 Morning Glory
227 The Death of Doubt and the Birth of Surrender
228 The Party
230-236 The Training of Melissa 1 - 7
237-239 Carmen 1-3
240-249 Letters to Monica 1 - 10
253 Good Smelling Girls
254 Desire
260-263 Kissing Cousins 1 - 4
269 Bad Wife, Good Wife
270-273 The Girl Can't Help It 1 - 4
274-278 Her Beginning 1 - 5
279 Using the Brown Eyed Girl
280-281 Mitzi: Party Girl Supreme 1 - 2
282-297 Desert Heat 1 - 16
300-305 The D-S Convention 1 - 6
320 Sharing Maria
321 Antaya: Pleasure Girl
322 Baily's Needs
323 Jenny's Legs
324 Taking a Few Liberties


(mostly posted to alt.torture, but some stories can be found
at ASSM also)
A Cyberslave's Journal 1-2
A Mommy's Torment
A Mutual Exchange 1-2
At the Beach 1-2
Blind Date
Block Party!
College Girl's Humiliation
D's Fantasy
Daydreams 1-2
Executive Perks
Jessica's Cybersex Adventure
Kitchen Fun
Little Black Box
Office Call 1-4
Pin Cushions
Road Trip (Redneck S and M)
Sadistic Weekend 1-6
School's In!
Slave Keli's Birthday
Slave Keli's First Time
Tea Time!!
The Arrangement
The Bash
The Chair
The Demo
The Gift
The Great Outdoors (8k)
The Rose
The Scent of a Master
The Showing
The Ties That Bind
The Wedding Anniversary
The Yard Dog's Fantasy A- Rating Annex Reviews 6/24/00

mat twassel

Mat's first Internet erotica appeared in early February of 1996. Since then more than a hundred of his stories, poems, and pieces have appeared in newsgroups, e-zines such as Clean Sheets and Mark Aster's Journal of Desire, commercial sites such as Ruthie's Club, paper and ink collections such as Hot Off the Net, Mat's AOL webpage: Under the Bed, and most recently a subscription site: Calendar.atEROS.

Mat has posted a few of his stories at his ASSTR site, others at his his aol site; you might find some on ASSM , too.

He thought up the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival.

A Child's Christmas CEL-247: 10-10-10,
 CRIM-6: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
A Good Fit (2k) [flash fest]
A Real Gripper (3k)
A Well-Oiled Machine (2k) [flash fest]
A Word for Annie's Fuck Hole (RP) 9K
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]; 10-8-8 *Cel-135
After Hours at the Exhibition (2k) [flash fest]
Art (3k) [flash fest]
Basic Training (1k)
Bed and Breakfast (20k)  CEL-307: 10-9-9,
 10-10-10 *Cel-191; #19 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Bird Watching in French Lick (41k) 10-8-8 *Cel-69, CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10],
Breakfast in Bed  (5k) (220 words)
Calendar (15k)  with Lorrin Murray
Cat Got Your Tongue? (3k) [flash fest]
Cheerios and Milk (4k) [Wedding]
Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix Contest  (5k) [flash fest]
Cloth Doll (10k)  CEL-297: 10-10-10,
Covers (MF Rom Cons)
Dandelions 9-7-7 *Cel-76
Desert Rain 10-7-6 *Cel-65
Drive 10-9-10 *Cel-66,
Ellen's Slutty Sister (4k)
Extra Ohs (2k) [flash fest]
Fantasy Train CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10]
Farm Earth Nick: CEL-341: 10-9-9
Fog CEL-328: 10-9-9
Games Galore (3k) [flash fest]
Christmas Break 10-10-10 *Cel-151,
 #89 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Christmas Eve (4k)
Christmas Pie (5k)
Impetuous (11k)  CEL-337: 10-9.5-9.5,,
 CRIM-3: [10,10,10,10]
In a Quiet Corner of the Galley Waiting for the
 Coffee to Perk CEL-255: 10-10-10
In the Interests of Science (2k) [flash fest]
Incest *Cel-168: 10-10-8
Jack and Jill (2k) [flash fest]
Jack and Jill Study the FAQ--!, @, o, * (5k) [flash fest]
Jogging with a Pregnant Lady
Ladder and Neptune (42k)
Lake Jeptha (9k)  BillyG: CEL-292: 10-10-10,
Lapland (1k) [post BSFSF]
Larry's Party of Not Quite Two (etc.) (13k) CRIM-8: [10,7,9,9],
Laura's Dad CEL-288: 10-8-8
Mashie, Niblick, Spoon, Cleek (7k)
Mat's Dictionary  (3k) [flash fest]
Mecca (19k) {P2C}
Mel Gibson's Love Child (43k)
No Matter What They Say (5k) CEL-302: 10-9-9,
Office Affair (16k) CEL-294: 10-10-10,
One More Thing (5k) [flash fest]
Past Lives (9k)
Pump Song (24k)  CEL-296: 10-10-10,
Puppy Love 9.5-7-7 *Cel-77
Rain 9-10-10 *Cel-74
Re: Proofreading Sex Stories (ASSM Jan 97; 53k)
 #2 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
Red Rover, Red Rover, Can Adam Come Over? (2k) [flash fest]
Rest Stop (2k) [flash fest]
Retreat (MF Rom Cons)
Return to Sender  (4k) (birth)
Romance (22k) [summer rom fest]
Rubber Band (2k) [flash fest]
Sand Like Frozen Light (13k)
Shannon's Locker Room Fantasy
Still Life (7k)
Summer Storm (4k) [summer rom fest]
Sunday Morning (17k)
Ten CEL-376: 10-10-10
The Allens - Dandelion
The Allens - Rain
The Allens - Teeter Totter  to Heaven
The Allens - The Bluffs
The Allens - The Family Way
The Better to... 10-10-10 *Cel-117
The Celestial Refuse Vol 1 Nbr 1 [no #s] *Cel-248,
 *A rating Annex Reviews 1-17-98
  (5k) (RP)
The Open (MF Rom Cons)
The Orange Dress CEL-328: 10-8-8, (56k)
The Sarabande and the Six Iron (31k) CEL-203: 10-10-10,
The Snoozer (7k)
 CRIM-28: [10,10,10,10]
The Way to Pittsburgh (27k) (THM)
The Writer (2k) [flash fest]
Three If By Air (15k) [Blanket]
Three Summer Sketches (27k)
Trevor and Jackie's Last Song Before Summer Session (2k)
Two Days in August (8k)
Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed  (4k)
White Cat 10-9-9 *Cel-128
Wineskin 10-10-9 *Cel-153
Winter (1k) [post-BSFSF]

maureen lycaon

A Little Nipple Play (26k) (RP)
Captivity *assm-2002/38546 (61k)
Doubts *assm-2001/30584 (73k)
Fifteen Minutes (20k)
Leavetaking (17k)
Palin's First Flogging (29k)
Shamelessness (25k) (RP)
Taltros (43k)
The Bargain 1/4 (38k)
The Bargain 2/4 (21k)
The Bargain 3/4 (33k)
The Bargain 4/4 (30k)
The Pear (15k) (RP)
The Price (42k) (REV)
Truth 1 (23k)
 2 (26k)
 3 (15k)
With Another Man (21k)


Hypno Celebrities 1-70 483K
Hypno Fantasies 1-10 (Celebrities)
HypnoTV: 90210
HypnoTV: Alex Mack/Sabrina
HypnoTV: Ally McBeal
HypnoTV: Baywatch *Cel-185: 9-8-7
HypnoTV: Baywatch 2
HypnoTV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
HypnoTV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2
HypnoTV: Caroline In The City 2
HypnoTV: Ellen
HypnoTV: Frasier
HypnoTV: Friends *Cel-182: 10-8-6
HypnoTV: Mad About You/ Caroline In The City
HypnoTV: Melrose Place
HypnoTV: NYPD Blue
HypnoTV: Pacific Blue
HypnoTV: Party of Five
HypnoTV: Saved By The Bell
HypnoTV: Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
HypnoTV: Star Trek, The Next Generation
HypnoTV: Melrose Place *Cel-183: 10-6-6
HypnoTV: Xena, Warrior Princess 8.5-9-9.5 *Cel-222
Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock CEL-214: 9-6-6

max free

Family Sex 1-4


_Silver Surfer_
#1: Wisdom
#2: Crying Out Loud
#3: A Rocky Relationship
#4: Big Wheel
#5: Royal Dynasty
#6: This Is the Story
 of a Lovely Lady
#7: Take Two and Call Me
 in the Morning
_Subway series_
#1: Strangers in the Night
#2: Thanks for the Memories
#3: My Eyes Adored You
#4: Who's Sorry Now?
#5: The Key to the
 Whole Thing (34k)
#6: Private Dancer
#7: Please Don't Ask
 How I Got Home
Scout's Honor
The Fish Tank
(p) Memories Like Shards
 of Glass
The Incest-o-matic or How (blank) Fucked (blank)

md james

Batgirl - Blow-up Doll 9.5-8-5 *Cel-225,
Detention (24k)  *Cel-179: 9-9-9,
File This! CEL-260: 9-8-8
Personal Session (13k)
She Bat #0 - A Lucky Encounter 9.5-10-10 *Cel-157
Shower Surprise 10-8-8 *Cel-136, 15k
Supergirl and X *Cel-161: 9-9-9, 101k
The Facilitator 8.5-8.5-8 *Cel-248
The Humiliation of Jane
 {several authors} (149k)
The Humiliation of Lady Supreme (30k)


was significantly impacted by discovering news:rec.arts.erotica
as a teenager. She is playing around with ideas about the way
sexuality fits into the larger context of one's life, as well as
writing things to suit her many kinks and desires.
A Night at the Club MF, MFF, FF, bdsm, oral
Consent MF, rough
Frustration MF, bdsm
Kate FF, fist
Letters to Myself MF, cons, rough, bdsm
Like Sex for Chocolate flash, food, humor
Not Enough (4k)
Sister Clara F-solo, religion
Tell Me MF, cons, rough, anal
Texas (5k)
 CRIM-26: [10,10,10,10]
The Book of Water F-solo, magic
The Warehouse (10k) MF, bdsm, Fdom
Tomorrow mf, first
Trading Places MF, anal, strap-on

meme mispelt

is posting to ASSM since 2001. Her stories contain both
heterosexual as lesbian intercourse. I would like to read more of her
writing of romance or mild bondage, and perhaps I have chance though
in 2003 she posted more stories than before.
Blame it on "Ed" (115k)
Flash (10k)
 CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10]
Gift of the Maya (25k)
Letter, with Tea and Bourbon (38k)
On a Boat (52k)
Overheard 1/2 (22k)
Pirates of the 22nd Century (14k) {Pirate},
 CRIM-29: [10,10,10,10]
Something New (10k)
Transportation Vignette (7k)
WWJD? (12k)
 CRIM-8: [9,10,7,7]


Beth YW235
For Bruce CEL-4: 10
Girl's Debut
It Happened One Day
Janie YW221
Kidnapped Schoolgirls
Past and Present
Shelly YW294
Three on Julie


The Bandit 271k CEL-252: 10-10-10

michael d

has written some wonderful stories, some under the name of Richard Bissell, including his masterpiece, Call Girl Cheerleaders. Michael D had a complete web site at ASSTR, but closed it down and moved to Ruthie's site to at least get some monetary compensation for his efforts. Unfortunately, Al Steiner followed. Michael (Richard) specialises in older men/younger women stories, although he has written well on other subjects, too. Don't miss a single story. He was named Best New Author of 1999 (with Vickie Morgan and John A.) and Best Author of 2000.

A Needle Through the Heart
Amber – The Making of a Fuck Toy
Angie CEL-361: 10-9-8 (BillyG)
Animal Attraction CEL-346: 10-10-9
Bad Girls CEL-347: 10-10-10
Billiard Balls CEL-329: 10-10-10
Breaking Maria
Britney Gives It Up
Call Girl Cheerleaders
 Chapters 1-11 (RP)
 Chapters 12-18 (RP)
 Chapters 19-26 (RP)
 Chapters 27-32 (RP)
 Chapters 33-37 (RP)
 Chapters 38-End (RP)
Consanguinity CEL-321: 10-9-9
Continental Drift
Eighteen Hundred Words
Eye of the Beholder CEL-357: 10-10-10
Full Custody
Godzilla vs. Monster Sex
 (sf, satire, size, reptile)
Going to Bakersfield Fiddler: CEL-322: 10-10-10,
 Annex 4/12/99: A+
Jessica Myers: {No num. rating} Cel-359
Katie: A True Story
Muddy Waters Jaybird: CEL-313: 10-10-10,
My Cousin Michelle
My Cousin's Cum Diet
My Sister the Cum Addict
No Deposit, No Return
Orange County Babylon 629k (Ole Joe: `I read it in one
Playing with Fire
Scenes from a Train
Stroke Story
Summer Camp 173k
Summer Camp II 157k
Sunset on Roses 113k
Swimming Upstream 145k
Tales of the Booty Bandit
The Eye of the Bad Girls
The Eye of the Beholder
The Harem
The Long and Short of It
The Needle and the Dungeon 235k
The Price of Success
The Subtleties of Justice
The Teaser CEL-362: 10-10-10
The Harem 10-10-10
The Subtleties of Justice CEL-320: 10-9.5-8
The Twins
The Virtues of Infidelity CEL-324: 10-9-9
Three Days in August Myers: No Rating *Cel-354
Vector CEL-370: 10-10-10
Virgin Mary
Virginity Is Curable, Inquire Within
Why I Like Bad Girls-An Essay
Why, to Kay

michael k smith

is a native of Texas, but a child of San Francisco in the early `60s and both periods and locations feature prominently in his stories. He has been a college instructor, a librarian/historian, and an archivist, but he now subsists as a freelance writer, developmental and copyeditor, book indexer, and ISO-9000 documentationer. "I'm a hack," he admits, "but a good one." Mr. Smith considers "Road Trip" and "Vamps" to be his best work. He likes to experiment with themes, from "first love" to a realistic approach to the darker side of sex-as-power. He takes his erotic pieces as seriously as the rest of his writing and is a believer (usually) in happy endings. After a two year absence from a.s.s. he is presently edging into a comeback. Anything with his name on it is good. They all have meaning beyond the obvious story. Read "Philly," my personal favourite, think about it, and you'll see why I say that. Celeste loves him, too. So does Commander Jameson. He is still writing stories. "Beach Boy" appeared recently. We hope this means there is still hope that more chapters of the wonderful story, "Siblings," will be forthcoming.

A Missy Christmas CEL-255: 10-9-9
Beach Boy Mon, 23 Sep 2002
Charly the Yard Guy 10-10-10 CR 183,
 #34 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Coping CEL-354: 10-10-9.5
Dancing in the Dark CEL-245: 10-10-10
Dare 10-10-10 *Cel-98
Dating Ritual 10-10-10 *Cel-100
Discovery #18 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-103
Dyad *Cel-177: 10-10-10
Getting It Right 10-10-10 *Cel-97
How to Write Stories Good *Cel-183: 10-10-10
 *A rating Annex Reviews
In/Out Law *Cel-177: 10-10-10
Justice #24 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-109
Lovely Girl #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-99
Molly in Suspense CEL-278: 10-10-10
Neighbors 10-10-10 *Cel-111
One Moment in Time
Philly 10-10-10 *Cel-113
Private Party CEL-364: 10-10-10
Psychology CEL-352: 10-10-10
Remembering #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-115
Road Trip 10-10-10 *Cel-117
Seduction 10-10-10 *Cel-119
Siblings A personal favorite of Ole Joe,
 ***, 10-9-10 *Cel-121
Snow in July, Stevie in August CEL-353: 10-10-10
The Babysitting Drama CEL-267: 10-10-10
The Bedpost CEL-277: 10-10-10
The Big Time CEL-219: 10-10-10
The Chair
The Dare *Cel-177: 10-10-10
The First Time
Trances #49 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-123
Until Next Year 10-8-6 *Cel-125
Vamps 10-9-9 *Cel-127


(TG, femdom)
Can She Make Me Gay?
Little Miss Priss
Taught and Caught
The Inevitable
The Letter
The Scent
The Training

michelle b

(ff teen)
Roberta Awakes 1-18 318k

michelle d lurker

Anna #42 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-7: 10
Happy Birthday
The Draft #37 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-27: 10

mike hunt

(M1ke hunt) Mike only began posting stories in March/April of 1997. His story credits would be a point of pride for a veteran of the group. Mike was my stated favourite to make a sweep in Celeste's 100 for 1997. He earned 16 slots including #6 and #8. Here, I'll let him introduce himself:

"M1KE [email protected] is writing this himself. That's why you shouldn't believe a word of it. He's a fabulous writer, who occasionally fancies himself humorous and tries to make people laugh while they're having an orgasm. The two are mutually exclusive, of course, but he doesn't seem to understand that. M1KE began writing in March 1997. He has written three dozen stories, more or less, and thinks they got increasingly hilarious. He's wrong. His favourite is "Women Are Stupid," which despite its misogynistic title attempts to prove that women could rule the world if they would only try. M1KE is spelled with a "one," which just proves that he's a lousy speller, too.

Mike's narrator is lively, self-mocking, self-amused, thus doesn't take himself too seriously as he seduces or is seduced, so the stories tend in turn to amuse the reader. Red Dragon is a converted Mike Hunt fan, so be on the look-out, you know they are good. Mike earned 16 spots on Celeste's list of top stories for 1997.

A Cousin's Lips
And Then I Fucked Her *A rating Annex Reviews 8-22-97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-208,
 #22 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Art Class CEL-201: 10-10-10,
Auto Biography CEL-222: 10-10-10,
Dirty Boys CEL-211: 10-10-10,
Feet Are Neat *Cel-175: 10-10-10
Four Letter Words four.html
Fucking Celeste #40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-196,
Fun In The Tub *Cel-183: 10-9-9,
High Rise #70 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-205,
Homestead homestead.html
I Am M1ke's Dick CEL-235: 10-10-10
 A+ rating Annex 11-27-97
 #81 in 97,
Identical Twins CEL-227: 10-10-10
 #25 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
June's First *Cel-171: 10-10-10
 #15 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Lingerie Salesman *Cel-175: 10-10-10
Maria In Maine *Cel-174: 10-10-10
 #41 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Memo - (very short story) *Cel-191: 10-10-10
O'Stikkit Inn *Cel-173: 10-10-10
Photographer *Cel-165: 10-10-10
Quiz - (very short story) *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Rant - (very short story) *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Reluctant Bride CEL-221: 10-10-10
She's A Tease *Cel-172: 10-10-10
Shelly's Sex Life #72 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-188,
Shelly's Trial #50 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-192,
Shorts Stories *Cel-181: 10-10-10,
 #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Some Things Just Happen #6 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-186,
Straight Sex *Cel-176: 10-10-10
The Darkroom
 (sequel to Photographer) *Cel-171: 10-10-10
The Drive-In CEL-214: 10-10-10,
The Lingerie Salesman *Cel-175: 10-10-10
The Night Before Christmas CEL-243: 10-10-10,
 #13 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The O'Stikkit Inn *Cel-173: 10-10-10,
 #8 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Photographer *Cel-165: 10-10-10,
The Skier *Cel-170: 10-10-10,
 #98 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Swimsuit CEL-231: 10-10-10
The United Way *Cel-199: 10-10-10,
The Wet T-Shirt Contest tshirt.html
The Topless Bar
Topless Dancer CEL-203: 10-10-10
Under Cover CEL-233: 10-10-10,
 #44 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Wet T-Shirt Contest #92 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-194,
Women Are Stupid *Cel-182: 10-10-10,
Young Dumb and Full of Cum CEL-222: 10-8-8

mike c.

writes "James", a long ongoing novela with several spin-off-
short stories which are running parallel to the main story. The story
is interwoven with "Kelly" (→ Night Hawk)
Amanda 01a (A James World Story) (17k)
 01b (22k)
Brenda (A James World Story) approx. parallel to chapters 49-53
James still ongoing, 74 chapters so far
Sara and Sherri
 (A James World Story) approx. parallel to chapter 70,

miranda mars

started to write "Laura's Story" in 1999. It seems to be
a never-ending story `cause at present she is up to chapter 283 with
more than 5 MB text. It is about the sexual experiences of a
beautiful, young, professional, white woman who has a special desire
for relationships with beautiful African-American women, including a
few teenagers. Along the way it includes sporadic light bondage, a
little sado/masochism, a few catfights, one or two rapes, occasional
group sex, and several straightforward heterosexual encounters, but it
focuses centrally on deep, continuing emotional and physical
relationships between Laura and her various lovers.

miss behavin

got the `Golden Clitorides Award 1999 Author of the Year'
in 1999. (MF oral anal tease mild bd) Website:
Batteries Included Golden Clitorides Award 1999
 Story of the Year, CEL-332: 10-9.5-9.5
Bed (Ar)Rest CEL-304: 10-10-10
Blinded CEL-305: 10-9-9
Illusion Owl: CEL-308: 10-10-9
New Beginnings Bitbard:10-10-10 *Cel-300
Not a Chance CEL-360: 10-10-10
Running From the Wind
The Chair (59k)
Visions CEL-328: 10-10-10

misstress diana

Flashback: Cousins
 (Full version) (205k)
Pleasuring Pam (31k)
Rock Star (70k)
_The Adventures of Diana and Mike_
- A Slave's Story, Pt. 1 (21k)
- A Slave's Story, Pt. 2 (10k)
- A slave's story, Pt. 3 (14k)
- A slave's story, Pt. 4 (14k)
- Camping Trip (40k)
- Ellen, Part 1 (31k)
- Ellen, Part 2 (19k)
- Role Reversal (26k)
- Roped Weekend (35k)
- The Neighbor's Wife - (46k)
- The Tease, Part 1 (15k)
- The Tease, Part 2 (9k)
- The Tease, Part 3 (13k)
- The Tease, Part 4 (12k)
_The Adventures of Diana_
- Camping Trip (41k) (RP)
- Ellen (49k) (RP)
- Role Reveral (26k) (RP)
- Romance is Dead...Or is It? (14k) [summer rom fest]
- Roped Weekend (39k) (RP)
- Separate Pleasures (87k)
- The Gardener (29k)
- The Neighbor's Wife (47k) (RP)
- The Tease (44k) (RP)
- Three (56k) (RP)


Ole Joe:

"I need to add a section to this (...) about 15 minute wonders. Every once in a while something will break on the newsgroup which attracts a good bit of attention, then it dies. Missy was one such event. I'm sorry to say I didn't closely follow the thread, but if memory serves, many respondents didn't believe Missy was even a woman, let alone anything she claimed in her stories.

I don't have a good archive of her stories, but titles like these will give you the idea:

Missy's Surprise Spanking
Missy, Lesbian Subslut
Missy at the Reststop
Missy's Panties
The Creation of Missy the Slut
Use My Mouth Like A Womans Vagina!


Aerobic Mom
Dr. Launa
First One
Generation Gash
Intimate Watching
Mom & Aunt
Mom's Advantage
Son's Advantage


posts since 1999 and still ongoing `Nightmares and Visions',
short vignettes he gets/got per email from an anonymous source, all of
them are kind of bondage. (They remmind me on Suki's `Images'). The
other stories are also weird and often contain SF-elements.
Arachis Hypogea (27k)
Avocation I (11k)
First Contact (49k)
First Haph: Ortiya's Children 1-4 *assm-1999/19265 (61k)
Gang Rave (45k)
 Myers: No rating *Cel-378
Glass Desk (17k) RP
Haph Interlude (8k)
In The Dark (49k) RP,
 CEL-346: 9.5-10-10
Motionless (12k)
Nightmares and Visions 01-05 (16k)
Nightmares and Visions 06-10 (16k)
Nightmares and Visions 11-15 (12k)
Nightmares and Visions 16-20 (20k)
Nightmares and Visions 21-25 (18k)
Nightmares and Visions 26-30 (18k)
Nightmares and Visions 31-35 (14k)
Nightmares and Visions 36-40 (19k)
Nightmares and Visions 41-45 (18k)
Nightmares and Visions 46-50 (20k)
Nightmares and Visions 51-55 (15k)
Nightmares and Visions 51-55 (15k)
Nightmares and Visions 56-60 (13k)
Perimeter Violation (52k)
POV (23k)
Primal Duty (15k)
 *A rating Annex reviews 1/31/99
Show Booth (17k)
Spell Failure (42k)
Spooning (27k)
Squatch (14k)
Sublimed (24k) RP
Sunday Tease (31k) RP
 CEL-345: 10-10-10, *Cel-362
The Garden (20k)
Two Mornings (10k)
Upstairs (27k)

morgan preece

ekiN 10-10-10 ?CEL-267
Imagine My Surprise *Cel-162: 10-8-8,
Kissing the Rat CEL-376: 10-10-10,
Mercedes 10-10-10 *Cel-158
My Juno 9-10-10, *Cel-161,
Never CEL-276: 10-10-10
Porno 101 *A rating Annex review 1/31/00
Stolen by Illusion CRIM-2: [9,9,9,8]
That Kind [no #s] *Cel-307
The Rooster CEL-220: 10-10-8
Stolen by Illusion CEL-249: 10-10-10

morpheus' twin

Blame It All on the Internet 10-9.5-9.CEL-68: 5
Face of Betrayal 10-10-10 *Cel-74
Mom's Story 1-3 10-9.5-9.CEL-68: 5


Evening At Home 10-8-4 *Cel-137
First Meeting 1-2 10-10-10 *Cel-119
My Master's Gift 10-9-6 CR 122
Tabitha *Cel-180: 10-10-10

mr bondskin

is the former Mahgirb, who mostly wrote (heavy) bondage
stories like "ThunderShark's Lair", "Tort Doll" or "The Perfect
Model". Under his new "label" Mr Bondskin he wrote "Amber in a Box"
which earned A/A- in the Annex Reviews, 2/27/00 by Lady Cyrrh. She
"A story like this, with nothing redeeming about it, can make you feel
oddly good. Nothing new, but what there was, was well done. At a swank
party rich dilettante Charles opens a box to reveal the nude, gagged,
and manacled form of Amber, a teenage slave lent to him by her Master
for extra "training." The story's first taut thrill comes from her
shipping label, which has been pinned to her through the skin of her
chest, and after that the sadism comes fast and furious with the
addition of two Asian slave twins who are to act as maids/keepers to
her. (...) Amber is later re-packed in her crate and sent home with a
few extra modifications, including a 40 DD chest, about 30 piercings,
and a couple of tattoos, as is common for these stories. So why do I
like them? For the same reason bored fingers like to pick at drying
Amber In A Box Annex Reviews: A-/A
Bridgette Michelle: Diary of a teen sex slave whore
Initiation of Sophie
Initiation of Sophie II: Freshman Year
Jenny's Slavery Chain
Rubber In The Night
Supermodel Bridgette's Enslavement
Zara: Pierced and Branded Slave
_The Mahgirb stories:_
Prisoner X
Reaching for the Limits of Heather ASSM 19999/19313.txt
The Perfect Model
ThunderShark's Lair ASSM 1999/18585.txt

mr spraycan

Ole Joe wrote that `MR SPRAYCAN runs a commercial story
site` but as of October, 2002, (having tried Google, Yahoo and Lycos)
it wasn't possible to find it anymore (If somebody has an actually
link, please mail it to the editor). His stories, as posted to a.s.s.
are complete stories (...). They are actually very professionally done
(...). The story listed below are to be found at*
thru Google.
He writes in several erotica formats. His earlier work concerns Femdom
("Baton Rouge, NY" and "The Footman of LA") but during 1997 he has
transitioned to more mainstream BDSM and spanking ("Seductions" a
multi-part series that forms part of a long unfinished work called
"Just Like Don Giovanni's Blues"). Side topics include exhibitionism
("Hotel Games," "Show Us All, Sarah Jane") and humour (A series called
"Teutonic Treat For Lady Twistleton's Twat" and a trilogy spoofing PG
Wodehouse's Jeeves-and-Wooster stories]. Some of his stories are close
to the edge in terms of content, but never cross over into the
illegal. He aims to produce 2-3 stories a week, forever. The principal
distinguishing mark of Mr. Spraycan stories is a dry wit and barbed
social commentary, plus every sexual twist you can imagine. His
characters are adult, imperfect and obsessed, like the real world, and
dialogue carries the action. "I write to amuse myself, but I really
like to hear from my readers. I love to inspire them into doing crazy
(but safe) things, or reconsidering their attitude to ideas they might
have rejected. To me, erotica is the new frontier: Yes, it's been
around forever, but currently it has the same "zing" as Sci-Fi in the
sixties. There are dozens of great writers on the Net, writing stuff
that's fifty times better than anything you can pick up in bookstores.
Pioneering writing styles and ideas at the same time as producing
great "read them with one hand" stories." Any gripes? "One day I'd
like to get published in a real book, and paid for it! Or see one of
my cool stories as a Hollywood movie. Yes, I mean it! Bend over,
Alicia!" (Ole Joe suspected that there are a million of these he don't
A Mir Spanking
A Wee Bit O'Fluff
Advice/Exhibiting Women In Winter
Advice/Training A Woman To Streak
Anatomy Lesson
Andromeda's Rock
April 14, 1912
Assume Nothing
At the Cutting Edge
At Martha's Vineyard
Aunt Agatha & The Bachelors' Party
Aunt Bronwen in the Blitz
Avenida California
Baton Rouge, NY Pts 1-2
Beth, The Compulsive Masturbator Pts. 1-3, 104.txt, 117.txt
Blame Whitney
Blind Girl Games
Bloody Great Fishes
Blue Period
By Full Moonlight
Casey Jones
Catholic Education 1-4
Captives Of Tamurlaine
Center of Attention
Cherries in Winter
Chestnut Mare Scenario
Christmas Carole CEL-242: 10-10-10
Christmas in Scarsdale CEL-245: 10-10-10
Claire Wanted It *Cel-192: 9-8-6
Clothing Optional Breakfast
Coming Down the Chimney
Conspiracy Theory
Coping with the UPS Strike
County Auction
Crash Course in Patience
Die Unterseebootmaedchen MID: ([email protected]) (SLF-03)
Feminism Is A Fat Issue
Fiduciary Duties 1-2
"Good Lord, Jeeves,
 It's Her!" *Cel-161: 9-9-9, (23k)
Happy Mother's Day *Cel-181: 10-9-9
Harpooner *Cel-191: 10-10-10
"Hello, Little Girl"
Hotel Games
In The Next Room *Cel-178: 10-10-10
Interesting Positions For Medical Professional
Judith On The Cross
Judith's Wet Pack, Pts. 1-2
Justice Is Done
Leah At The Warehouse
Lohengrin CEL-278: 10-6-9
Marie & Her Friends Pts. 1-4
Mysterious Bride of Christ
Nottamun Town 1-2 A+ rating Annex Review,
 CEL-206: 10-10-10
Keep Your Mouth Shut Pts. 1-2
Patient English *Cel-186: 10-10-9
PervNet: The WorldWide Wank
Pillory For Two Slackettes 1-2 (41k) 101.txt
Pronging Mrs.Alchemist (22k)
Saddle Brooke
Sandi's Deal, Pts.1-2
Seacoast Of Maine
Seductions Pts. 1-10 *Cel-179: 10-6-6
"Show Us All, Sarah Jane"
Smiling at Both Ends A+ rating Annex Review 12-14-97
Smokin' in The Boys Room
Stuffing the Old Gobbler CEL-241: 10-10-10
Spankerton Takes Over
Spanking Michelle
Stop Me
Teaching the Twins *A rating Annex Review 1/31/99
Teutonic Treat For Lady Twistleton's Twat Pts. 1-3
The Beach Sluts
The Copley Trio
The Commissioner's Daughter
The Footman of LA Pts. 1-7
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Harpooner
The Littlemont Academy Initiative
The Patient English A+ rating Annex Review 6-8-97
The Secret Of Jeeves' Genius
The Training Weekend
Top Girls!
Totally Nude Truck Stop Girls
Transcribed From Tape
Two Nasty Surprises For Penny
"What's That Smell?"

mrs james wentworth preston

Mrs James Wentworth Preston's story is about her family: James, James
Jr. and her beautiful daughter Maryann who became 18 just a few weeks
ago. We live in small-town USA and have a wonderful. Read *assm-
2000/23854 for an introduction. The story is telled in `third person'
and is almost every story code is used in the several chapters. So far
there are more than 90 chapters, all of them are posted to ASSM (and
can be found at ASSTR).


Aunt Karen
Making of a Mistress 167k
Mule and Amity's Bedtime Stories
Reset 107k
The Domination of Jason
The Garden
The Painter's Daughters

m'lord tribble

Stealing the Jewel
The Crest
Second Loss
Through the Hourglass Darkly

Once again, please remember there is no pretense that this is a complete list of authors or even a list of the best authors. It is a list of some of the more profilic authors, many of whom are still active on the group today, along with a few of the newer voices. If you have input, don't complain, send it.

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