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Following is an alphabetical listing of prominent authors who regularly appear/appeared in the newsgroups mentioned above along with a brief description of their stories. It would be the labour of a lifetime to acknowledge each and every contributor to the groups. Reluctantly, this then, will be a listing of the more prolific and/or accomplished writers. Or the ones Ole Joe liked. Or the ones I know. If your favourite author was omitted, it might not have been intentional. If you will provide descriptive details and a story list, future revisions of this document will include that information.

The time demands to maintain this portion of the article may quickly grow to exceed the capacity to keep current. There may be, and likely are, additional stories extant for each author which are not listed. Additionally, there are many more authors than there are listed. If a listed author or somebody else is interested s/he can mail me about authors s/he would like to see in this list or inform me about other stories for each author which is listed, of course ever name at least one source where such a "new' story can be verified. This document can *never* list all stories posted to the groups. For such purpose are existing Google, ASSTR, Nifty and other archive sites.

Ole Joe has added story ratings as posted in Celestial Reviews as a guide to potentially interested readers. He has tried to find a few reviews for each author cited. Not all authors have been reviewed. See a Celestial Review and FAQ to understand just what the ratings mean, otherwise, accept a 10-10-10 for what it sounds like. For updating Ole Joe's data I used John Dark's Celestial Reviews #1-309 Index by Authors A-Z and Celestial reviews #1-309 Index by Stories A-Z, posted to ASSM. Note that Celeste traditionally quoted low for stories featuring rape, bondage, D/S, humiliation and so on. Read her FAQ file.

Starting with version 3, Ole Joe started adding ratings from Lady Cyrrh's Annex Reviews. Her ratings run from A+ to D-, though I don't remember seeing one that low. Neither Ole Joe nor I collect(ed) gay fiction, and some of what she reviews falls in that category, so not all her story reviews will be listed in this document.

Notation and Abbreviations

(p) : a poem

(RP) : a repost

YW## : a file number at Dark Wanderer's site.

[flash fest], [summer rom fest], etc. : a story written for an ASSM festival or challenge.

CEL-146: 9-10-10 : Celeste gave these scores in Celestial Review #146

BillyG: 10-10-10 *Cel-146 : Guest reviewer BillyG, writing in Celestial Review #146

A rating Annex 11-6-97 : Lady's Cyrrh's rating in her Annex Review dated Nov-6-1997

CRIM-15: [9,10,6,7] : the Crimson Dragon gave this score in Crimson Review #15.

FAQs by Celeste, Lady Cyrrh or Crimson Dragon explain each reviewer's scoring and motives.

Authors letters S to Z


writes assorted porn stories with themes regarding Sci-Fi, fantasy, humiliation, blackmail, lesbian, femdom, TG, creampie. She says:

I guess I'm a pretty kinky person, judging from the stories that I write and like to read. Most have some humor and even though they have heavy themes, the participants generally don't get hurt.

A Slave to Her Mistress (13k)
A Special Anal-versary (20k)
A World for the Taking (37k)
Beaches (34k)
Blowing Betty
Breaking and Entering (12k)
Denying Denise 1 (38k)
Denying Denise 2 (32k)
Denying Denise 3 (22k)
Denying Denise 4 (23k)
Dixie Chicks Rule (26k)
Drafted (12k)
 CRIM-25: [10,1,10,9]
Entrapment (32k)
French Lessons (49k) [summer rom fest]
Frosting  (5k)
Georgia's Story - A Porn Writer's Tale (29k)
Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone 1 link lost
Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone link lost
Haunting of Heather 1
Haunting of Heather 2 (26k)
Haunting of Heather 3 (20k)
Haunting of Heather 4 (19k)
Icing on the Cake
Jessie's Girl (16k)
Lending Daughter a Hand (15k)
Little Miss-Taken (37k)
Make that Date (32k)
Making the Scene (34k)
Mrs. Fields Cookies (37k)
My Wife the Womanizer (69k)
Oh My Goddess! (16k)
Puppet-Girl (30k)
Rank has its Privileges (34k)
So Dirty (20k)
Spoils of War (20k)
Sybian Training (28k)
Taming the Teach 1-3 (60k) 39020, 39016
Thalia's Prank (17k) [sapphic fest]
The Boys vs the Skins (23k)
The Cleaning Girl (23k)
The Conquering of a Super Girl (32k)
The Fish Tank
The Haunting of Heather
The Skins vs. the Boys
The Smell of Sex Ch 1-21 335k
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Long Story of the Year
This Little Piggy (25k)
Unknown Waifish Model Page 53 Ch. 1 (23k)
 Ch. 2 (20k)
WorldCon (30k)


Business Lunches
Had to Be CEL-370: 8.5-9-9
Kat Fighter 1-5
Stealing Stephanie CEL-368: 10-10-10
 CRIM-7: [9,10,10,10] (RP)
Taking the Flyer
Two for Texas
Year on the Hook

s. leigh farmer

Norma's Wish CEL-248: 9-8-6
One Favor (TG, MF, sci-fi) (633k) CEL-271: 10-10-10
Something Borrowed 367k

s. b. douglass

is new to the list, but one of the earliest
contributors to – I found the stories on a story list posted
to in 1991. Most of the stories were written between 1989 and
1991. All the stories have a romantic content. (at
A Small Woman MID ([email protected])
Adsorbing Passion MID ([email protected])
Adsorbing Passion II MID ([email protected])
Adsorbing Passion III MID ([email protected]) {Anton Markwart}
Bodysurfing MID ([email protected])
Debugged MID ([email protected])
Funeral MID ([email protected])
Ghost MID ([email protected])
Homework MID ([email protected])
Necklace MID ([email protected])
Rings MID ([email protected]) ***
Rings II MID ([email protected]) ***
Susan MID ([email protected])
The Bride MID ([email protected])
The Fish MID ([email protected])

sala de espera

isnít a writer, at least not under this nick, but she (?) translated some stories from different ASSM contributors into French.

La fauvette des marais a
 collier rouge (31k) {Dr. Spin}
Li Chang pendue (12k) {Damien}
Reunis pour apprendre (53k) {MillieTeases}
Urgent (12k) {Vinnie Tesla}


Bad Girl at the Play (9k)
Big Reporter (9k)
Executive Secretary (13k)
Hot Lips (20k)
Hot Little Nympho (9k)
Jasmine Extra-Marital Affair (38k)
Jennifer is a Brat (40k)
Juicy Peaches (53k)
The Little Tramp (31k)
Little Oral Virgin (10k)
Love Stories (8k)
Pamela's Hot Stallion (37k)
The School Sluts Chronicle (47k)
Slut Scheme (25k)

sam cornell

seem to feature the sexual attraction between two women,
when one of the women is a little reluctant, her POV is first person.
An American Friday In London
An Aphrodite Rising
An Entente Cordiale (14k)
Dazed and Confused
Friday Night Saturday Morning
Honey. I Mean Real Honey
Julia (6k)
Summoning the Demon
That Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet
The Ashes
The Flying Scotsman,
 *A rating Annex Reviews 12/27/02
The Streets Of London
Transatlantic Delay


is now listed as → BITBARD

santos j romeo

at BitBard's site
The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane
 #9 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-78
 (over 150,000 words)

This is a sexually [...] story about an intense sexual, emotional and intellectual relationship between a teenage girl and a young boy and the course of their relationship over a period of 10 years. It is a dramatization about real people and their conflict with social expectations. – SJR

sara hart

(a.k.a. cat's sara) is writing lesbian mind-control stories,
it's about fem-dom and bondage. Her plots are a mixture of Katherine_T
and Stephen King. Her stories are sometimes written in first person
but also in third person. Generally she starts with a character in a
particular situation, develops a relationship with other characters,
and then transforms the relationship. If MC is your thing have a look
on her. (in reading order)
A Small Case of Overkill _The Goddess Julia Stories_
Deity Savant
Reverence and Destiny
A Small Case of Curiosity
Birth of Obedience
A Small Case of Transformation
A Taste of Fire (32k)
Wrist Trained _The Mistress Rochelle Stories_
Harmonic Conversion
Harmonic Conversion II - House O'Wrist
Breath of Spirit 1-3 _The Kala Stories_ (56k) 
Agenda _The Andrea Stories_
Absolute _Her other stories (posting order)_
 1 (32k)
 2 (33k)
 3 (39k)
Sexual Revelation Pt. 1 (19k)
 Pt. 2 (23k)
 Pt. 3 (25k)
Captive Audience
Circumstantial Goddess
Consummation (4k) [summer rom fest]
Crossing the Line (1-3)
Fast Food
Fetish Fatale
Gin and Tonic
Grand Finale (14k)
Hot Summer
Change of Heart
Illumination 1-3
In Descent
Intuition (23k) [summer rom fest]
Musings of the Opened Mind (30k) (RP)
Of Class and Quality
Penis Envoy
Plague of Seduction (15k) (THM)
Plain Brown Wrapper
Shocking Origin
Spell Checker
Storm of Desire
The End of the Rainbow (41k)
Tidal Wave (29k)
Venus Rising
Waiting (5k)
Where I Come From and Other Observations
Wildflower (15k)
With Strings Attached (44k)

sarah fox jahn

Little Red Riding Hood *Cel-172: 10-10-10
Steel and Iron *Cel-169: 10-9-9
The Personal
Treasures of the Deep

saucy wench

A Night to Remember 9-8-- *Cel-213
Chinese Fortune Nookie CEL-252: 10-9-9
Private Pool Party CEL-278: 10-9-9
Snow Angels CEL-247: 10-8-8
The Barber Chair *A rating Annex Reviews 9-6-97,
 9.5-8-5 *Cel-231
Trick or Treat CEL-230: 10-10-10


At His Daughter's Mercy 250k
Flashing My Wife's Little Sister
Gransma's Window
Janice's Final Lesson
Kids See the Darnest Things 162k
Miss Rene and Tommy
More Lessons for Janice
Sheila the Great Owl: CEL-306: 5-8-7
Stepsis with the Devilish Hands
Take Your Daughter to Work Day
The Bus Ride
The Vicarious Rape


stories are influenced of years of growing up with a set of
sexy sisters, he admits. He writes about some of those memories. So
his stories are about incest and married relationship. In Summer 2003
he posted a bunch of stories not been at ASSM before.
A Dream Come True (24k)
A Private Party (68k)
After The Party Is Over (69k) 28589
All The Way This Time (16k)
And Son Makes Three (25k)
Another Private Party (33k)
Bath Fun (18k)
Best Bitch In Town (28k)
Big Sister, Great Teacher (18k)
Blind Date (14k)
Bobby Drake Gets Feedback on His Fic *A rating Annex Reviews 10/13/02,
 _at his Website_
Bobby Drake Joins a Star Trek Slash List *A rating Annex Reviews 10/13/02,
 _at his Website_
Broken In! (29k)
Brotherly Love (27k)
Carried Away (17k)
Cheer You Up (17k)
Crazy Bet *assm-2000/27791 (61k)
Dad, the Girls and Some Smokes (24k)
Daddy's Girl (26k)
Dare (16k)
Dear Daddy (36k)
Definitely Not Queer (16k)
Dominated By My Son 1 (12k)
Dominated By My Son 2 (25k)
Dominated By My Son 3 (24k)
Dominated By My Son 4 (25k)
Dominated By My Son 5 (24k)
Dominated By My Son 6 (35k)
Dominated By My Son 7 (35k)
Dominated By My Son 8 (20k)
Double Pleasure (38k)
Drunk and Disorderly (19k)
Every Dog Has Its Day (12k)
Fate Steps In (18k)
Fucked Up (28k)
Getting Along With Sis (23k)
Getting The Contract *assm-2001/28726 (113k)
Give Me Your Love (25k)
God'sGift (47k)
Hypnotising Mum (42k)
Just a Christmas Party 1-3 *assm-2003/45948 (187k)
Let Sleeping Cocks Lie (15k)
Little Show Off (19k)
Long Odds Don't Pay Off *assm-2001/28585 (64k)
Making the Grade (50k)
Meek Mum (32k)
More Than She Bargained For (31k)
Mum's The Word (32k)
My Mates Mum (17k)
My Niece and Nephew Come To Visit (22k)
Naughty Little Brother (25k)
Oh Daddy! (19k)
Old Man's Fancy (30k)
Party Favours (34k)
Party Surprise! (11k)
Playacting (16k)
Plaything (30k)
Poor Auntie (21k)
Raping Mother (47k)
Rescuing Mother (105k)
Sam Falls Even Further From Grace (70k)
Sam's Fall From Grace (52k)
Seduction by Story (57k)
Shock Discovery (54k)
Sister Act (49k)
Sisters and Brother (22k)
Skeleton In The Closet (69k)
Surprise Package (22k)
The Dinner Party (24k)
The Gamble *assm-2001/28593 (179k) 28598
The New Boy (42k)
Truth or Dare! (45k)
Turn On Mum (66k)
What A Boy (20k)
What A Surprise (17k)
Whoops (18k)


([email protected])
Assignment (27k)
Dimensions (19k)
Drums (12k)
Grayson (35k)
Her Masters Boots (15k)
History Lesson (22k)
Nurse Linda (11k)
One Last Dance (12k)
Partners (14k)
Rose (12k)
Skunk Hunter (20k)
Storm Riders (44k)
The Auction (18k)
The Blue Pill (24k)
The Challenge (19k)
The Guest (21k)
Theta Nine (30k)
Twisted (51k)
VHS or DVD (11k)
Volunteer (15k)
 CRIM-15: [9,10,10,9]

sean farragher

is the creator of the "Taxi Murder" novela, which is a
complex Hypertext story. This entry is not complete yet. I had not the
time yet.
Saddam – A poem of Endings (5k)
From the Journals of J Steiner (17k)
Eddie Meyers IV (8k)
Eddie Robert Meyers – Intro 5KK,
Eddie Roberts Meyers 3 (10k)
Murder 'Cross the Bridge  (4k)
Taxi Murders (14k)
Books of Joss (3k)
Taxi WalkAbouts – Taxi Murders  (9k)
Angela Mannino's Note Book ... (4k)
Angela On Henry: Menage ... (7k)
Angela's Confessions ...  (9k)
Angela's Sexual Oceans II (8k)
Armageddon dear Pedophile ... (22k)
Journal of Caine IV 1950s (29k)
Journal of Henry Ezra Whitman (13k)
Laurie Fallon's Journal (23k)
Laurie Fucks Sir Francis ... (11k)
One Serial Murder Storyline ... (3k)
Sexual Angel at the Beach (6k)
Sexual Improvisation & Raunch #3 (3k)
Sexual Improvisation part 1. (5k)
The Books of Herrig (40k)
The Genesis Murders: I to III (41k)
Eddie Meyers in Vietnam (10k)
Joss, Jess, Jessica and ...Cocks  (5k)
The Lives of Laurie F. (1976) I (9k)
The Murder of Katherine Dahan (12k)
Vietnam 1969 Caine, Father ... (5k)
Vietnam Vet Eddie Meyers  (5k)
Taxi Murders the Novel
-- Cast of Characters (8k)
-- Outline of Story - Febr 2003 (8k)
-- Angela, Aaron and Henry ... (36k)
-- Dolores Baker  (7k)
-- 1 Laurie Taken! (6k)
-- 2 Laurie Fallon (7k)
-- 3 Herrig Estate/Vietnam (31k)
-- 4 Drugs and Sexual Fantasy .. (16k)
-- 4 The Incest of Serial Murder  (9k)
-- 5 Nam, Porn, Taxi Freaks (6k)
-- 5 James Albert Caine IV NAM! (29k)
-- 6 (36k)
-- 8 inc Abel and Lilith (4k)
-- 10 Fire Kills Kids (11k)
-- 31 Vietnam and Serial Murder (6k)
-- 31 Dirty Letters to Ruby ... (29k)
-- 32 Sorocide? (5k)
-- 33 Imaginary Dead (4k)
-- 34 Flashing the Taxi Driver (9k)
-- 71 Night at the Gables ... (14k)
-- 72 Three Years Earlier ... (13k)
-- 73 inc ff Janet and Grandpa (9k)
-- 74 The Love of Horses (15k)
-- 75 Drinking Human Blood (4k)
-- 78 April 9 1992 Day... (11k)
-- 100 The Chronicles of LF (8k)
-- 100 Poem of Incest (14k)
-- 101 Multi-generational Incest  (7k)
-- 102 Detective Malachi (14k)
-- 103 Confession: "I am Real." (7k)
-- 104 Street Whores ...  (6k)
-- 105 The Fucking Gladiator (7k)
-- 106 "Fucking Death" (5k)
-- 107 NAM to Point Blank (44k)
-- 108 Blow Jobs  (8k)
-- 109 Forced Journal (12k)
-- 111 Walkabouts (16k)
-- 112 Dolores Baker (8k)
-- 113 July 20 1986 (11k)
-- 114/115 Henry / Laurie Again (12k)

seasiren girl

(Ff ws scat)
Forbidden Needs 5 (47k)
Mommy's Little Girlfriend (116k)
The French Lady (21k)
The French Lady 2 (32k)
The Lady's Club 1 (45k)
Yvonne (67k)

see show

(MMF wife) (Available from Dark Wanderer's site)
A Blackmailed Hubby Can Make an Excellent Cum Licker YW515
A Slutty Wife for the High School Coach YW241
All of the Fun and None of the Guilt? YW286
Apart YW153
Bonnie at the Bar 1-2 YW199
Brenda Gets It 1
Changed in Paris YW298
Changed into a TV YW232
Cock Hungry Wife YW310
Dave's Story 1-2 YW256 / YW295
Dicking for My Wife 1 YW257
Dicking My Dick-Beating Husband YW269
Dressing Like a Slut for My Man YW394
Exhibitionist Wife YW116
From a Lady to a Slut YW299
Getting All Dolled Up YW260
Half Hard YW285
Having a Black Baby YW214
He's Just Too Nice YW291
His Place YW292
His Professional Wife Turns into a Hot Sexy Stripper
His Wife Likes It Hard and Fast on the Ass YW395
Hubby Needs a Little Help
I'm Nothing But a Sissy Now
In Love with Those Tits YW423
Keeping the Campers Happy YW324
Laura YW524
Laura's Lover YW296
Laura's Piano Student YW134
Lawyer's Wife YW261
Luck Be a Lady Tonight 1-3 YW137, YW144, YW154
March Madness YW302
More than Enough YW487
My Conservative Wife Has Become a Total Slut YW388
My First Black Experience, Certainly Not My Last YW516
My Golfing Buddy and My Wife 1-9 (91k) YW181/YW194/YW204 (1-3)
My Masterful Husband YW401
My Sister-in-Law's Rape YW387
My Slutty Nurse Wife YW316
My Wayward Evening Wife YW562
My Wife Is Now Her Boss' Slut YW215
My Wife's Black Lovers 1-3 YW224
My Wife's First Threesome, But Not Her Last YW290
My Wife's Forced Seduction YW275
My Wife's Tits Belong to the Company President YW356
No Tell Motel YW305
Pussy Whipped YW370
Older But Wiser Husband YW309
Outvoted YW323
Panty Anty YW132
Party Girl YW329
Party Wife YW342
Peeking Tom YW242
Pleasure at a Business Party YW227
Professional Wife Turns Into Stripper YW359
Pussy Whipped and Then Some
Rectal YW371
Sally & Pat YW482
Security Guard YW377
Sex Drugged Slutty Wife YW274
Sexy Wife Tryst
She Gets It Good YW287
She Love Big Black Dicks YW200
She Needs More Sex YW304
She Takes Control YW243
Sultana Takes Control Along with Her Black Lover YW490
Summer Days and a Sexual Haze for My Wife YW410
The Anal Attraction YW422
The Black Limo YW201
The CEO's Wife 1-2 YW230
The Dancer YW244
The Shoe Salesman YW135
The Wrestler YW168
They Both See It All YW218
Luck Be a Lady Tonight 1-9 117k
Watching Her Sex the Pastor YW125
When They Are Apart, She Keeps Her Legs Apart
Wife Show YW563
You Can Bet Your Wife on It YW211
Young and Big

selena jardine

won the Golden Clitorides Award 2002 as 'Best New
Author', and so did her stories "Ruthie's Hair" and "Curtains".
Bittersweet (3k)  CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10], [choco-erotica]
Curtains (22k)
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Best Heterosexual Story
Flashing Ten Times (19k)
Home Safe (23k)
Junk Bonds (3k) [summer rom fest]
Learning Secrets (26k)
Let Yourself Go (21k)
Make Me (14k) CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10],
Marital Therapy (14k)
Rebecca (40k)
Red, Light (3k)
 CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10]
Ruthie's Hair (31k)
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Best Short Story by a New Author
Seven Flashes (12k)
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 6/20/02
Silver Blade (caution) (10k)
Wicked Lies (14k)  CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10],

selena long

Back Door Whore
Garters and Lace - Jasmine
Garters and Lace - Joi
Garters and Lace - Mindy
Garters and Lace - Mona
Garters and Lace - Shannon

serene cherry

writes lesbian stories.
Dreams Hereafter (119k) [summer rom fest]
Endless Ecstasy
Fairwater Heights
Family Affection
Feminine Desire
Hypnotic Embrace
Jaded Submission
Keeping in Touch  (32k) (THM)
Maison du Velours (89k)
Model Behavior
Moonlit Temptation
Naughty Neighbors
Perfect Bliss
Sapphic Nocturne
Tender Euphoria (90k)
The Art of Seduction (85k)


Cream, *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Muse, CEL-210: 10-10-10
Poe, 9.5-10-10 *Cel-191
School Spirit *A rating Annex Review 7-13,
The Art Critic *Cel-214: 9.5-10-7.5
The Shop CEL-205: 10-10-10
The Twilight Café CEL-285: 8-4-4
The Twilight Zone: Elizabeth + (part 2)
 *Cel-204: 9.5-9.5-6
The Wedding Present, CEL-207: 10-10-10
Twist, *Cel-192: 10-10-10
Virtual Addiction CEL-302: 10-9-9

sf master

A Slave to Capitalism *A rating Annex Review 10-1-97
Candy's Hobby
Janet in Training (333k) CEL-251: 9-8-4
 *A rating Annex Review 12-20-97,
Mile High Club CEL-273: 9-9-9
Politically Incorrect
Sharon's Outcall
Transparent Like Glass CEL-262: 9-10-9
The High Cost of Used Books CEL-237: 7-6-6

shakes pear 2b

Another Girl from Ipanema (45k)
Close Encounters of an Unanticipated Kind (38k)
Feeling (9k)
Giving Thanks (4k)
House in the Woods
 - Bethany (46k)
 - Joshua and Katy (46k)
 - Aisha (76k)
 - Penny (83k)
 - Molly, the 1st Time (56k)
 - Marietta (56k)
 - Jada (19k)
 - Sarah (42k)
 - Shea (56k)
May 1 (47k)
May 2 (19k)
May 3 (28k)
Me and Mrs. Jones
 1: We Get a Thing Goin' On (36k)
 2: We Reel Teddy In (31k)
 3: Becky Becomes Special Girl (31k)
 4: Enter Mr. Jones (18k)
 5: Party time (26k)
 Epilogue (6k)
May 1 (47k)
May 2 (19k)
Reluctant Rescue (16k)
Speed Trap (21k)
The Girl From Ipanema (38k)
The Promise (4k)
Tinky Gets a Promotion (10k)
Workin' on the Chain Gang (32k)

Black In White Video (104k)
Glory Hole Wife
Teacher Passes The Test

shalon wood

Prudence, TX Population 1276 1 (52k) (RP)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 3 (30k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 4 (33k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 5 (36k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 6 (33k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 7 (37k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 8 (28k)

sharon best

has written adult superhero comic stories. If you like
reading superhero comic book adventures that include things DC and
Marvel aren't allowed to print, try these detailed and imaginative
stories – if you can get them, but ... she was outed as a man and
thouroughly upset (s)he did the worst and cancelled the website
keeping all stories and liquidated his/er Y Group also. Note, that
this list of stories was not updated since v.15 (1998) – so, if one
is the perfect expert to the Aurora Universe – mail me!! At is an archive of the former Sharon
Best website.
Earth 1 - Aurora (a Super Girl) - one episodic story
 Aurora's arrival on Earth
Ch. 01-0 Discovery 88k
Ch. 01-1 Exploration 42k
 First Contact
Ch. 02-0,1 The Pirates 96, 74k
 First Love
Ch. 03-0,1 Chris 64, 86k
 The Hijackers and the Kintzi
Ch. 04-0 Laura 97k
Ch. 04-1 Battle over the Pacific 33k
Ch. 04-2 The Kintzi 39k
 Meeting in LA
Ch. 05-0 Reunion 67k
 Kara emerges
Ch. 06-0 Earthquake 95k
Ch. 07-0 Kara 111k
Ch. 08-0 The Audition 157k
Ch. 08-1 Gary 67k
Ch. 08-2 Suzaara 82k
 The Battle Begins
Ch. 09-0 Cyborg 94k
 A Test of Strength
Ch. 10-0 Test Lab 90k
 Mind Control
Ch. 11-0,1,2 91, 63, 61k
 The Velorian
Ch. 12-0 David 120k
Ch. 13-0 The Pool 46k
 A Different Species
Ch. 14-0 Sil One 36k
Ch. 15-0 Sil Two 99k
Ch. 16-0 Sil Three 19k
 The Darkest Hour
Ch. 17-0 Laura 74k
Ch. 17-1 Supergirl's Darkest Hour 39k
 Adventures of a Supergirl
(See Earth 1a for all of chapter 18)
 The Arions Emerge
Ch. 19-0 The Arion Network 37k
Ch. 20-0 Interlude in Hawaii 19k
Ch. 21-0 Nuclear Rescue 50k
Ch. 22-0 Bo 45k
Ch. 26-0 Desert Meeting 134k
 The Terrans Prepare to Fight Back
Ch. 27-0 Black Ops 55k
 The Dominatrix
Ch. 23-0 Sh'lyra 74k
Ch. 24-0 The Domination of Fairchild 54k
Ch. 25-0 The Rescue 134k
 Return to Earth
Ch. 28-0,1,2 Return to Earth I 63, 53, 42k
 Sh'Lyra Rules
Ch. 29-0 The Trials of Diana 28k
Ch. 29-1 The Trials of Fairchild 13k
Ch. 29-2 Diana's Story 33k
Ch. 29-3 Diana and Vixen 56k
Ch. 29-4 Space Battle 47k
 The Healing
Ch. 29-5 Escape to Colchica 83k
Ch. 29-6 With Friends Like These... 61k
Ch. 29-7 Time to Heal, Time to Kill 115k
Earth 1a - Sharon (The Adventures of a Supergirl)
Ch. 18 of Earth 1 (26 pts.) 812k
Earth 3 - SuperFemme (The Tales of KaraZ) - different stories
* The Dead Also Rise. The story of the Pactrellian Revival
The Anasazi... 1250 AD Earth/3 (Age 18) 254k
Growing up Super... 1989 to 1994 AD Earth/3 (Age 12 to 17)174k
Adventures of SuperFemme 1996 to 2010 AD Earth/3 (Age 18 to 33)
* Military Press 166k
* Birthday 1-17 950k
Guardians of Sol... 2010 to 2200 AD Earth/3 (Age 33 to 223)403k
+ Another side chapter - A Dangerous Encounter on the TGV 87k
Earth 3a - Tales of Jenine - one episodic story (so far) 174k
Earth 4 - Shana (The ShapeChanger) 259k
The Freshman... Returning to LA, the adventure continues...
* Lovers
* Reunions
Area 56... The Rescue (A story of Artemis and Evangelyne)68k
Aimee of Velor, An ElseVerse Story (9 chapters) 380k
Little Fire Bug 1,830k


writes stories containting MF and mmF intercourse, nc,
reluc, humil.
Breaking in Teacher: Day 1 (223k) (RP)
Breaking in Teacher: Day 2 (216k) (RP)
Goth's Not Slut (207k) (RP)


was around in 1995.
Amanda's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Angela's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Carol's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Christine's Ordeal MID ([email protected]) (RP)
Claudia's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Heidi's Ordeal MID ([email protected]) (RP)
Jamie's Ordeal MID ([email protected])(RP)
Karen's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Katie's Ordeal a.k.a. Desert Sunrise MID ([email protected]) (RP)
Kelly's Ordeal a.k.a. The Revenge MID ([email protected]) (RP)
Laurel's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Paula's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Rebecca's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Sarah's Ordeal MID ([email protected])
Tonie's Ordeal MID ([email protected])

shon richards

(in former times a.k.a. Lord Shon) is writing MF and
also FF, sci-fy, myth, often romance, sometimes BDSM. He also wrote
the "Thigh Vs. Thigh" series of 45 stand-alone stories which are
mostly Hollywood-movie-sound-alike-titled, e.g. 'Dial V for Voyeur',
"Stroke in 60 Seconds" or 'Thighs Wide Shut'. These stories are about
Amy Valentine and Bethany Taylor which are concurrenting agents and
their adventures are including very hot sex.
_Thigh Vs. Thigh stories (in order of posting)_
Fistful of Prototypes 20K
Midnight Fun 18K
Bicameral White Female 17K
Clones Gone Wild 24K
Thighs Wide Shut 26K
Girdle Raider 22K
Where Eagles Fuck 18K
Humping Dragon, Bound Tiger 25K
Driving Miss Bethany 15K
For Your Thighs Only 28K
Escape From New Themiskyra 29K
Never Been Stroked 20K
Nurse Amy 20K
Entered by the Dragon 22K
Speed Fucker 13K
20,000 Licks Under The Sea 20K
Wily Women and the Chocolate Factory 22K
Dial V for Voyeur 7K
Antique Showdown 17K
Desperately Seeking Morgana 18K
The Magnificent Seven Blowjobs 23K
The Hand that Rocks the Booty 10K
The Whorehouse on Haunted Hill 21K
Someone Wicked This Way Cums 23K
The Legend of Indian Hollow 17K
I Know What You Did Last Halloween 19K
Rush Fuck 17K
Horizontal Limit 20K
Thighs Like Us 26K
Dances With Thighs 21K
Gone in Sixty Strokes 11K
My Favorite Ninja 21K
Thigh Runner 16K
Orgy on 34th Street. 26K
Slut of Tides 12K
Curse of the Mummies' Cocks 36K
The Invisible Breasts 14K
Sleeper Agents in Seattle 17K
The Silence of the Lips 13K
Fuck Amy Fuck 14K
Women in Black 15K
The Ninja with One Special Sock 11K
The Good, the Ass and the Busty (1/3) 18K
The Good, the Ass and the Busty (2/3) 20K
The Good, the Ass and the Busty (3/3) 24K
Bound Ninja in Spandex
Kiko vs the Last Temple of Sodom
She was a Slave to her Sex Drive
Battle of the Heroines *A rating Annex Reviews 11/10/99
Kiko vs. the Master of Sitonyou
Kiko Goes to Jail (69k)
Kiko and the Mad Scientist (17k)
_Other Stories (in alphabetical order)_
A Night at Indian's Hollow 23K, CEL-344: 10-10-10
Birth of the Jungle Goddess (21k)
Black Magic Muses 47K, CEL-338: 10-10-10
Chopstick (10k)
Deadly Rides (22k)
December Bride (21k) CEL-346: 9-10-10
Domination With a Vampire (25k)
Fable (8k)
Flirting  (7k)
Found by the Creek (22k)
Gentlemen's Night (24k)
Ghosts in the Bedroom (33k)
Great Gift of Sleep (14k)
Hell Hath No Fury (36k)
Her Cabin Boy _21 parts in ASSM_
Hide and Treat (15k)
Jesse Myers: NR *Cel-345
Just Sit CEL-376: 10-9-9,
Labors of Claudia CEL-374: 10-10-10,
Laura in Green Myers: *Cel-339
Lunch 5K
Maybe 3K
More Than a Tree  5K
Mystery Train CRIM-14: [8,10,10,10]
Panties in the Darkness CEL-337: 10-10-10
Secret Site Society 7K
Sex Among the Tulpas 34K
She Built a Temple but She Didn't Know the Word 12K
Single Ant 11K
Stockings, Co-workers and Devotion 21K
Streaks 17K
Tag CRIM-12: [10,10,10,10]
Teachers  6K
The Auction of July 18-1999 CEL-333: 9-10-10
The Cabin Boy 21-chapter-pirate-story! (2003)
The Hero of Delightia (220k)
The Treasure of Wenches' Cleft (25k) {Pirate}
The Woman Behind Estrella Morocco Mary: CEL-330: 10-10-10
To the Victor CEL-324: 8-10-10
The Coven of Bliss's Maypole 2001 19K
Those Who Can't Sleep 10K
Tomorrow She Dances 16K
Vanessa and Me Part 1 13K
Vanessa and Me Part 2 20K
Vanessa and Me Part 3 26K
Vanessa and Me Part 4 17K
Vanilla 4K
We Heard The Thunder 17K
What's Yours 15K
Window Dressing (13k)

simon bar sinister

Mind Snatchers #39 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97

sisters ng

Deirdre and Tammy Ng are Chinese-American sisters. Their stories came out in a rush, faded to a trickle, then silence. There was an imaginative webpage for a while, but now, it too, is gone. I hope they come back, because there for a while, we had an inside view into two creative young women's fantasies(?). Dick Goesinya posted "Ng Story Collection (all the Sisters-NG-Stories!!) to assm in 1999.

Aegean Interludes CEL-12: 9
American As... #79 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-116
As I've Seen
Backrub, Assrub, Clitrub, Cockrub {Backrub and Tammy Ng}
College Reunion
 #20 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-68: 10-10-10
Dilbert 10-8-10 *Cel-79, 10-8-10 *Cel-79
E-mail exchange
Hands On
 #76 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-72
Hey, That's Me!
Hot on the Trail {Backrub and Tammy Ng}
In Your Mouth and Mine #81 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Kellie in Court
Kellie Sleeps Over
Kimiko Dreams: Carol *Cel-179: 9-8-8
Letter from Yossi CEL-226: 9-10-10
Real Slow Smile 10-9-7 *Cel-90
Tammy's Game
Tammy Gets Even (Better) #56 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Tammy in the Rain #24 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Tammy on the Big Screen
Tammy Seduces Her Boyfriend
Taxi, Sofa, Bedroom
 #23 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-11: 10
Telephone Tag
The Seduction of Deirdre
The Seduction of Deirdre 2
The Virgin Mary Maguire CEL-224: 10-10-10,
 A- rating Annex 10-15-97
 Lady Cyrrh says, "The story was
 cleverly written and a real page-
 turner, with some truly depraved
 touches like the creative use of
 rosary beads."
While You Were Out 10-10-10 *Cel-137
 MID ([email protected])
White Hands CEL-20: 8
Woke Up this Morning

skull duggery

The Long Weekend CEL-253: 9-10-10

sleazy liz

Mischievous Siblings
Riding Bareback
The Pleasure of Family Hiking *Cel-169: 9-10-10
Young Hot Passions *Cel-170: 10-10-10

slowhand luke

Book *Cel-197: 7-10-10
The Hotel Dinner CEL-246: 10-9-9


is living in Southern England. He is not into underage,
incest or anything involving real violence. His story categories:
Heterosexual Erotica over the age of consent (16 in UK), some of them
are historical. The Anglo Saxon Chronicles are outstanding.
1/15th at f11 (3k)
Among the Ashes (13k)
Anglo Saxon Chronicles
 1. The Winter of the Danes (51k)
 CRIM-7: [10,10,10,10]
 2. An Interlude on Athelney (33k)
 CRIM-8: [9,10,10,10]
 3. The Lady of Mercia (38k)
 4. Athelstan's Mercy (40k)
 CRIM-14: [9,10,10,10]
Conversation Piece (3k) [Blanket-Flash]
Dear Bill (5k)
Desdemona and the Tiger (22k) {Pirate},
 CRIM-29: [10,10,10,10]
Falling for Jenny (28k)
Frontier Incident (6k)
Her Story (2k) [flash fest]
His Story (2k) [flash fest]
Like Father Like Son 1 (62k)
Like Father Like Son 2 (49k)
Like Father Like Son 3 (69k)
Like Father Like Son 4 (70k)
Like Father Like Son 5 (66k)
Like Father Like Son 6 (65k)
Like Father Like Son 7 (60k)
Like Father Like Son 8 (155k)
Losing It (26k)
Maid Elizabeth (32k)
 CRIM-4: [9,10,10,10]
Monster (6k)
 CRIM-26: [10,0,10,9]
Old Men's Dreams (p) (2k)
 CRIM-11: [unrated]
Rising to the Occasion (50k)
 CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10]
Schadenfreude (4k)
The Green Man (3k)
The Polish Dragoon. (11k)
The Scent of Roses (4k)
The Time-Machine Voyage 1 – Going Greek (17k)
 Voyage 2 – Roman ... (26k)
The Wheel of the Seasons  (7k)
Walking the Dog (253k)
 CRIM-16: [10,10,10,10] (1-4)
 CRIM-18: [9,10,10,10] (5-7)


B&D Academy 1-9 334k


Presentation A+ rating Annex Reviews 9-6-97,
 CEL-213: 10-10-9
Table for Two *A rating Annex Reviews 12-7-97,
 CEL-225: 10-8-8

some kind of dog

(Breast size)
Back to School at Saint Cat's 210K
Big Feature at Saint Cat's 1-6 1.36 MB
Big Little Sister (125k)
Crusade at Saint Cat's 344k
Even More New Girls at Saint Cat's 242k
Fifth Form at Saint Cat's 181k
Fourth Form at Saint Cat's 156k
Grown-Up Girls 197k
Head Girl at Saint Cat's 183k
More New Girls at Saint Cat's 171k
New Girls at Saint Cat's 152k
Return of the Golden Goose 1-24.rtf 467k
Saint Cat's - Megan's Revenge 153k
Saint Cat's Chorus Roster  2k
Saint Cat's Dairies 155k


writes "vanilla" mostly and she says, that there is a little bit of herself in every female character she creates... She won a Golden Clitorides Award 2000 in the category "Best new author for 2000" (together with Katie McN and Dr. Spin).

A Knight to Remember (19k) CEL-348: 9.5-9-8
A Momentary Lapse (3k)
Aftershocking 2k
Angel of the morning 5k
Appreciation (Dr. Seuss style) *A rating Annex Reviews 8/10/02
BDSM 101 (3k)
Cover Me (4k) [Blanket-Flash]
Dannyboy  7k
Death by Chocolate (with Dryad) CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10] [birthday]
Diabolus musica 8k
Elasticity 8k
(p) Fascination CRIM-3: [10,10,--,10]
Fear of Flying (3k)
French Revolution (4k) [Blanket-Flash]
Friendship (4k)
Guaranteed Delivery
Hands 20k
Hell hath no fury... CEL-374: 10-10-10
I Got Lucky
Island CRIM-5: [10,10,--,10]
Jitterbug 6k
Kelly's Eyes 35k
Knowledge 13k
Language Barrier (3k)
 CRIM-24: [10,8,8,9]
Lovin' to go (24k) CEL-371: 9.5-8-8
Maddie and the Dust Motes
Office Politics (4k)
Official Greeting... CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10]
Only A Whisper 5k
Reality TV (2k) [flash fest]
Red 8k
Research Methods (3k)
Romancing Jack CEL-362: 10-10-10,
 Golden Clitorides Award 2000 - best story by a new author
 CRIM-18: [10,10,10,10]
Scene 7, Take 12 (2k) [flash fest]
Summer Rain CEL-369: 10-10-10
Tall, Dark and ... (5k)
To Dream CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
The Case of the Extortive Escort Service CRIM-6: [9,10,10,10]
The Case of the Chocolate Covered Cherries,
 CRIM-19: [10,Who Cares?,10,10]
The Folly of Eros (24k) CEL-356: 10-8-8
The Morning After,
 CRIM-24: [10,10,10,10]
The Right Wrong Spell (35k) CEL-345: 10-9.5-9.5,
 CRIM-13: [10,10,10,10]
Romancing Jack 20k
Sexual Designs 6k
Skalding Hot 24k
Sophie's Surprising Spring Break 17k
Stroke Of Midnight 16k
Summerrain 10k
Summerheat 3k
Tell Me 5k
The Case Of The Masochistic Wrestlers 17k
The Server 7k
To Dream CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Worldcup  7k


Extern Weekend CEL-363: 9-10-10
Infidelity Owl: CEL-342: 7-1-5
Marriage Revival *9-9-9-CEL-358
Mrs.Brown, Mrs.White and Mrs.Yellow
My Wife Lisa Nick: CEL-339: 6-6-5
Out of This World, 27206
 CEL-374: 10-8.5-6
Old Dogs DO Learn New Tricks
 CRIM-23: [10,7,6,5]
Reader's Response CEL-361: 9-8-9
Rococo Club
 CRIM-19: [7,9,4,5]
Small town, small street (110k) (rp)
The Cure BillyG: CEL-338: 8-10-10
The Gift I-V (382k)
The Night Mum Got Drunk CEL-337: 6-7-7
The Win Tiramisu: CEL-333: 6-8-9
To Inherit a Factory (75k) CEL-354: 7-8-7, (RP)
To Live In a Factory 1 (44k)
To Live In a Factory 2 (45k)
To Live In a Factory 3 (59k)
Translator CEL-347: 9.5-9-9


Most Spoonbender stories are about women being used as
objects, treated like objects, or forced/blackmailed into becoming
objects – like high-tech ponygirls, or baby factories. Some are in
scifi settings, but that's only background to the story. If you read
all his stories, you can tell by the writing quality which ones were
written earlier, and which are more recent. The "Factory" and "Legend"
series are all separate stories and unrelated to one another, while
"Out Of This World" is a sequence of stories about the same person.
"The Ordinance" includes lots of school-girl canings and blackmail.
Plenty of nasty stuff from this author. "Fitting up Katie" is his
contribution to and the actually last part of the Bangkok Slaver
series. (See Marlissa for details).
A Present from Bangkok 34K
A Present from Louisville 12K
A Present from Tokyo 12K
And then you came 23K
Anthrax 43K
Anthropology 16K
Bridesmaid 8K
Cantina 26K
Central Casting 15K
Church 10K
Church Dance 19K
Corn 5K
Destiny 13K
Diomoxylethene 49K
Earth Mother 14K
First 16K
Full Circle 26K
Fitting Up Katie - A Bangkok Slaver Story 45K
Girl's School 15K
God Bless America 9K
Guns {the sequel to Shields}
 (Sci-fi, Humor) CEL-281: 10-9-9 11K
Hi Bill Annex 3/23/99: A+
I Wish 14K
In the dead of night 10K
It's a Wonderful Wife CEL-265: 8-9-9, 18K
Kallie 41K
Lucinda's little adventure 40K
Lucinda part 2 17K
Mimi 25K
Miriam and Nichole 25K
Model T part 1 106K
Model T Part 2 65K
Molly Nick: CEL-345: 9.5-10-9.5
My Girl 11K
My Old Coat 11K
Of all the luck 20K
Out of this World 1 18K
Out of this world 2 15K
Out of this world 3 14K
Out of this world 4 15K
Party Gift 13K
Payback 17K
Paying for the Ride 18K CEL-262: 9-7-5
Penny's Ruin 12K
Pirate's Treasure 44K
Prison 5K
Raped in the Park 15K
Rhona 1 130K
Rhona 2 (91k)
Rhona 3 (85k)
Rock - First Time (12k)
Room 416  (9k)
Science Museum (12k)
Shields 1 (11k) CEL-281: 10-10-10
Shields 2 (11k)
Shields 3 (7k)
Skater (10k)
Slits (15k)
Something Old, Something (37k)
Sons of Beaches (15k)
Styles (10k)
Teko (7k)
The Beast (38k)
The Black Crows of Morden  (7k)
The Boxvan - nc slavery (13k)
The Candy Bar (19k)
The Couple (12k)
The Eagle Strikes (57k)
The Expert - nc (14k)
The Factory 1-2 (29k) 7822
The Favour (23k)
The Fete Myers: 5 *Cel-306
The Gene - weird (17k)9.5-10-9 *Cel-256
The Hike  (7k)
The Legend 1 - beast (12k)
The Legend 2 (11k)
The Legend 3 (9k)
The Legend 4 (7k)
The Legend 5 (12k)
The Legend 6 (6k)
The Legend 7 - The Icon (7k)
The Navy Way (nc) (30k) Nick: CEL-308: 10-10-10
The Oldest Profession (6k)
The Ordinance 190K
The Other Side (21k)
The Procuress (25k)
The Quest (22k)
The Rapist (23k)
The Serving Hatch (17k)
The Sex Slave Files (69k)
The Snake Doctor (15k)
The Summer of Love (24k) CEL-283: 10-5-3
The Surprise (MF, rom, cons) (8k)
The Trick CEL-257: 10-10-10, (10k)
The Tryst 12K
Twas the night before christmas (oral) 13K
Welcome - slavery prostitution 11K
What you can't do (Spanking) 11K


My Brother's Girl
My Sister's Wedding Day
The Camera Eye CEL-212: 8-9-10
The Camera Eye - Episode 2 CEL-212: 10-10-10
The Neighbor's Pool

susan proctor

writes about lesbians and was new to ASSM in 2003.
Bed Game  (9k)
Cindy and Sylvia's Holiday Weekend (40k)
Lesbian Porn Star Fantasies 1 (19k)
Lesbian Porn Star Fantasies 2 (20k)
Strip Show (16k)
Twin Desire (10k)


Close Encounters of the Picnic Kind
Kay 1-2
Go Team Go CEL-202: 8-6-7
Stepdaughter: Superman
Stepdaughter: Two of Us
Stepdaughter: The Loan
Stepdaughter: The Photo Session
Stepdaughter: The Rescue
Stepdaughter and Wife
The Preacher

stasya t. canine

is writing stories with a wide range of codes, and he
has a site featuring the stories he venued to the public domain at
Aesir the Bard *assm-2003/43325 (40k) {Pirate}
Dawn Greeter (28k)
Bitch Talk (20k)
Doing the Doggy Slap (3k)
Dreams of Love (p) (2k)
Dream On! CEL-334: 10-8-7
Friends in the Forest 1-3 (44k)
Instant Hardcore SEX- No Credit Card Needed!! (4k)
Masseuse  (9k)
Mate? Check! (11k)
Midnight Mare (11k)
Miracles Taken for Granted (4k)
Playing Games/ Get Fucked! (7k)
Portrait of a Lover (7k)
Run Silent - Run Deep (9k)
She Was a Very Good Bitch (2k)
Simile Sally (8k)
Songs of Love - Biolab 6  (9k)
Spacehounds of Ipecac (22k)
Stalking the Stuffer (8k)
Taste of Her Smile (Version I) CEL-354: 10-7-4
Taste of Her Smile (Version II) CEL-354: 9-9-9
Teenagers in Lust (28k)
The Bed (3k)
The Eyes Have It (18k)
The Lady and the Ladder (19k)
 CRIM-1: [10,10,10,10]
The Very Best, 41023,
 CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10]
We Moved as One - Man and His Muse Series (9k)
White Wolfess (2k)
Willing Wantons (2k)
 [Blanket - Flash]


started writing about 1996 and has certainly done well. She
won the first two of Celeste's annual writing contests. Her favorite
story type is the magical/sci-fi transformation of a man into a woman.
"Nothing interests me more than the idea of a heterosexual man
suddenly finding himself in the body of a beautiful woman. Most of my
stories start with this transformation and then go on to show how
(s)he comes to terms with her new life."
African Dreams CEL-302: 10-10-10
Body and Soul #47 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 CEL-61: 10
Bracelet of Love #20 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-133
Closing Pandora's Box CEL-290: 8-8-8
DNA (127k) CEL-19: 10
 #21 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
DNA 2 (200k) 10-10-10 *Cel-106
DNA: Time On His Hands CEL-304: 10-9-9
Eight CEL-51: 8
Flight 10-10-10 *Cel-133
It's Hard to Be a Man
Little Encouragement *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Locksmith CEL-26: 10
Miss-placed (195k) *Cel-194: 10-10-10
My Best Friend-My Lover CEL-279: 7-4-5
Stephanie Between the Stars CEL-48: 8
The Girl in the Moon
The Locksmith #50 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995

stephen gray

1 The Purple Potion (finished)
2 Arabian Nights (on hold - 19 parts)
3 Victoria's Secret (on hold - 4 parts)
4 Cult of the Triangle (on hold - 8 parts)
5 Voyages of the USS Intercourse (finished)

stephen peters

Trisha and Jennifer
A Brothers Love 8.5-8-7 *Cel-251
Michele CEL-257: 9.5-7-0

steve black

Love at First Byte CEL-17: 8
Reunion CEL-44: 10
My Weekend with Nancy 10-10-10 *Cel-70
Private Dancer

steve jensen

Amanda's Conquest
Family Fun
Kid Pics
Megan & Her Dad
My Secret Girlfriend
Young Innocence Lost

steven s davis

(D&S) Mr Davis admits to being a hard
 wired sadist. If you can deal
 with that, these stories are not
 to be missed.
A Day in the Park
Diane 1-8
Dragging It Out
Drilling Devon
Helpless in the Dark
Images 1-5
New Toy
No More Work
Options A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
The Lady Is for Burning


A Wedding Day
Another Wife Playing Doctor Story
Bachelorette Party - The Stripper's Game
Breakfast with Kim CEL-271: 9-8-10
Honeymoon Visitor
I Had to Have Her
I'm Going to Fuck Your Wife CEL-206: 9-9-3
Playing Doctor with Mr Next Door
Samaritan Arrangement
Sleepwalker 1-3 CEL-205: 6-8-8
The Girl and the Ouija
The Play
The Substance and the Party
The Substance
Time Raper 1 and 2 A+ rating Annex reviews 6/24/00
To Save the Ship 8-10-10 CR 163

stroker ace

writes stories of non-consensual sexual activities. For
example, he has written three stories in the Bangkok Slaver series.
(See Marlissa for details.)
Ashley's Prom
Bangkok Slaver 4: Lollipops
Bangkok Slaver 5: Beyond Chiang Mai
Bangkok Slaver 6: Sex, Slaves, and Punishment
Chop Shop Queen
Layers Gandmar: 10-10+-10+ *Cel-304
Leslie's Merger
Lord of Discipline
Miss Congeniality
The Gift
The Ransom CEL-277: 8-9-5

studs manly

was around before I came aboard and has disappeared as far
as I know. His stories come in variety and quantity. There are
reputedly over a hundred of them, but I have far fewer than that. The
ones I have seen are mainly about a guy with a big cock, usually
having fun with some lucky woman, oftentimes family. (wrote Ole Joe)
All Give
Bi Family
Bigger Is Not Always Better
Boss Barb
Family Stud
Fucked My Son
Handy Andie
Hot Buns
In the Swim
John and Me
Kristie's Quim
Loving Aunt Glenda
My Aunt's Hot Box
My Cousin Kristie
My Girlfriend's Mom
My Horny Cousins
Nasty Videos
Newsstand Nookie
QVC Quims
Riding the Big One
Road Games
Sex Addict
Southern Comfort
Suck Slave
Toeing the Line
Virgin Territory


posted to my knowledge only two stories to rec.arts.erotica
(and one chapter of an unfinished story) in 1995.
Fourteen Fantasies: One, Submistress _obviously unfinished_
His Slave Screams 1-7
Super Ego 1-3

sue nh

Ole Joe wrote:

Insofar as you can discern things about someone you have never spoken with, nor know anything about first- hand, SueNH is my dream woman. Lusty, bodacious. Read and wish it could be with you. I don't have a valid e-mail address for Sue so I will let her introduce herself from her writings.

An excerpt from 'Sue's Overture':

Someone wrote me recently to complain that my use of the present tense in my stories was annoying to him. So here is an explanation. I employ the present tense because of the method that I use to write erotic stories. I do not start with any plan or outline. Instead, I simply sit down at the keyboard and close my eyes, letting an erotic image form in my mind. Then I let that image expand into a 'situation,' and then I start typing like crazy, sometimes going for 4 - 6 hours at a time. ("Slippery When Wet" took almost 8 hours, with only one bathroom break). Of course, I go back afterwards to check for typos (many, many) and to check for continuity and logic. It's amazing how little problem there is with that, since I am typing as I day- dream, and the stream of consciousness comes out in a form that makes basic sense. Sometimes I have to add a little at the beginning to provide more of a smooth, sensible introduction. Anyway, this way of writing lends itself to maintaining the present tense. My fantasy is unfolding in the same moment that I am recording it. I'm sorry if that throws you off the 'scent.' I have read stories by others that are written in the present tense, and it actually turned me on more than past tense stories. Something about being in the moment, sharing the moment... I dunno. Actually, two of my stories are written in the past tense: 'Life's a Beach' and 'Alice and Joe and You and Me.'

Sue NH figured prominently in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, taking 11 of the 100 positions.

AdventureLand BitBards Site
A Weekend on the Island 20 KB,
Catty Corner 25K
 #52 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-4: 10
Adventureland 9-8-10 *Cel-128, 20 KB,
And Not A Drop to Drink 9 KB,
Alice & Joe & You & Me MID ([email protected]), CEL-240: 10-7-7
Cocktail Table 10-10-10 *Cel-128, 27 KB,
Craftmanship (20k)
 #8 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-6: 10
Film at Eleven (35k)
 #72 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-22: 10
Fun with Dick and Jane (32k)
 #44 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-28: 10
Gee Spot Run
 #45 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-27: 10, 24 KB
Good Grief
 #32 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-15: 10, 33 KB
Guess Who's Coming at Dinner CEL-42: 10, 40 KB
Here Cums Santa Claus
 #75 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; 10-10-10 *Cel-145, 31 KB
Ironing in the Kinks CEL-240: 10-8-8, 7 KB,
 #79 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-35: 10, 34 KB
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 10-9-9 *Cel-99, 24 KB,
Life's A Beach CEL-20: 4, 15 KB,
Louvre Love 7.CEL-4: 5, 14 KB,
Lucy in the Sky (36k)
 #28 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; CEL-55: 10
On the Dock 10-10-10 *Cel-71, 14 KB,
Red Hot 9.5-10-10 *Cel-74, 37 KB,
Slippery When Wet (38k)
 CEL-2: 10; #22 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
To Serve and Protect (24k)
 CEL-21: 10; #40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
The Cocktail Table BitBards Site
Warm Caribbean Night CEL-240: 10-9-9, 9 KB,
You Big, Me Doll CEL-217: 10-8-8, 15 KB,
With Sue Stories: "I really enjoy stories written
 about me... Especially stories that
 follow up on stories that I have
 written. It gets me completely hot
 and bothered, and I usually find
 myself reading these stories in the
 Jacuzzi with a hot jet of water
 pulsating over my cunt. So, please
 consider writing fantasies like
 that... and please consider posting
 them to"
Across The Catty Corner {Backrub}, 15 KB,
Birthday Party 1/4 MID ([email protected]) {Anonymous}
 2/4 MID ([email protected]) {Anonymous}
 3/4 MID ([email protected]) {Anonymous}
 4/4 MID ([email protected]) {Anonymous}
Boogie Woogie Diesel Train {Robert}, 29 KB,
Into the Woods {Anonymous}, 10-10-10 *Cel-132,
 23 KB,
Lab Partners {Anonymous}, 60 KB,
 #28 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Libre Island {Sharon}, 80 KB,
Thanksgiving {Tom}, 59 KB,
Waiting For Late Night (sequel to Sue's Film at Eleven)
 [email protected]}, 20 KB,

sue's intimate library

Ole Joe got a, "Whoa!! Who the hell
 are you," kind of response from
 Sue, so I doubt the intro gets
 better. These are MMF wife
 fantasies. OK? Fantasies!
A Fantasy for Greg
Hot for Vic
Husband's Surprise Return Home
Meeting Down Town
Military Maneuvers
So Talk
Sue's Fantasy
Sue's Fifth Story
The Continuing Saga of Vic
The E-mail Meeting
The Lucky Lady
The Party
Together at Last


writes stories with bondage themes. Many are short, but invoke
powerful images. If you have the least interest in this area, you
should try a few. Well done, each and every one.
A Birthday Gift (6k) 8-4-3 *Cel-120
A Bottom's Wannaf___ (3k)
A Lesson in Submission (29k)
Blackness MID ([email protected])
Catharsis (2k)
Daydreaming (3k)
 CEL-238: 8-7-6
Doorways CEL-278: 9-6-8,
 1-10 (10k)
 11-20 (9k)
 21-30 (11k)
 31-40 (12k)
 41-50 (16k)
 51-60 (15k)
 61-63 (3k)
 64-70 (9k)
 71-80 (9k)
 81-90 (6k)
 91-100 (10k)
 101-110 (8k)
 111-119 (15k)
 120 (3k) at Google only
 121-130 (10k)
 131-139 (15k)
Letting Go (18k)
Mistress V (6k)
Pain MID ([email protected])
Playing (6k)
Relaxation (3k)
Sarah 1-2 *assm-1999/21416 (13k)
Self Indulgence (4k)
Talk Dirty to Me MID ([email protected])
Thanksgiving - A Family Holiday (6k)
The Desk (4k)
 CEL-274: 10-8-8,
 B+ rating Annex Reviews,
The Dinner (4k) 6.5 *Cel-277
The Game (11k)
The Interview 1 (5k)
  2 (3k)
  3 (3k)
  4 (3k)
The Invitation (5k)
Twilight Dreams (4k)
Valentine's Day Story (11k) CEL-356: 8-6-6
What Do You Want? MID ([email protected])
Within the Shadows of Dreams (8k)
You Said You Wanted a Slave... (2k)

summer's rose

Another Taste of Heaven *Cel-172: 10-10-10
Early Morning Love *Cel-165: 10-9-9
Of Fights and Fantasy *Cel-166: 10-9-9
Seduction of the Beloved *Cel-167: 10-10-10
The Goodnight Kiss *Cel-169: 10-10-10
The Ring of Heaven *Cel-171: 10-10-10
The Temptation of Heaven's Ring *Cel-172: 10-10-10


Marvel Comics
Silver 129k
Silver 2  77k
Smuggler 1-6 77k
The Dryad


English Lessons
Just a Typical Friday Night
Mark's Wake-Up Call
The Command Performance

suzie sleaze

(MMF wife exhib) The stories are posted to several groups
with different story names, also there is confusion within the "Lycra
Slut Letters" (#3 is missing, #4 exists both with subject 'You Lie'
and 'Home Alone', the least again with several subtitles in some
subgroups of
A Fucked-Out Slut _is on her story list, but not in
 Google, please report!_
A (Lycra) Slut's Origin
A Lycra Slut Extra
A Lycra Slut Note
A Lycra Teen Slut MID: ([email protected])
Beach Slut *Cel-177: 9-10-10
Beachslut In Italy
Hard-Shit Sisters MID: ([email protected])
Lycra Disco Slut *A rating Annex Review 5-22-97
 MID: ([email protected])
Lycra Slut at the Porn Theater {Jonboy}
Lycra Slut Letters (#1,2,3?,4) 8-6-5 *Cel-79
School Dazed Sex MID: ([email protected])
Suzie Sleaze. Wears to Pleaze!

sven the elder

is writing rather short stories and is to be found at and His stories
are contenting consensual sex, mostly.
Always the Same CEL-257: 10-10-10, Romance (short)
And the Lady Danced
 'till Dawn tooshoes:10-9-10 *Cel-292
Booby Prize Cons Sex (short)
Chocolate and Toffee Pussy CRIM-22: [9,8,10,9]
Coming in Last CEL-248: 10-10-10, Romance (short)
Damned if... Cons Sex (short)
Dancing Cons Sex (short)
Dancing in the Dark *Cel-345
Fate Cons Sex (short)
Friendship CEL-281: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Given Cons sex (short)
Happy Christmas Uncle (30k)
Healer Cons sex (short)
Horse racing Cons Sex (short)
In the Family multiple sex (four parts)
Journey's End CEL-275: 10-10-10,
 Consensual Sex (short)
Keeping it in the Family
Long Ago and Far Away CEL-240: 10-8-8
 Inter flashback (short)
Lovers Ever V consensual? (short)
Lucky Santa Cons Sex (short)
Man-Eater Cons Sex (short), CEL-330: 10-10-10
Naughty Cons Sex (short)
Revelations CEL-269: 10-10-10
Robyn's Nest CEL-289: 10-10-10
 Consensual Sex (short)
Runner (8k)
Sharing 1 Fiddler: CEL-354: 10-9-10
 (longer wf watch) Cons sex (short)
Sharing 2 (longer wf watch) Threesome (short)
Shocking Times CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5, Cons Swapping
 (short), *A rating Annex Review 5-11
Summer Rain CEL-305: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Tales of the East Indies CEL-233: 10-10-10, Inter Cons (short)
The Belfast Crab CEL-375: 10-10-10,
The Curiosity Shop CEL-241: 10-10-10, Cons quickie,
 #100 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Lady Danced Cons Sex (short)
The Other Alternative Wife watch 3some (short)
The Server Cons Sex (short)
The Widow 8-8-8 *Cel-140, Cons 3some (short)
Therapy CEL-309: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Things lovers do Cons Sex (short), CEL-323: 7-9-9,
 with Teresa Birdsong
Today (2nd part of incomplete trilogy)
We'll See What Happens CEL-301: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Welcome Return (12k)
 CRIM-23: [9,9,8,8]
Winnings Wife watch 3some (short)
Yesterday *Cel-175: 10-9-9, Rom flashback (short)
You Always Sleep with Your Hairdresser, Don't You? 9.5-10-10 *Cel-157, Cons quickie,


-- mostly (M/f, D/s)
A Symphony Of Debauchery 1 (17k)
A Symphony Of Debauchery 2 (30k)
Beth (20k) (RP)
Call Your Husband (4k) (RP)
Educating Maria (24k)
Gail's Husband Gets His Wish (14k)
Imagine... (20k)
Mastering Nikki (11k)
Meeting Lindaslut (13k)
Punishing Your Wife (5k)
Ruthie's Coffee Break (2k)
Ruthie's Defilement (17k)
Ruthie's Sweet Night Of Passion (30k)
Shoe Shopping With Shae 1 (13k)
Shoe Shopping With Shae' 2 Cont (21k)
The 3am Phone Call (7k)
The Adult Education Of Victoria Nicole (25k)
Turnabout (17k)


-- another one-story-wonder ??
Rave On (MF, NC, mild BD) (10k)
 CRIM-13: [10,10,10,10]

sylvia douglas

-- yet another one-story-wonder??
Waiting (MF) (22k) CEL-333: 9-8-8


Adam's First Time (aka His Suburban Domme)

taliesin the bard

wrote the S.L.U.T. Adventures (to my knowledge 19 stories) about the sex life of the members of S.L.U.T., the infamous *S*winging *L*ifestylers *U*nited *T*ogether against sexual repression and hypocrisy, a glorious group of hedonists, which frequently practised its philosophy of _Anyone, Anything, Anytime, Anyplace_. Lady Cyrrh wrote (Annex Reviews 12/23/99):

His stories center on a group of sexual adventurers called the S.L.U.T.s, and they have adventures that are typical but hot. There is no guilt here, no fetish or kink, just pure Saturnalia.

The stories can be found at:

S.L.U.T. Surprise (Swinging Lifestylers United
Chloe, The Director
Janet For Hire A- rating Annex Reviews 5/5/99
Quitting Time?
Shoe Fits
Bathroom Bj
Wanna Fuck *A rating Annex Reviews 12/23/99
Gangbang S.L.U.T.
The Photographer
One Night At The Office
Wake Up Fuck
A Monday Morning Orgy
Feed Me Your Meat
The Beach Bunch
Let's Play
Make Annette Happy
Star Treatment

taria t

was an addition to a.s.s. in 1998 and she retired in the same year. She will probably never live down the fact that almost everyone loves "Art Appreciation" best. Well, okay, "Computer Flirt" ain't half bad either. She has written a number of varied pieces in between, including a number that have made Celeste's top stories of the month. (Oh, and Taria my sweet, don't jump on Ole Joe, this is a guest paragraph *grin*, although maybe Joe might enjoy being jumped on by Tasty Taria!)

Bitbard wrote:

At first glance it appears Taria writes for the moment, as all erotica authors do. There's a passion and urgency in her work. She ties her stories to rhythm and music and they are like the tide ebbing and flowing behind the thrusting hips and passionate cries. In doing so, and in doing it so very well, Taria has surpased erotica and achieved literature. The very best of her stories, "Raga" and "Power and the Word", speak beyond the erotica and even beyond the beat that pulses below the surface. There is something there that speaks to what it is to be human – to love, to care, to need and to feel. And in the end, that is the ultimate definition of literature, great literature – that it speaks to us and to what it is to be human. Nobody has ever done it better than Taria.

See Taria stories at Bitbard's Library

Art Appreciation 1-3 *Cel-183: 10-10-10
Buttbytr Saga (Poetic War)
Cain and Abel #52 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Computer Flirt CEL-213: 10-10-10
Correspondence #48 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 *Cel-196: 10-10-10
Going Native CEL-271: 10-9-9
Inside Out CEL-292: 10-10-10
One O'Clock Jump CEL-284: 10-10-10
One Perfect Rose CEL-260: 10-10-10
Phone Sex CEL-281: 10-10-10
Please Watch the Closing Doors CEL-252: 10-10-10
Power and the Word CEL-250: 10-10-10
Raga CEL-258: 10-10-10 %assm-1998/8405.txt
Softball 1-2 #42 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-203: 10-10-10
Spam Contest CEL-225: 10-10-10
The Computer Flirt #26 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Walls Have Ears A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
Through the Looking Glass *Cel-193: 10-9-8
Walls Have Ears CEL-201: 10-10-10

ted e. bear

Ted E. Bear's stories are usually of a non-consensual nature and/or
have a mind control along with a body changing aspect to them. Read
the series 'Revenge on My Ex-Boss'. With Kathy B. he wrote 'Coerced'.
 From time to time he reposts uncompleted stories as to provoke
somebody for posting the rest or continuing the story, many of them
have been written in "good old BBS times". Lately he wrote a
continuation of Glaucus' story "Suzy's Honeymoon"
A Bad Neighborhood (50k)
Blackmaled 1 - The Office (64k)
Coerced 1-9 {Kathy B.} (160k)
 10 (29k)
 11 (46k)
Convicted Of Prudery (24k)
Changing Points Of View (133k)
Kidnaped On Their Wedding Night (195k)
Little Black Girl, Sex Toy For Her White Stepfather (83k)
Office Slut 1 (57k)
Other Men's Wives #1 Part A (111k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #1  (41k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #2  (31k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #3  (41k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #4  (65k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #5  (77k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #6  (43k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #7  (24k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #8  (44k)
Sold For Sex (58k)
Suzy's Honeymoon Ch. 1 {Glaucus}  (49k)
 Ch. 2 {Glaucus} (41k)
 Ch. 3 {Glaucus} (29k)
 Ch. 4 {Glaucus} (50k)
 Ch. 5 {Glaucus} (45k)
 Day 6  (45k)
 Day 7  (42k)
The Prankster! (39k)
The Twilight Zone (54k)
The Wedding From Hell (37k)
Those Nasty Nazi's And Their Teutonic Tortures (38k)
Toilet Trained (18k)
Young Again 1 (40k)
Young Again 2 - Jennifer's Night With The Devil (18k)
Young Again 3 - The Beginning Of Her New Life (45k)

ten to win. t

his was one of the first guys Ole Joe ever wrote about a
story. He wrote him about all his stories. Read them in order. We
don't care if you have an interest in light bondage or not. After
you've read this series, you'll have more interest.
A Friendly Wager ***
Tied to Her Job ***
Saturday Bound
Sunday Bound
Twins, Ties, and Trouble

terri madison

posted about 120 stories to a.s.s.m. The stories are involving mf- or ff-intercourse and often humiliation or blackmail, non-consent. Postings are dated mostly between 2000 and 2002. His story "Cold" earned B/B- by Lady Cyrrh. She wrote:

I like rape/humiliation tales as long as they're delivered without tropes and with finesse, but the old "they're really sluts underneath, so they deserved it" cliché deserves to be shot. And buried."

Male readers perhaps prefer the clichés. So read the stories and decide yourself.

Abducted Office Bimbo (20k)
Anticipate (2k)
Birthday Fantasy (45k)
 Emily: CEL-377: 7-9-10
Brad's Birthday Surprise (33k)
Cold (30k)
 Annex 4/30/00: B-/B
Coming of Age (31k) CEL-372: 9-6-3
Coming of Age (epilogue) (31k)
Confessions of a Cat Burglar (111k)
Curing a cheater  (4k)
Dumb Blonde Bimbo (7k)
Dumb Blonde Hitchhiker (11k)
Elevator Encounter (10k)
Erica (4k)
Fucking The Rain (12k)
Getting Ready for Mr. J (9k)
Greetings from Vegas (6k)
Cheating  (3k)
Checkmate! (3k)
Internet Interludes #2 Millie19 (7k)
It's a *GOOD* life, Pt 1 (10k)
It's a *GOOD* life, Pt 2
 "Depraved Sluts 101" (17k)
It's a *GOOD* life, Pt 3
 "Broadcast Nudes" (14k)
Jason, Kayla and Allison  (9k)
Karen's Descent (28k)
Mirror, mirror (35k)
Miss Daphne makes a deal (29k)
Monograms (7k)
Motel Slut (11k)
Mrs. J (9k)
Nine Minutes (2k)
 CRIM-16: [10,10,10,10]
Picture This (2k)
Prelude (1k)
Prey (3k)
Second Place Part 1 (23k)
Second Place Part 2 (16k)
Second Place Part 3 (14k)
Second Place Part 4 (16k)
Second Place Part 5 (25k)
Second Place Part 6 (17k)
Second Place Part 7 (11k)
Second Place Part 8 (23k)
Second Place Part 9 (13k)
Second Place Part 10 (8k)
Second Place Part 11 (22k)
Second Place Part 12 (18k)
Second Place Part 13 (11k)
Second Place Part 14 (20k)
Second Place Part 15 (14k)
Second Place Part 16 (9k)
Second Place Part 17 (14k)
Second Place FINAL CHAPTER (39k)
Second Place INTEROFFICE MEMO (23k)
Sloppy Seconds (11k)
Slut Elf  (8k)
Slut Ex-wife Part 1 (16k)
Snowball  (8k)
Terri's Close Shave (11k)
The Bet (6k)
The Ex-Files: #1 Jason, Allison and Kayla (9k)
The Ex-Files: #2 Angie & Karla (8k)
The Ex-Files: #3 Erica (4k)
The House Guest (3k)
The New Salesgirl Chapter One (18k)
The Parking Lot (5k)
The Present (5k)
The Wedding (61k)
Thirty-one Flavors (22k) CEL-369: 9-6-6
Vickie and Jeremy Bachelor Party (23k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 1  (9k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 2 (10k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 2 (10k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 3 (10k)
Vickie's Torment (11k)
Wakeup (2k)

tf yank

There are a whole lot more of these. Anyone want to help me out?
Fallen Angel
Jeni's Story
Maria's Story - Love Hurts
Thomas' Story: Cummin' of Age 557k
Uptown Lady with a Downtown Appetite

the abyss

At the Movies
At the Movies Again YW94
Kelly 1-3
Mandy and Sue Humiliate Harold
Sheryl and Derek Meet Karin

the bear

-- there is confusion about THE BEAR, THE NEW BEAR (and even
some other bears), and then there is TED E. BEAR (see above).
Researching Google you find a posting which cleans up (search for the
Message-ID: ([email protected])).
Back in 1995 there was a fellow writing stories using the pseudonym
The BEAR, he used the email adress (no longer functional): 'al-
[email protected]'. Later on, another guy started writing stories
using the same pseudonym; his stories can also be discerned by his
email address, [email protected]'. In 1997 when the guy later
writing as Baird Allen has started lurking ASS/ASSM/ASSD, neither of
these guys was still active, so he had no idea that anyone was already
using the name and started using it. His stories all have the email
address [email protected]' on them.
Baird Allen got tired of people getting me confused with these other
guys, so he started shifting over to a new nym. In this list were up
to v. 2002 only two Bears listed and some stories have been
misattributed. Being a noble sort of Bear, Baird Allen checked the
archives and tried to sort them out, then made a new list for Ole Joe
(in 1998 – in 2003 it was used for this revision of Ole Joe's guide).
There is also LadyBear (aka Rochel), who has written and posted an
erotic poem, "Would You?', to my knowledge her one and only work, can
be found at Google with Message-ID: ([email protected]).
"Finally, there are a QuasiBear and a MastrBear. I can't tell you
anything about these last two, as I haven't read anything by either
one of them, but you can see that the woods are getting pretty damn
crowded with Bears." (Baird Allen)
-- Baird Allen (formerly The Bear) (
 (the New Bear in v.15 / v.2003)
All This for Only 79 Cents?  (10k) CEL-221: 10-10-10,
Castle Party
 - Arrival by Chopper (16k)
Gold Nuggets #001 (5k)
Letter to Sarah CEL-223: 10-9-10
 *A rating Annex 10-15-97
 (19k) (v.1.4)
Luau: Insatiable Flame (25k) CEL-273: 10-8-8,
My Nipples Explode with Delight!!!  (4k) CEL-221: 10-8-8,
On the Run (7k)
Predator (21k)  CEL-228: 10-10-10,
Sarah: My Best Friend's Girl (10k)
 + assm-1997/4335.txt
 CEL-220: 9-9-8
Spam Title (6k)
Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth CEL-320: 10-9.5-9.5
The Bear Arrives Late (as usual)
Truckstop CEL-222: 10-10-10,
 #75 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
What I Did When My Boyfriend
 Left for the Weekend CEL-221: 10-8-8
-- The BEAR (#1) ([email protected])
 (the Old Bear, he posted in 1995)
A Haven for Monica
First Time's the Charm
Glenda CEL-283: 9-8-7
Kate and Me #12 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-11: 10
Kathy #41 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-3: 10
Summer Nap by R. I. Chard, edited by the BEAR
The Ballad of Jenny Mae
The Poolhouse
How to Replace a Wife
Me and My Daddylove
-- The Bear (#2) ([email protected])
 (the Other Bear)
Better Loving Through Chemistry 8-8-8 *Cel-133
Catwoman - Double Standard
Holiday Recipe 10-9-9 CR 237
Home Game
How to Replace a Wife
Lee's Lesson
Me and My Daddylove CEL-20: 5
Office Bound
Siege of Troi
The Cruise
Wonder Woman - Rules of the Game
Wonder Woman vs Shadow Warriors

the best

Rapist Mind 1-3?
Stepmom 1-4?

the dark ranger

Agony in Pink 103k

the editor

Ole Joe wrote the original entry:

All are lengthy and professionally done. Many use the element of non-consensual sex becoming enthusiastically consensual. Many include beastiality, but the titles are easy to pick out if you don't like that sort of story. Each and every one will singe the hair off your scalp. Ole Joe's favourite is 'The Missionary's Daughter.'

Uther Pendragon wrote to ASSD after v.2003 of this guide was posted:

"The Editor" is listed as an author. He wasn't; he said he wasn't. There was a long discussion of his typing in (scanning?) old Beeline novels. There were people on both sides of the question of the morality of doing so; I don't remember anyone's denying that this was what he did.

See the thread starting with the Message-ID ([email protected] for more. I am open to credit in future versions of this guide the following stories to their real creators, if I get the information about.

"Harder!" Mom Said (177k)
A Bride for the Whole Family (275k)
A Donkey Named Peter (243k)
A Film for a Few Friends 240k
A Girl's Best Friend
A Helpful Wife
A Husband's Hobby 243k
A Librarian's Training (158k)
A Loving Family (235k)
A Mother's Forbidden Passion 258k
A Mother-Daughter Twosome
A Naughty Fourteen 159k
A Panty Compulsion (203k)
A Schoolgirl's Discipline (160k)
A Schoolgirl's First Time (163k)
A Wild Yearning
Alice Marlow (72k)
An Animal Heat
An Animal-Loving Bride
An Incestuous Love
An Incestuous Party 235k
An Unholy Desire
An Unholy Lust
And The Dog Made Three (144k)
Angie's Dog Orgy (241k)
Angie Makes Friends 231k
Animal Farm 283k
Animal Girl
Animal Retreat
Auntie's Dog Days 165k
Auntie Marilyn 126k
B and D Bridal Shower (164k)
Babysitter Takes Dogs (149k)
Beasts Are Better (289k)
Behind the Bar
Behind the Barn 220k
Billy's Hot Mom (171k)
Black Captain
Blackmailed (244k)
Blackmailed into Swapping (336k)
Blackmailed Mother 511k {Peter Jensen?}
Blackmailed Neighbors 258k
Blackmailed Sister-in-Law (239k)
Blackmailed Teenagers 261k
Blackmailed Wife, ver 1 242k
Blackmailed Wife, ver 2 320k
Bookstore for Boys (173k)
Boyfriend's Dad
Caesar Comes and His Revenge
Chained Cheerleader (197k)
Changing Partners (161k)
Charlene's Dirty Movie (173k)
China Girl
Coed Sluts (238k)
Coming Mother (155k)
Daddy's Delight 229k
Daddy's Hot Twins (184k)
Daddy's Little Girls (235k)
Daddy's Naughty Daughters (156k)
Daughter's Hot Home Movies (174k)
Daughter's Little Friend 256k
Daughter's Pony Urge (165k)
Daughter Gets the Goat (172k)
Delighted In His Daughter (229k)
Dog-Style Wives (257k)
Donkey Raped Daughter (153k)
Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl (167k)
Donna's Loving Brothers (258k)
Door-to-Door Sex-Girl (256k)
Double Marriage (225k)
Driven to Depravity (269k)
Driving Men to Distraction 242k
Drugged Into Sin
Duplicate Lovers (256k)
Eager Beaver Family (171k)
Eager Horny Cousin (203k)
Eager Wild Wife (160k)
East Wild Wife (154k)
Every Inch A Nymph (235k)
Exhibitionist Wife
Family Bed
Family Bride (220k)
Family Night 204k
Family Peepers (151k)
Family Pet
Family Sandwich
Family With The Hots (192k)
Filmed with Dogs (176k)
First Time For Sister (309k)
First Time In The Behind (154k)
Fit To Be Tied (193k)
Free For All Farmgirl (169k)
Games Neighbors Play (212k)
Gang Bang Mom (149k)
Girl's Camp Counselor (226k)
Girl's School Pet
Hard Guys and Hostages (306k)
He Seduced His Little Sister (360k)
Her Animal Act 243k
Her Driving Desires (205k)
Her Four Legged Lovers (174k)
Her Husband's Boss (234k)
Her Lessons After School (154k)
Her Mother's Lover (177k)
Her Sensuous Search (260k)
Her Week At Mountain Mansion (239k)
Hero's Mistress 203k
Hidden Camera 201k
Homespun Fun (228k)
Honeymoon Hotel (306k)
Honeymoon Traders (215k)
Horse Loving Daughter (155k)
Horse-Hungry Mother (156k)
Horse-Loving Cousins (174k)
Horse-Loving Farm Wives (164k)
Horse-Loving Niece (181k)
Horses For Horny Cousins (156k)
Hot & Horny Weekend (246k)
Hot Bed Family (201k)
Hot Mom, Hot Dog (173k)
Hot Naked Cousin (153k)
Hot Nymph Next Door (169k)
Hot Pants Weather Girl (184k)
House of Dark Pleasure (264k)
House of Evil 249k
Hungry Pet 250k
Impotent Husband 236k
In Sexual Pursuit (225k)
Incest Games (258k)
Incest Schoolgirls (126k)
Innocent In Chicago 1/2 (247k)
Innocent In Chicago 2/2 (202k)
Into Sister, Into Incest (165k)
Jackie's Family Lessons (281k)
Jealous Protector 252k
Julie Taylor (50k)
Kappy, Son of Kaptain (533k)
 Part 1
 Part 2
 Part 3
Lap Lessons (273k)
Late Late Family Show 198k
Laura's Ball Club (200k)
Lawfully Wedded Nymph (246k)
Lewd Layout (188k)
Lisa's Stepmother 239k
Little Beth's Boyfriends (207k)
Little Eddie's Mother 217k
Little Tina's Playtime Lovers (222k)
Lovers at Olay 236k
Lovers At Play (236k)
Loving Hot Family (168k)
Loving Step-Parents 244k
Lust Takes a Holiday (230k)
Making Daddy (247k)
Making the Bride's Maid (150k)
Mary's Great Dane (212k)
Missionary's Daughter
Mom's Best Friend (262k)
Mom's Donkey Urge (154k)
Mom's Horse Hunger (160k)
Mom's In on the Marriage 287k
Mom's Rape Cure (201k)
Mom's Summer Camp Swap (195k)
More Than A Mother (180k)
Mother's Animal Lover 230k
Mother's New Boarder
Mother Every Way (231k)
Mother With The Hots (178k)
Mother-Daughter Models (197k)
Mrs Howell's Foot
My Nympho Aunt (288k)
Naked and Helpless
Naked Wet Daughter 160k
Naughty Farmer's Daughter (172k)
Naughty Little Sister (206k)
Nazi Joy Camp (226k)
New Ravished Wife (246k)
Nightmare Holiday (192k)
Nubile Treat (245k)
Of Course She Loves A Horse (157k)
One-on-One (199k)
Painful Paradise (233k)
Pam's Pony (174k)
Pay For Play Cheerleaders (121k)
Peeping Family (195k)
Perverted Passions (249k)
Pet Shop Pussy (246k)
Photo Orgy (270k)
Pilgrim of Passion 230k
Pony Girl (212k)
Present for Teacher
Racial Swap-Night
Rajah 264k
Rohl (32k)
Sally's Secret Lover
Sally & Duke (251k)
Searching for Satisfaction (221k)
Second Grade Teacher 274k
Seduced Young Wife 226k
Seductive Sister-in-Law 254k
Sex Ahead (225k)
Sex-Crazed Stallion (206k)
Sex-Education Class
She Blows the Man Down (175k)
Shelly On The Farm (238k)
Schoolgirl's First Date (169k)
Schoolgirl Bondage (155k)
Sinful Cyndi (179k)
Sister's Horny Dog (158k)
Sister's Horsey Urges (170k)
Sister's Husband
Sister's Loving Pets (182k)
Sister's Wet Panties (146k)
Sister Does Dogs (179k)
Sister Spreads (206k)
Sister Sucks Best (165k)
Sisters Love Horses (161k)
Skin-Flick Slut (195k)
Slave Trader's Captive (225k)
Sleep-In For Daddy (279k)
Some Very Lovable Neighbors
Southern Tramp (202k)
Spell of the Beast (291k)
Spouse In Torment (188k)
Spread Wide Secretary (176k)
Stable Girl (188k)
Stepmother's Lover (272k)
Strange Perversion
Stud Horse (199k)
Sucker For Mom (239k)
Sucking Daughter, Bucking Horse (160k)
Suzy In Bondage (184k)
Swap Party Campaign (229k)
Swapping With Laura (239k)
Swimsuit Sinners (240k)
Teaching Swapping (225k)
Teasing Pleasing Family (175k)
Tempted Tourist
The Abducted Bride (334k)
The Abducted Wife (249k)
The Animal Urge (216k)
The Ape Girl (209k)
The Beast in Me 253k
The Blackmailed Neighbors (258k)
The Brother-in-Law (183k)
The Coed's Wild Ass (160k)
The Dog's Girl (241k)
The Dog Ballers (271k)
The Dog Lovers (231k)
The Doggie Doctor
The Door-to-Door Salesman (211k)
The Experiment 307k
The Family's Animal Fun (161k)
The Family Act (187k)
The Family Busts Loose (172k)
The Family Haven (109k)
The Family Pet (239k)
The Family Reunion (359k)
The Family Secret (213k)
The Family Sucks A Lot (165k)
The Family Swappers (483k)4536,4537.txt
The Farm Wife's Pets (173k)
The Friendly Couples (281k)
The Girlfriend's Lesson
The Girlfriend's Revenge 444k {Carl Van Marcus ?}
The Harlot Seed (274k)
The Headmaster (253k)
The Helpless Captive
The Hollywood Swappers
The Kinky Couples
The Landlady's Dog (230k)
The Lap Dog
The Loser's Wife
The Married Sister (212k)
The Motorcyclist's Wife (254k)
The Neighbor's Pet
The Neighbor's Teasing Wife (148k)
The Neighborhood Nympho (183k)
The Neighborhood Pet (260k)
The Orgiastic Cult
The Panty Lovers (226k)
The Peeking Sister (212k)
The Playful Twins (187k)
The Professor's Rape Games (205k)
The Rancher's Wife (332k)
The Reluctant Couple (289k)
The Reluctant Neighbor (226k)
The Reluctant Swappers (231k)
The Scandalous Stewardess
The Seduction Of Mommy (239k)
The Sex Experiment (243k)
The Sex Procurer (247k)
The Soldier's Wife (221k)
The Straying Wife
The Tough Get Coming (271k)
The Twins - and Mother and Teacher (465k)24233
The Underground Model (244k)
The Unholy Master 305k
The Violated Virgin (251k)
The Watch Dog
The Watching Husband
The Widow's Companion 235k
The Widow's Hot Family (182k)
The Wife's Wild Ass (159k)
The Wife Does Dogs (173k)
The Wifes's Doggy Position (148k)
The Wolf Wives (271k)
The Young and the Wild
Three-Way Weekend
Throw Mama On The Bed (145k)
Tied Up Aunt (182k)
Tommy's Little Sister (205k)
Tortured Tourists
Tween Sister's Hot Thighs (160k)
Twin Daughters For Dogs (166k)
Two Naughty Moms (187k)
Two Raped Wives (176k)
Two Sisters And A Horse (149k)
Two Way Mother (166k)
Uncle Gaston and Niece (535k)6400,6401
Uncle Ned (188k)
Unfaithful Girlfriend
Up, Boy, Up (230k)
Video Games (267k)
Virgin For Horses (165k)
Voodoo In Haiti (230k)
Walo's Mistress (277k)
Wanting Everyone (210k)
Weekend Captive 247k
When Mom And Dad Are Away (166k)
White Captive
White Slave 201k
Wife On Film (177k)
Wild For Horses (187k)
Women Who Perform With Animals (234k)
Young Girl Sex Club (246k)
Young Pussy (150k)

the englishman

Babysitting 10-10-10 *Cel-99
And Three Were Foolish
Parking 10-10-10 *Cel-150

the erotic pen

Nancy Comes to Work [no #s] *Cel-204
Slow Dancing with a Stranger
Three in Vegas YW17
Field of Dreams B+ Annex Reviews
The Hunter CEL-204: 10-9-9
The Picnic

the flying pen

Broadway Limited
Crystal's Persuasion
Honey's Story CEL-219: 9-9-9
Karen, An Unusual Love Story
Night Music 195k
Penny YW485/YW486
Queen Alice
Satin Doll
Seduction of Yvonne Bauer
Tales from the Institute
The Coven 316k

the joker

I know there are more stories by The Joker than I have
listed. Help?
Brooke 1-3 1/3 MID ([email protected]) (RP)
 2/3 MID ([email protected]) (RP)
 3/3 MID ([email protected]) (RP)
Cori 1-3 MID ([email protected]) (RP)
My First Lay MID ([email protected]) (RP)
Sleepy 9-9-9 *Cel-157, MID ([email protected]) (OleJoe-RP)
Sweet MID ([email protected]) (RP)

the madhatter

A Present for Santa Claus
Family Affair 132k
Fun with the Kids

the midnight lurker

(before: JM MCMURRAY) writes gang-bang-stories
(most about Lisa and Suzi). If you've read one, you read all. The
plots are like an old broken grammophone disk ... to repeat ... to
repeat ... to repeat ... to repeat ...
_Gang-bang stories about Suzi (marked * includes Lisa):_
Suzi Does Seattle
Suzi's Erotic Odyssey
Suzi's Insatiable Desire
Suzi's Birthday Bash
Suzi... Every Man's Dream Annex Reviews 4/30/98 C-/D+ Rating
Suzi's Fulfillment
Suzi's Weekend
Suzi and Brett
Suddenly Suzi
SuziFest '98
There's Something About Suzi
Forever Suzi
Suzi's Poolside Party
The Suzi Chronicles
Suzi and Ian
Suzi: A New Beginning*
Suzi and Jeremy
Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts*
Suzi's Poolside Show*
_Lisa Story:_
Essentially Lisa
_Other stories:_
Mary Does Miami
Mary's Fulfillment Myers: no num. rating *Cel-337
Cindy's Audience
Stripper's Delight
Ashley and her Boss Annex Reviews 6/26/99: A rating
Elevator Heat

the mighty quinn

(aka QUIN) "Captured Caroline" is where it is for
sex slavery buffs. The first five chapters of this story told me all I
needed to know about this subject, in loving detail. There are several
additional chapters. Hmmm? This deserves a better explanation. It is
really a well written story. Quin posted the chapters as he wrote
them. I read chapters 1-5 in a rush, then wanted to wait for the story
to end before starting over. I just haven't gotten to it. Some day
soon? I really don't see how anybody can outdo Quin on a story of this
genre. Should be noted that this story is, and probably forever will
be, incomplete. If you are a male and can imagine kidnapping a young
woman and turning her into a sex slave, I recommend you read these
stories instead. You will stay out of jail and get your kicks, too.
Quin has recently started a new series, "Vanishing Point" (with
Timid), which may also end up incomplete ... a recent posting
suggested that the series won't be continued unless more feedback is
received. (it seems to be another "famous" incomplete story, like "The
Book", by Blackie, started out strongly, developed an interesting plot
line, then .. nothing.)
Captured Caroline 1-11 465k ***
Doc's Orders 214k
 *A rating Annex Reviews 11-16-97
Vanishing Point 1-20

the observer

"Terri's Dilemma" should have
 been on Celeste's Top 100 for
 1995. I'll assume it was an
 oversight and just bring the
 story to your attention.
Terri's Dilemma 9.5-10-10 *Cel-77
Meeting Shirley 9.5-10-10 *Cel-93
Night with Yokosan 10-9.5 9.CEL-96: 5
The Photographer's Daughters 9.5-9-9 *Cel-93

the raven

(FF catfighting)
Hollywood Catfight
Love Slave

the secret grrl

is a female writer of romance-based erotica, with a
special interest in same-generation incest stories (brother/sister,
etc) and first time stories. Story categories: rom cons MF mf FF inc
Maidenhair Down (32k)
Seduces Me (22k)
Vicarious Satisfaction (17k)

the star

Miriam 118k
Sarah (162k) *Cel-179: 10-10-10

the reverend jim

Beverly Hills 90210 - Lessons
Beverly Hills 90210 - Bed Rest
Beverly Hills 90210 - Girls Night In
Let the Punishment Fit the Crime *Cel-199
Role Reversal *A rating Annex Review 7-26-97,
 [no #s] *Cel-200
The Diary of Alyssa Browning
The Rest Is Silence (guest review) *Cel-199

the warthog

(MMF wife) GBV stands for Gang Bang Virgins. SHW for Slut
Housewives. You get the idea, but maybe not the full flavour. You
gotta read some. "Bobbie's Special Half Time" is completely different
from "Belinda's Secrets" which is very different from "Suzy's
The Warthog has slowed down (ended??). There are 26 lengthy tales,
which are available on Dark Wanderers Site or
The primary theme is the adventures of everyday, typical, albeit
beautiful, women who find themselves in highly charged sexual
situations that compel them to let go and give in to their otherwise
suppressed passions. Multiple men, interracial sex and pregnancy are
subplots showing just how far the women will go while exploring their
passions. Have heart medicine or someone of the appropriate sex handy
before reading.
GBV01 Bobbie's Special Half Time
GBV02 Gwen's First Taste
GBV03 Christi's Big Performance
GBV04 Lori's Risky Wager
GBV05 Abby Gets Pulled Over
GBV06 Jenny Takes a Detour
GBV07 Kathy and My Frat Brothers
GBV08 Tiffany's Filling Experience
GBV09 Real Man Play Dolls
GBV10 Belinda's Secrets
GBV11 Suzy's Trainer
GBV12 Sherry Proves Herself Worthy
GBV13 Sarah: Playground for Sex
SHW01 Sherry's Night Out
SHW02 Penny's Safety Net
SHW03 Present for Paula
SHW04 Summer Weekend
SHW05 Vicki's Encounter
SHW06 Compensation for Damages
SHW07 Anthony Brown, Sweet Smelling Stud
SHW08 Christine Makes a Deal
SHW09 Brie Falls Behind the Eight Ball
SHW10 Theresa and Beverly Share
SHW11 Angela and Debbie Play Ten Questions
SHW12 Tiffany Gets Filled Again
SHW13 Jessie Pays Her Debts
The Company Trip (1-12) written with Peggy.


Conventional Sex
Memories Like Shards of Glass
Silver Surfer
#1: Wisdom
#2: Crying Out Loud
#3: A Rocky Relationship
#4: Big Wheel
#5: Royal Dynasty
#6: This Is the Story of a Lovely Lady
#7: Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Subway series
#1: Strangers in the Night
#2: Thanks for the Memories
#3: My Eyes Adored You
#4: Who's Sorry Now?
#5: The Key to the Whole Thing
#6: Private Dancer
#7: Please Don't Ask How I Got Home
Scout's Honor 10 chapters
The Anniversary Waltz Stories
#1: 9 Months, 8 Days, 5 Hours,
 11 Minutes
#2: Mad About You, Baby
#3: Darkness Considered as an
 Elemental Plot Device, or,
 Lights Out
#4: High Fidelity
#5: Until Death Do Us Part
#6: 25 Years of Foreplay Is
 Just About Enough
The Incest-O-Matic or How
 (Fill in the blank) Fucked
 (Fill in the blank)
The Fish Tank 5 chapters
The Phone Booth


is an excellent author, himself, and poster for
Tom Bombadil, and for Tom Trinity, author of "The Trinity Trilogy."
Mr. Bush's stories are TV show take-offs, but not to be dismissed on
that account. Rather, that adds to the enjoyment for many readers.
Celeste rates them very highly.
Trinity Trilogy 865k *Cel-177: 10-10-10
 Written by Tom Trinity,
 posted by Mr. Bush
Addams Family: Eddie Comes to Visit 10-9.5-9.CEL-130: 5
Andy Griffith Show CEL-13: 10
Brisco County: Brass Balls *Cel-197: 10-10-10
Bewitched: Long Lost Marilyn *Cel-160: 10-10-10
Dark and Stormy Night 10-10-10 *Cel-106
Dick Van Dyke Show 10-10-10 *Cel-142
Dorothy Does Oz 10-10-10 *Cel-95
Get Smart 10-10-10 *Cel-97
Green Acres
Gilligan's Island #90 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-98
Have Gun, Will Travel *Cel-161: 10-10-10
Maverick *Cel-177: 10-10-10
My Favorite Martian
One Dark and Stormy Night 10-10-10 *Cel-106
Petticoat Junction
Sweet Inspiration CEL-295: 10-8-8
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
The Andy Griffith Show CEL-13: 10
The Addams Family 10-9.5-9.CEL-130: 5
The Munsters 10-9.5-9.CEL-113: 5
The Real McCoys *Cel-167: 10-10-10,
 #37 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Twilight Zone
Virtual Reality *Cel-164: 10-10-10


is a writer of heavy bondage. If you do not like this
kind of writing including, piercing, tattooing, body modifications,
stay away. Otherwise note, that Lady Cyrrh reviewed "Casino" and rated
this story 'A'.
Amy, An Alternate Perspective
Carol's Tale
Casino 1-5 *A rating Annex Review 2/5/99
Celebrity Status
Couple Therapy, 1-2
Nanny, 1-3
Part-Time, 1-2
The Box
The Doctor
The Gift
The Stage
The Training


I write erotica because few folks write about the things that interest me. See "An Honor to Serve" and "Not One of the Herd". I seek romance. As I said in one introduction, I don't write the "squish-squish, pant-pant" kind of grizzly sex details very well, and to be honest, that is the part of all this that interests me the least. The sexiest part of any woman, the most fascinating part of a woman, is what goes on inside her head. The smarter the woman, the sexier. The brain does not succumb to gravity as time goes by.

Tigger received a 1997 Cyrrheal Award for "The Sultan's Heir."

A Bad Scene
A Change in Direction 508k *Cel-180
A Dreamer's Tale of Blackmail DG: 10-10-9 {299}
A D&S Fairy Tale 176k
A Go-No Go Test
A Romancing of Limits
Age of Consent BillyG: CEL-335: 10-8-8
An Honor to Serve
At Her Command
Coda: A New Beginning
Domination Games 164k
Loving a Witch 137k
Not Blackmailed CEL-234: 10-10-10
Objections *A rating Annex Review 10-15-97
 Lady Cyrrh says, "A new story by
 Tigger, always a pleasure. It's
 one of the most effective
 treatments of femdom I've seen."
Outside the Herd
Partnering 306k
Pregnant Domme
Second Season
Soul Mates 821k
The Sultan's Heir A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
 Lady Cyrrh said, "This was a very
 well-written and entertaining
 story which touches on many
 different aspects of sex,
 sexuality, and gender roles, yet
 is surprisingly bias-free...The
 story simply is; it tells a tale,
 and lets you draw your own
 conclusions." %assm-1997/2078.txt %assm-1997/2076.txt
The Reality of Virtual Possession CEL-302: 8-4-2
Tragedy, Transition and Triumph
Why (or Introspections and Preparations)


writes about asian teen ballet dancers having sexual
encounters with both men and woman.
Ann - A Chinese Ballerina 1-4 (40k)
Ann - A Chinese Ballerina 5 (14k)
Ann - A Chinese Ballerina 6 (16k)
Ballet Dancer's First Time (5k)
Tina 1-6 (40k)

tina sikorski

A Punishment MID ([email protected])
Exquisite Pain MID ([email protected])
His Job MID ([email protected])
No-Win Situation


Anne's Revenge CEL-376: 10-10-10,
 Myers: No rating. *Cel-358
Anne's Wedding Night (39k)
 CEL-377: 10-9.5-8
Anne's Punishment (24k)
 CEL-335: 10-8-5
Anne's Revenge (38k)
Black Silk Camisole (20k)
Black Silk Stockings (29k)
Can I Watch? (6k) Anniv-Flash,
 CEL-375: 10-8-9
Come With Me (20k)
Father's Day CEL-335: 10-10-10
G is for Golf (7k) [dulcinea fest]
H is for Hat (5k) [dulcinea fest]
Karin (17k)
 CEL-322: 9.5-9-8.5
Kind of Blue (2k)
 Jubjub: CEL-323: 10-9.8-10,
 Annex Reviews 1/15/99: A- rating
Morning CEL-328: 9-6-6
Rebecca (26k)
Rebecca's Choice (16k)
 CEL-329: 10-8-8
Rebecca Rising (7k)
Red Silk (2k)
Shower Head (8k) [dulcinea fest]
The Black Silk Camisole CEL-323: 10-9.5-9.5
The Dancer (9k) CEL-321: 9-8-8
The Music of the Night (14k)
The Office at Night (5k) CEL-331: 10-8-9
The Shower (14k)
The Third Counter (40k) {GALAGO},
 CEL-346: 10-9-8
Two Hours (6k) Anniv-Flash,
 CEL-375: 10-9-9
Waiting (5k) Anniv-Flash,
 CEL-375: 10-10-10
Wishful Thinking (10k)


is a former newspaper reporter and then got interested in
computers just as personal computers were arriving. One thing led to
another, and in his spare time, he still writes occasionally for
publication, hacks away at a novel, and churns out a porn story now
and then, stories with an M/F anal penetration in each.
01 Triple Treat CEL-332: 10-8.5-8.5
02 Learning The Ropes
03 Riding Double
04 Brown Thursdays CEL-334: 10-10-10
05 Dark Alley
06 First Time In
07 Strip, No Tease
08 Early In, Early Out
09 Spoils of Victory
10 Triple Play
11 Surprise
12 Lois and Clark and I
13 Bound to Please
14 Super Trick
15 Young Love
16 Partisan Revenge
17 Getting Started
18 Turn About
19 The Club
20 Porkin' Mindy
21 Hotel Lass
22 Losing It
23 Mountain Camp
24 Erin
25 Cousin Swap CEL-333: 10-10-10, Myers: 7.5 *Cel-334
26 Diary of Valerie Gurzakin
27 Oh, Jolene
28 Only a Fantasy
29 A Fireplace in LA
30 Valerian Smokes a Cigar
31 Bop CEL-336: 10-9-9
32 The Girl Who Came Out
 of the Blue CEL-345: 10-9.5-9
.. Anal Sex Primer

tom bombadil

is one of the strongest entries into the group in the past year (1997). His stories are unique and he seems able to adapt his writing style to that of others. (Witness his Deirdre-esque entries into the story pool.) It will be very hard to blast "Chosen" or "Elizabeth and Anastasia" off Ole Joe's list:

This author has penned several stories that stand unsurpassed. I challenge anyone to best "Brenda's Conquest," "Chosen," or "Elizabeth and Anastasia." I know it is a matter of taste, but these are tops.

A Difficult Question (SS#21) *Cel-199: 10-10-10,
A Gentle Massage for Diana 10-10-10 *Cel-111,
 (SS#1) (22k) (RP)
A Hot Time in the Old Town
 (SS#13) [flash] *Cel-191: 10-10-9, (RP)
A Massage Surprise (SS#19) CEL-212: 10-9-9, (RP)
Amazonia (LS#5) *Cel-175: 10-10-10
Amber Memories [poetry]
An Unintentional Voyeur (SS#14) *Cel-191: 10-10-10,ASSM-2003/45714 (RP)
Angie Baby (SS#25)  (30k) CEL-282: 10-10-10, (RP)
Bench (SS#9) (RP)
Brenda - a Love Story (LS#3), 10-10-10 *Cel-117
 (aka Brenda's Conquest) ***
Camara, Lady of the Sword (LS#6) CEL-231: 10-10-10,
 #36 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Christmas Dinner (SS#26) CEL-245: 10-10-10
Deck (SS#11) 10-10-9 *Cel-148
Double Dutch (SS#15) [flash] *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Chosen (SS#7) 10-10-10 *Cel-148,
 #64 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Double Dutch (#15) (3k) (RP),
 *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Elizabeth and Anastasia (LS#2) #10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 ***, 10-10-10 *Cel-112
Evening Rendezvous (SS#4) Apuleius: (14k) CEL-313: 10-10-10, (RP)
Gentle Massage for Diana (LS#1) 10-10-10 *Cel-111
Herring and Banana Milkshake (SS#28) (21k)
Hypno-twist (SS#18) CEL-212: 10-9-9, (RP)
I Promise (Revised) (SS#2) 10-9-10 *Cel-131
Iceworld  [flash fest]
My Fault (SS#5)
One Rainy Morning (SS#12) 10-8-8 *Cel-157
Panties (LS#1) 9.5-10-10 *Cel-143, 346.txt
Piano (SS#10) 10-9-8 *Cel-147
Redeye (SS#8) [flash] (2k) 10-10-10 *Cel-147, (RP)
Roadside Encounter (SS#27)  (30k) CEL-262: 10-10-10 (RP)
Sixty Seconds [flash fest]
Testing the Device (SS#6)  (40k) 10-10-10 *Cel-158, (RP)
The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Angelica A+ rating Annex Review 8-30-97,
 Ahsmacker (SS#22) #45 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-200,
The First and Last Time [flash fest]
The Forgetful Husband (SS#23) (17k) CEL-223: 10-10-10, (RP
The Masks
 - A Horror Story (SS#3) 10-10-10 *Cel-131 (RP)
The Morning After (SS#24) CEL-230: 10-8-8
Watching (SS#16) [flash] #67 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-191 (RP)
Watching 2 (SS#20) [flash] CEL-212: 10-9-9, (RP)
Watching 3 (SS#17) [flash] *Cel-191: 10-7-7
Whitewash (LS#4) 9.5-9-8 *Cel-150, 349.txt, 350.txt

tom in sacramento

Birthday Surprise *Cel-197: 10-10-10
Same Time Next Year
Thanksgiving *Cel-197: 10-10-10


Frisking the Cat *Cel-163: 10-10-10
Root of Evil CEL-298: 10-10-10
SG1 - Supergirl Arises from the Abyss 10-9-9.CEL-94: 5
SG2 - My Heart of Steel 10-9-9 *Cel-95
SG3 - Supergirl Breaks the Mold A+ rating Annex Reviews,
 10-9-9 *Cel-95
SG4 - What Supergirls Are Made Of? 9-8-8 *Cel-92
SG5 - Blood Prey *Cel-185: 9-10-10
SG6 - Under Their Thumb CEL-218: 10-10-9
SG7 - Somewhere on the Circle of Life CEL-252: 10-10-10


writes about the beast inside all of us - that creature that
society has forced us to keep locked up and silent, but which rises up
and makes us the unique and wonderful beings we are. BDSM.
Bunny Cage (14k)
Do You Want To Continue?
Early Morning
End of the Dream
Flower {ASSM}
Full Moon
Her Christmas Gift {ASSM}
It's Not My Name
Just Five Minutes
Meeting Jenny
Red Sky
Shadow Mists (49k) 40683
She's the One
Taking Jenny
Tale of the Banshee (55k) {Pirate}
The Rope
The Secret (28k)
The Third Date
The Ultimate O (18k)
Video Girl (7k)
Violet {ASSM}
Work Break {ASSM}


Beach House Whore (2 chapters so far)
Boot Camp Harlot (2 chapters so far)
The Vestal Whore
The Sheriff's Slut (3 chapters so far)


Blackmailed into Submission YW547
Camping Nightmare YW548
First Black
First Black (Part 2) YW496
I Spy YW572
Jill's Submission YW528
June's Revenge
My Wife's Pool Party YW527
Net Connection
Our First Threesome YW549
Patty's Vacation
Sally's Birthday Surprise
The Loveboat
The Newlyweds YW513
The Parole Officer YW574
The Prospect YW569
The Runaway

trek fiend

Lactogenesis 1-64


Looking for Love
Setup 221k
Surprise Vacation 187k
The Perfect Woman


A Magical Weekend
Day Dreams
First Meeting with K.C.
Found Out! CEL-45: 10
Paul's Story YW5
Untitled - photog
The Dream
The Drive
The Letter Home
The Resting Room YW21
Trail Ride


Ole Joe had read a story by this author, "The Cuckold Groom,"
and while admitting that it was good, didn't especially mark it for
attention. It was just another one of "those" type stories. Then came
"Teen Breeder." This story changed his viewpoint completely. Do not
read the latter without someone of the appropriate sex handy.
Just Like Sister YW141
Teen Breeder 7-5-3 *Cel-159
The Cuckold Groom YW139

uncle mike

 The Midnight Ride - Mf inc
2 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: CEL-96 10-9.5-9.5
 Beaver Learns His Lesson - mF inc pedo
3 DONNA REED: The Facts of Life - mf inc
4 ANDY GRIFFITH: CEL-98: 10-10-10
 Opie and the Pie - FF mF mild nc pedo
 Elly May, Jethro Mayn't - F beast
6 PATTY DUKE: Two of a Kind - ff inc
7 FAMILY AFFAIR: CEL-97: 10-6-4
 May I Have This Dance - Mf inc
8 FLYING NUN: Decameron minus 99 - MF CEL-96: 10-10-10 7 81
9 JULIA: A Thorough Checkup - mF
 Mrs. Livingston, I Presume - MF
11 BRADY BUNCH: CEL-127: 10-9-9
 One Big Happy Family - mmf mmff inc nc
12 ROOM 222: Hit the Showers - mFF 10-9.5-9.5 *Cel-200
 A Whole Lotta Lovin' - mF inc nc
14 MARY TYLER MOORE: CEL-99: 10-9-9
 Oh, Mr. Grant! - MMMMF mild nc
 Knight armed with a shiner - mF mF mF pedo inc
16 WALTONS: CEL-99: 10-9-9
 Mounting on the Mountain - mf mff inc
 Where No Man Has Cum Before - MF
18 HAPPY DAYS: CEL-103: 10-9-9
 He Shoots, He Scores! - Mf inc pedo
19 POLICE WOMAN: Salty Pepper - mF
20 WELCOME BACK KOTTER: CEL-98: 10-10-10
 The Joke's On You - mmmF
 I'm Your Handiman - Mf MF bd
 And Two's Not Bad Either - mf inc
23 LOVE BOAT: CEL-105 10-9.5-9
 Cum Aboard - Mf Mf Mf Mf inc nc
24 THREE'S COMPANY: *Cel-182 10-9-9
 ... All Cats Are Gray - MF MFF nc
25 TAXI: I Go For A Ride - MF
 It's a Dog's Life - F beast
27 FAME: CEL-133 10-10-10 6 42
 Light Up The Sky Like A Flame - mF
28 FAMILY TIES: All Juiced Up - mF CEL-100 10-9-8
29 NEWHART: CEL-106 10-10-10 6 50
 The Made Maid - MF MF MMMF FF
30 NIGHT COURT: Well-hung Jury - MF MF
 The Daughter Never Knocks Twice - MFf inc
 Her Loving Nephew - mF inc
 Nothing More Than Feelings - MF
 Magic Tricks - mf nc inc
36 FATHER DOWLING: CEL-114: 10-10-10 12
 I Am Heartily Sorry - mF MF
 Only a Mother Could Love - mF inc
38 DOOGIE HOWSER, MD: CEL-111 10-10-10
 The Final Fuck - mF Necro
39 COACH: A Real Screaming Eagle - MF CEL-113 10-9-9
40 BLOSSOM: First Date - Mf inc CEL-112 10-9-8
 Do Not Go Gentle - mmF nc
42 CBS NEWS: CEL-115 10-10-10 3 63
 And That's The Way It Is - MF
 I've Looked at Life From Both Sides Now - FF
44 DAVE'S WORLD: Beth Boffs Her Boy - mf inc
45 SISTERS: Lovers and Other Relatives - mff inc

uncle sky

writes stories that often contain sexual relationships
between pre-teens/teens/adults.
Bobo King 14K
Cookies For Mary 5.3K
Ed's Shame
Egg Nog (2k) [flash fest]
Egg Nog - The Full Story (51k) 45702
The Heavy Sleeper Series
I Am Dreaming 14K
I Married Three Girls
My Apparition (10k)
My Birthday Girl In Blue 47K
My Naughty Niece 13K
Naughty Or Nice (13k)
Never Tell (4k)
Piggyback (40k)
Supermarket Heart Attack
The Fable Of The Magic Box 13K
What The Computer Hath Joined 9K


The number of truly superb stories written without claim of authorship is stunning. This list was not updated much since v.15, so help, don't holler.

14-Year-Old Model
A Charlie Brown Christmas CEL-349: 10-9-9
Arab Slaves (87k)
 {reposted by Ted E. Bear}
Beverly Hills 96000 18k
Blackmailing the Queen 135k mmf teen, nc
Critics *A rating Annex reviews 3/5/99 ASS
 Message-ID: ([email protected])
Faerie Tale I CEL-349: 10-10-10
First Love 538k mf teen rom
Home for Christmas CEL-349: 9-6-7
Kidnapping of Princess Brianna 102k
Moctezumas Revenge A- rating Annex reviews 2/5/99
My Great Uncle CEL-343: 9-8-5
The Abducted Bride (331k)
 {reposted by Ted E. Bear}
The Adventures of Lisa 558k
The Book mc, (470k) (RP)
The Final Mission 282k
The Humiliation of Jane 119k
The Stepfather - First Fuck Mf inc
Uganda Prison Captive (p1-4) M+/F,nc,bdsm,tort

uther pendragon

took #4 with "For Now," and #5 with "For Him" in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996. All the stories are good, but for best effect, should be read in the order listed in the credits annex. Uther is one of the most articulate writers currently active on the group. His stories earned 10 positions of 100 on Celeste's Top 100 Stories of 1997. Think about that for a moment. Ole Joe:

I wouldn't do it willingly because I am an addict, but if I had to limit myself to 20 authors, Uther would be one of them.

He posted a story index to ASSD (MID: ([email protected])), which lists all his stories.
_Bob & Jeanette Brennan stories_
For Bearing *Cel-199: 10-8-10, Annex 6/30/00: A
For Effort *Cel-181: 10-10-10
 #21 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
For Elise brennan/elise.htm, CEL-352: 10-10-10
For Him #5 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 10-10-10 *Cel-149
For Now #4 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 10-10-10 *Cel-149
For These Gifts #92 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 10-10-10 *Cel-149
Forays CEL-230: 10-10-10
 #11 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Forecast #65 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 10-10-10 *Cel-149,
 CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10] (RP)
Foreplay 10-10-10 *Cel-149
Forest 10-10-10 *Cel-149
Forestalling 10-10-10 *Cel-149
Foretaste *Cel-180: 10-10-10
 #61 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Foretold brennan/foretold.htm,
 CEL-350: 10-10-10
Forever 10-10-10 *Cel-149
 CRIM-8: [9,10,10,9] (RP)
Forget All That Parts 1-3 brennan/fat_a.htm
 Parts 4-6 brennan/fat_b.htm
 Parts 7-9 brennan/fat_c.htm
 Parts 10-12 brennan/fat_d.htm
 10-10-10 *Cel-349/353/367
Forgiven #83 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 *Cel-193: 10-10-10
Forks *Cel-178: 10-10-10,
Forlorn #24 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 CEL-241: 10-10-10
Formidable brennan/formid.htm, CEL-363: 10-10-10
Forthright *Cel-176: 10-10-10
Fortissimo CEL-210: 10-10-10
Fortuitous 10-10-10 *Cel-157,
 #82 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Voortrekkers *Cel-169: 10-10-10,
 #63 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
_God joined together – a bunch of stories_
Chocolate Fudge Sunday (84) CRIM-22: [10,9,10,8]
On the Rebound (85)
Blake (86)
Missed (90)
Monopoly (91)
Solvent (92)
Whither (93)
None Must (96)
Solitary Summer (97)
Substitutes (98)
Tightrope Summers (100)
English Class Bards (102)
Oh Canada! (104)
Morning Has Broken (105)
In the Morning (107)
Summer of her Discontent (108)
Alternate Weekends (109)
Compensations (110)
Another another.htm
 CRIM-20: [10,10,10,9] (72)
April's First 1-3 *Cel-170: 10-10-10, (23),
 #16 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Beautiful Everywhere beaut.htm, (73)
Berries berries.htm, CEL-276: 10-10-10 (42)
Castle Nursery castle.htm, CEL-301: 10-10-10 (37)
Clean Sweep clean.htm, CEL-362: 10-10-10 (60)
Conjugation conjug.htm, CEL-225: 10-10-10 (32)
Convenient Triad  [flash fest]
Cooling Off cooling.htm (70)
Cops and Robbers cops.htm, CEL-375: 10-10-10 (65)
Crush (83)
Desert desert.htm, CEL-342: 10-10-10,
 CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10] (54)
Dulce et Decorum dulce.htm, CEL-363: 10-9-9 (61)
Dune What Comes Naturally dune.htm, *Cel-191: 10-10-10 (27)
Duty duty.htm, 10-10-10 *Cel-133 (15)
emocleW    (101)
Fetters of Velvet  (106)
Fish Tank   (87)
Flash Flood   (89), (17k)
Flights of Fancy flights.htm, CEL-355: 10-10-10 (58)
Friday (a.k.a. Mind Games) friday.htm (38), CEL-248: 10-10-10
G is for Gazebo gazebo.htm (71)
Grass grass.htm, CEL-253: 10-9-9 (39)
Gully Washer gully.htm, CEL-200: 10-10-10 (07)
He Doesn't Love Her Like I Do doesnt.htm, 10-10-10 *Cel-110, (08)
Heart Ball (68)
 Chapters 1-4 heart_a.htm
 Chapters 5-8 heart_b.htm
 Chapters 9-12 heart_c.htm
 Chapters 13-15 heart_d.htm
Hide and Seek hide.htm, CEL-376: 10-10-10 (66)
His Favorite Day favorite.htm (69)
History Class history.htm, CEL-345: 10-8-8 (55)
Hold That Thought hold.htm, CEL-375: 10-10-10 (64)
Holiday CRIM-29: [10,10,7,7] (95)
Hypothesis (46)
Igrayne 1-2 igrayne.htm, 9-8-8 *Cel-103 (04)
Inaugural Ball inaug.htm (76)
Inn inn.htm, CEL-257: 10-10-10 (40)
Introit introit.htm, Bear: 10 *Cel-292 (43)
Jolly Lott 10-8-7 *Cel-135 (06)
Lakeside Fireworks (81)
Life Sentence life.htm, CEL-235: 10-10-10 (34)
Little Swimmers swim.htm (75)
Locksmiths CEL-261: 10-10-10 (41)
Longest Light (77)
Marriage of State (103)
McMurdo Sound mcmurdo.htm, CEL-332: 10-10-10 (50)
Moving Experience moving.htm, CEL-335: 10-9-9 (52)
Outage outage.htm, CEL-327: 10-8-8 (48)
Perfect Love 10-9-10 *Cel-132 (13)
Perchance to Dream dream.htm (74)
Pharmacy pharm.htm (51)
Picnic 01 (79)
Picnic 02 (80)
Pink Molten Valley (82)
Preperation prep.htm
Problems of Utilitarianism util.htm (45)
Prone is not.... prone.htm, CEL-358: 10-8-8 (59)
Rampant rampant.htm, CEL-296: 10-10-10 (44)
Rhythm [flash fest]
Shortest Night (78)
Show & Tell show.htm, CEL-376: 10-9.5-9.5 (67)
Snarl snarl.htm, 10-8-9 *Cel-134 (14)
Spring Equinox spring.htm, CEL-326: 10-8-8 (47)
Susan Winner of the "First" Third
 Annual Celestial Writing Contest
 and #14 for 97, 10-10-10 *Cel-150 (20)
The Longest Minute longest.htm, CEL-341: 10-9-9 (53)
The Price And The Cost (5k) (99)
Trust trust.htm, CEL-330: 10-10-10 (49)
Turnabout turnab.htm, CEL-364: 10-10-10
 CRIM-2: [10,10,10,9] (repost) (62)
Vials vials.htm, 10-9.5-CEL-126: 10
 CRIM-3: [9,10,10,10] (repost) (12)
Wagtail 10-10-10 *Cel-141 (17)
Windmill Saga windmill.htm, *Cel-191: 10-10-10,
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10] (repost) (28)
Wrapped Attention 1-2 9-8-8 *Cel-147 wrapped.htm (19)
Youth House CRIM-27: [10,8,8,9] (88)


(Stories listed below marked "Kellis" were posted to ASSM by
A Weekend Pass (46k) (Kellis)
An Unwelcome Surprise (26k)
Barbara (18k)
Double Duty (21k) (Kellis)
Fugitive Woman (27k) CRIM-16: [10,10,10,9],
Glenn and the Girls at Jackson High (52k) (Kellis)
Just an Ordinary Guy CEL-333: 9.5-9-9
Kids of the Neighborhood 1 (36k)
 2 (31k)
 3 (42k)
 4 (37k)
 5 (33k)
 6 (35k)
 7 (31k)
Learning How (12k)
Lesya (16k)
Little Dora (10k)
Love as an Occupational Hazzard (68k)
One into Two (28k)
Pleasing an Old Man
Sarah Redux (17k)
Spring Break (31k)
The Bookstore Girl (26k)
The Boy Veteran --, Admiral: CEL-355: 8.5-5-5
The Former Nun --, CEL-353: 6-5-5
The New Life of Gerald Dancy (53k) (Kellis)
The Reluctant Host (59k)
Trailer Trash (34k)
Unsought Diversion (35k)
Virgin Summer (88k)


is a collaboration of Varangian and Kellis, the stories are at:
Cannes d'Eau: Identical Twins (33k)
 The Nephew (27k)
 The Excursion (53k)
 Impersonated Recruit (42k)
 Lewd Ludie (41k)
 Unsuspected Womanhood (44k)
 Temperance at Play (44k)
The Innocent Fugitives Novel, 184,800 words
Jake and the Castaway Daughters Novelette, 50200 words
The Last Fling
Reversion Novel, 207,700 words
All the Luck 6000 words
The Old Man, the Boy and Louise Zagorski 1 *assm-2003/42147 (111k)
Cannes d'Eau 1-6 (ongoing)

vickie morgan

earned the Clitorides Award 1999 Best New Author
(together with MichaelD and John A.)
Alarms and Excursions, CEL-345: 10-9.5-9.5,
 Silenus:6-8-5-6 *Cel-351, 24K
Amazon Adventure (11k)
Back to Reality [1/4] (18k)
Back to Reality [2/4] (22k)
Back to Reality [3/4] (16k)
Back to Reality [4/4] (15k)
Betrayed by a Kiss (24k)
 BillyG: CEL-323: 9.5-9.5-9
Card Game (15k)
Celestial Musings (13k)
Distractions (12k)
Exposed CEL-330: 9-9-9
Goodbye Columbus [1/4] (15k)
Goodbye Columbus [2/4] (19k)
Goodbye Columbus [3/4] (11k)
Goodbye Columbus [4/4] (15k) CEL-352: 9.5-8-8
Hatred (27k)
Incentive (9k)
IOU [1/6] (12k)
IOU [2/6] (14k)
IOU [3/6] (13k)
IOU [4/6] (16k)
IOU [5/6] (14k)
IOU [6/6] (19k)
 CEL-322: 10-10-10
Just a Scratch (9k)
Loss of Innocence (13k)
Midsummer Night's Orgy [1/4] (15k)
Midsummer Night's Orgy [2/4] (16k)
Midsummer Night's Orgy [3/4] (20k)
Midsummer Night's Orgy [4/4] (17k)
 CEL-331: 10-8-8
Night Swimming (10k)
Paint --, CEL-328: 9.5-9.5-9.5
Persuasion (11k)
Pirate Duel: The Tale of Captain Vickie (46k)
Sorry (4k)
Summer Rain (5k)
The Gift (with Dave437) Anne:10-9-8 *Cel-330
The Golden Touch (10k)
 CEL-375: 10-10-10
The Tie That Binds Us CEL-335: 10-10-10
The Time of Her Life [1/5] (15k)
The Time of Her Life [2/5] (20k)
The Time of Her Life [3/5] (23k)
The Time of Her Life [4/5] (30k)
The Time of Her Life [5/5] (18k)
 Jack: 8/10 *Cel-376, CEL-379: 10-10-10
What's In A Smile? (6k)
 CEL-376: 10-9-9.5
Where There's A Will (61k)

vickie tern

is an ex-professor of literature and popular culture whose social identity and creative instincts were liberated in early 1990s, when she assumed that alternative name and personality. She has written some dozens stories since then, two novels (one with a collaborator, never posted and still out looking for print), and two collections of short predicaments called, "Teasers." "Trust Me!" is typical and a favorite, and "Sooo Sweet!" is a comic variant. The most recent, "JayCee," has a superbly self-confident, precocious teenage girl as its narrator, but also unexpected counter-scheming leading to a more satisfactory ending than anyone intended. Celeste has given almost all of them straight "10s." "NICE" was #5 of her top 100 stories for 1995. Vickie is one of five writers who have earned positions on Celeste's Top 100 between 1995 and 1997 all three years. All her stories explore amusing dom/sub reversals of traditional gender power relationships. Usually the men in them are feminized or transgendered by the wiles of wives or girlfriends, who have their own reasons, the least being to achieve a measure of control over their own lives and desires. Their men are credulous enough to believe they know what is happening though they don't, and end up humiliated until they finally realize they're better off. The women are clever enough to deceive them, always well-intentioned, even loving, though always also ruthlessly self-serving. Notice that Vickie consistently placed stories in Celeste's Top 100 of the Year. There is a reason for that. They are well-crafted, devious, and speak to a theme.

See Vickie's stories @

A Place of her Own 1-10 27K
A Real Girl 1-2 28K
Annoyed 7K
Breasts 1-10 28K
Back Door CEL-224: 10-10-10
 ASSM 1997/4812.txt, 4785.txt
BiGirls *Cel-166: 10-10-10
Best Friends *Cel-191: 10-10-9
Buddies *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Captivated *Cel-191: 10-8-8
Charmed 21K,
 Annex 2/24/99: A+, CEL-322: 10-10-9
Choices 52K, 21187
Commencement 10-10-10 *Cel-86
Cruise *assm-2003/45872 (82k)
Cute 1-10 25K
Decisions-Decision *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Dolls Twassel: [no #s] *Cel-299
Flowers CEL-246: 10-10-10 30K
Fury 1-37 7K
Girls Night Out #43 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 CEL-58: 10
Girl Time 25K
Girlfriends 1-6 29K
Hairdo 1-3 26K
Happening #77 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-138
Hell Hath No Fury 1-4 29K
Her Thoughts of Me (16k) (Mat Twassel)
Hush, Little Baby! (23k)
Jack and Jill
JayCee #85 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1997,
 10-10-10 *Cel-166 *assm-1998/40, 7442, 7446,
 7444, 7447-49, 7451
Last Summer 1 (15k)
  2 (30k)
  3 (19k)
  4 (29k)
  5 (28k)
  6 (18k)
  7 (26k)
  8 (25k)
  9 (26k)
  10a+b *assm-2003/43580 (31k)
  11 (27k)
Letter mailed 1-3 29K
Letter to the Staff ... CEL-251: 10-6-3
Makeover CEL-297: 10-8-8
 ASSM 1998/12854, ASSM 1998/12855
Mommy 1-2 *assm-2000/22845 44K
Nice #5 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-38: 10
Party *Cel-191: 10-9-9
Perfect 1-10 23K
Phone Calls 20K
Queer Halloween ASSM 1997/5158, 5160, 5162,
 CEL-228: 10-8-8
Quickies (9 selected Teasers) 14K
Recipe *Cel-191: 10-9-9
Scenes 1-17 22K
Second Hand Rose 10-10-10 *Cel-158 24K
Sharing *Cel-191: 10-9-9
Shy 1-6 *assm-2003/44959 (132k)
Snip #32 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-108
Soooo Sweet #61 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-6: 9
Sucker 1-11 *assm-2000/26013 (280k)
Taken in Adultery 1 (26k)
   2 (29k)
   3 (22k)
   4 (18k)
   5 (29k)
   6 (28k)
   7 (28k)
   8 (21k)
   9 (26k)
Teasers 10-8-8 CR 161, ASSM 1997/1288.txt
Teasers II *Cel-178: 10-10-10, ASSM 1997/1290.txt
Tiny Tim 1-9 29K
The Food of Love (2k) [flash fest]
Threesome Part 1-13 27K
True Love 1-3 25K
Her Thoughts of Me CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10]
The Two of Us CEL-257: 9-7-3
 ASSM 1998/8152, 8153, 8154
Trust Me 10-10-10 *Cel-100


    *A rating Annex Reviews 10-1-97

Lady Cyrrh said,

This was the hottest anal sex story I've read so far... It was written as an actual life experience in an insightful and concise, yet feminine tone that was easy to curl up on the sofa with.

vic s

(MMF wife)
Amy's Wedding Night
Debbie's Dark Lust 9.5-10-10 CR ***
Tammy's Dark Lust YW53
Where's The Wildest, Most Unusual Place ... YW46

vinnie tesla

#101 (4k) [flash fest]
A Sex Story (4k)
A Winter Walk (8k)
Disclaimer (2k) [flash fest]
Four Condoms (17k)
Night Air, Cut Grass, Damp Nylon, Wood Smoke, Cunt (4k) [flash fest]
On Saturday (7k)
Residues: Seven Very Short Dirty Stories  (6k) (RP)
Rivals (70k) *A rating Annex 4-30-03
This is Not a Story About Andrew (28k)
Urgent (10k)
Victim/Victorian 1 (15k)
Victim/Victorian 2 (24k)
Victim/Victorian 3 (21k)
Victim/Victorian 4 (21k)
Victim/Victorian 5 (17k)
Victim/Victorian 6A+B *assm-2003/40637 (48k)
Yacht Club 1 (23k)
Yacht Club 2 (15k)

virago blue

3 million (19k)
 A-/B+ rating Annex Review 3/23/99
A Visit From St. Nicholas (29k)
Alcove (7k)
Always Him (4k)
Another Dark Knight (19k)
Businessman's Lunch (12k)
Change of Heart (24k) CEL-328: 9-8-8
Cowboy (7k)
Cupid's Last Shot (25k)
Feasting Anna (15k)
Fonda and Cat {with John A}
 Golden Clitorides Award 2001 - Long Story of the Year
 [01-02] (28k)
 [03-04] (30k)
 [05-06] (24k)
 [07-08] (21k)
 [09-10] (30k)
 [11-12] (21k)
 [13] (11k)
 [14-15] (22k)
 [16-17] (21k)
 [18-19] (31k)
 [20] (19k)
 [21] (18k)
 [22] (16k)
 [23] (30k)
For The Love Of Becca (105k) *Cel-357
Free Blow Jobs (9k)
 A+ rating Annex review 7/17/00
Hormonal Hell (18k)
Lorelei's Desires (16k)
Love Lessons (23k)
Paint (8k)
 Owl: CEL-363: 10-10-10
Paternity (113k)
Roadside Assistance (21k)
 CEL-371: 9.5-10-10
Rush (11k)
Seven Months (84k)
Spring Break Arrangement (24k)
Stand And Deliver (35k)
Suburban Folk Tales - Cybersex (16k)
The Gift (21k) CEL-334: 9-8-8
To Tame A Dragon (4k) CEL-345: 10-9-9
Tricks on All Hallows Eve CEL-346: 10-8-8
'Twas a Dark and Stormy Knight Fiddler: CEL-337: 7-7-6

vlastimil omacznik

(teen, rom)
Laura's awakening

vp viddler


vulgar argot

wrote a long novela ('Marigold'), which actual seems to
be rewritten as 'Princes of Mannsborough', besides some shorter
Best and Brightest, Part 1 (45k)
Best and Brightest, Part 2 (72k)
Best and Brightest, Part 3 (49k)
Best and Brightest, Part 4 (50k)
Double Dealing (46k)
Eve, Eventide (108k)
Everything You Ever Wanted (63k)
Female Plumbing Problems (18k)
 CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
Lights Out on the Night Shift (40k)
Marigold, Part 1 (20k)
Marigold, Part 10 (55k)
Marigold, Part 11 (42k)
Marigold, Part 12 (62k)
Marigold, Part 13 (72k)
Marigold, Part 14 (38k)
Marigold, Part 15 (74k)
Marigold, Part 16 (62k)
Marigold, Part 17 (64k)
Marigold, Part 18 (60k)
Marigold, Part 19 (77k)
Marigold, part 2 (32k)
Marigold, Part 20 (75k)
Marigold, Part 21 (68k)
Marigold, Part 22 (91k)
Marigold, part 3 (37k)
Marigold, Part 4 (39k)
Marigold, Part 5 (48k)
Marigold, Part 6 (73k)
Marigold, Part 7 (38k)
Marigold, Part 8 (38k)
Marigold, Part 9 (25k)
Princes of Mannsborough, Part 1 (21k)
Princes of Mannsborough, Part 2 (43k)
Princes of Mannsborough, Part 3 (46k)
Princes of Mannsborough, Part 4 (49k)
Princes of Mannsborough, Part 5 (63k)
Second Billing to Violet and Jesus (22k)
Sparring Partners (31k)
Statutory (11k)
Stone Fox (36k)
Such Things Are Never Done (42k)
The Bad Boy Affair (30k)
Treaty Troops, Part 1 (57k)
Under the Bed (42k)
Untitled Exercise 1 (12k)


posted stories to ASSM published long before in printed form, I
Beaten Prisoner Wife (173k)
BH8107 Biker Captive (172k)
BH8186 Raped Whipped Mom (143k)
Bondage For Daughter (156k)
Captive Family In Chains (192k)
Cop Rape (225k)
Daddy's Slave (183k)
Humiliation Of Linda (129k)
Kidnapped and Raped (174k)
Kidnapped And Raped Schoolgirls (156k)
Punished Wife (198k)
Raped Degraded Daughter (185k)
Raped Virgin In Bondage (151k)
Raped Whipped Mom (142k)
Roped Sitter, Chained Mom (158k)
Spread Wide Secretaries (155k)
Two Mothers To Torment (167k)
Two Raped Wives (176k)
Whipped Waitress (188k)
Wives In Torment (179k)


writes lengthy stories on a transgender theme. Ole Joe:

Many have what I'd call a magical bent, meaning the male protagonist is somehow transformed into a woman, and spends the story learning to live with it. All are professionally done. I can't imagine why these aren't published. I'll buy a copy. I couldn't offer advice to predict for you who would like TG stories and who wouldn't. I never had any reason to think I would like them until I discovered the 'net. Who knows, this might be an area that doesn't invite further investigation? I will challenge you to read couple of these, then tell me you weren't turned on. I won't believe you, but you can tell me.

Cadet Survey 88k
Cathy 175k
Death Row 193k
Death Row II (236k) CEL-255: 10-10-9
The Rodeo 95k
Filling in for Amanda 267k
Flash Annex reviews 1/12/99: A+
For Whom the Bells Toll 36k
Grandmother's Remedy 123k
Hail to the Chief 94k
Harry 75k
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (193k) CEL-204: 10-10-10
Karak 144k
Mariah 119k
Mind 152k
Nada - the Right to Choose 126k
Prissy (71k) CEL-234: 10-8-7
Release from the Web 146k
Shaken, Not Stirred 68k
Space Angel 92k
Swampwater 319k
The Monk's Power 137k
The Rifleman 183k
The Jumper 93k
The Triad 192k
Time Warrior 86k
Vamp 193k

walter slaven

Star Wars Tie Fighter CEL-5: 10
Star Wars - Tarkin 7.CEL-7: 5
The Tie Fighter CEL-30: 10

wandering lanes

- Story List incomplete, I presume -
Casebook of Wilma Jenkins 0 (19k)
Casebook of Wilma Jenkins 1 (83k)
Casebook of Wilma Jenkins 2 (87k)
Casebook of Wilma Jenkins 3-4 (89k)
Discussion on Romance (6k) [summer rom fest]
Mina (20k)
September Song (32k) [sapphic fest]
The Girl with a Bicycle Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Long Story of the Year
 - Best Long Story by a New Author
 19 (32k)
 31 (38k)
 32 (67k)
 33 (41k)
 34 (40k)
The Plan (15k) [summer rom fest],
 CRIM-9: [5,6,6,4]
The Plan (Revised) (18k)

washington irving

An English Vacation 1-7 236k
Keeping the Womenfolk in Line 1-4

wife watcher

18th Birthday YW501
Abused Husband YW178
African Gang-Banged Bride YW497
Army Camp YW72
Bride to Be YW146
Camera Club Fantasy YW205
Car Park Voyeurs YW73
Cinema YW59
Commuter Train YW147
Forfeits YW74
Frat Slut YW129
Garage YW75
Groped YW365
Gym YW308
He Uses My Wife YW170
Honeymoon Couple YW58
Jacuzzi YW130
Jane's Fantasy YW76
Kitchen Gang Bang YW158
Masquerade YW265
Plumber YW61
Promotion YW159
Pub YW77
Sauna YW78
Stag Party YW60
Tied to the Table YW128
Used Couple YW196
Used Wife YW145
Veronica's Gang Bang YW79
Voyeur Husband YW166
Wife Visits the Bookstore YW127
Young Wife YW131


Breaking Amy
Raping Amy *Cel-226 9-10-10
Beat 1.0 Unfinished
Commuppance Medium 3 3
Confessions Medium
Crime 1.0 Unfinished
Debt Long
eXstacy 1.0 Medium 1 2
Fantasy 1.0 Short *Cel-183 10-10-10 10
Fantasy 3.0 Short
Genie 1.0, 1.1 Moderate
Girls 1.0 Short CEL-148: 9-9-9
Girls 2.0, 2.1 Meduim
Going-Away Party
Images 1.0 (Renamed Short 7.0)
Porterville High Long
Rape Short
Seduction Unfinished
SchoolGirl 1.0 Long
SchoolGirl 2.0 Short
Short 1.0 Short 12 7
Short 2.0, 3.0 Short
Short 4.0 Medium
Short 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 Short
Short 8.0 Short CEL-138: 10-10-10
Short 9.0 Short
Short 10.0 Short CEL-3: 5
Short 11.0 - 16.0 Short
SlaveGirl 1.0 Long
Teacher 1.0-1.3 long
Vice President Medium
War 2.0 Short


Adult Education Myers: {No numerical rating} *Cel-360
 1 (27k)
 2 (20k)
 3 (25k)
 4 (26k)
 5 (25k)
Artifact (44k) (THM)
Blind Date (59k)  CEL-367: 10-10-10,
Boxing Day CEL-341: 10-8-7, (84k)
Business Class 1-2 *assm-2001/32534 (163k)
Coming Of Age (27k)
Control (4k) [song fest]
Crossroads (178k)  CEL-364: 10-10-8,
Delayed Gratification (18k) [summer rom fest]
Empirical Research (47k)
Fan Mail CEL-346: 10-10-10
Hole In My Soul (34k)
In the Moment (90k) CEL-368: 10-10-10,
Intimate Adventures CEL-339: 10-10-10
Meeting The Need (28k)
 CRIM-27: [10,10,9,9]
Mistletoe (14k)
Photogenic CEL-333: 10-9-9
Play Time CEL-369: 10-9-8, (20k)
Pleasure Cruise (16k)
Pleasure Cruise - Booking (19k)
Pleasure Cruise - Exchange 1 (38k)
Pleasure Cruise - Exchange 2 (18k)
Pleasure Cruise - Hostess (34k)
 Lee: 8-10-8/9 *Cel-360
Pleasure Cruise - Chaperone (39k)
Quarters CEL-336: 10-9-9
Sandman (54k) CEL-371: 10-9.5-9.5,
Séance CEL-346: 10-8-7
Sign of the Rose (31k)  CEL-377: 10-10-10,
Thrill Ride (70k)
Trail Magic (25k)
Triad (188k)
Twelve Nights (74k)
Two Out Of Three (13k)
 CEL-374: 9.5-9.5-9.5


seems to have gotten quiet when died. Could have been a coincidence. These are 12 stories largely about tricked or coerced pregnancy. They are very well done and guaranteed for results. Try "The Wedding Gift" or "The Novice".

Episodic stories about ecstatic sexual awakenings disguised as stories about women forced and/or tricked into becoming pregnant. W. wrote in a coy romance-novel style distinguished by its clinical but poetic sexual descriptions and strong sense of irony. W's best story was "Tales of the Seeding," about an unnamed and undescribed primitive society that has reduced sex to a series of passionless rituals used in the service of procreation. I was particularly impressed by W's assured use of multiple viewpoints, something that is difficult to do well in a short story. -- Christine "Green Leafy Dragon" Indigo

Appleseed #44 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 CEL-60: 10
Birthday Gift (65k) 9.5-9.5-CEL-120: 10
Coercion 10-10-10 *Cel-83
Divine Gift CEL-10: 10
Fruit of the Vine 9.5-9.5-9.CEL-93: 5
Novice (66k) 10-10-10 *Cel-67
 #52 on Celeste's Top 100 0f 1996,
Occupation 10-10-10 *Cel-79
Party 165k CEL-219: 9-9-8
Peer Pressure #98 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-93
Reasons 82k 10-10-10 *Cel-83
Safe Sex 9-10-10 *Cel-93
Tales of the Seeding #6 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-10: 10 (10-10-10 *Cel-372)
Ten Dollar Fine 10-10-9 *Cel-78
Wedding Gift 74k CEL-220: 9-10-10
Yang Reception 67k 10-10-10 *Cel-94


Hercules: Hero to Zero
New Learning Center 1-18 360k


(e.wolf) writes torture sex stories.including rape,
violence and pain. He posted to ASSM in 2001 and 2002, but some of his
multi-part stories seem to be unfinished, e.g. "Jenna" or "Payne
Academy". Perhaps we have to wait.
Becky's Ordeal 1-5
Crazy Jack's House 1-7
Jazz's Toys 1-12
Jenna 1-5 (unfinished?)
Payne Academy 1-3 (unfinished?)
Pooh Bear

would be bad

aka EAZIN ALONG writes some really interesting stories, too. Ole Joe:

"My Wedding" is one of my personal favorites and one I highly recommend. It is a trip down the aisle like you've never seen or imagined. There is supposed to be something new coming in the pipeline. Don't miss it.

My Wedding
Sig Ep Chi
The Mommy Towel
The Party

writers cramp

Family Fantasy (1-3) 944 k
Neighborly Tutor (1-2)
The Learning of Gemma (1-2)
The Little Schemer
Thoughts of a Dirty Old Man 1 (19k) (RP)
Thoughts of a Dirty Old Man 2 (253k)
Training the Twins (1)
Uncle (MFfg nc + most others)


(mc, parody, MF)
Christine (17k)
 CRIM-24: [9,10,10,10]
Election Night At The Tittie Bar  (6k)
Elijah (33k)
Four Walls for Christmas (17k)
F*U*C*K Radio (30k)
 A- rating Annex Reviews 9/10/02
Harry Long, Psychic Detective 1-8 *assm-2001/30995 (104k)
I Fought The Law, And...
 1-4 Unlaw And Disorder (60k) (RP)
 5 Posting Bailey (54k) (RP)
 5.1 Tuck Amuck (132k) (RP)
 6 Dr Goodlove (51k) (RP)
 7 You Can't Go Home Again,
 Can You? (24k)
Just No Pleasing Some Women (2k) [flash fest]
Lap Dance (12k) (RP)
New Year's Day At The Tittie Bar (12k)
Pillow Talk (2k) [flash fest]
Super Bowl At The Tittie Bar (15k)


(on Dark Wanderer's site)
A Fitting Revenge
A Visit with Judy
Anything for a Friend
Beach Blanket Bimbo
Cockteasing, a Dangerous Game
High Stakes Poke Her
Judi and the Landscaper
Judi's Big Day
Judy Goes Shopping
Look What I've Got
My Wife Joins the Drill Team
My Wife, the Ring Card Girl
One If by Hand, Two If by See
Spring Break Adventure
The Ballad of GI Joe
The Complete Professional
The Fashion Show
The Look
The Mall Tease Falkun
Virgins in Vegas
Watch What You Wish For


Dark Secrets of Male Lust
Growing Up in Pakistan
Lesbian Pedophile Nuns CEL-201: 4-3-2
Man from Orgasm
The Camping Trip
The Zookeeper's Son
Wally's World

y. lee coyote

is writing spanking stories; the spanked persons are of
both genders, often teens or pre-teens, and there is also parental
spanking. He is posting to ASSM and to soc.sexuality.spanking
A View to the Future (1k) [flash fest]
A View to the Future 2 (1k) [flash fest]
Adam's Double Initiation 15K
Adjusting the Pack's Hierarchy 22K
Adoptive Brother (10k)
Aftermath 8K
Alan Plagiarius Is Taught a Lesson 10K
Alex's Last Month of High School 36K
Alex's Most Memorable Memorial Day Week 33K
Alfredo Grows Up 18K
Be Careful What You Ask Santa For 28K
Beach Coming (3k) [flash fest]
Beaver the Hero 11K
Big Brother's Keeper 1/3 33K
Big Brother's Keeper 2/3 39K
Big Brother's Keeper 3/3 35K
Big Sister, Little Brother 25K
Billy Goes to Margate 37K
Birthday Spanking 9K
Blind Justice 13K
Boystud 20K
Breakfast (1k) [flash fest]
Brother's Surprise 1 (18k)
Brother's Surprise 2 (16k)
Brother's Surprise 3 (23k)
Camp Tails (1-11) 261K
Caught Pledge 8K
Cody's Awaking 10K
College Boy 1-2 25K
Dalliance on the Beach (4k) [flash fest]
David and Daddy 4K
Decisive Battle 28K
Double Date 13K
Eddie Gets It 9K
End of the Line (15k)
Farm boy Wesley Crusher 1-5 74K
First Meeting 5K
Friend's Brother's Slave 23K
Fun at the Beach 19K
Halloween Ordeal (12k)
In His Father's Footsteps 38K
Kevin's First Fuck 23K
Kevin's First Spanking 23K
Lesson Learned (21k)
Living in Hell 40K
Long Distance Call Payback 19K
Lori Learns a Lesson 11K
Lori's Second Lesson 19K
Mathboy's Fantasy Comes to Pass 8K
Metamorphosis 7K
Midsummer's Night Mystery (3k) [flash fest]
More Than I Wished For 38K
My Cousin and I - 1-3 70K
My New World Does Not Have a Closet (23k) [Blanket-Free]
Our Younger Brothers, Our Caretakers - Part 1-2 66K
Park Encounters 38K
Pilgrimage to Canterbury  (4k) [flash fest]
Playing House 22K
Proper Use of a Hairbrush I-II 13K
Punishment School 20K
Rape is a Punishable Crime (19k)
Red Bottom Lake 21K
Revenge Served Hot is Yummy Too (15k)
Sarah Pays the Price - Three Times 28K
Sequel to 'Paddled at Springfield High - Story 1 15K
Spanked Before the Great One 26K
Stanley Gets Spanked and Fucked 11K
Stepparent Correction 13K
Stevie Meets The Duke 15K
Stevie's Super Kewl Day with Roger 15K
Summary Punishment (4k) [flash fest]
Summer Vacation 25K
Summer Vacation and Beyond 30K
Telekinesis 2.2 (6k)
Terror in the School Shower (3k) [flash fest]
The Beaver's First Spanking 7K
The Beaver's Second Spanking 5K
The Beaver's Spankings 19K
The Dancer 19K
The Designated Freshman 68K
The Midnight Visitor 15K
The Prefect and the New Boy (32k)
The Runt and the Lord (12k) Annex 3/23/99: B+/B rating
The True Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears 13K
Those That Live by the Rod.... 11K
Tim Gets Even 28K
Trick or Trick 17K
Une Leon Parisienne (3k) [flash fest]
Vincent Goes to the Movies 9K
Wallace, Surrogate Dad 22K
With a Little Bit of Help from My Friends 38K

yotna el'toub

Compound X13.1 (208k)
Relax (3k) [flash fest]
The Haunting of Dedington Manor (39k)
Vampyre Nights 1-2 *assm-2003/44035 (37k)
  3 (20k)
  6 (24k)
  7 (24k)
  8 (23k)
  9 (18k)
  10-11 (37k)

young man

Mom's Bad Boy 1-2
Tree House


writes stories about young females pushed into bondage and
torture. 'The Training of Jeannie and Clair', 'Blackmailed Into
Bondage', 'Staci Davis: Investigative Slave' and 'Tall, Blond and
Bound' are stories about "the Mart," the largest white slave ring in
the world.
Blackmailed Into Bondage 1-14
Mindfuck 1-3
Staci Davis: Investigative Slave 1-14
Tall, Blond and Bound 1-14
The Training of Jeannie and Clair 1-14
Wedding Night (31k)


Clinton 9.95-9.9-10 CR 253
Cop's Wife
Interracial Sex Story CEL-259: 5-4-2
Klanwoman 7-5-4 *Cel-74
200 Year Old Porn 10-7-8 *Cel-68
Ziff CEL-205: 9-8-7

zombie night

wrote stories since early 1980's which he re-posted to
ASSM mainly in 1998 and 1999. His stories are full of bestiality-
woman/dog, anal, rape, gang-bang and nearly all other legal and
illegal types of sex. If this kind of erotica isn't your thing stay
away. There are probably more than 100 full-lenght-stories by Zombie
Night out in the wild.
Blow The Family Down 178K;
Cesar 178K;
Christine 241K;
Daddy's Little Girl 226K;
Dawn Gets The Goat 176K;
Dinah's Revenge 226K;
Dog Days 164K;
Donna's Family 206K;
Driven To Depravity 176K;
Family Fun 198K;
Family Time 165K;
Family Voyuerism 150K;
Father Dearest 199K;
Four Legged Lovers 169K;
Fun On Film 177K;
Fun On Video 268K;
Fun With Kay 149K;
Fun With The Animals 148K;
Gail, Scotty & Biff 174K;
Gaston-The Little Czar 531K;
Ginny's Descent Into Depravity 183K;
Going Camping With The Family 246K;
Hero 202K;
Horny Cousins 151K;
Horse Loving Family 149K;
Hot Mama 145K;
Hungry For Horse 151K;
Joining The Family 275K;
Just Do It 229K;
Kappy 532K;
Kitty In Heat 195K;
Learning To Swap 226K;
Lightning 191K;
Lost Innocence 196K;
Loving Cousins 170K;
Lust For Life 142K;
Marlowe Manor 262K;
Melting The Ice Queen 227K;
Mom's Canine Lover 233K;
Mom's Swinger Summer Camp 189K;
Mother's Friend 267K;
Naughty Daughters 159K;
Nympho Mother 158K;
Patti's Desire For Horse 155K;
Soldier 271K;
Somewhere Over The Rainbow 102K;
Stepping In For Father 279K;
Sue's Wild Family 166K;
Sultan 227K;
Susie's Trip Home 142K;
Swap Night 178K;
Swapping 337K;
Tammy's Pony 153K;
Ted's Mother 182K;
The Animal Act 235K;
The Ape Woman 203K;
The Aphrodisiac 467K;
The Art Of The Deal Or How To Close Escrow 270K;
The Barnyard Orgy 165K;
The Beast 292K;
The Beast In Sharon 245K;
The Blackmailed Boxer 244K;
The Bride 328K;
The Camera Club 513K;
The Campaign 230K;
The Candidate's Wife 481K;
The Captive 200K;
The Courtship Of Eddie's Father 231K;
The Desire 198K;
The Experiment 249K;
The Family Games 253K;
The Family Treat 244K;
The Gold Swizzle Stick 231K;
The Holiday From Hell 193K;
The Honeymoon 215K;
The Horny Dog 153K;
The Horny Family 182K;
The Horse Club 154K;
The Kama Sutra Cult 255K;
The Making of a Slut 275K;
The Master 303K;
The Missionary's Daughter 213K;
The Neighbors 258K;
The Newlywed Neighbors 226K;
The Personal Assistant 218K;
The Reunion 354K;
The Secret Lover 247K;
The Secretary 176K;
The Sensous Search 260K;
The Shrew 211K;
The Step-Mother 238K;
The Swimmers 241K;
The Tramp 202K;
The Urge 213K;
The Wife 221K;
The World of Suzie Wong 185K;
The Yearning 246K;
The Young Companion 232K;
There Is No Place Like Home 228K;
When The Parents Are Away, The Kids Will Play 160K;

Once again, please remember there is no pretense that this is a complete list of authors or even a list of the best authors. It is a list of some of the more profilic authors, many of whom are still active on the group today, along with a few of the newer voices. If you have input, don't complain, send it.

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