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Following is an alphabetical listing of prominent authors who regularly appear/appeared in the newsgroups mentioned above along with a brief description of their stories. It would be the labour of a lifetime to acknowledge each and every contributor to the groups. Reluctantly, this then, will be a listing of the more prolific and/or accomplished writers. Or the ones Ole Joe liked. Or the ones I know. If your favourite author was omitted, it might not have been intentional. If you will provide descriptive details and a story list, future revisions of this document will include that information.

The time demands to maintain this portion of the article may quickly grow to exceed the capacity to keep current. There may be, and likely are, additional stories extant for each author which are not listed. Additionally, there are many more authors than there are listed. If a listed author or somebody else is interested s/he can mail me about authors s/he would like to see in this list or inform me about other stories for each author which is listed, of course ever name at least one source where such a "new' story can be verified. This document can never list all stories posted to the groups. For such purpose are existing Google, ASSTR, Nifty and other archive sites.

Ole Joe has added story ratings as posted in Celestial Reviews as a guide to potentially interested readers. He has tried to find a few reviews for each author cited. Not all authors have been reviewed. See a Celestial Review and FAQ to understand just what the ratings mean, otherwise, accept a 10-10-10 for what it sounds like. For updating Ole Joe's data I used John Dark's Celestial Reviews #1-309 Index by Authors A-Z and Celestial reviews #1-309 Index by Stories A-Z, posted to ASSM. Note that Celeste traditionally quoted low for stories featuring rape, bondage, D/S, humiliation and so on. Read her FAQ file.

Starting with version 3, Ole Joe started adding ratings from Lady Cyrrh's Annex Reviews. Her ratings run from A+ to D-, though I don't remember seeing one that low. Neither Ole Joe nor I collect(ed) gay fiction, and some of what she reviews falls in that category, so not all her story reviews will be listed in this document.

Notation and Abbreviations

(p) : a poem

(RP) : a repost

YW## : a file number at Dark Wanderer's site.

(OJC) : a story stored at Ole Joe's collection at ASSTR.

[flash fest], [summer rom fest], etc. : a story written for an ASSM festival or challenge.

CEL-146: 9-10-10 : Celeste gave these scores in Celestial Review #146

BillyG: 10-10-10 *Cel-146 : Guest reviewer BillyG, writing in Celestial Review #146

A rating Annex 11-6-97 : Lady's Cyrrh's rating in her Annex Review dated Nov-6-1997

CRIM-15: [9,10,6,7] : the Crimson Dragon gave this score in Crimson Review #15.

FAQs by Celeste, Lady Cyrrh or Crimson Dragon explain each reviewer's scoring and motives.

Authors A to D

a. jones

(→ see: planet_dweller)

a. kitten

- mostly FM (sometimes other) bdsm stories

Recidivist (7k)
Selfishness (14k)
Uxorious  (9k)
Rabbit (10k)
Banner Year (13k)
For Kenny (13k)
In Blue (15k)
Landmarks (14k)
National Anthem (8k)
Occupation (11k)
Reconstruction (6k)
Slices (21k)
Welded Lust (3k) [flash fest]
You Wanted Excitement (9k)

aaron angst

As Luck Would Have It
The Chance

aceinthe hole

{since 2002 posting as Story Ace} has a facination for exotic women and locations. He makes stories of extra-marital sex, as lifelike as possible and not too long. He states: "I write them to get turned on by, yet to evoke strong emotion as well."

A Letter From Bombay (18k)
Black Susan (32k) BillyG: CEL-352: 8-7-5
Breakfast At Sue's (8k)
Burning Love (53k)
Carnal knowledge; the psychic agent (69k)
Confession Of Mrs. Lee (8k)
Confessions Of A 14 Year Old Nymphomaniac (29k)
Confidential (20k)
Dinner At Sue's (21k)
Edna And The Old Chinaman (24k)
Emma Lou Steps Out (45k)
Experiments In Bondage - The Making Of A Pervert (23k)
Filipino Maid And The 15 Yo (21k)
I Share My Woman With My Brother (55k)
In 1977 I Was 15 (4k)
In The Hold Of Swingers (22k)
Is Windsurfing Better Than Sex? (14k)
John Was 17 (11k)
Looking Like Claudia Schiffer (64k)
Mother or daughter, Lucy or Sue?
My Affair With My Daughter's White Boyfriend (20k)
My Jungle Girl (Part 1) (70k)
 (Part 2)
My Little Indian Girl (16k)
My Stewardess Wife (22k)
My Travails With Anna And Bernadette (1) (25k)
 (2) (14k)
My Young Black Hero (22k)
Privathi, My love (60k)
Roseanna (20k)
Saving Jessica (42k)
Screwed (42k) CEL-360: 7-7-7
Screwed Again (67k)
Screwed In Japan (73k)
She Wanted A Baby (27k)
Strict Chinese Landlady (23k)
Summer Break (7k)
The Elevator (29k)
The Handy Man And The Balarina (14k)
The Hungarian Girl (41k)
The Motorbike Girl (29k)
The Mover (23k)
The Trouble With Evelyn (42k)
The Trouble With Swapping... (20k)
Ugly; a Monster's Story (31k)

adrian hammersmith

Across the Street
A Little Father-Daughter Story
Peeping (at) Tom
Room Serviced
St. Adrian's
A Test of Patience
Willow Street Seven

adrian hunter

has been called the Dulcinea of the bondage community. That was by Lady Cyrrh, if anybody is taking notes. If you don't know Dulcinea, jump right below and find out about her. Adrian Hunter has been a long time contributor to the newsgroups, and he is still posting to ASSM, e.g. "Association" in 2002/2003. His stories are available at his website, as it is quickly becoming the norm, it seems. Go to, where you find some free stories, as well as you can order printed books featuring the stories he's writing with Chelsea Shepard.

Association *** FranzKafka favourite!!! 15 pts.
Ann's Wish
Claustrophobia CEL-245: 10-10-8
Clockwork CEL-286: 10-9-9
Dismaid CEL-278: 10-4--
Distemporarily CRIM-9: [10,10,8,9]
His Favorite Holiday *A rating Annex Reviews 11-6-97
Induction of Isabel (98k)
The Jennifer Series (3)
Liquidity *A rating Annex Reviews 5/30/02
Melrose Place Series (4)
O Carol (4k)
Out of Commission
Ready, Pet, Go
Silent Knight (3k)
Temporarily CEL-271: 7-9-7
The Box
The Bowsprit (2k) {Pirate}
The Rubbermaid Chronicles (73k)
Upon Returning



A Femdom Reflection On Strap-On Play
Burning Inside
Crystal Tears
Chasing Decadence
Lelani's Curse
Pussy Collar
Rebuilding An Artist
Samantha's Drive
Simply Jas
So You Want To Be My Sissy?
The Cruel Shoes
The Lovers
The Third Way
The Undeniable Danger Of "Yes"
Training The Professor
The Palace A+ rating Annex Review 12-20-97

Lady Cyrrh said:

This was one of the most female-oriented BDSM stories I've read so far, and I enjoyed it immensely, with a big grin on my face.

Using His Mouth

al steiner

won the Golden Clit Author of the Year (2001).

Aftermath (2500 KB; 437,000 words)

When Comet Fenwell crashes into the Pacific Ocean one October day, it spells the end for most of humanity. Those that survive find themselves in a greatly changed world filled with different morals and the same old urges.

A Perfect World
A Random Act of Violence (30k)
A Strange Encounter (21k) RP
An April Night (1) (80k)
Aunt Jessica (40k)
Becky (1) (70k) RP
Beyond New Year's Day (32k) RP
Blood Pressure Check (26k) RP
Collateral Damage
D-Day (33k)
Destiny (37k) RP
Doing It All Over (1300k total) CEL-340: 9.5-10-10
Flirting with Death (35k) Cel-359, RP
God's Great Plan (30k) RP
 CEL-320: 7-7-7, Annex 3/5/99: A+
Going to Disneyland (82K) CEL-359: 10-10-10
Going to the Shrink (34k) RP
Heritage County Tales (posting order):
  The End of the Dryspell (1) (117k) 
  The Missing Mail (1) (119k)
  We Saw Fireworks (1) (55k)
    (2) Zero-G: CEL-325: 9-10-10
  Light Duty (1) (57k)
  By the Dawn's Early Light (1) (33k) 
  Rough Revenge 1 (58k)
  Miss Darling (68k)
  Overcome By Lust (1) (78k)
Hypocrisy (47k)
I Remember Pearl Harbor (1) (60k)
It Happened One Night (43k) RP
Laura's Story (33k) CEL-351: 10-9.5-9
Lizzie CEL-334: 10-8-7 (47k)
Nervepath (78k)
New Year's Eve (38k)
Night Flight (32k) RP
North of the River
One Night at the Faraway Club
Pretend (49k) CEL-352: 8.5-10-10, RP
Random Act of Violence (30k)
Sacking the Quarterback (1) (no sex) (200k)
Sleeping Over (69k)
Stacey (1) (71k)
Strange Encounter (21k)
The Blood Pressure Check (25k)
The Garden (18k)
The Mommies (30k) BillyG: CEL-326: 10-10-9
The Shaver (40k)
The Shaver II (30k)
The Teaser (41k) CEL-362: 9-10-10
Theresa the Elder (36k) Nick: CEL-329: 10-10-9

alan mathews

His only contribution to ASS* was the sadly unfinished "Watching Trilogy", a beautifully told, romantic story of two teenagers who fall in love with each other and face the world to fulfill their love. It's quite a poignant, tenderly sweet and extremely sensuous tale; one that arouses you, brings you to the brink of tears, makes you smile, laugh, hate ... I hope that someday Alan will finish it. -- Rui Jorge

See: Alan's homepage; The Watching Trilogy (Apuleius's Collection)

Golden Clitorides Award 2002 (Classical Clit) for "The Watching Trilogy"
  Watching 1 CEL-137: 10-10-10
  Watching 2 CEL-152: 10-10-10
  #31 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97

alan the penman

My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife

alessia gerini

is a member of the Sapphic Erotic Writers Guild. She started writing erotica in mid 2000. Her stories contain especially FF or FFF+F, rom, exhib, 1st time ff, D/s, FemDomF, bdsm. "Beach Encounter" was an entry for the "Sapphic Erotic Festival" on September 7th, 2002 (later on she did a re-writing which is on her site).

A Dreamy Night (14k)
Beach Encounter
Fantasy Fulfilment 1-15
Firsts For Two
Wagga Wagga
Loving April In Summer (31k)
Stare Date 1 (86k)
The Ashes: Sam's Revenge (33k)

alecia d

Debt Without Honor 1-3
Jake No More
Playing For Keeps CRIM-15: [9,10,6,7]
Sex Monsters From Earth [easter],
  CRIM-26: [10,8,10,10] (repost)
Suite Swell of Success [naive nympho challenge]

alexis siefert

is a writer from Alaska. Most of her stories are rom-stories.

An Openly Transgressed Custom (24k)
Asking Questions (3k)
Betsy's Finest Hour (30k) CRIM-1: [9,10,10,10],
  *A rating Annex Reviews 7/20/02
Betsy After The Fact (3k) CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Better Than Chamomile (17k)
Blow Job (13k)
But Not With A Fox (3k)
Color of Love (2k)
Color of Passion
Curtain Drawn (36k) CRIM-18: [10,10,10,10],
Dance With Me (3k) (RP) CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10]
DeGrading Policies 1 (17k)
DeGrading Policies 2 (14k) 
DeGrading Policies 3 (11k) {Various Authors}
DeGrading Policies 4 (8k)
Dinner and Dessert (3k) CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10] [birthday] (RP)
Flashing For Fun and Combat (14k) (7 flashes)
Forward and Backward in White with Buckles (3k)
  CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
Free Time (9k)
Golden Ages (7k) <Dulcinea>
Hell Hath No Fury
I Taught Her That (31k)
In Good Taste (1k) [flash fest]
It Won't Happen Again (4k)
Katherine's Night of Punishment (25k) (RP)
Languid (3k)
Lives Alone of Stone (27k)
Monsters (60k) CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
Nevermore (18k) (RP)
Not With A Fox (3k) (220 Words)
Rev: Better Than Chamomile (18k) (RP)
Scouting (42k)
Resist Not Evil (20k)
The Fisherman's Wife
  (or The Salmon Widow) (11k) (RP)
The Server
The Two-Grand Orgasm (24k)
The View From Inside (26k) CRIM-8: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
Tight (4k)
White Stucco Walls (35k)

allene blake

a.k.a. ALLENE21335 is known as a writer of spanking stories, meanly combined with incest. Most of them can by found on the free-site or on I don't know exactly how many stories she wrote, but at are now 73 full-length novelas and novelettes (at Mr. Double's site are some more). Obviously Allene in recent time was posting her stories on soc.sexuality.spanking though her earlier stories were posted on In her own words she writes spanking stories since she was 14 and is into submission. If you're into spanking including explicite sex than Allene is a must.

A Visit to John (15k)
Allene As a Pony Girl (19k)
Allene's New Job (52k)
Allene's Spanking (11k)
Allene Gets Even!! (21k)
Baby (167k)
Barbie (21k)
Bday Party (35k)
Becky (176k)
Beth (268k)
Betty (105k)
Birthday Surprise (19k)
Bitch Mother (58k)
Black Experience  (56k)
Bobbie (128k)
Camp Spanking
Caned by Sir Richard
Carla (265k)
Cathy (32k)
Cherie (144k)
Crystal (43k)
Debbie (257k)
Dee (173k)
Deidre (43k)
Dixie (194k)
Doctor Joe (44k)
Heather (228k)
Honey (143k)
Horse Punishment  (8k)
Indian Whipping (12k)
Jan (127k)
Jane (203k)
Janet (123k)
Janie (107k)
Jill (122k)
Joan (125k)
Josie (64k)
Joy (153k)
Judy (18k)
Julie (203k)
Karen (72k)
Kathy (203k)
Kay (119k)
Kim (136k)
Kings and Queens (228k)
Laura (118k)
Lena (145k)
Lisa (141k)
Louise (144k)
Lynn (101k)
Marcie's Birthday (15k)
Mona (98k)
My Brother's Slave (64k)
My Darling
My Mean Boss (113k)
Old Buddy (19k)
Rachel (122k)
Sherry (136k)
Slave's Revenge (61k)
Slave girl (53k)
Slut Reform (97k)
Sons Get Even (95k)
Spring Break (50k)
Stepdad (77k)
Sue (140k)
Terry (131k)
The Bush Law (95k)
The Club  (64k)
The Compleat Serial Killer (116k)
The Dance (17k)
The Gymnast (45k)
The In-Laws (116k)
The Kidnapped (55k)
The Stepchild (85k)
The Ticket (9k)
Visit from Marge and George (37k)
White victim (129k)

amity harris


Debbie's Gift (784k)
Executive Pleasures (50k)
Fall Festival (83k)
Genesis (50k)
Power Shopping (50k)
The Auction (43k)
The Manager (34k)
The Trade Show (55k)
Tiny Drops (37k)
Training A Virgin (1)

amy brett


A Grey Skirt (250k)
An Unusual Psychological Problem  (93k)
Living in a House Full of Girls (309k)
My Days Being Forced (468k)
The New Secretary (341k)
Visiting Aunt Sue (279k)
We Met in a Nice Bar (239k)

anais ninja

is writing about different situations; gay, bi, and straight, incest, transgenderism, couples, threesomes, and orgies. Some of her stories are short vignettes while others are Steve-Jenson- style epics, mostly stroke pieces with just enough plot to justify the length of the story.

Wanderings (An Autobiography)
  1 - Learning to Walk (42k)
  2 - Love and Loss (74k)
  3 - April's Fools (37k)
  4 - Julia (39k)
  5 - Boston Toy Party (91k)
  6 - Leaves of Grass (34k)
  7 - Only Breath (21k)
  8 - The Story of A (39k)
  9 - About a Boy (98k)
  10 - Homecoming (73k)
  11 - Babes in Toyland  (56k)
  12 - Insatiable (99k)
Exile (An Autobiography)
  A Preview (15k)
  1 - Memory Protect (32k)
  2 - Artists Only (41k)
  3 - Gimme Shelter (51k)
  4 - Sister, Brother (58k)
  5 - Bodies (58k)
  6 - Brothers in Arms (55k)
  7 - Discipline (64k)
  8 - Just a Girl (89k)
  9 - Let it Bleed (65k)
  10 - Girls on Film (105k)
  11 - Heart of Gold (59k)
  Epilogue - Rescue Me (43k)
Bloomsday (mF mast inc) (8k)
Dreamtime (29k)
Family Frolic (170k)
Family Frolic (Revisited) (155k)
Fugue (14k) CRIM-19: [10,10,10,10],
Gander (1) (102k)
Jimmy Bot and Me (MF humor) (27k)
Jolene (Mf mmf inc rp) (109k)
Law and Justice (13k)
Naturist Family
  1: Carl's Story (99k)
  2: Nadia's Story (102k)
  3: Caitlyn's Diary (82k)
Paul (mf inc rom) (23k)
Phoenix Rising
  1 - Eight Miles High (76k)
  2 - I Touch Myself (39k)
  3 - Roadrunner (60k)
  4 - Girls Talk (53k)
  5 - Tequila (42k)
  6 - Atomic Dog (88k)
  7 - Love In Vain) (75k)
  8 - Big Time (111k)
  9 - Desert Rose (43k)
  10 - Annie Get Your Gun (80k)
The Panty Salesman (Mf cons) (27k)
The Sociopath's Daughter (1) (86k)
Zoe, Naked at Work - Monday (53k)

andrew roller

is one of the most profilic writers found on a.s.s., luckily at the top of the list His stories tend to be long, full of detail, and very well done. They also tend to diverge into deviant sexual activities, so stay away if you like vanilla stories. To give you an idea as to just how much the author has written, file sizes are indicated in those cases where Ole Joe had the complete story. Not active anymore.

A Binding Commitment
A Gift of Pain
A Mansion for Masochists
A Martyr to Love
A Party for Perversion
A Taste for Torture
A Taste of Mortality
A Virgin's Last Hours
Alice Amore
All Life Needs Life to Live
Amsterdam Damsels (199k)
At a Woman's Command
Baby Pussy (66k)
Beach Western (64k)
Between Yesterdays
Bikini Bots
Bikini Brigade (355k) CEL-243: 9.5-10-10
Bodily Functions
Bondage Bliss
Bordello Girls (238k)
Bosom Buddies
Bottoms in Bondage (320k)
Bound for Pleasure
Bred to the Whip
Bush League (288k)
Candyland Cunny (73k)
Captive Cock (149k)
Captive of the Queen
Chambers of Love (594k)
Cherry Valley
Creatures of the Night
Cunt Castle
Dancing Diva
Death and Taxes
Desire Isle
Dis's Sojourn
Doctor Do
Dungeon of Desire (224k)
Enslaved to Eros
Erotic Estate
Fevered Fall
Field of Desire CEL-113: 8-8-6
Football Frolics
Girl Patrol
Gold Diggers
Grand Opening
Holland Hunnies (119k)
Honey Haven (502k) CEL-195
House of Fear
How to Win at Galactic Frontiers
I Win
Imus Test
Intimate Acts
Jack and Jill
Jupiter Rising
Kiddie Clitties (64k)
Labors of Love (452k)
Lady Fontaine (45k)
Las Vegas Lust
Liquid Pleasures
London Dungeon
Love Child (924k)
Love Lessons (39k)
Lust's Lair (107k)
Mansion for Masochists
New Boy
Night Games
Night Visitor
Nudie Nursery (271k)
Office Slave
Oprah (6k)
Party Pussies (288k)
Passion's Playpen (681k)
Permanent Perigee (8k)
Pool Party
Private Places (522k)
Punished for Pleasure (203k)
Puppy Love (223k)
Purpose Shall Be the Firmer
Pussy Pals (55k)
Pussy Playland (220k)
Pussy Valley (67k)
Rare Dreamgirls - misc. writings
Resurrected God
Sarajevo Sexfest
Sex School
Sexy Exchange Student
Sexy Sacrifice
Sexy Souls
Sins of the Flesh (311k)
Song of the Cane
Sultry Spring
Summer of Sin CEL-239: 0.5-10-9
Temptress (236k)
The Beach Western
The Fading Universe (168k)
The First Temptation of Christ
The Fruits of Desire
The Kiss of the Whip
The Mating Season
The NND Sex Game
The Typing Masturbator
There and Not Back Again CEL-252: 10-8-8
Till Death Do Us Part
Torrid Tweens
Tortured Teen
Training Academy
Two Couples
Two Couples - Up the Ass
Unused Panty Add-In
Vegas Vixen
Wanton Winter
Watermelon Moon
Wed to the Whip
X-Rated X-Mas
Young Adonis
Comic Update - the zine
Fuck Decency - the zine 1-422
 250-325 (1997)
 326-415 (1998)
 416-422 (1999)
Naughty Naked Dreamgirls - the zine
The Man from T.O.I.L.E.T. - zine


My Phantom Lover
Sue's Visit
Threesome in the Pool

angela harte

Date for Sale
Legally Binding
The Boss

ann douglas

has written more than 130 stories, roughly half and half about male-female and female-female sex. The content of her stories changes between real-life and fan-fic. Try "The Arresting Officer," an Ole-Joe-personal-favourite, for a representative sample. "Scarlett's Cove" was #6 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996. In 1998 she took a timeout but returned early. "Adventure on Flight 109" and "A Dark and Stormy Night" are my favourites.

A Dark and Stormy Night CEL-89: 10-10-10
A Change In Perspective 9-9.5-9.5
A Lucky Charm
A Midsummer Night's Fantasy CRIM-3: [9,10,10,9]
A Once And Future Love (Star Trek) CRIM-8: [8,8,8,8]
A Pink Lady After All (40k)
A Place To Call Home CEL-353: 9-10-9.5
A Ride In The Country
A Room With A View CEL-211: 9-10-10
A Study In Scarlett CEL-361: 9-5-10-10
A Tale Of Two Slayers (52k)
A Visit to Grandmother's House CEL-335: 8-7-7
A Vulcan's Love
A Walk On The Wild Side CEL-378: 10-10-10
Adventures on Flight 109 CEL-51: 10 ***
After Hours CEL-354: 9-10-10
Ally McBeal — Buried Pleasures
Arresting Officer  #80 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-128: 9-10-10
Awakenings CEL-300: 9-9-9
Backstage Pass CEL-343: 9-7-7
Basic Training *Cel-334
Batgirl and Robin
Before The Storm
Behind the Curtain CEL-347: 9-10-10
Beverly's Holodeck Fantasy (Star Trek)
Beverly and Deanna (Star Trek) CEL-44: 10
Bipartisanship - A West Wing Story
Birds Of A Feather (63k)
Black Cat Got Your Tongue? CEL-370: 8.5-10-9.5
Boston Private
Both Sides Now(35k)
By Any Other Name (60k)
Cabin Fever
Candid Camera
Cape and Cowl CEL-187: 10-10-10
Celluloid Dreams
Centerfold CEL-341: 9.5-10-10
Change Of Life (81k)
Cheating Heart CEL-52: 10 ; B- Annex Review 8-22-97
Chocolate Candy (10k) CEL-246: 9-10-10
Clark And Diana
Class of '92
Common Ground (36k)
Community Service (46k)
Creative Interlude (8k) CEL-111: 10-9-9
Crossing the Line #13 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
  CEL-102: 10-10-10
Dear Prudence CEL-372: 9.5-10-10
Deja Vu #15 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
  CEL-134: 10-10-10
Dress Rehearsal CEL-351: 9-10-10
Ebony and Ivory
Eye Of The Tigress
Foreign Affair #57 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
  CEL-14: 10
Friday at the Movies (19k)
Ghosts Of Nights Past (65k)
Good Samaritan
Grandmother Knows Best (13k)
Hailing Frequencies Open
Higher Learning
Highway Patrol CEL-81: 9-10-10
His Best Friend's Secret
His Girlfriend's Mother CEL-234: 10-10-10
Home Again (1) #26 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
  (2) CEL-118: 10-10-10
Home Improvement - Jill's Story CEL-18: 10
Hot Summer Night CEL-95: 10-10-10
Jackpot (54k)
Jennifer's Surprise
Johnny Reb CEL-377: 9.5-10-10
Joy And Happiness (38k)
Just Following Orders
Just Her Luck
Just One Of The Guys (28k) CEL-233: 9.5-10-10
Lightning In The Night CEL-374: 9-8-8
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Lisa's Dark Fantasy
Love Potion #9
Masks CEL-344: 9-10-10
Memories Of Flight 109 (63k)
Midnight At The Oasis
Mirror Of My Mind (44k)
Molly's Fortune (57k)
Morgan's Gold (76k) {Pirate}
Morning Ritual *A rating Annex Reviews 12/27/02
Morning Run
Most Valuable Player (38k)
Mother and Daughter (8k)
Mother and Son (34k) #27 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-196: 10-10-10
Mothers In Law (36k)
Mrs. Claus's Cookies (62k)
One For All... CEL-328: 9-9-9
One Hour Photo (70k)
One Moment in Time CEL-216: 6-8-9
One Night Beyond Antaries
One Night In San Francisco
Pandora's Box (60k)
Payback CEL-355: 9-10-10
Pinch Hitter
Prom Date CEL-211: 10-10-9
Prom Night
Queen Of The Road
Robin And The Catwoman CEL-213: 8-8-9
Robin on Patrol
Sandy CEL-136: 9.5-10-10
Sarah and Sister Theresa CEL-107: 9.5-10-10
Scarlett's Cove #6 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
  CEL-137: 10-10-10
Sisters In Army Green (38k)
Sisters Of The Cincinnati (60k)
Snowbound CEL-242: 10-10-10
  #10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Special Delivery (33k) CEL-195: 10-10-10
Star CEL-211: 9-9-9
Summer Of '64
Summer Vacation CEL-255: 9.5-10-10
Tasha (Star Trek)
Tender Loving Care CEL-246: 9-10-10
The Adventures Of Ultra Woman And Mega Girl
The Arrangement BillyG: CEL-353: 9.5-10-10
The Babysitter CEL-96: 9.5-10-10
The Ballad of Wrangler Jane CEL-137: 9-9-9
The Bellboy
The Candy Store
The Classified Ad (1) CEL-26: 10
The Cleaning Lady (10k)
The Erotic Adventures Of Lois Lane
The Erotic Adventures Of Robin Hood CEL-345: 9.5-10-10
The Erotic Adventures Of Supergirl CEL-108: 9-10-10
The Freshman
The Good Samaritan CEL-331: 9-9-9
The Girl Next Door
The Girls of Delta Theta Phi CEL-135: 9-10-10
The Interview CEL-98: 10-9-8
The Love Boat
The Morning After Todd: CEL-353: 6-4-5
The One With More Than A Kiss - A Friends Story
The Other Side Of The Coin
The Price CEL-379: 10-8-8
The Prize CEL-131: 10-10-10
The Professor CEL-246: 9-8-8
The Road Not Taken CEL-144: 9.5-9.5-10
The Silk Scarf (28k)
The Sisterhood Of Mutants
The Speeding Ticket
The Star (14k)
The Teacher's Conference
The Tutor CEL-226: 8-6-6
The Tutoring Session
Through The Looking Glass Darkly
True To Life
True To Life II
Turning Point
Uhuru and Rand (Star Trek)
Under the Mistletoe
Violet Rose
  #64 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995 ; CEL-6: 10
Wedding Dance
Wesley and Deanna (Star Trek)
Wilma and Betty (Flintstones) CEL-16: 6
When Barry Met Sally
Yesterday Once More
You've Got Mail


A Change in Her
Motel Manager
Teacher CEL-192: 10-10-10
  *A rating Annex Review 6-16-97
The Visit
Will She?


posted all the stories here in a row just before year's end 2004. They all deal with sex between brothers and sisters or sisters only and include romance elements, but are not too sweet.

A Brother for life
A New Beginning
How Could She Sleep?
A Story for a Friend
Kim and I
Man of the House
Mother Knows How
Nothing to Be Ashamed Of
The Third Wheel

anna t.

posted one story to ASSM only:

Chicago Transit (16k)
  Golden Clit Best Short Story by a New Author (2001)

anne (anon747, anne747)

aka Anon747 nowadays a.k.a. Anne747. Ole Joe wrote:

We first met in an adversarial manner, but have managed to become civil at least. I like Anne as a person, as much as one can know from e-mail, and love her stories. If you must characterise, call her strongly opinionated, often adversarial, a rare poster, but a guest-reviewing, web-site owner. That suit, Anne? Also, please be advised that Anne takes a dim view of people posting her stories or using them on archival or commercial sites.

Her stories can be found at her site, as PDF-files only.

My Night
The Sauna
A Little Fun in the Shower
Out on a Call
My First Time
Happy Birthday
Watching from the Closet
The Storm
Vacation Fantasy
A Late Night Swim
A Hard Day at the Office
Helpful Neighbors
Hot Nights
Waiting for You
Dinner at My Place
Soaking Up Some Sun
Your Night
The Boat
A Quick Dip
Meeting at the Carpark
Anne Has Two Firsts Tonight
A Business Trip
The Drive Home
A Day at the Beach
Blues in the Night
Meeting the Neighbors
Brief Encounter
Mowing the Lawn
Cuban Rhythms
Bringing Home a Friend
An Evening at Home
Fantasy Island
Lunch with a Friend
The Wake-up Call
A Round of Golf
The Steam Room
A Blend of Fantasy and Reality
The Dinner Party
The Halloween Party
The Package
Financial Planning
A Day Trip
Illusions #1
Illusions #2
Illusions #3
An Interesting Saturday
The Legal Limit
Letter to a Lover
A Day in the Life
A Snow Day
The Blind Date
I Should Be Working
The Local Bar
Fantasy from a Friend
Would You Do What I Say?
What Would Happen If We Met?
Confessions of Lust
A Cut of the Cards
A Quickie at the Office
A Summer Day
The Watcher
The Watcher 2 Who's Watching
The Watcher 3 The Show
The Insatiable Flirt CEL-204: 10-10-10
The Watcher 4 Questions and Answers
How Many Drops?
I Worship at Your Feet
The Challenge
Letting Go
Hot & Wet Fantasy on anal sex
Spreading My Legs
Defining the Crime
Desperado (an excerpt)
Stroke of Midnight
Breaking the Addiction
Anticipation (2k) [flash fest]
Touch (2k) [flash fest]

anne arbor

wrote about ten stories, mostly MF, in 1998.

The gloriously graphic sex scenes in Anne Arbor's prose, as exciting and intense as any written anywhere, never fail to serve the story. With precision and passion Anne Arbor's stories plunge us into the intimate centres of characters coming to terms with themselves and their relationships, and the deft mix of plots and passion and people catches us up, squeezes us in ways both exciting and troubling. Everywhere are undercurrents of tension, promises of exquisite release. Her stories are like sex. Read them all at Anne Arbor's web site -- Mat Twassel

A View of Alcatraz Bear: CEL-292: 10-10-10
El Niño CEL-291: 9-8.5-8.5
Evidence Of Betrayal CEL-260: 10-10-10
Hold Me CEL-270: 10-10-10,
Motel CEL-267: 10-10-10,
My Six Year Itch CEL-263: 10-10-10
Remembering When CEL-297: 10-10-10,
The Good Girl CEL-273: 10-10-10,
Vicarious CEL-303: Dragon: 10-10-10

annie sprinkle

The Missing Eighteen Minutes CEL-378: 10-10-10

anon sacto

is writing as → Rod O'Steele now.

Some of my stories start with a real incident and then my imagination takes off from there. I want my stories to feel real but none are real. No SciFi, no mind control, no MM scenes, no BDSM.

A Blast from the Past (23k)
A Friendly Fuck (14k)
A Halloween Trick (13k)
A Passion for Chocolate (8k) [birthday]
A Surprising Date (36k)
A Texas Weddin' (15k)
A Visit in Spring (24k)
All Men Cheat (18k)
Another Round (25k)
Brianna (20k)
Brooke, Kayla and Me (1 (85k)
Cousin Kara (1) (33k)
Czech Mate (1) (63k)
Daughters of Destiny (68k)
Droit De Seigneur (24k)
Emeralds from the Mall (16k)
First foursome (16k)
I Surprised my Stepdaughter (1) (62k)
La Zona Roja (1) (57k)
Marina (19k)
My Internet Pal (17k)
My New Family (1) (82k)
My Niece Taylor (1) (125k)
National Championship Mardi Gras (17k) {Mardi Gras}
Obsession (33k)
Office Christmas Party (16k)
Remembrance of Things Present (15k)
Russian Massage (23k)
Santa Came Down the Chimney (6k)
Secret Admirer (19k)
Seducing Desdmona (26k)
Single Dads Club (1) (30k)
  (2) (23k)
  (3) (19k)
  (4) (19k)
  (5) (28k)
  (6) (22k)
Sparks Fly (46k)
Sylvia (23k)
Tammy (90k)
The Bargain (24k)
The Brothel Trip (22k)
The Girl from Ipanema (29k)
The Great Adventure Girl's Academy (1) (19k)
  (2) (12k)
  (3) (8k)
  (4) (12k)
  (5) (11k)
  (6) (15k)
  (7) (13k)
  (8) (17k)
  (9) (11k)
  (10) (11k)
  (11) (9k)
The Landlord (24k)
The Lessons (26k)
The Magic Mountain (19k)
The Model (37k)
The Piano Lessons (34k)
  (Continued) (27k)
The Plan Part 1 (24k)
  Part 2 (24k)
  Part 3 (25k)
The Temptations of Babylon (1) (16k) {CURMUDGEON}
  (2) (30k)
  (3) (23k)
  (4) (27k)
  (5) (29k)
  (6) (18k)
  (7) (21k)
  (8) (5k)
The Wanderer (37k)
Three's Company (22k)
Tryst (15k)
Two Dykes and a Dude (26k)
Vacation Sex School (133k)
Xandra (25k)
Yearning (2k) [sapphic fest]
You Want It, You Got It (44k)


wrote Brandi Cole's Diary.


There were some good stories posted to ASS* by using anonymous remailers, some of them without any aliases. I am sure that in the old revisions of this guide Ole Joe aligned those anonymouse authorss between the → Unknown Writers.
I intend to fix this later.

Cari [email protected])} {Pirate} (RP)


A Day @ ASSD (20k) [easter]
An Interview with an Erotic Writer (28k) (RP)
Another Day, Another ASS* (24k) [virago challenge]
B-Movie Baby 2.0 (PART 1/7) (24k) _THM_
Bernadette Unchained 1 (58k)
  A+ rating Annex reviews 2/27/00
Bernadette Unchained 2 (26k)
Bernadette Unchained 3 (12k)
Bitter Sweet Dreams (8k) (Rev RP)
Dah-PMS (4k)
Karen's Diary (13k) (Write-Club-Duel)
Testamalogical, Antidisestablishmentaryism 
   and Other Silly Words
(20k) The Longest Shot (34k) (P2C), CRIM-2: [8,8,10,10] The Other Side of the Bathroom Mirror (8k) The Writing Assignment (15k)

arc light

writes under a pseudonym, obviously, and takes the trouble to have someone else publish his stories. They are all non-consensual, interracial (BM/WF) stories with a dominance-submission theme.

Anna Belvoir
Barbie's First Journey
Basketball Star Scores
Black Boss 1-4 (79k)
Blair Crosses Her New Boss
Cindy and Jeff
Cold Winter Night
Dangerous Detour
DC - Master of Seduction
Gretchen Is Seduced
Hezron's First Breeding
Jackie Succumbs
Jodi Meets the Arkansas Black Snake
Karen1 - Karen's First Lesson
Karen2 - The Submission
Karen3-4 - The Cock Tail Party 1-3
Kathy's Submission
Leroy Tames the Teacher
Linda Goes to Prison
Miranda's Dark Journey
Mrs Brannan's Torment
Mrs Jennifer Gets White Creme
NBA Must Wait
Probation Officer
Randy Ballard's Domination
Saga of Joanne
Sandy's Day in Church
Shelly's First Six Months
Subjugation of Misty Bannister
Teacher's Submission (111k)
Terror in the Country
The Cheating Wife
Trish Sagat

art west

Art west's stories combine all kind of encounters between men and women, often with incest and pregnancy.

A Pregnant Cruise
  -- 1: Joining the Crew (22k)
  -- 2: Serving the Crew (21k)
  -- 3: Heading Home (27k)
Descent Of Ruth (1)
Fantasy Fulfilled (29k)
Her Son's Sex Toy (1) (110k)
Hot Wet Summer (31k)
Mom's a Whore (53k)
Ted's Horny Girls (129k)
Teenage Kim (1)
Transforming Sarah I (117k)


A New Slave (10k) (RP)
Alien Tentacle! (12k)
Another Halloween Party (14k)
Beach Balls (46k)
Bellavia (6k)  CEL-345: 10-9-9, {GALAGO}
Birthday Surprise (32k)
Birthday Time (6k) Echo: CEL-321: 8-5-5
C3 (77k)
Caretaker CEL-372: 10-9-9 (59k)
Carpet Laid (1F) (12k)
Carpet Laid (1M) (10k)
Carried Away (7k)
Confessions of a Poodle Shaver (47k)
Cindy (12k)
Contest Weekend (72k) Owl: CEL-325: 9-9-9
Drip, Drip, Drip (12k)
Easy (4k)
Eyes (8k)
Family Therapy (71k)
Fever Dreams (13k) CEL-341: 10-10-10, (RP)
First Aid (12k)
Fishing (21k)
Forever Yours – Night Flight (69k) Fiddler: CEL-339: 9.5-8-7,
Gift (written with Dryad)
Gotcha! (24k)
Halloween Party (34k)
Healing (49k)
His Taste (15k)  CEL-345: 10-10-10, (RP)
Hot Welcome CEL-339: 10-9-9
How to Write a Sex Story (15k)  CEL-324: 9-10-10,
Life Cycle of the Kaelen CEL-338: 10-9-9, Annex 2/29/00: A
  Prologue (29k)
  1 (38k)
  2 (68k)
  3 (73k)
  4 (55k)
  5 (30k)
Magic Dust Homer: CEL-331: 8-7-9, DocRock: CEL-339: 9-10-10
Mall Walkers (12k)
Model Release (20k) CEL-377: 10-9-9,
No Substitute (11k) CEL-371: 9.5-9-9
Party Time (18k) [summer rom fest]
Phoenix (16k) [summer rom fest]
Pillowtalk (9k)  CEL-376: 10-10-10,
Pleasure Cruise
  -- Believers (13k)
  -- Dessert (28k)
  -- Dueling Dommes (44k)
  -- Nitecap (12k)
  -- Predator (31k)
  -- Prey (21k)
  -- Toy (17k)
Plumbing (336 words) (4k)
Private Halloween Party (19k) CEL-375: 10-10-10
Private Tasting CEL-372: 9.5-7-7 (35k)
Pumpernickel (28k)
Reunion (29k)
Risk and Reward (64k) CEL-370: 10-10-9.5 (REV)
Road Trip (17k)
Row (47k)
Sanctuary (39k) Myers: CEL-330: 4
Saturday Night (2k)
Scene from a Writer at Work (18k) [summer rom fest]
Sensory Deprivation (7k)
Spiders (9k) Emily: CEL-371: 0, 2
Synergy CEL-330: 10-9.5-9.5
Tales of the Golden Mule BillyG: CEL-355: 10-8-7
  Prologue (5k)
  Intro (5k)
  The Beginning (1) (138k)
  Miss Yellow (1) (164k)
  Searching for Miss Brown (1) (169k)
  Finding a New Life (1) (353k)
Testing the Blade (24k) CRIM-5: [9,7,9,8]
The Case of Christine M (84k)
The Choice (22k)  CEL-321: 9.5-9.5-9.5
Tool (26k) CEL-371: 10-10-10
Touch Control (45k) Homer: CEL-320: 9-7-10
User Centered Design (42k)
Waiting to Serve (12k)
Want (12k)
World Domination (36k) CEL-371: 10-10-10
Yoga Is Life (36k) Iron Emperor: CEL-322: 10-9-6


Come in from the Rain
Jenny 1-10

ashley wright

Ash's Diary
Ashley's Audience
The Bodyguard
Coming Home
Coyote, Raven, and Jackrabbit
The Crimson and the Blue
A Few Good Men
Hormones Gone Wild
Junior vs. The Board of Education
Juvenile Justice
Nightmare Before Bedtime
Teacher's Pet


Joanie and Marie
My Lovely Roommate



A Memory
Anita and Me
Cesura's Story (How I Bound Me in the Closet 
   and Slurped a Vampire)
A+ rating Annex Reviews 4/19/99 The Return of Cesura Eloise Gets to the Bottom of Things Gilmore Mandala Chrysler Gushola Helen In the Pain Garden Shaved Splash The Taming of Eloise Topping Joker


Hot for Hillary [Rodham Clinton] (80k) CEL-131: 8-7-7 (6 parts)
Mother's Milk (Taboo VI) (63k)
My Mom/My Slut (19k)
Taboo 1 (13k), CEL-155: 10-9-9


made many entries on Celeste's top twenty lists and deserved so. These works are Hot with a capital H. Backrub writes stories about group sex and makes it believable – desirable really. "Showing off Again" and "Skin on Skin on Skin" offer rare glimpses into male bisexuality within the context of good, solid, writing.

Backrub published between 1995 and 1996 and contact information no longer exists. Several stories are no longer available in the public archives. The stories linked below are stored at Bitbard's Backrub archive. If you have one of the other, lost stories, please send a copy to [email protected].

Across the Catty Corner #4 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, CEL-9: 10
All Aboard CEL-13: 10
Amy's Story
Annie After Hours
Backrub, Assrub, Clitrub, Cockrub 0-9-10 CR (with Tammy Ng)
Hot on the Trail: Who in the World is Celeste802 CEL-59: 10
Lunch Hour CEL-374: 10-10-10
Meeting Amanda #55 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
  CEL-130: 10-10-10
Morning Orgasms: Spoons CEL-29: 8
Once You're Rubbed by Amy #85 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
  CEL-195: 10-10-10
Showing Off Again
Showoffs #33 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, CEL-3: 10
Skin on Skin on Skin CEL-116: 10-10-10
Steven After Hours #67 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
  CEL-26: 10
Tammy in Trouble CEL-60: 9
The Study Cubicle CEL-3: 10
Wet Dreams #43 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
  CEL-130: 10-10-10
Xena: Calisto's Escape CEL-80: 9-8-8

bad michel

Dear Hustler
Lust Filled Nite
My Boyfriend's Brother
My First Black Experience
Tyler CEL-268: 9-6-5


A New Car for Ginny
Balinda's Supper
Black in Love Again 1
Civil War Slut 1
Charle's Black Tool
Interracial Church Fuck
Jake's Big Surprise
My Husband's Black Friend 1
My Wife's New Cowboy 1
  2 (link n/a)
Noises in the Night 1 CEL-246: 6-8-5
Private Dick for Hire
Synthetic Daughter
The Abortion (Interracial)
The Big Surprise
The Kiss 1
The Perfect Tool

baron darkside

(There are supposed to be over 50 of these stories.) He posted a list of stories which are (to be) published at Mr. Double's site, about 180 stories.
{This entry wasn't updated since v.15}

A Hawaiian Tragedy
A Visitor in the Night
A Revisit by the Visitor
Another Lazy, Wasted Saturday Afternoon
Double the Fun
Keep It in the Family
Let Brother Love Continue
Mom Knows
Mother's Little Secret
Mother's Milk 1-2
Mother's New Found Lover
The Addiction 1-3
The Beach Party
The Fog
The Joining
The Monster Within
The Other Son
The Peeping Tom
The Stranger 1-2
The Train Ride, v 1-4


His "Dealing With the Devil" is a spin-off to Nick Scipio's "Summer Camp 3: Kendall" or, how Strickland said, "a lost story." His other works should not be missed anyway.

A Good Christmas
A Valentine's Surprise
Birthday Gifts
Dawn on the Third Day
Dealing With the Devil
Friday the 13th
   2 The Trouble with Helen
Friends and Benefits ***
I Never Was
Paying Attention
Suggestive Language
The Eye of the Hurricane
The Ugly One
Two Minute Penalties

bea fischl

Bea's Bored CEL-202: 10-9-10
Sherri CEL-181: 10-7-8
Susan CEL-203: 6-5-4


is writing mind control stories.

Alimony and Revenge (20k)
And Pillage (15k)
Becoming a Winner, Part 1: Betty Found (37k)
    Part 2: Transformation (44k)
    Part 3: Betty's Trip (45k)
Betty the Spy #1: Spy Games (37k)
Betty the Spy #2: Belly Dancer (22k)
Betty the Spy #3: Harem Girl (31k)
Betty the Spy #4: Passion Slave (50k)
Bitch in Heat (32k)
Captain's Whore (12k)
Delta Screwa Uah (12k)
Doctor Betty & Hal (50k)
Fall from Grace, Part 1-7 _ongoing?_
Love the one you're with (62k)
Monkey Shines (107k)
Princess and the Mage, Part 1: The Shrew (38k)
    Part 2: The Lake (41k)
Science Project 1 (105k)
Science Project 2 / Epilogue (12k)
Sisterly Love (17k)
The Grand MC Tradition (53k)
The Little Fish (33k)
There's a Sucker Born Every Minute (19k)
Vanessa's Revenge (37k)

biff jones

is writing true or fictional stories, mainly starring his wife Kelly. His stories obviously contain DP, creampie (often leading to oral sex), smoking (smoking fetish), toys (focus on use of dildos), and MF couple (husband and wife)

A Seduction Fantasy, Pt. 1-2
All Day Tease true
All Day Tease 2 fict
Anniversary Sex true
Discovering Kelly In Bed 1-4 fict
Ice Sweat fict
Giving Lauren More (66k)
Kelly After The Christmas Party true
Kelly's Binding Commitment true
Kelly's Ex-Boyfriend fict (37k)
Kelly's Massage true
Kelly's Unexpected Discovery fict (70k)
Stories, Screenplays and Reality fict (4 parts so far)
Kelly's Menage true
Melissa – Our Roommate Ch 1-10 fict
Mutual Masturbation true
My Surprise Present fict
Our First Time With a Large Toy true, (13k)
Our First Toy DP, true
Our New Neighbors 1-5 fict
Pete and Corry fict (18k)
Preparing For Love true
Pushing The Boundaries fict
Settling In fict (48k)
The Video Camera true

big daddy

(Incest / slut wife)

A Nice Jog with Daddy
Amber Fields
Beyond Temptation
Brian's Mom
Brittany's Bachelorette Party
Captive Father
Caring Mother
Common Desires
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Daddy Pictures
Daddy's Baby
Dad's Weekend
Dear Dad
Doctor's Orders
Forbidden Love
Freudian Belief
Fucked by an Angel
Fuckin' Truckin'
Getting Daddy a Raise
Graduation Night
Happy Birthday, Daddy
Happy Endings
Heather 1 and 2
Holy Union
Home Leave
Invasion of Privacy
Justine's Gift
Kitchen Floor
Ladies Night Out
Little Soldier Boy
Mary's Black Lover
Mellisa's Brother
Mom's Romantic Weekend
Mother, May I?
Mother's Room
Mrs. Jones and the Prom Queen
My Dad, the Bragger
My Friend's Pregnant Wife
My Girl
My Husband's Nasty Friends
My Wife and Brother
Naughty Mother
Porno Mom
Preacher's Son
Rachel's Baby
Rachel's Birthday Orgy
Rebecca's Black Savior
Replacing Mom
Revelations 1-3
Reward for Dying
Romantic Moment
Shopping for Suzy
Sister, Sister
Taught by Mommy
Teaching Son
The Adventures of Alicia, Whore
The Master's Slave
The Sandman
Vegetable Dad

bill & ellen

Florida Heat 1-8
Reunion of Pleasure
Ride from Five Roses
The Game

bill green

The Reward CEL-138: 10-10-10

bill lemieux

Shape Shifter

bill morgan

wrote "Kathy". A revision was posted in 2001 as well as
some newer stories, mostly in full-novella-length, to ASSM. His
stories are labelled MF / rom. In 2002, he posted 'Barbara'.
Allison (1) (4 parts = 836k)
  Allison (2)
  Allison (3)
  Allison (4)
Barbara (1) (6 parts = 1320k)
  Barbara (2)
  Barbara (3)
  Barbara (4)
  Barbara (5)
  Barbara (6)
Call Girls (1) (2 parts = 547k)
  Call Girls (2)
Cynthia Martin (1) (8 parts = 1654k)
  Cynthia Martin (2)
  Cynthia Martin (3)
  Cynthia Martin (4)
  Cynthia Martin (5)
  Cynthia Martin (6)
  Cynthia Martin (7)
  Cynthia Martin (8)
Jean and Jim (1) (9 parts = 745k)
  Jean and Jim (2)
  Jean and Jim (3)
  Jean and Jim (4)
  Jean and Jim (5)
  Jean and Jim (6)
  Jean and Jim (7)
  Jean and Jim (8)
  Jean and Jim (9)
Kathy (1) (4 parts = 839k)
  Kathy (2)
  Kathy (3)
  Kathy (4)
Ali Clifford saga: Kathy Carlson (9 parts = 1969k)
Kelly (1) (4 parts = 839k)
Six-Month Turnaround (516K)
  (Part 1) Vance: CEL-303: 8-3-3
  (Part 2) JayBird: CEL-307: 10-8-10
Susan Jennings (220k)

bill smith

writes Sci-fi, ZIP files are at Mr. Double's site)

Exodus, the End of the Beginning (507k) []
Firefly, the Legacy (333k) []
Odin (414k)


BillyG's legitimate writing has been limited to "dusty-dry academic stuff" of limited entertainment value, ranking in the negative numbers on the erotic scale. He considers himself a sentimentalist, a dug-in proponent for the values of love and tenderness. He abhors non- consensual violence and any degradation that reduces our humanness. Because, he explains, he writes about things he's experienced - people, places and things - his stories are "laced with factualisms sprinkled with a generous measure of fantasy." BillyG also was a guest reviewer for Celeste.

He takes some effort to introduce characters with substance and depth, "three dimension people ... not the cardboard protagonists of mindless pornography." He favours dialogue to show his characters' personalities coupled with the first-person reflections of the story teller. "It's about eroticism," he maintains. "Hell, often my characters don't quite get it on." His regard for tenderness and love is the characteristic of the BillyG stories.

Aunt Peg's Visit (32k) CEL-207: 10-10-10
BillyG and Linda
BillyG and Martina CEL-201: 10-10-10,
BillyG and Tookey
Buffy James and BB (57k) CEL-222: 10-8-9
Diana's First Anal Sex
Martina (19k)
Mrs. Fascione (15k)
Ms.--No, Dr. Bobbie Johnson CEL-345: 10-10-10
My Mother, Susan
My Sister Jean 1-20 (353k)
  CEL-21: 8 / CEL-218: 9-10-10
  #80 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Sandy – Watching a Woman Pee
Sister Mary Joseph (79k)
  #71 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97, CEL-211: 10-10-10
Story for Susan
The Outhouse (7k)
The Professor's Wife (42k) CEL-281: 10-10-10
The Sisters, Sally and Gerry (22k)
The Term Paper (32k) CEL-75: 10-10-10
Tooky (14k) CEL-205: 9.5-8-9


(formerly Sandman) His stories may be found at Bitbard's website.

Your Erotica (p) CEL-252: 9.5-8-5
Aces CEL-282: 10-10-10
Bolero CEL-272: 10-10-10
Conversation CEL-113: 10-10-10
Dick: Confessions of a Private Eye CEL-190: 9-10-10
French Kisses CEL-285: 10-10-10
Friends and Lovers CEL-257: 10-10-10
Janey in Bloom
Judgment Day
Mickey Mouse Affair
Sorrow's End CEL-249: 10-10-10
Suzette's Passion
SW1: Double Blind CEL-279: 10-10-10
SW2: Starlight CEL-253: 10-10-10
SW3: Zero G CEL-258: 9-10-10
SW4: Blindside
Table Talk CEL-264: 10-9-9
The Bedroom Window CEL-259: 10-10-10
The Case
Three Wishes CEL-187: 10-9-9
You Can Never Go Home CEL-254: 8-9-9

black demon

is a writer of stories about interracial sex, cuckolds, slut-wives and rape. Many of his stories are ending the slut-wife knocked up with a black bastard (political correctly: the cheating wife got pregnant with an African-American). In 2002 he wrote a new story about twice a month, there are more than 150 in total. At the moment he slowed down a little bit. Though in his oeuvre are some serials all his stories can be read as stand-alone events.

A Tormented Wife (20k)
Abducting the Bride (25k)
Air Force Wife in Trouble 1 (67k)
  2 (53k)
Asian Beauty Defiled 1 (33k)
  2 (51k)
Asian Beauty's Dark Desires
Asian Delight 1 (50k)
  2 (30k)
Beauty Blackmailed and Boffed (51k)
Betrayed Bride-To-Be 1 (50k)
Blackmailed Beauty 1 (35k)
  2 (53k)
  3 (51k)
  4 (37k)
Blackmailed Teacher (40k)
Boss' Pretty Wife (19k)
Boss Ogles the Newlywed (22k)
Captive Young Wife 1 (70k)
  2 (74k)
Classroom Conquest 1 (48k)
  2 (45k)
  3 (70k)
Con's Revenge 1 (13k)
  2 (27k)
  3 (35k)
  4 (27k)
  5 (61k)
  6 (41k)
  7 (56k)
Couple's Loving Marriage (36k)
Cruise Ship Captives (52k)
Cunning Car Cleaner 1
Cunning Car Cleaner 2 (44k)
Debauched Young Nurse (31k)
Deceived Newlyweds (58k)
Degraded Young Wife (27k)
Demented Boss 1 (19k)
  2 (21k)
  3 (31k)
  5 (43k)
  6 (60k)
  7 (57k)
Distressed Young Wife (45k)
Drugged Beauty (58k)
Entertainment for the Jocks
Entrapped Asian Beauty (59k)
Far East Exchange (79k)
Fiance's Father 1
  2 (50k)
Friend's Pretty Mother 1 (32k)
  2 (38k)
  3 (71k)
Gift for the Bride (37k)
Good Friend Indeed (75k)
Hell of a Honeymoon
Her Husband's Lusting Boss
High School Rape Club 1 (49k)
  2 (51k)
Honeymoon Horror 1 (18k)
  2 (50k)
  3 (52k)
  4 (56k)
  5 (36k)
Hoodwinked Husband 1 (29k)
  2 (37k)
Church of Evil 1 (19k)
  2 (24k)
  3 (42k)
  4 (31k)
  5 (34k)
Innocent Bride-To-Be (44k)
Innocent Wife Indeed (49k)
Innocent Young Wife (44k)
Kidnapped in the Country (42k)
Lady's Black Luv'n (39k)
Landlord's Lust (53k)
Loving Couple's Secret
Lust for the Librarian 1 (30k)
  2 (54k)
Lusting for Teacher (29k)
Lusty Father-in-Law 1 (24k)
  2 (29k)
Manhandled Stewardess (30k)
Manipulated Young Wife (54k)
Marriage Made in Hell (55k)
Mile High Club 1 (38k)
Naïve Navy Wife (30k)
Naïve Newlywed 1 (14k)
  3 (47k)
Naval Captain's Wife (32k)
Newscaster's Nightmare 1 (26k)
  2 (43k)
Nurse 1n Need (34k)
Olympic Ordeal
  1 - Ice Skating (35k)
  2 - Swimming (27k)
  3 - Downhill Skiing (44k)
Pop's Pretty Present (20k)
Pretty Pimped Prosecutor
Raped Young Beauty 1 (20k)
  2 (23k)
  3 (64k)
  4 (38k)
  5 (28k)
Ravished Nurse 1 (25k)
  2 (22k)
  3 (35k)
  4 (32k)
  5 (38k)
  6 (37k)
Recruiting a Star Player
Revenge is so Sweet
Seduced Sales Agent 1 (51k)
  2 (27k)
  3 (24k)
  4 (45k)
Set-up Stewardess (49k)
Social Worker's Agony 1 (58k)
Stalked Stewardess (43k)
Star Player 1 (16k)
Star Player 2 (12k)
Star Player 3 (22k)
Star Player 4 (29k)
Star Player 5
Star Player 6 (34k)
Star Player 7 (54k)
Star Player 8 (60k)
Student's Dream Cums True (48k)
Subdued Stewardess 1 (17k)
  2 (30k)
  3 (50k)
Tasty Asian Stew 1 (42k)
Teenage Stud 1 (24k)
  2 (46k)
  3 (39k)
  4 (38k)
  5 (50k)
  6 (39k)
  7 (49k)
  8 (37k)
Tempted Mother-in-Law (33k)
Terrified Teacher 1 (32k)
  2 (22k)
  3 (28k)
  4 (15k)
  5 (14k)
  6 (23k)
  7 (17k)
The Dental Appointment (35k)
Tormented Beauty (25k)
Trick or Treat
Twin's Twisted Thoughts (38k)
Unholy Desires 1 (38k)
  2 (21k)
  3 (32k)
Wanton Young Wife (35k)
Waylaid Wife (34k)
Well Earned Promotion (35k)
Wife's Uncontrolled Urges (33k)
Wife Under Pressure (30k)
Young Wife's Dilemma 1 (40k)
  2 (34k)
  3 (18k)
  4 (22k)


is no longer active, apparently, but a body of his work still floats about. For the most part, his stories employ elements of rape, incest, pedophilia, and violence.

Beer Party
Best Friends
Birthday Fantasy
Bros Grim
Faith 1
Faith 2
Fantasy Park (1/2)
Finally (Mf adult cons)
Kidnapped Schoolgirls
  1-4 (OJC)
  5-7 (OJC)
Nightmare Vignette 1
Robin 1
Robin 2
Sexy Boy
Sisrape (322k) (OJC)
Summer Sex Ed (OJC)
Unlucky Number 13 CEL-095: 9-9-9
  1 (OJC)


writes about romance and cheating; the writer appeared to ASSM in 2003 is active regularly. A little romance, some fantasy, maybe a little historical fiction, stories about sex just off main street, mostly between consenting adults.

A Walk in the Woods (4k)
Blow Job  (5k)
Homecoming (6k)
Last Chance (11k)
Longing (1k)
Love in the Sun (10k) CRIM-24: [6,7,6,6]
Loving Bondage (4k)
Morgana (12k)
Morgana and her lover (12k)
Mystery Lady (8k)
Possession (8k) CRIM-20: [8,10,9,10]
Possession Ch. 2 (15k)
Possession, Tables Turned (6k)
Sailor's Delight (10k)
Sex Service 1 (10k)
Special Exam (5k)
Sunny Submits (12k)
The Darkness (7k)
The Doctor?? (9k)
The Hotel Chapter 1 (11k)
The Hotel Chapter 2 (6k)
The Taste of You (p) (1k) CRIM-19: [10,10,--,10]
Thinking of you... (2k)
Three in one night (9k)
To Possess you (3k)
Who possess who?  (8k)

blue words

(a.k.a. David Wright) wrote the 5th episode, "To Catch a Smuggler", of → Leviticus's "Valley" series. His own stories are:

Block of Ideas (8k) CEL-346: 10-9-9 {GALAGO}
Clueless Wife (13k)
Coincidence (35k)
Down the Stairs (27k)
Fell On Black Days CEL-331: 8-7-7
First Story (11k)
How I Do What I Do (25k)
Chance Meeting (34k)
Novelty Store (22k)
Novelty Store - Ritual (12k)
Question (17k)
Relative (24k)
 {Writer's Swap 99}(with NL Soldier)
The Party (11k)
Tied Up Part (1) (33k)


is a writer of slut-wife-stories

A Day In The Life Of A Used Car Salesman (33k)
Cold Beer (15k)
Her Best Friend (20k) (RP)
Poor Janie (25k)
The Bath Attendant (26k) (RP)
The Burglars (24k)
The Elevator (19k) (RP)
The Hangover (24k)
The Hitchhiker (22k)
The Maid (27k) (RP)
The Office (14k)
The Plumber (20k)
The Policeman (22k)
The Prisoner (24k)
The Secretary (32k)
The Shoot (21k)
The Subway (20k) (RP)
The Video Girl (22k)
The Warehouse (22k)
The Woods (19k)
Yes, My Darling - Tonight (19k)


(a.k.a BONKGORL) is a writer who after an initial "flood" of stories faded out and disappeared. The stories contain mostly blackmail, humiliation, and bondage, sometimes parody.

A Fundamental Lesson On The
  Jerry Springer Show (6k)
An Unlikely Loss Of Virginity (5k)
Blondilocks (1) (27k)
  (2) (10k)
Bookgirl Downunder - Chapter 01 (11k)
  Chapter 02 (8k)
  Chapter 03 (9k)
  Chapter 04 (13k)
Diary Entry: 2003.06.04
  - End Of Week One (20k)
Diary Entry: 2003.06.05
  - Learning My Safeword (8k)
Diary Entry: 2003.06.07
  - Firestation Fantasies (6k)
Elizabethan Scheherazade [1/?] (5k)
  [2/?] (5k)
First Lessons In Cock Sucking (5k)
Headmistress College Ch. 01 (10k)
  Ch. 02 (8k)
Kinky Poolside Fantasy (8k)
Letter To Mr C (7k)
Lunchtime Rendezvous With Serendipity (20k)
Poles Apart - 01 (19k)
Rendezvous With Serendipity Ch 1 (15k)
  Ch 2 (7k)
  Ch 3 (8k)
  Ch 4 (7k)
  Afterword (13k)
Saturday Serendipity (11k)
Serendipity Says ... Buttplug (7k)
Serendipity Tales #1 (17k)
The Blackmail Society [01/11] (7k)
  [02/11] (6k)
  [03/11] (7k)
  [04/11] (2k)
  [05/11] (3k)
  [06/11] (2k)
  [07/11] (3k)
  [08/11] (3k)
  [09/11] (17k)
  [10/11] (11k)
  [11/11] (6k)
The Italian Odyssey 1 (23k)


Baby Maker 1-3
Cheating on My Husband
Cheating Wife
Doing the Mother in Law
Lebuc's Wife
Moving Daze
My Wife the Whore
No Contest 1-2
Paying the Price CEL-93: 3-5-3
Sex Slave
Slut Wife 1-5
Testing the Wife
The Picnic

bradley stoke

writes erotic fiction that is witty, weird and profound. He wrote four novels: "Alice", "Innocence Lost", "Emma" and "Escape from Buggery" and also erotic short stories. While the short stories cover almost every variation of the erotic theme, he characterises his novels as follows:

"Alice" and "Innocence Lost" are both set in a fantastic world where there are plenty of sexual fun and games. "Innocence Lost" is of particular interest to those fascinated by hermaphrodites and satire. "Emma" is more lyrical and much less fantastic (but still good fun). "Escape from Buggery" is a novel, where sadomasochism meets politics and tourism.

Alice 15 chapters on ASSM CRIM-15: [not rated (multi-part)]
Amity's Vow (30k) [History]
Big Game (35k)
Blessed by Nature (33k)
Bukkake Business (33k)
Cinderella (29k)
Color Bar (24k)
Cottage Life (28k)
Devotion to Aphrodite (33k)
Dinner is Served (30k)
Divine Love (27k) CRIM-23: [10,10,9,10]
Doll (1k) [flash fest]
Doubly Endowed (29k)
Emma (50 chapters on ASSM)
Escape from Buggery (20 chapters on ASSM)
Extracurricular Love (28k)
Family Ties (28k)
Fat Chance (30k)
Freedom in the New World (30k)
  CRIM-7: [10,8,10,10],
  *A rating Annex Reviews 9/10/02
Heaven (2k)
Infidelity (2k)
Innocence Lost (36 chapters on ASSM)
Koochy (29k) CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]
Lonely As A Cloud (26k) CRIM-12: [10,10,10,10]
Naked Compromise (34k)
Naked on the Train (4,740 words) (32k) [sapphic fest],
  CRIM-9: [10,10,10,10]
Not Naked in School (10k)
Omega (20 chapters)
Party Slave (44k)
People Are Strange (17k) CRIM-15: [10,10,10,10]
Reality (25k)
Red, White and Black (5k)
Rhonda (31k)
Selection of the Fittest (23k)
Size Discrimination (30k)
The Apogee Amulet (29k)
The Coming of Age (35k)
The Forest (2k)
The Garter (2k)
The Golden Knot (28k)
The Price of Prejudice (31k) CRIM-18: [9,8,10,10]
The Shoebox (10k)
Virgin Gold (40k)
Virtual Seduction (6,779 words) (45k) [sapphic fest]

brandy dewinter


Bosom Bondage Buddies 10-10-10 *Cel-144
When It Blows, All Cats Are Gray

brenda ann smith

Stories marked OJC are in Ole Joe's collection. Some stories can be found at Google. The stories without links likely aren't archived anywhere.

Kate & Emily series:
-- K&E - Meeting
-- K&E - Renewal
-- K&E - Return
-- K&E - Walk (OJC)
-- K&E - Homecoming, Part One
-- K&E - Homecoming, Part Two
-- K&E - Homecoming, Part Three (OJC)
-- K&E - Interlude (OJC)
-- K&E - Decisions (OJC)
-- K&E - October 26, 1996
-- K&E - Together
-- K&E - Sandcastles
Marisa and Nathaniel: Sanctuary series:
-- M&N - Bike Riding
-- M&N - The Trestle
-- M&N - Going to Church
-- M&N - Trying Again [for d.]
In Memoriam
Lean In
Lessons From A Fag Hag [for h.]
Lost and Found
Neat Nails

brian colby

Black Nylons

bronwen sm

A young English woman who has graced us of late with her presence and very wonderful stories. New and imaginative, she is certainly welcomed to the group. "The Offering" is one of the best stories seen in 1998. Celeste liked "The Sad, Bad Man" better; it was #1 in 1997. "Stocking Filler" was #4. Not too shabby for someone who was new to the group.

See Bronwen's story site for story files.

A Bigger Man
Barley Legal Teens
Feeding the Fishes CEL-271: 10-9-9
Icecream Sundae CEL-198: 10-10-10
Keeping Him Happy (1k) {CURMUDGEON}
Kim, Nice-but-Dim CEL-255: 10-10-10
Kim 1: "Sucker!"
Kim 2: "Oh, bugger!"
Kim 3: Revelations
La Charmeuse *A rating Annex Reviews 2/24/99
Mild-mannered Clark Kent
Mother's Day CEL-270: 10-10-10
My Trusted Friend CEL-191: 10-10-10
Playing Pool CEL-191: 10-10-10
Quiet, Mild-Mannered CEL-338: 10-10-10
Ripe #73 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
  CEL-216: 10-10-10
Sam 1: Sam's Bad Day CEL-199: 10-10-10
  A+ rating Annex Review 7-20-97
Sam 2: Seeing is Believing
Sam 3: The House of Sin
Seeing Is Believing CEL-222: 10-9-9
Shagger CEL-192: 10-8-8
Stocking Filler (35k) (RP) #4 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
  CEL-245: 10-10-10
Sucker 1-3 #18 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
  CEL-193: 10-10-10, CEL-209
"Taxi!" (29k) (RP)
The House of Sin CEL-222: 9.5-10-10
The Minimalist CEL-256: 10-8-6
The Offering CEL-188: 9.5-10-10
  A+ rating Annex Review 6-26-97
The Sad, Bad Man CEL-224: 10-10-10,
  #1 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Well-Known Sayings CEL-261: 10-10-10

brother cadfael

Beneath the Bridge CEL-245: 9-9-9
Feed the Night CEL-234: 8-9-8
Growing Familiar
Heart CEL-197: 10-10-10
Hush CEL-230: 9-8-8
In Walked Perfection CEL-220: 10-7-8
Lydia CEL-230: 10-7-7
Mass Transit CEL-235: 10-7-7
Spare Keys CEL-234: 10-10-10
The Friendship Clause CEL-281: 10-10-10
Valentine Jill CEL-261: 7-8-7
You Took Me CEL-260: 10-8-9

builder usa

Coach and My Friends
Freshman Haze
My 18th Birthday


100 CEL-154: 7-9-9
Fill It to the Rim
Gymnasts' Set
Bad Breath
Young Gymnasts Story


is the author of "The Climb to Contentment", but only the first parts have been posted to ASSM, due to low reaction level perhaps. The further postings are in ASS only and that's a pity, I think. Do not ignore the Celestial Blow-job-principle! The story is labelled (Dom/sub M/f incest bondage) in most chapters.

The Climb to Contentment:
 1-9 (157k)
 10-16 (173k)
  17-47 (so far) somewhere in ASS between the spam,
  can be found using Google

cactus juggler

writes perverted stories of humiliation, mind control, lesbianism and facesitting. All the stories are at his site at ASSTR.

An Awkward Position awkwardposition.html
Bad Therapy badtherapy.html
Boxing Hellene boxinghellene.html
Cathy Takes Control cathytakescontrol.html
Conrad's Secret conradssecret.html
Cristina's Story--The Confession Cristinasstory.html
Date Rapist Revenge daterapist.html
Erin and Crystal erincrystal.html
Eve's Enchanted Ass evesass.html
  A-/B+ rating Annex reviews 6/13/99
Fat Teen Smother Queen fatteen.html
Happy Girls happygirls.html
How I Became Miriam's Slave miriamsslave.html
Locker Room Domination lockerroom.html
My Big Mouth bigmouth.html
My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery mydescent.html
My Friend Tanya friendtanya.html
My Sister's Tits CEL-30: 9.5, sisterstits.html
Nicknames nicknames.html
Not Feeling Like Myself notmyself.html
Stanley's Peril stanleysperil.html
Sunbathing With Cheryl sunbathing.html
The Better Woman betterwoman.html
The Cycles of Ginny's Life ginnyslife.html
The Easy Induction easyinduction.html
The Power of Titnosis titnosis.html
The Voice of Magic voicemagic.html
Veronica's Slave veronicasslave.html


writes MMF slut wife / incest stories which (most) are available by website; at

36,000 Feet (mF, voy, mdom)
A Way of Life (MF FF bd) (136k) CEL-221: 9.5-8-6
Wife, A Husband and the Paperboy (mF, teen, nc, spank, mdom)
  CEL-30: 8
Afternoon With the Sisters (ff, inc, sister, anal)
Age Of X - Coming Home
Anything To Help Him
Are You Nuts (bond, nc, mF, inc, mdom, mom, son)
As Unbelievable As A Dream
Avenue Of My Submission
Blind Lust (mF, nc, mdom)
Boyfriend (mF, voy, teen)
Bun In The Oven (mf, mdom, preg, bond, anal)
Caen Objective (hist, mf, rom)
City Lights (mdom, Mf, teen)
Consciousness Revealed
New Story
Crook's Interlude (mf, rom) CEL-360: 7-8-8
Devils Choice
Difficult Part
Disabled Powers (mf ff teen inc mc)
Do Not Forget Me (mF, inc, mom, son, cheat)
Doctors Trust (mf, ff, teen, nc, mdom, anal, spank)
Dominant Break (mf, mdom, bond, spank, cheat)
Dont Worry We Have All Done It (mF, cheat, anal, inc, teen)
Dreams #1 CEL-142: 5-5-4
Dreams #2-6 (Mf mf)
E-Slave Fantasies
Letters to Marnie (Mf bond)
Easy Catch Almost Too Easy (mF, mom, son, mdom, sm, anal, cheat)
Forbidden Dominance (mf Ff inc dom bond)
Gaining Controlling Interest (mF, mdom, bond, nc, mom, son, humil)
Geisha House (Mf, teen, voy, cheat)
Gibraltar Awakening (mf, rom, hist)
Hardly Any Persuasion (mF, mdom, mom, son, cheatú
He Is Not The Son That Left (mF, mom, son, mdom, nc, anal, cheat)
Heaven or Hell (Mf ff inc teen fant) CEL-152: 8-10-10
How My Dominance Started (fF, fdom, teen, inc, mF, nc, voy)
Hunted (mF inc)
Chauffeur's Dirty Job CEL-143: 10-10-10, voy, mf, cheat
Chris (mf, ff, voy, inc, cousin, group)
I Did It All For You Dear
I Need You To Watch
International Sex (Smut) (humour)
Is She The Slut I Told Her She Was (mF, bond, inc, nc, mdom, ws, cheat)
Jan (mf nc) CR 141: 9-8-8
Just Another Example (mF, mdom, ff, anal, cheat, group)
Just One Example (mf, mdom, fF, inc, anal, cheat)
Just One Kiss (ff, teen, anal)
Leave Him (mF, inc, mom, son, mdom, cheat)
New Story
Little Taste Of Me (mc, mf, mdom, ff, inc, sister, anal)
Lottery (mf ff inc teen)
Love's Eternal Circle (mf, mdom, anal, humil)
  A+ rating, Annex reviews 1/12/99
Marnie's All Tied Up (Mf bond)
Marnie's Day on the Sandbar (Mf)
Marnie's Fitting Punishment (Mf ds bond)
Marnie's Master Loses Weight (Mf)
Marnie's Quickie (Mf)
Marnie Follows Instructions (f voy dom)
Marnie Goes Lingerie Shopping (Mf, mdom)
Meteor Phenomenon (mc, mF, teen, inc, lact, anal)
My Clan Family
 - Defending Our Way Of Life (mF, inc, mdom, teen, mom, son)
 - First Wedding To A Slave (mF, fF, teen, inc, bond, mdom)
 - My First Slave (mF, inc, teen, mdom, sm, mom, son)
 - Soccer Championship (mF, inc, teen, mdom, mom, son)
 - Time To Grow Up (mF, fF, mdom, inc, bond, anal)
My Cock, My Life (mf inc teen)
My Friend And His Wife (mF, inc, voy, anal, group, cheat)
My Gigolo Ways (mf, rom)
My House My Rules (mF, mdom, anal)
My Little Problem (mF, inc, anal, spank, bond, mdom)
My Night at the Sleeping Tyrant Inn (mf, hist, rom)
My Second Greatest Challenge (mF, inc, grandma, son, mdom, anal)
My Single Greatest Challenge (mF, inc, mdom, nc, fF, anal, cheat)
My Wife Is In Your Hands (mF, mdom, nc, cheat, humil)
Nancy (mf, mdom, cousin, anal, inc, cheat)
Neighbourhood Slut
News Business (MF, anal, mdom, cheat)
Next Gig (mF, inc, mom, son)
Night That I Forgot (Mf, inc, dad, daughter, cheat)
Of Pain And Pleasure (mf, rom)
Older And Sexier (mF, teen, inc, mdom, cheat)
Once Around The Sun (scifi, mF, teen, nc, bond, mdom)
One For The Road (mF, ff, inc, teen, voy, fdom, nc)
Only The Beginning (mF, Ff, inc, nc, bond, teen, mdom)
Paying For My Love
Peer Pressure (inc, mF, teen, voy, anal, cheat)
Perfect Lapful (mF, inc, cheat)
Photo (mf ff voy inc)
Please Dont Leave Me (mF, mdom, inc, humil, anal)
Pleasures Of His Success (mF, mdom, bond, inc, anal)
Rejection Is But A Memory (mF, teen, mdom, inc, mom, son)
New Story
Roman Matron (mF teen inc)
Sailing We Will Go (MF FF) CEL-8: 6
New Story
New Story
Seduction Denial (voy, Mf, inc, nc, bond, spank)
She Always Wanted To Be A Movie Star (mF, voy, fF, mc, inc, nc)
New Story
She Is Mine And I Want Her Back (mc, mF, inc, teen, mdom)
Sinful Discovery
Slut Next Door (mF, mdom, cheat, anal)
Slut To Remember (mF, inc, teen, mdom, anal, cheat)
So You Want To Be A Member (mF, mdom, inc, teen, ff, ws, humil)
Soldier's Tale (mf, nc, mdom, hist)
Spanking Never So Deserving (mF, inc, mdom, spank)
Spicing Up Their Marriage (mF, voy, cheat, teen, mdom, anal)
Strap On Desire (ff, fdom)
Susan CEL-100 9.5-8-8 (mf)
Sweet Smell of Lust (1), (2) (mf ff inc)
Sysop Meet (mf, voy)
Tami (mf, ff, anal, cheat, group)
Taste of My Kink (mf, lact, anal)
Tender Years (ff, teen)
The Doctor's Trust (Mf ff teen nc)
The Fugitive (semi-nc) CEL-189: 8-9.5-8.5
  aka The Fugitive's Wive
The Maid (mf ff teen inc)
Their Own Thoughts (mF, inc, teen, mdom, ws)
They Call Me Ismail (voy, mf, dom, bond, Ff, nc, inc)
Those Lips Started It All (mF, inc, teen, fF, nc, mdom, anal)
Tim's Life (Mf ff inc nc mc)
Truth In Print (mF, inc, mdom, teen, bond, anal)
Vampire Slave (mf, ff, gothic, cheat)
View From My Window (mc, mF, fF, inc, mdom)
New story
New Story
Way Of Life (mc, voy, mf, ff, bond, mdom, anal)
Way Out Of The Depression (mF, inc, teen, cheat)
Wet Dream CEL-38: 5 (f, voy, rom)
Wet Sword (mf, hist, rom)
What About Love (mF, inc, mdom, spank, bond)
Wicked Mother-in-law (Mf nc)
  aka: Wicked Step-Mother
Wicked Wanda (fF, teen, inc, nc, mc)
Win You Through This Gift (mF, fF, teen, inc, fdom)

caintigern o'niall

Falling Into Grace CEL-225: 10-10-10,
  A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-13-97
A Knight on the Road A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97
Knight Errant A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97,
  CEL-198: 10-10-10
The Knight and His Squire A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97


Adventures in Dishwashing
My Wife, Her Girlfriend, and a Strap-On Dildo
No Holes Barred - An Oral Adventure
Passenger 47
Rules Get Broken
Three Cakes and a Candle
To Make You Walk that Extra Mile CEL-59: 10
Workman's Compensation

candy kane

is a writer of lesbian erotica written mostly in 1998. All stories were been reposted in ASSM in 2002.

Cherry Pie (30k) (RP)
Eat A Peach (19k)
Girl Crazy (17k)
Girlfriends (16k)
Girls Loving Girls (38k)
Girls On Girls (32k)
Heather And Sarah (15k)
Kissing Cousins (25k)
Kitty Kissing (23k)
Lea And The High Priestess (22k)
Let's Play Dare (21k)
Lez Be Friends (44k)
Lickety Split (34k)
Love Lessons (22k)
Popping Off (32k)
Pussy Cats (20k)
Satin Sheets (37k)
The Coven (16k)
Woman2woman (16k)

carlos malenkov

is a writer I became aware of in late 2003. He wrote and writes under different pen names -- to ASSM he is posting as Malenkov. Wide spectrum of stories, there have been two or three I disliked, all the other are worth a reading. Most (all?) of his stories contain anal intercourse, in some cases between men. Humour, magic, and sci-fi elements are recurring through his oeuvre, also. The writer also publishes at S-O-L, where might be some more stories. He uses Kian Reti as an alter ego, AFAIK.

A Red Christmas (12k)
Aggie (13k)
Bachelor Party (13k)
Bent (23k)
Bigger (8k)
Book Signing (14k)
Dirty Old Man (8k) {CURMUDGEON}
Forcible Rape (15k)
Four's a Crowd (41k)
GenderChanger (23k)
Growing Old is a Bitch (15k)
Hand (13k)
Housebot (12k)
Illumination (12k)
Kiss You (16k)
Laplace Transform (15k)
Love and Marriage (10k)
Mones (9k)
Moonstruck (22k)
Now What? (19k)
Personal (10k)
Plunder (11k)
Race Condition (17k)
The Consolation Prize (13k)
The Courtship of Miles Standish (12k)
The Consolation Prize (13k)
The Ice Maiden (9k)
The Most Intimate Part (66k)
The Second Person (6k)
The Unraveling (9k)
Whores (15k)
Wild Change (8k)
You're a Big Girl Now (13k)

carnal knowledge

(MMF wife)

Ex-Wife Wants to Come Back YW63
My Best Friend's Fiancee YW64
My Fiancee's Humiliation YW66
My Loving Wife and My Best Friend
Wife Has to Please ... or Ex-Wife Will YW65

carnal quill

Beth's Diary
Camp Eden Kids 1-2
Cherry Picker
Dialog of Discovery
Emily and the Twins
Home Improvement: Hot Tub Hijinks
Home Improvement: Molly's Muff
Seventh Heaven: One Stormy Night

carnage jackson

(mostly MF, Cons, Celeb) is a writer who's into celebrities. In his "Journal of an agent" he describes sexual encounters with celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Catherine Zeta- Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz (and many others). The journal describes his own life, but he is not a sexual superman with outstanding abilities. Yes, of course it's only a fantasy. Superstars do not act like horny cows (really?). At present he's writing 'Hollywood After Dark'.

Britney & the Photos
Encore, Encore!
Hollywood After Dark (8 chapters so far)
Journal of an Agent (996 K) (30-part-story)
Kirsten Dunst: American Girl
Mountain Air
Natalie Portman : Rave Girl
Shannon Elizabeth
 - Leaving on a jet plane
Survivor Stories: Elisabeth Filarski
The Outback Orgy

carol cobillard

writes more essays than stories, but she posts them regularly to ASSM, and so she is on this list. Her themes are worth a reading (and her writing also, I guess).

A Boy's Story (24k)
A New Paradigm for Childraising? (116k)
Early sex and the Children of God: my story (10k)
A reader asks: Why were there so
  few fathers at Mom's Friend's House? (52k)
A research journey in Baja California (99k)
Afterthoughts: The Davidito Book
  and the Children of God sex (77k)
First sex, first philosophy (47k) CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]
Changing Partners: Jeremiah's account of commune life (213k)
From teenybopper to grown-up:
  seeing and being seen at joy (132k)
"How the other half lives":
  religious asexuality ... and sex (16k)
Javier and Maria Luisa's Story (60k)
Mom's Story (16k)
My Story: Terrific Girl (78k)
Older Girl Awakes (69k)
On Oral Sex (27k)
On puberty (89k)
On virginity (27k)
Rev. Mary Gives New Life To Adolescent Sexual Freedom (50k)
Safer sex in my future and an orgasm while sleeping (18k)
Seducing a young boy on the boat (10k)
Sex and the Capital City (59k)
Sex in the College: our party, our shower (18k)
Some further reflections on life and
  religion and sexuality and girls' rights (283k)
Some Further Reminiscences Of Parents And Children And Sex (167k)
Some thoughts on communal nudity and sex (54k)
The Blond-Haired Boy returns (46k)
The defloration party – why? (40k)
The Second Annual Best Penis Contest (29k)
What I did on my vacation (104k)

carol collins

Alison Baker's Defilement
Christine's Enslavement
Cindy Gets Black Maled
Hail the Conquering Hero YW564
Halloween Party
Recombinant DNA
Revenge YW503
Suzie Q

caroline ashbee

posted her fine stories in glorious time of rec.arts.erotica – I quote Moderator-/Ava-Review values.

Al fresco (8/8)
Bridal (10/10)
Evidence of survival (-/-)
Genetic Engineering (10/10)
Hunting the Unicorn (4/5)
Shower of Gold (8/8)
The Chaining of Andromeda (10/10)
The recurrent fall of Eve: 1952 (10/10) Apuleius: CEL-313: 10-10-10
Tea in the afternoon (10/10)



Billy's Hot Mom (165k)
Cold Winter
Coming, Mother (155k)
Mommy's Horny Urges (172k)



First Kiss
Imagine: Dear Sir Stephen
Imagine: A Devilish Contraptioni
Imagine: A Different World
Imagine: Dungeon 1-3


A Family Matter
A Fooled Husband YW568
Accidents Will Happen
African Nightmare YW555
It's Hard Work Holding a Marriage Together YW567
My Brother Made Me a Cuckold
Saturday Night
Studies in Temptation


(That is a writer not the wellknown reviewer.)

A Woman's Touch
  ~~ Escort Service B-/C Annex Reviews
A Woman's Touch
  ~~ Hammock
A Woman's Touch
  ~~ Invisible Woman
A Woman's Touch
  ~~ Lisa's Stag Party
Trick and Treat: Halloween 1980 10-10-10 *Cel-372

celia bateau

is a hispano-american writer. Her stories are often a little bit mystical. She also writes erotic short-stories and poetry. In my opinion her erotic fiction is the most literally erotic writing available in Internet at present. She is (in-)frequently active at ASSD. Her stories are only stored on her website which Franz Kafka considers as sexy.

Currents Erotic stories
Feels Like Hitting
lost loves
May Blossoms Reign
Momentos. 8 short pieces.
Olive Blossom
Spring Hopes Eternal: The Clearing
Spring Hopes Eternal: The Chase
Spring Hopes Eternal: The Thief
Submission 113 (9k) CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10]
The Catalyst
The Tree Of Life
The Whereabouts of Happiness
  - part one: onna no yume
Tongue of Frog CRIM-3: [10,10,10,10]
Under The Bed
White Noise
(p)bitter Poems
(p)burnt blind
(p)haikus of a messed up girl
(p)me quemas
(p)mir falling
(p)rotten fruit
(p)unspoken moment 81006288
braille Short Stories
fuiste polvo, polvo eres
Perils (2k) [flash fest]
(p)bad math Autobiographical
(p)let him do it
(p)split and swerve
(p)the other girl

charisse van der lynn

A Man's Touch
Olivia's Secret CEL-105: 10-9-9


writes about Father/Daughter incest. The Amy/Marie/Lisa series of novels is in a high-tech espionage setting. These are well-written, fun stories with lots of uninhibited teen sex and international intrigue. Centaur's stories are available on Mr Double's web site, and are highly recommended.

Jack Palmer's Journal
The Security Man
The Storm
While the Cat's Away


I Don't Think I Have Any Imagination Left CEL-176: 10-10-10
Let's Play Beauty and the Priest

cheryl roberts

Abduction of the White Ranger (264k)
Destruction of the Pink Ranger (371k)
Seduction of the Blue Ranger (276k)

chili peeler

has written seven (eight) stories with incest themes. These are usually long stories which allow for good character development and have a surprise twist. The author writes from both the male and female perspective throughout the series. "HypnoWho" is about a psychiatrist who returns from a hypnotism clinic to practice his new skills on co-workers, patients, and family members. In "Manhattan Madness" a brother visits his older sister in NYC only to learn that she and her roommate are into rather kinky sex. You get the idea.

Heaven Sent
Home in a Horny State
HypnoWho (269k)
Manhattan Madness (252k)
Rachel Roundheels Ch. 11-21
Sordid Conception (176k) CEL-283: 9-10-10
Swing Man (244k) CEL-283:* 7.5
The Swing Man Cometh Again (118k)

christopher leeson


Bobbi Mc Gee (72k)
Noel (72k)
The Crusader and the Slave Girl (46k)
Prisoners of Tiresias (256k)
Under the Moons of Eden (146k) CEL-284: 10-10-10

chuck williams

An Educational Experience in the Deep South
Carol Ann
Darla and Her Daughters
Life on the Road
My Cousin's Wife
Short Stories CEL-199: 6-3-3
The Bosses Daughter
The Guest
The Summer of 1997
The Visit
Tom's Gift

cindy g

A Beastly Education for Abigal (42k)
A Sister's Love (29k)
A Sister's Needs (35k)
Arie and Ryo get Caught (31k)
Black Box (68k)
Cat and Canary 01 (18k)
Cat and Canary 02: Pollination (23k)
Cindy's Feline Sin (23k)
Egg Day (32k)
Fairytale 01 (23k)
Fairytale 02
Fairytale 03
Fairytale 04
Fairytale 05
Fun, Fun, Fun (54k)
Hunger (35k)
Photography Lesson (22k)
Playing The Game (28k)
The Hole in the Wall (16k)
The Secret Life of Yuriko Yomamata 01 (24k)
The Secret Life of Yuriko Yomamata 02
The Secret Life of Yuriko Yomamata 03

clayton's children

Katy (Ch. 1) (1317k)
  (Ch. 2)
  (Ch. 3)
  (Ch. 4)
  (Ch. 5)
  (Ch. 6)
The Babysitter (454k)

clint quinn

Clint and Martine CEL-53: 9
Exchange Program CEL-194: 10-10-10
The Crystal CEL-70 8-7-7


Governor's Slave
The Dog Slave
Adam's Slaves
Neighbor's Shoe Closet
Secret Slave
Dominant Schoolgirl
Dominant Ex-Wife
Dominant Sister-in-Law


Hot Chocolate (6k) {Birthday} CRIM-22: [9,0,10,9]
How Much Are Them Boobies In The Email? (3k)
How Much Is That Musey In The Window? (3k)
My Mom's Fuzzy Heart (65k)
NanoVirus 1 (34k)
  Golden Clit Best Series/Serial (2002)
Pictures of Alley Baggett (2k) [flash fest]

cobalt jade

is a young woman writing to us from Seattle who makes her living doing computer art and Web graphics. Why do I write sex stories? I have too much imagination. I probably won't wind up on the Celestial 100 or whatever it is, but then, my stuff isn't very 'nice.'" To the contrary, "Prize Pig" received a 1997 Cyrrheal Award. (...) I write smut. Most of which is based on present and past fantasies of mine. They range from tender to kinky to disturbing, sometimes all three at once...

Most of her stories are bondage and D/s, also a little bit mind control; fantasy and ASFR and statue fiction. But don't let this scare you off since she is also writing regular romantic erotica.

Amazon Armor (QF1)
Beauty Is Iron Emperor: CEL-301: 10-10-8
Box Office CEL-173: 10-10-10
Brent & Reed
  Dad's Going to KILL Us! CEL-177: 10-10-10
  Prize Pig
Estranged Flesh (21k) {Pirate}
Kalani's First Outing
Painted Ponies (1) CEL-219: 10-10-7
Paragon vs. Plastica (1)
Prize Pig A+ Annex Reviews, CEL-207: 10-10-10
Secret Pastimes of the Queen
Ten Transformations Introduction: A Most
  Unfortunate Encounter with a Basilisk
  The First Tale:
  Let Them Eat Cake
  The Second Tale:
  Tomb Baiter
The Black Pearl of Pharazion Annex 11/10/99: A+
  Ch.1: Encounter on the Road
  Ch.2: Shadow
  Ch.3: The Rebels
  Ch.4: Wolfmoon
  Ch.5: The City of Carnality
  Ch.6: Syonhoddaz
  Ch.7: The Making of a Slave
  Ch.8: Secret Pastimes of the Queen
  Ch.9: The Procession
  Ch.10: The Duke's Pleasure
  Ch.11: A Narrow Escape
  Ch.12: The Temple of Tontaxir
  Ch.13: Two Sides of a Coin
  Ch.14: A Pyrotechnic Performance
  Ch.15: Reluctant Mistress
  Ch.16: The Crystal Shards
  Ch.17: Eight Beasts of Stone
  Ch.18: Spiders and Silkworms
  Ch.19: Shezrine's Judgement
  Ch.20: The Test
  Ch.21: Rurani Eschai
  Ch.22: Branded
  Ch.23: Prisoner of Brass
  Ch.24: The Mercy of Ylangaz
  Ch.25: Shattered
The Gorgon's Kiss
The Off Season CEL-181: 10-8-8
The Rift Chronicles Beauty is Iron
  Honor is Steel
The Tale of Lassok and Zairbhreena Ch.1: The Caliph's Son
  Ch.2: The Prince's Search
  Ch.3: Zairbhreena's Peril
  Ch.4: Peril on Peril
  Ch.5: Into the Desert
  Ch.6: The Sand Gorgon
  Ch.7: The Brass Dragon
  Ch.8: The Golden Virgin
  Ch.9: Fate Kind and Cruel
  Ch.10: Aurum Nirvana (Conclusion)
Titanium Kiss
Will Insurance Cover It? (QF2)
Yellow (QF3)

cody ann michaels

is an author with whom Ole Joe has corresponded, off and on, for over a year. Ole Joe:

I am no closer to understanding her than I was before we first spoke. She's the only self-professed masochist I've chanced to meet. Her stories, consequently, are a trip into the dark side of sex. Her personal fantasy is to star in a VP Viddler story. Read one, then come back and talk to me. Her recent work is more about current events, especially politics, than sex, though there is always a sexual subject.

Cody Wants It Bad
Old Friends
A Diamond as Big as Your Fist
Frosh (188k)
Hell-lo Dolly
Knocking on Heaven's Gate
My Kind of Town
Only Sadists Need Apply
Suffer the Little Children
Until You 2r1
My Struggle (569k)
The Go Between
Hey, Joe, I'm Sorry
Stand In

colt 45

(MMF wife) (on Dark Wanderer's site)

A Slut For a Wife YW427
A Slut for Black Cocks YW186
Again YW228
Amy YW216
Annie's Hot Night Out YW264
Beth's Story YW219
Bonus YW171
Carrol YW213
Cindy YW156
Cindy the Slut YW167
Diane YW236
Gigantic Greg YW161
Great Vacation YW212
Hubby's Gone YW206
Jenny and Sam YW164
Jule's Fantasy YW276
Karen's Ride YW182
Linda Cumming YW183
Lori's Story YW278
My Slut Wife YW217
Rita's Big Time YW142
The Party YW163
The Taking of My Wife YW193
Tina's Black YW192
Tina's Testament YW157
Tommy's Tale YW155
Vacation Fun YW223


Golden Gate Bridge
Tender Cousins
To Be Eighteen


Female POW I (81k) (OJC)
Female Prisoner of War II (OJC)
  ch. 1 (rv) - ch. 2 (rv) - ch. 3 (rv) - ch. 4 (rv) - ch. 5 - ch. 6
The Taking of Troi (25k)
The Tank
Major Slut (OJC)


(MMF wife)

Anne YW117
Eleanor YW121
Emma YW184
Gayle YW108
Husband Ray YW123
Jacqui YW185
Janine YW109
Jenny YW107
Marie YW104
Sarah YW110
Trish YW102
Unfaithful YW111

coogrr cat

Jean's Journey



courtney sweet

has posted far more than 100 stories to ASSM from 2001 to 2003. The stories cover a wide spectrum of themes and belong in the stroke story genre. She used to repost them several times to ASSM and other newsgroups in the* hierarchy. (Though some stories appearantly never got posted to ASSM.)

A Little Naughtiness (13k)
A Sigh In The Darkness (17k)
Alien Captive (14k)
Always Greener (19k)
Artificially Enhanced Life Form (12k)
Awakening To Darkness (10k)
Babysitter Temptress (10k)
Backstage Slut! (16k)
Bareback Like Horses (16k)
Beach Bang (16k)
Beach Bunny (15k)
Beach Cummer (15k)
Behind The Bike Shed 1 (9k)
Behind The Bike Shed 2 (9k)
Bird Of Prey (18k)
Blatent Underhanded Friendship (18k)
Blindfolded Surprise Birthday (17k)
Body Rub, 14 Jul 2001
Bride To Be (14k)
Buzzing It, 6 Aug 2001
Captured In Africa (14k)
Cassie And The Road Crew (13k)
Circus Ride (20k)
Cheap Ride (11k)
Chocolat A' Trios (10k)
Chrissie's Nightmare (14k)
Corn Field Frolic (11k)
Courtney's Deep Satisfaction (14k)
Courtney's Wet Dream (8k)
Coveted Lust (26k)
Culinary Master (7k)
Cum Dance With Me, 9 Jun 2002
Curing Candy (16k)
Daddy's Little Darling (7k)
Desire At First Sight Part 1 (11k)
Desire At First Sight Part 2 (18k)
Dreamy Distraction, 10 Oct 2001
Elevator Orgy (16k)
Erogeonous Destination (21k)
Female Frolic In The Sunshine (9k)
  CRIM-10: [6,8,4,4]
Foot Fetish (7k)
Foot Fucking Fun, 20 Jun 2001
Forbidden Fruit (9k)
Freshening Up (5k)
Garden With A View, 30 May 2002
Gino The Fruiterer, 16 Jul 2001
Glory Gets Sam's Attention (9k)
Hands Of A Masseur (10k)
Heavenly Moves (10k)
Her First Riding Lesson (15k)
Hidden Deceit (10k)
Holiday Romance (15k)
Impaled By An Imposter (13k)
Iniquity In Transit (10k)
Intergalactic Inseminators (13k)
Julia's Sexual Exploration (17k)
Junior Clerk Initiation
Katherine's Salad (5k)
Lady in Disdress  (9k)
Lady Tease (13k)
Little Girls Like To Play Too! (7k)
Man Of The Sea (11k)
Meg At 16 (22k)
Mechanical Mandy, 16 Aug 2001
Miss Stanton
  1 - The Football Team (13k)
  2 - The Football Captain (14k)
Movie Masturbation, 14 Aug 2001
My Teacher, Mr Jacobs (14k)
Night Creatures (12k)
Night Runner's Dream (9k)
Nurse Come Quick  (6k)
One by One (16k)
Outside Looking In (10k)
Photo Shoot Sell Out
Pool Table For Three (16k)
Position of Submission (13k)
Pre-Teen Masturbation Fantasy, 8 May 2002
Private Viewing (16k)
Questionable Preference (14k)
Reluctant Romance (29k)
Ripe for Raping (8k)
Roberotica (19k)
Sally And The Interview (7k)
School Boy's Fantasy Part 1 (15k)
School Boy's Fantasy Part 2 (18k)
Screen Slut (13k)
Seducing Sasha (19k)
Sex Shop Interview (15k)
Sex Therapist Temptation (11k)
She Wore No Panties! (11k)
Sheri and The Boys (13k)
Sheri's Boys (13k)
Sienna's Summer Awakening (15k)
Slave Auction - PT 1 (8k)
Slave Auction - PT 2 (9k)
Slave Auction - PT 3 (8k)
Slave For Hire, 26 Jun 2001
Snookered (16k)
Stealing Elaine (12k)
Stepmother? (8k)
Student Slut
Sweet Naïve Teen (16k)
Table For Three (9k)
Taxi Tales 01
  'A Fare To Remember' (11k)
Teacher's Petting (18k)
Teen Train Molestation (8k)
Teenage Drinking Spree (12k)
The Birthday Gig (14k)
The Draygar's Bounty (14k)
The Handyman (13k)
The Humiliation Of Yasmine (19k)
The Interview (15k)
The Lingerie Party (13k)
The Milkman's Eyes (16k)
The Pleasure Of Family Hiking, 5 Aug 2001
The School Locker Rooms (12k)
Timid Victim Part 01 (18k)
Timid Victim Part 02 (12k)
Trucker's Delight, 22 Oct 2001
Two's Company, Three's A Crowd (11k)
Very Good Bad Behavior (3k)
Virginal Seductress (24k)
Wanton Seduction (13k)
Wet Panties For Sale (19k)
Wet Panty Inc.
What Santa Got For Christmas... (5k)
Yes Mr Jacobs, Sir! (14k)


(a.k.a. cowgirl_stupid a.k.a. Jennifer a.k.a. jenny_stupid), who describes herself as the illegitimate offspring of Parker and Marlissa, is a relatively new contributor to a.s.s. Her stories deal with semi-consensual sexual relations, usually told from the point of view of the submissive personality. They are usually short and to the point. And very effective. A statement in late 2003 said she will retire from story writing.

Away Games (9k)
Baby Talk
Baby-Sitter's Worth (Part I)
Baby-Sitter's Worth (Part II)
Bring Your Daughter To Work Week 1 (16k)
  Week 2 (19k)
  Week 3 (18k)
  Week 4 (36k)
Cat Sand
Dripping Oil
For Ladies Only
Friends (12k)
Humiliating Porky
Jenbug (25k)
Jenny's E-Mail Humiliation 1-6
Jenny's Evil Niece
Little-Miss-Annie (22k)
Love Letters From An Emotional Cripple
Loyal Daughter (1-4)
Mother Finds Out!
Mrs. H's Humiliation (1-3)
Office Pumps 1 (40k)
Office Pumps 2 (51k)
Office Pumps 3 (64k)
Office Pumps 4 (84k)
Pet Shop Girl
Self Esteem (Cat Sand 2)
Skippy's Master
Skippy 2
Stacey's Little Sex Shirt
Stern And Associates – The Interview
The Boss's Daughters
The Shower
Two Lovely Black Eyes (20k)
Ugly Little Girl
Undercover Humiliation (1/10) (16k) (RP-RV)
Undercover Humiliation (2/10) (36k)
Undercover Humiliation (3/10)
Undercover Humiliation (4/10)
Undercover Humiliation (5/10)
Undercover Humiliation (6/10)
Undercover Humiliation (7/10)  (Ch. 8-10 not published)


writes mostly MMF wife-slut stuff or just MF slut stories. I was not able to find any original posting by Craver, but Ole Joe reposted a row in 1997 and 1998, which are retrievable at Google.

At the Movies YW90
At The Movies 2 YW92
Fun with Dick and Jane
I Dare You
Into the Abyss YW93
Lisa's Desire
Loving It
My Husband, My Lovers, and Me
My Wife the Porn Star
Sally YW96
The Slut YW95
The Young Wife YW89

creampie eater

A Capital Trip (16k)
Babydoll Creampie (28k)
Berta (13k)
Birthday Creampie (17k)
Biz Trip (18k)
Blackmail Creampie (23k)
Bringing Home the Creampie (14k)
Bringing Home the New Year (22k)
Caren Creampie (14k)
Caren for Easter (17k)
Cassie (31k)
Caught on Camera (37k)
Cleaning Up (19k)
Condompie (11k)
Creampie 3-way (27k)
Creampie Airman (29k)
Creampie Art (13k)
Creampie Bondage (1)
  (2) (36k)
Creampie Cabin (12k)
Creampie Conference (47k)
Creampie Cruise (196k)
Creampie Cuckold (7k)
Creampie Cum (13k)
Creampie Engagement (15k)
Creampie Fluffer (27k)  *A rating Annex 2/27/00,
Creampie Frustration (26k)
Creampie Geocaching (25k)
Creampie Helper (13k)
Creampie Hookup (18k)
Creampie Hypnosis (16k)
Creampie Illness (55k)
Creampie Junky (26k)
Creampie Juror (23k)
Creampie Leftovers (16k)
Creampie Massage (1) (55k)
Creampie Mummy (9k)
Creampie Neighbor (7k)
Creampie Pet (24k)
Creampie Pony (15k)
Creampie Prom Date (20k)
Creampie Quickie  (8k)
Creampie Reluctance (52k)
Creampie Slutwife Dancer (19k)
Creampie Strap-On (14k)
Creampie Wedding (16k)
Creampied and Broken (27k)
Crossing the Line (18k)
Dog Canyon Creampie (23k)
Delayed Satisfaction (10k)
First Creampie (12k) CEL-338: 10-8-8
Forming a Habit (39k)
Fugly (27k)
From Staid To Creampie Sexpot (63k)
Gangbang Gina (10k)
Hotel Creampie Pickup (36k)
Chasing James (112k)
Christmas Creampie (23k)
I Cum Running (10k)
IMO Creampies Are Best (12k)
Jota and Her Hubby (19k)
Lesbian Strap-On (27k)
Make a Wish (18k)
Meeting a Fan (15k)
Miss Eggnog (11k)
Model Creampie (42k)
My 40th Birthday (13k)
My Boyfriend Used Me (34k)
My Friend Jota (12k)
My Friend Jota (revisited) (9k)
My Wife and the Lumberjack (12k)
Paradigm Shift (11k)
Preggy Creampie Frustration (40k)
Preparation (18k)
Safesex Gangbang Creampie (14k)
Soft Swing (19k)
Taboo (15k)
Talk About My Birthday (15k)
The Babysitter (126k)
The Guaddess (29k)
The Making of an Amateur Strap-On Video (75k) (RP)
The Recording CRIM-3: [9,9,8,6]
The Salon Changed My Life! (57k)
The View (13k)
Trick or Creampie (25k)
Two Real (15k)
Wish Come True (18k)
X10 Creampie (13k)

crimson dragon

at ( writes stories which often got 10-10-10 by Celeste. Since summer 2002 the Dragon is reviewing stories herself. While not all her stories contain sex, some of the stories contain depictions of male/female and female/female love and sexuality, exhibitionism, masturbation, bondage, and sexuality outside of normal bedroom perimeters. All stories have erotic content of some sort.

A Most Unusual Afternoon CEL-294: 10-10-10
Ash originally 1994
Autumn Equinox
California Dreaming CEL-323: 10-9-9
Cassandra CEL-306: 10-10-10
Colours of the Soul BillyG: CEL-320: 10-9-9.5
Coyotes Never Die
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
Dawn of Time (157-chapter-opus, 2003)
Easter Tears CEL-281: 9.7-9-9.8
Elevator Music (22k)
Four of a Kind
Four Seasons CEL-282: 9-8-6
  1 - Harvest Moon
  2 - Christmas Presents
  3 - Easter Tears
  4 - June Revelations
Harvest Moon CEL-277: 7.5-9-9
Heat (originally 1994)
Chosen CEL-293: 10-10-10
Love Unexpected [sapphic fest]
Keys (32k)
Magical Encounters
March Twenty-First CEL-267: 10-10-6
Melody (37k) CEL-286: 9-3-7, (RP)
No Tomorrow
Porch CEL-295: 10-10-10
Precious CEL-308: 10-10-10
Rain (FF bondage) CEL-265: 10-10-10
Snapshots 1 - 401 CEL-246: 10-8-8
Sunswept CEL-274: 10-9-8
Thunder Ridge CEL-298: 10-9-9, originally 1994
Thunder Struck 10-9.5-9.5 CR #317,
  B+ rating Annex review 3/16/99
Time Out of Time 1-13 (10.97 MB !!!!)
Trouble in Paradise 10-9-9 CR #298
Until It Hurts (49k) (RP), CEL-301: 10-10-10
War CEL-288: 10-8-6
When Angels Meet Angels Romance Festival

curt strap

His stories were not intended by the author for general publication. CalvinNHobbes obtained some from a BBS and posted several of them a couple of years ago. They are an extremely graphic look at torture and rape. They are definitely not for the faint at heart, but if you like extreme violence, keep your eyes peeled for one of the Nola stories. They are of uneven quality, so don't suppose for a minute that they can't get better (or worse). Ole Joe made contact with this author once and used to have a story list. There are believed to be over a hundred titles. Not all story files can be located in the web today. These are the ones known in a file at Ole Joe's collection - Curt Strap's NOLA series as of Apr. 1996 ccontents (those on Ole Joe's collection are marked with (OJC), if you have one of the others, please report):

Nola 01 The Beginning (31k) (OJC)
Nola 02 The Police Chief
Nola 03 The Augustines
Nola 04 The Reverend
Nola 05 The Contract
Nola 06 The Children
Nola 07 The Rape Photographer (19k) (OJC)
Nola 08 The Porn Producers
Nola 09 The Nurse ZIP at Mr.Double, unfinished
Nola 10 The Children at Play (42k) (OJC) 
Nola 11 The Game (202k) (OJC)
Nola 12 The Doctor
Nola 13 The Farm (BBS user's special request)
Nola 14 The Model (146k) (OJC)
Nola 15 Blackmailing Nola
Nola 16 Blackmailing Tashia
Nola 17 The Spy (99k) (OJC)
Nola 18 The Tudor
Nola 19 The Inquisition (OJC)
Nola 20 The Cottage ZIP at Mr.Double
Nola 21 The Convent
Nola 22 The Cop (unfinished draft)
Nola 23 The Reporter (OJC)
Nola 24 The Musician
Nola 25 Nola & Tashia (70k) (OJC, listed as Nola 25a)
Nola 25A The Daughter (OJC)
  (as 3-part-archive NolaXXa, NolaXXb, and NolaXXc)
Nola 25B The Son (The wonders search & replace)
Nola 26 The Matron (BBS user's special request)
Nola 27 The Complex
Nola 28 The Cruise (115k) (OJC)
Nola 29 The Scout Troop (BBS user's special request)
Nola 30 The Big Brother (OJC)
Nola 31 The Exhibitionist
Nola 32 The Asylum (BBS user's request) (OJC)
Nola 33 The Cellar (OJC)
Nola 34 The Businesswoman
Nola 35 Un-named (unfinished draft)
Nola 36 The Troller
Nola 37 Un-named (unfinished draft)
Nola 38 The Cheerleaders (49k) (OJC)
Nola 39 The Terrorist (19k) (OJC)
Nola 40 The Indians
Nola 41 The Law (at OJC as Nola 49a and Nola 49b)
Nola 42 The Freak Show
Nola 43 The Co-eds
Nola 44 The Thief
Nola 45 The Monastery
Nola 46 The Little Girls
Nola 47 The Boy
Nola 48 The Amusement Park
Nola 49 The Judge (OJC)
Nola 50 Un-named (unfinished draft)
Nola 51 The Motel (not finished)
Nola 52 The Pirates
Nola 53 The Gym Teacher
Nola 54 The Naughty Girls
Nola 55 The Cowgirl
Nola 56 The Cowboys
Nola 57 The Dwarfs
Nola 58 The Brothers (OJC)
Nola 59 The Locker Room
Nola 60 The Killer
Nola 61 The Girls School
Nola 62 The Paper Boy
Nola 63 The Predator
Nola 64 The Nun
Nola 65 The Hitchhikers
Nola 66 The Teasers
Nola 67 The Forest
Nola 68 The Spanking
Nola 69 The Psychiatrist
Nola 70 The Black Room
Nola 80 The Garage
Nola 81 The Motorhome
Nola 82 The Fiend
Nola 83 The Disciplinarian
Nola 84 The Drug Dealers
Nola 85 The Teacher's Pets
Nola 86 The Warehouse
Nola 87 The Set Up
Nola 88 The Girlfriends
Nola 89 The Trolls (OJC)
Nola 90 The Island (at OJC as Nola 5 and Nola 5a)
Nola 91 The Conspiricy
Nola 98 The Dream
Nola 99 The Family
Nola 101 The Runaway
Nola 102 The Mexican Jail
Nola 103 The Babysitter
Nola 104 The Neighbour
Nola 105 The Tourist
Nola 106 The Teacher
Nola 107 The Cabin
Nola 108 The Sadist
Nola 109 The Hackers
Nola 110 The School Girls
Nola 111 The Sheriff (OJC) Part 1, Part 2
Nola 112 The Bible Camp
Nola 113 The Gang
Nola 114 The Boys Club
Nola 115 The Boys Next Door
Nola 116 The Ordeal
Nola 117 The Vacation
Nola 118 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 119 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 120 The Party
Nola 121 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 122 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 123 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 124 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 125 The Birthday Party
Nola 126 The Interrogation
Nola 127 The Night Creatures
Nola 128 The Robbery
Nola 129 Un-named

cw cobblestone

Barfly YW461
Dear Ralphie YW338
Fourth Down 1-2 YW417 / YW457
Memories of Maria YW317
Obscure 1-7 YW284 / YW421 / YW456
Of Mud and Mist YW343
The Good Life YW314
Their World YW300


Avoiding Trouble (20k)
Debts Repaid (9k)
First Action (15k)
Our Needs *A rating Annex Reviews 10/26/02
Preparatory Meeting (11k)
Real Wants (7k)
Separate Ideas CRIM-24: [7,7,7,7]
Still Friends (29k)
Totally Crazy CRIM-11: [10,10,9,9]
Wicked Show (18k)

cyber sleuth

Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club I, II 600k+- (at Google, 15 part RP)


A Slippery Vacation
A Snowy Little Cabin
At Midnight
Campus Life
Just Business
Long Hours
The Bike Trip
The Christmas Gift
The Conference Cruise
The Damn Beeper
The Storm
What I Did on My Summer Vacation


See ASSTR_Collection/D_Abby. (Also available on Mr. Double's site)

Aunt Mable's Visit 1-12 (231k)
Friendly Neighbors (244k)
Fun in the Trailer Camp (252k)
Going Down on the Farm (252k)
He Married a Family (249k)
Juvenile Casting Couch (244k) CEL-230: 9-7-5
Loving Step Parents (247k)
Millionaire Orphan (319k)
On Growing Up 1-4 (72k)
Saunders Family Saga (735k) CEL-230: 9-7-4
She Caught Her Children (246k)
She Loved Her Brothers (243k)
She Made the Team (229k)
Start 1
The Coach Loved Her Swimmers (244k)
Their Parents' Sex Club (477k)
Two Families (245k) CEL-286: 8-7-6

da ignatius

(aka. Darknite) "For those of you who suffer under the delusion that women engineers can't possibly be sensual." That was her header and remains a good introduction. She was a college kid who shared with us while it was convenient in her life and we thank her for it. Her several stories fall under my "romance" category, though don't think they are tame or sickly-sweet.
The linked stories are at BitBard's site.

Dark Nites 1 #40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,  CEL-56: 10
Dark Nites II CEL-56: 10
Dark Nites III CEL-66: 9-7-10
ECE Shop CEL-68: 10-6-10
For You #88 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, CEL-70 10-10-10
Healing #91 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, CEL-72 10-10-10
Magic CEL-74: 10-10-10
Mating Flight CEL-75: 10-8-5
Midnight Symphony CEL-85: 10-10-10
Old Friends #54 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, CEL-77: 9-10-10
One Night CEL-78: 9-9-9
Proposition CEL-79: 8-5-5
Reflection CEL-84: 10-8-10
Storm CEL-81: 10-10-10
Study Break CEL-84: 10-8-10
Symphony [Note: maybe only alternative title for "Midnight Symphony"?]
Temptation CEL-83: 10-10-10
The Fling
The Trouble with Being Immortal

dafney c. dewitt

is a study. I wish someone with the intellectual capacity would try to figure out Dafney Dewitt, then Parker while you are at it. Marlissa, too? None of Dafney's stories are tender. Dafney C. Dewitt is the author of about 30 stories (some of them seem to be lost). She tries to write stories with twisted endings, and is not interested in the sexual content. A lot of her stories are about the adventures of her brother, Fuller. He was born with the best of everything. He has intelligence, good looks, and a strong libido. But he has weaknesses. All his relationships revolve around an obsession with power and control. Dafney's stories try to describe this problem. Fuller is a pathetic man. He has so much, but gains so little. Most of his relationships with women are disastrous.

A Call For Help
A Long Walk
A Wet Day posted by Jenny
Bad Touching CEL-128: 10-10-10
Bosnian Babes In Rapeland
Castaways CEL-151: 10-10-10,
Cobbler's Bench CEL-131: 10-10-10
Coffee Break
Disrobing Mother
  #70 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; CEL-61: 10
Dog Breath
  #66 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; CEL-129: 10-10-10
Donna's Humiliation
Double Bang CEL-105: 10-9.5-9.5
Double Intensity
Getting Lucky #32 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97

Celeste says, "This author's stories are invariably well written. Recently the author has posted several stories with a con game focus. This is by far the best of that series." CEL-192: 10-10-10

Ginsu Memories CEL-129: 10-10-10
Hard Candy CEL-178: 10-10-10
Homeward Bound CEL-126: 10-10-10
Instant Romance Cel-179: 9-8-8
Insurance Exam
Just A Bad Day
Midnight Intruder CEL-177: 9.5-10-10
Morning Kisses
Perfect Match CEL-152: 10-9.5-9.5
Redemption CEL-282: 10-9-9
Seven Rings
Spare Change #38 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,CEL-51: 10
Stolen Kisses
The Mulberry Bush
True Love CEL-130: 10-9-9


has posted stories dealing with breath control, hanging and snuff. Among these are stories of his own and stories by other writers.

A Hell of an Evening Out (23k) (RP)
Ali's First Time (31k) (RP)
Ambivalent (17k)
An Entertainment (13k)
Carol and John on the Couch (10k) (RP)
Crazed Man (14k) (RP)
Curtain (6k)
Do You Want to Try? (9k) (RP)
Getting an Adjustment (6k) (RP)
Hair Crisis (29k), (RP)
Hearts (7k) (RP)
How to Handle Her (15k) (RP)
Li Chang Hangs (12k)
La pendaison de Li Chang french
  transl. by → Sala de Espera
Second Time (11k) (RP)
Submission (9k)
The Best Ever (11k) (RP)
The Chinese Watch (24k) (RP)
The Maid (9k) (RP)
The Next Act (9k) (RP)
The President's Mistress (16k) (RP)
Twelve Faithless Maids (24k)
Uwe and the River (14k)
Vietnam 1968 (22k) (RP)
Waiting (6k)
You Do The Crime, You Do the Time (17k) (RP)
You May .... the Bride (14k)


Description of Woman Masturbating CEL-215: 10-8-8
In the Middle of the Night CEL-61: 9
Old Friends CEL-215: 9-8-8
Rain CEL-73: 10-10-10
Surprise CEL-1: 5
Three's Company CEL-215: 9-8-7

dana williams

(MF/F, bd, nc, slavery)

My Berlin Summer, Chapter 1 (25k)
  Chapter 2 (35k)
  Chapter 3 (42k)
  Chapter 4 (26k)
  Chapter 5 (34k)
  Chapter 6 (41k)
  Chapter 7 (34k)
  Chapter 8 (21k)
  Chapter 9 (27k)
  Chapter 10 (23k)
  Chapter 11 (31k)
  Epilogue (10k)
The First Day (40k)


A Lousy Weather Forecast (19k)
A Man's Opinion (31k)
Haircut Deluxe (24k)
Let Me In! (27k)
Need A Hand (10k)
Nightshift -Part 1 (19k)
Nightshift -Part 2 (28k)
Pit Stop (14k)
Running in the Rain (20k)
The Tennis Accident (19k)
Waiting for Jessica (10k)
Wicked Waitress (13k)

daniel steven reinker

(a.k.a. Lord Dementia). He said: "I think that there is currently very little of sexual content in 'Controlling Jennifer'", which remained his only story and – unfinished. Originally posted in 1993.

Controlling Jennifer (295k) (OJC)

daphne conrad

wrote "New Dawn". It is a story containing two seperate story-telling-perspectives. One is about Dawn's adventures (or self- finding), the other about a building-up three-some-relationship between Phillip, Dawn and Lisa. Further stories are to be written.

New Dawn 1-4 (131k)
  5 (35k)
  6 (41k)
Making new connections (35k)
The Pub Game (29k)
Christmas Treats (A Dawn Story) (45k)
Talking with Debbie 1 (20k)
Talking with Debbie 2 (22k)
Talking with Debbie 3 (15k)
Talking with Debbie 4 (38k)
Talking with Debbie 5 (53k)
Talking with Debbie 6 (52k)

daphne xu

was away a while, but in 2003 she started to post again. She says, that she is still in the experimental phase of writing. She writes stories of all catagories.

Gazing (3k) [flash fest]
It Came (4k)
Johns-Living-Nightmare (81k)
Man-Sucking-Teen-Tampon (2k)
Minister-and-Little-Girl (33k)
1997 Teen Blow Job Tournament (12k)
  CEL-225: 9.5-10-10
  A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-15-97

Lady Cyrrh says: "The story was reminiscent of those Twilight Zone pieces like Deirdre's or Seurat's in that an everyday situation suddenly becomes sexualized ...The narrator of this adventure is a Chinese exchange student unfamiliar with American customs, which gives the story a nice touch: a double dose of strangeness worthy of the best literary fantasy out there.

1998 Teen Cunnilingus Tournament (119k)
 Annex reviews 3/30/00: A+ ; CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5
Tit-Torture-Free-Site (8k)
Touched-by-an-Angel (55k)
Virtual-Solstice-Party (7k)
Iolanthe (A Fragment, posted to ASSTR)

dark dreamer

writes rape stories. They are well done, if that is your thing. Word is he posted in the past as Jame and as → FROSTFLOWER, and now writes as John Argus. Several of these (marked OJC) are available in Old Joe's collection.

Dark Dreamer wrote stories for A.S.S. back in the early nineties and, unfortunately, hasn't been seen since. You'll find his classics such as 'Farm Girl' and 'The Junkyard Family' all over the internet, especially on any site that prides itself on violent fantasies ... which isn't to say DD only wrote such stories. When he did, however, he was able to make the victim's plight realistic, yet at the same time arousing. He wrote in a very crude, blunt manner but his stories were told well and never failed to satisfy. To all of us who still enjoy your writings to this day, Dark Dreamer, thanks! -- S. Bockman

African Drums (192k) (OJC)
Boarding School Rapists (Ff, 23k) (OJC)
Bus Stop Rapist
Coed's Slave Girl Fantasy (190k) (OJC)
Computer Room Rape (Mf inter, 77k) (OJC)
Daddy Dearest (Mf inc nc, 23k) (OJC)
Drugged Babysitter (22k) (OJC)
Elevator Rape CEL-132: 2-1-1, 11K (OJC)
Farm Girl (195 k) (OJC)
Frosh Night
Garage Rape (20k) (OJC)
Helpless (25k) (OJC)
Island of Terror (163k) (OJC, 8 parts)
Jeff's Family Harem (aka Mom & Sis in Chains) (190 k) (OJC)
Kidnapped Sex Slaves (193k) (OJC, 8 parts)
Marine Sex Slave (194k) (OJC, 9 parts)
Lesbian Rape (23k) (OJC)
Marines' Slut
  [1] ?
Parking Garage Rape (21k) (OJC)
Perils of Stacie (194k) (OJC, 8 parts)
Phone Booth Rape (16k) (OJC)
Pirates! (40k) {Pirate} (RP)
Rape at the Bus Stop (22k) (OJC)
Rape in a Field (31k) (OJC)
Rape in the Shower (56k) (OJC)
Raping Little Suzy (51k) (OJC)
Raping the Twins (42k) (OJC)
Rough Date
Shower Room Rape CEL-332: 9-6-5
Sorority Sex Slave (189k) (OJC, 8 parts)
The Cop Raper (Mf interr, 12k) (OJC)
The Heat Inside Her (MF FF bd, 43k) (OJC)
The Junkyard Family (186k) (OJC)
The Plumber (17k) (OJC)
The River
The Van Ride (1)(58k) (OJC)

Complete stories posted to ASSM as "Argus":
Captive of the Revolution (Part 1) (191k)
  (Part 2)
Kidnap Slave (Part 1) (185k)
  (Part 2)
Peruvian Story 1 (109k) [no part 2 detected]
The German Countess (Part 1) (189k)
  (Part 2)
The Japanese Nightmare (Part 1) (171k)
  (Part 2)
The Thailand Torture Toy (Part 1) (201k)
  (Part 2)

Note: There is also a bunch of incomplete stories posted by Pentland to ASS.

dark one

Hired Help 1-52

dark paladin

The Invention Part I-X
Keiichi's Best Worst Day I
The Feel (mf, mF, mc, preg) (11 parts)
The Girls of 90210
The King of Wet Dreams (MC)

dark pen

is the creator of stories containing various elements, all contain elements of BDSM - from relativly mild to very extreme, no snuff or mutilation, but he includes m/c, teen, blood, w/s and other stuff.

Avatar 1 -- Establishment (about 1 Mb, 50 chapters at ASSM)
Avatar 2 ongoing
Dancer 1 (34k)
Dancer 2 (58k)
Dancer 3 (41k)
Dancer 4 (48k)
Dancer 5 (60k)
Hunger (Part 1) (114k)
  (Part 2)
  (Part 3)
Office Games (485k) (13 parts)
Sets (29k)
The Law (Part1) (148k)
  (Part 2)
  (Part 3)
  (Part 4)
  (Part 5)

dark side

A Cry for Attention
Controlling Josie
Hell Hath No Fury (202k) #30 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Like a Good Neighbor
Open Communication
School Daze
Summer Vacation
The Chosen One
The Interview
Time with Brad

dark vision

Kathy Learns
Kathy Learns - The Next Day (168k)
Kathy Learns - Family Secrets
Lady Guinevere (MF FF mf ff fant rom 1st teen cons inc bro sis oral)
The Lottery 

dark wanderer

has written 118 short stories, all available on his web site. He seems to prefer his (white) wife being fucked by (black) men, preferably well hung, while he watches. If that is your dream, here it is. Last time we looked he had about 1800 stories of similar vein by other authors on his web page. See Annex B.

NW1 Efan
NW2 Oily
NW3 Boost for Youth
NW4 Satisfied Appetite
NW5 Hazel 1
NW6 Hazel 2
NW7 Contraception Catastrophe
NW8 Bobby Shafter
NW9 Cuckold's Confession
NW10 The Hired Help
NW11 Lusty Video
NW12 Boss
NW13 Cream for Pussy
NW14 Wonderful Wife
NW15 Picture of Excitement
NW16 King Curtis
NW17 Motel Mauling
NW18 Young Lover
NW19 Thrilling Threesome
NW20 Des Comes Round
NW21 Stationary Joyride
NW22 Sexy Belly
NW23 Game of Watching
NW24 Where There's Smoke
NW25 Outdoor Games
NW26 Black and White
NW27 A Changed Wife
NW28 Dark Desires
NW29 Gordon Blue
NW30 Innocents in Amsterdam
NW31 Strangers in the Night
NW32 Watching in the Wardrobe
NW33 The Watcher
NW34 Big Bill
NW35 A Model Wife
NW36 Arabian Nights
NW37 Short Stories
NW38 More Short Stories
NW39 Black Beauty CEL-126: 9-8-8
NW40 French Undressing
NW41 The Big Surprise
NW42 Jessica's Joy
NW43 Drinking with Dee
NW44 Holiday Humiliation
NW45 Young, Gifted and Black
NW46 One Dark Night
NW47 Long Hot Summer
NW48 Never Neglect Your Wife
NW49 Relieving the Tedium
NW50 An Even Bigger Surprise
NW51 Foreign Parts
NW52 Loose Loos
NW53 Dribbling and Shooting
NW54 The Thirty Eight Steps
NW55 Loan Ranger
NW56 Big Fun
NW57 Angie Again
NW58 Postal Orders
NW59 Dancing Queen
NW60 Girl and Dean
NW61 Warm and Thick
NW62 Not Too Drunk
NW63 French Tickling
NW64 Two Into One Does Go
NW65 The Sheffield Swingers
NW66 Snap Happy
NW67 Video Scene Stealer
NW68 It Happened Again!
NW69 Staying in Contact
NW70 Flatshare with a Difference
NW71 Me and Pat and George
NW72 Roadside Assistance
NW73 Limo Dreaming
NW74 Early Coming
NW75 Foreign Parts
NW76 Takes of Dick and Mandy
NW77 Closet Voyeur
NW78 Jolly Roger
NW79 Dressed Like a Tart
NW80 Back to the Stud
NW81 Public Service
NW82 Turkish Delight
NW83 An Italian Job
NW84 Slaving Away
NW85 Bonking the Boss
NW86 A Sucker for a Chopper
NW87 Lipstick Red Labia
NW88 Jamaican Rum
NW89 Humbled Husband
NW90 Long Strong John
NW91 Slick Sable Shaft
NW92 Virile Vic
NW93 A Write Mess
NW94 The Movie Business
NW95 I Dream of Gene
NW96 Maid for Sharing
NW97 Lost in a World of Lust
NW98 Kong Dong
NW99 African Adventure
NW100 Danger in Bare Back Riding
NW101 Sexy Shindig
NW102 Love Being a Wimp
NW103 An Injection of Seed
NW104 Mick's Night Out
NW105 Patsy's Monster Bite
NW106 Sultans of Swing
NW107 I've Come Out of Hiding
NW108 She Poses to Perfection
NW109 It's Not Always Size Which Matters
NW110 My Photogenic Wife
NW111 We've Been Rejuvinated
NW112 Another Man Joins the Club
NW113 Greeting Him with Open Arms
NW114 Look, More Hans
NW115 A Regular Guest
NW116 Prick From A Rose
NW117 Full Of Seamen
NW118 Two's Company

dastardly dave

Crystal's Fantasy
Kristen (139k)
Sam and Rhonda (187k)
Sweet Marie (38k)
Tonya 1 (42k)
Twin Trouble (89k) CEL-259: 8-8-7


A Helping Hand
Abandoned Women
And Mother Made Three
Family Traits
Forward Planning
Friend and Neighbour
Good Friends
Growing Closer
Happy Families
Help Please Daddy
I Promised Mom
It Was Cold Outside
Jack's Family Saga
Jenny's Surprise
Let Me Go
Lucky Guess
My Orphans
New Loving Family
Not Quite as it Seems
Please Daddy
Questions Answered
Rachel and her Family
Ruined Holiday
Sugar Daddy
The Fabulous Five
The Reluctant Father Figure
The Soccer Fixture
The Switch
The Tummy Rub
Wishes Do Come True

david lavenham

varies. He writes fantasies about any subject; incest, pedophilia, straight, gay, SM, bestiality, bondage, also stories based on requests from his fans.

A Rainy Day in Paris (12k)
Accidental Prostitute (11k)
Allisons wild exhibitionism stories : Adult Shop Flash (9k)
Caught in K-Mart  (9k)
DP in the Gym (6k)
Exhibitionist Slut at 14 (69k)
Fill my Hole (6k)
Forbidden Photography (17k) (RP)
Her only friend (5k)
Internet Abuse (14k)
Internet Swingers (10k)
Last Train Home (9k)
Monologue (4k)
Mother and Daughter (8k)
New Office Slave (19k)
New Office Slave Part 2 (9k)
Office Affair (7k)
Our First Time (6k)
Porn Shop Orgy (8k)
Screwed (15k)
She Was Asking For It (6k)
Ski Chalet Swingers Part 1 (10k)
Ski Chalet Swingers Part 2 (8k)
Ski Chalet Swingers Part 3 (11k)
Ski Chalet Swingers Part 4 (7k)
Ski Trip Swing Story (16k)
Subjugating Allison (35k)
The BDSM Endurance Show (28k)
The Bestiality Club (22k)
The Experiment (8k)
The Hamilton Family (15k)
The Hamiltons – Home Video (8k)
The Hamiltons – My daughter the prostitute (7k)
The Hamiltons – Teaching our kids about sex (14k)
The Hamiltons – The Orgy (10k)
The Lady Loves to Pee (6k)
The Lady Loves to Pee Part 2 (8k)

david lawrence

An Exhibition
Autumn Sonata CEL-249: 9-10-9
Cyndi's Letter CEL-248: 9-7-6.5
End of the Innocence CEL-243: 10-10-10
Intersection CEL-326: 10-10-10
Keith's Letter
Purple Tornado CEL-273: 9-10-10
Reckless 1-5 CEL-249: 8-9-10
Speechless CEL-280: 9-10-10
The Rules of the Game CEL-279: 10-10-10

david oberman

(TV and celeb sories with bond, tort, beast)

Anna Kournikova at Marineland (43k)
Archies - Betty and Me (349k)
Archies - Veronica Gets Her Turn (260k)
Bo Derek Discovers the Beast (260k)
Britney Spears - House and Dogs For Sale  (48k)
Charmed - Monkey Business (65k)
Dr. Quinn - Colleen Gets Educated (221k)
Full House - Motherly Advice (180k)
JAG - Mac's Witching Hour (107k)
Jillian Barberie - Adopt-A-Fucking-Pet (100k)
Land of the Giants (143k)
Picket Fences - Kidnapped (67k)
Picket Fences - Maxine's Circus Investigation (80k)
Salt and Pepper (80k)
Serious Relationships (216k)
Shania Twain, the Making of a Video (66k)
Spring Breakdown  (54k)
Stargate - Legacy's Side Effect (71k)
Survivor 2 - Alternate story of Amber (75k)
Survivor 2 - Jerri Is A Real Bitch (93k)
WKRP - Bailey's First Date with Johnny (55k) CEL-361: 6-6-6
Xena - Aphrodite's Revenge (73k)

david shaw

A Yank In The Outhouse (64k)
Avoiding The Missionary Position (55k)
Baked 'n Shaked (25k)
Dr Watson And The Ravishing Raqueteer (137k)
Dr Watson's Wanton Wimbledon (137k)
Dragon Sweat - First Scroll (72k)
Dragon Sweat - Second Scroll (59k)
Dragon Sweat - Third Scroll (53k)
  all 3 parts (182k)
Home Sweet Homeland (53k)
Hooked (47k) CRIM-7: [8,10,10,9]
Horsing Around (11k)
Laid Aloft (39k) CEL-351: 10-8-7
Manhattan Man Hunt (68k)
Oh, Jeeves! (51k)
Old Europe (24k)
Riding The Javelin (55k)
Some Helping Hands For Amy (5k)
  CRIM-20: [9,8,6,6]
Special Effects (43k)
The Boys From Belteguese (89k)
The Gunpowder Gals (104k)
The Hotel (4k)
The Hunt Girls (60k)
  A+ rating Annex Reviews 9/2/02
The Park Lark (54k)
The Snakepit (74k)
The Toilets Have Landed (44k)
The X Flights (16k)
Triked, Tricked, Trolloped (62k) CEL-321: 8.5-8-8
Trust Us, We're Salesmen (40k)
Vestal Virgin Spacelines (16k)

david the mild

Liz's Big Payday ***


Cary CEL-210: 10-10-10
Julia CEL-156: 10-9-9
Susan CEL-173: 7-8-8
Tricia CEL-180: 10-10-10

dawn harvey

was appeared at ASSM in 2004. Story codes are mostly nc, mc, reluct

At the Movies
- The First Hour (26k)
- The Second Hour (19k)
- After the Show (39k)
Controlling Sarah
- A Twist of Fate (43k)
- In The Beginning (41k)
- The Blackmail Continues (25k)
Susan's Request
- Ch. 1 (42k)
- Ch. 2 (30k)
- Ch. 3 (43k)
- Ch. 4 (50k)
The Bus Ride (24k)
The Last Dance (20k)
The Last Dance (revised) (30k)

day dreamer

BitBard wrote on his site, where these stories are stored:

Indication of greatness is that this author's works are here despite the fact that I'm not usually a fan of incest. I'm not a fan of terrorizing people either but I enjoy a good Steven King novel now and again. I guess what I'm a fan of is good writing and it doesn't matter what you think you like or dislike – a good writer can draw you into his world however briefly. Where good writing is concerned, there aren't many author's in Day Dreamer's league. Bitbard

Daydreamer's stories are collected at Bitbard's site. Links below are from the ASSM text archives.

A Girl Named Charlie CEL-237: 10-10-10
Back Home on the Farm
Cousins (122k) ***, CEL-241: 10-10-10
Donny's Lessons from Mom 75k
Lennie's First Date 1-3 (incomplete)
Little Sister's Helping Hand
My Daughter's Roommate
Niccole's Cotton Panties *A rating Annex Review 12-14-97
Scandia: A Swedish Rhapsody CEL-264: 10-10-10
Sister's Secret Urges
Skinny Dipping with My Maiden Aunt CEL-159: 9-9.5-9.5
Skinny Dipping - the Sequel
Teaching Little Niece
Teaching Little Sis
Teaching the Teacher
Tender Loving Care
The Bad Girl CEL-256: 9-9-9


writes fem-bot-stories. There are so many, that I not read all of them. Mostly, they have a length of about 9,000 words. If you remember the "Westworld" movies with Yul Brunner (end of the 70's), and you liked them, than you have to read. The 'Lisa's Tales' were written as a follow-on to EHY's original Courtesy Suites story, which may be found at his web-site:

Abandoned Property (70k) (RV)
Animal Genes: Were-Am-I (18k)
Aunt Lonnie and Me (52k)
Aunt Lonnie and Me (Revised) (57k)
Barbara's Journey (95k) (RV)
Betrayal and Jill (66k)
Domme-in-a-Box: Domme's Story (38k)
Encounters: CowGirl (50k)
Encounters: Pig Girl (28k)
Encounters: The Mare (24k)
Fembot Studies (55k)
Fred's Story (119k)
G. Jane (76k) (RV)
Honey Dew (22k)
Christine's Escape (59k) (RV)
Jungle Bunny (58k) (RV)
Lindsey's Story (56k) (RV)
Lisa's Tale 1 (54k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 2 (35k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 3 (47k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 4 (30k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 5 (43k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 6 (62k)
Lisa's Tale 7 (58k)
Mandy (57k) (RP/RV)
Marilyn (50k) [sapphic fest]
Meeting of the Board (63k)
My First Robot (37k)
My Working Weekend (41k)
Pickup at the Robot Club 1 (47k) (RP)
Pickup at the Robot Club 2 -
  - Meeting Tammy (43k)
Relationships 101: The Test (5k)
Repair Station: A Zansasi Highway Adventure (10k)
Rescuing Silver (76k)
Robert Steel (61k)
Robot Poetry: Forbidden Love (3k)
Samantha's Tale (67k) (RV)
Sex-Toy Story: Part Next (65k)
Souvenir From Westworld (37k)
Still Life: Ellie (100k)
Strip Club Tales: Beth (40k)
Strip Club Tales: Kassie (66k)
Strip Club Tales: Olivia (61k)
Switch (31k)
Sylvia's Secret (60k)
The Boxer (81k)
The Picky Customer: A Lady Sally Story (46k)
The Playroom 3: Dolls Night In (23k) (RP)
The Rescue of DB_Story (68k) (RV)
Three Strikes Against Her (76k)
Toyland: A Zansasi Highway Adventure (126k)

dd dave

Becks's Bust Out Party
Clara's Cleavage
Hillary's Hills
Toh's Story

deana johns

has been writing erotica for some years. I created the first lines of this entry in August, 2003 and the same night Deanna got pissed off due to another ASSM/ASSD-contributor(ess). He posted to usenet:

As of this moment (Saturday, August 23rd, 1:29 AM) Deana Johns and all my stories are PERMANENTLY gone from the Internet."

-- which of course is not true, Google has most of them. Some more can be find using, if you're tricky enough.

In The Darkness CEL-353: 9-9.5-9.5
 (MFf) (141k)
Castle In The Sand 1 (198k)
  2 (198k)
  3 (196k)
  4 (200k)
  5 (196k)
  6 (184k)
  7 (213k)
  8 (111k)
  9 (249k)
  10 (187k)
  11 (243k)
  12 (166k)
  13 (224k)
  14 (184k)
Savant (incomplete, 17 parts) about 3,5Mb, 580.000 words
 T-Joy Julie 1 (47k)

deborah the cowgirl

is not identical with Cowgirl and is writing about FF/M, Lesbian Femdom, BDSM, Forced Orgasm and other such things.

Cageless Captivity (22k)
Cult of One (23k)
Moth to the Flame (36K)
Panty Slut (19k)
Strip Poker (13k)
Taste for Pussy, Part 1 (19k)
Taste for Pussy, Part 2 (16k)
Taste for Pussy, Part 3 (19k)
Taste for Pussy, Part 3 (20k)
Taste for Pussy, Part 4 (14k)
Worship my Ass (7k)
Worship my Feet (7k)

ded heather

first posted her stories to alt.torture but in last time to a.s.s.m. Her stories are describing torture and humiliation, in last time also involving rape fantasies. She writes in an autobiographical style. This style leads you thinking about if her stories are fantasies or real life. (in order of posting)

The Taking Of Heather (pt. 1) (pt. 2)
Heather Meets the Vile Gamer (pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3)
The Torture of Heather (pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3) (pt. 4) (pt. 5)
The Return of the Vile Gamer (pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3) (pt. 4)
Heather's Crazed Fan (pt. 1) (pt. 2)
Rachel on the Rails (pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3)
The Burning of Miranda (pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3) (pt. 4) (pt. 5)
Closing Time (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

deep blue

has created the "Adventures of Carrie" series.

Adventures of Carrie: Waiting 1-11
  A Day at the Office
  Motel Afternoon


is an enigma on the group and likes it that way. She wrote 156 stories, putting her well into the ranks of the most prolific authors, then or again, disappeared with Come on, Deirdre. There are other anonymous remailers. I use one. All her stories are different and defy categorisation. They are mostly short and usually involve some newly awakened sexual compulsion. Highly recommended for those who consider the brain an erogenous zone. Deirdre figured prominently in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, taking 11 of the 100 positions. Then Deirdre disappeared. I bet there are another 156 stories lurking, waiting on a chance to appear. Where are you Deirdre?

Deirdre wrote something like 150 or more stories, and by that feat alone, I think she should be in the Hall of Fame. The stories covered all topics, many codes, most kinks and squicks. They were always well written, and often ended with interesting twists. Often, the characters got themselves into the oddest situations, some compulsion they just couldn't help, and they traveled further and further down the slippery slope. [...] Deirdre could write about women or men, same-sex or hetero, or interesting combinations thereof. She was willing to try her hand at almost any type of story, and did a superb job. -- BlueWords (David)

Piper :

Celestial ratings: Most of these stories were originally given a single number. When Celeste re-posted the reviews of these stories, she changed the ratings to her newer 3-number system. All but one of Deirdre stories have been reviewed (missing "Witch"). Where I know, I've given the original CR edition number, otherwise I give a repost edition number. Also, I mention if the story made it to a top 100 ranking.

The recently posted/reposted story "Deliberate" has been left out of this list. It doesn't appear to be genuine Deirdre -- wrong writing style, wrong story style (I've read all 156 of these titles so I know the formula), and it's too new. Unless Deirdre is making a comeback with a new mission statement, which I haven't seen anything of yet, then someone else posted using the same moniker. So until I know better, I'll assume the worst. -- Piper

All the following stories are archived on BitBard's site.

After (f: [mf] [ff] spanking) Cel-24: 8
Afternoon (f: f) Cel-24: 10
Airport (f: ff ds) Cel-24: 10
Assignment (f: ff mf bd) Cel-25: 10-10-10
Back (m: [mf] mm anal) Cel-23: 10-9-9
Backfire (f: ff mf) Cel-25: 10-8-7
Ball (f: mm mf ff anal) Cel-129: 9.5-10-9.5
Bank (f: [ff] teen spank mild) Cel-?: 10-10-9.5
Basement (m: ff bd sm) Cel-37: 10-8-8
Beach (f: mf [ff]) Cel-25: 10-9-8
Bet (m: ds bd sm [mf] [ff]) Cel-26: 10-8-8
Big (f: ff fff) Cel-46: 9-6-6
Birthday (f: mf anal bd ds) Cel-26: 10-10-10
Bracelet (f: [ff] ds [sm]) Cel-26: 10-8-8
Bride (f: [mf] [ff]) Cel-27: 9-7-6
Bridesmaid (f: [ff] ds [sm]) Cel-27: 10-10-10
Brother (f: mf teen incest) Cel-27: 10-8-8
Cabin (f: mm mf hypnotism) Cel-28: 9-8-8
Camp (f: ff teen seduction) Cel-131: 10-8-7
Checkup (f: ff ds) Cel-28: 9-6-6
Cheerleader (m: mm mf anal) Cel-80: 9.5-9-8.5
Chest (f: ff mf ds anal bd sm) Cel-28: 10-6-6
  2002 Classical Clit Award
Clean (f: ff ds sm bd) Cel-29: 10-9-8
Clique (f: [ff] sm bd) Cel-29: 9-6-5
Closet (f: mf ff nc bd sm) Cel-29: 10-8-8
Coffee (f: ff ds sm bd) Cel-30: 10-10-10
College (f: [ff] [mf] [sm] [ds]) Cel-2: 5.5
Company (f: [ff] bd sm) Cel-30: 10-10-10
Compensation (m: mf anal mm bd ds [sm]) Cel-30: 9-8-7
Convention (m: mf mm ff nc bd anal) Cel-31: 10-10-10
Couch (f: mf voyeurism) Cel-4: 10-8-8
Cousin (f: ff mf [ds]) Cel-31: 10-9-9
Cozy (m: mf anal ds [ff]) Cel-31: 10-9-9
Date (f: mf mystery) Cel-80: 10-9.5-9.5
Daughter (f: mf group anal [ff]) Cel-32: 10-9-8
Daydream (f: [ff]) Cel-32: 10-8-8
Deal (m: ff mf) Cel-32: 10-10-10
Debt (m: mf [ff]) Cel-33: 10-10-10
Denial (m: mm mf anal) Cel-132: 10-9.5-9.5
Desire (f: mm mf) Cel-69: 10-10-7
Dip (f: ff ds) Cel-33: 10-10-10
Dive (f: mf [ff] [mm]) Cel-33: 10-9-9
Doctor (f: bd mf ff ds sm) Cel-34: 10-8-7
Door (f: mf [ff] spanking) Cel-34: 10-8-5
Drawer (f: fm mm [ff] ds sm bd) Cel-34: 10-9-9
Dream (f: [ff] [mf]) Cel-20: 10-9-8
Dress (m: mf tv ds [mm]) Cel-35: 10-9-9
Drop (m: mf ff sm ds anal inc) Cel-35: 10-10-8
Dunes (m: mm mf ff) Cel-23: 10-10-10
Easy (m: mf ff anal) Cel-35: 10-9-9
Entertainment f: ff ds [mf]   10-8-8 36
Everything (f: mf bd sm [ff] anal) Cel-36: 10-7-4
Exam (m: mf [mm] [ff] [bd] [anal]) Cel-36: 10-8-6
Experiment (f: [ff] bd mind-control) Cel-38: 10-10-10
Fashion (m: mf ff infidelity) Cel-47: 10-10-10
Field (f: mf ff superman) Cel-38: 10-9-9
Fixup (f: mf [ff]) Cel-38: 10-7-5
Flight (f: mf [ff] daydreams) Cel-39: 10-8-7
Foreign (f: ff teen sm bd ds) Cel-39: 10-7-7
Found (f: [hypnotism] [mf] [sm]) Cel-37: 10-9-9
Four (f: ds bd [sm] [mf] [ff]) Cel-81: 10-9-8
Freebie (f: mf [ff] oral public) Cel-22: 10-10-10
Friend (f: [ff] sm) Cel-40: 10-7-5
Games (f: ds sm [mf] ff bd) Cel-40: 10-9-9
Gathering (m: mf ff ds incest mystery) Cel-40: 10-9-8
Girlfriend (f: mf ff teen incest) Cel-41: 10-9-8
Glance (m: nc mf [ff] bd ds) Cel-41: 10-8-8
Grad (f: ds [sm] [ff]) Cel-41: 10-9-9
Groom (f: [mf]) Cel-42: 10-10-10
Habit (f: sm [mf] [ff]) Cel-42: 10-10-9
Hear (f: ff fff) Cel-20: 10-10-10
Help (m: mf ff) Cel-42: 10-10-10
Hidden (m: fm ds incest spanking) Cel-57: 10-9.5-10
Home (m: mm [ff] [mf] ds) Cel-43: 10-7-7
Honeymoon (m: [mf] mystery) Cel-39: 10-8-5
House (f: mm mff bd [sm] mc) Cel-37: 10-10-10
Idea (m: [mf] [ff] seduction) Cel-134: 10-9-9
Initiation (f: [mf] ds [sm]) Cel-43: 10-9-8
Interview (f: ff daydreams) Cel-43: 10-8-8
Interview2 (m: mf mm daydreams) Cel-44: 10-8-8
Julie (f: ds [ff] [mf] [sm]) Cel-44: 9-5-4
Key (m: mf [ff] [ds]) Cel-37: 10-8-7
Lake (f: [ff] bd [ds] [sm]) Cel-44: 10-9-9
Landlady (f: ds mf ff) Cel-45: 10-9-8
Lawyer (f: ff) Cel-45: 10-9-9
Lunch (f: [mf] ff bd sm) Cel-45: 10-8-7
Mall (f: ff anal) Cel-81: 10-10-10
Merge (f: mf ff ds bd) Cel-37: 10-9-9
Model (m: mf ff bd sm) Cel-46: 10-8-7
Mom (f: ff[ds][sm][bd][incest]teen) Cel-46: 10-9-9
Month (f: ff[mf] ds bd[sm]supermode) Cel-46: 10-10-10
Motel (m: [mf]) Cel-47: 10-8-8
Mouth (m: mf oral frustration) Cel-135: 10-8-7
Move (f: ff mm mystery) Cel-135: 10-8-7
Movie (f: ds mf ff) Cel-47: 10-9-9
Neighbor (f: mf ff sm ds) Cel-47: 10-8-7
Neighbor2 (m: mf ff anal ds bd sm) Cel-48: 10-8-8
Neighbor3 (f: mf ff sm ds) Cel-48: 10-8-7
Niece (f: ff) Cel-48: 10-9-9
Nurse (f: mf anal mystery nurse) Cel-49: 10-7-5
Older (f: ff spanking) Cel-21: 10-10-10
Other (f: mm mf) Cel-57: 10-10-10
Over (f: [ff] slavery) Cel-49: 10-9-8
Park (m: mf) Cel-49: 10-8-7
Partners (m: mf ff mm anal nc bd ds sm) Cel-50: 10-8-8
Party (f: sm ds bd [ff] [mf]) Cel-50: 10-5-5
Pat (f: ff teen incest ds [sm]) Cel-50: 10-9-9
Patient (f: [ff] [sm] ds) Cel-136: 10-8-7
Photo (f: [ff] [ds]) Cel-51: 10-10-10
Plan (f: [ff] [mf] ds) Cel-69: 9-8-6
Pool (f: ff ds sm bd) Cel-51: 10-8-6
Practice (m: mf ds ff nurse) Cel-136: 10-8-7
Preparation (m: mf mm anal seduction) Cel-136: 10-10-10
Program (m: mf ff anal) Cel-51: 10-10-10
Reception (f: ff mf) Cel-22: 10-10-10
Recommendationf: ff [mf] teen seduction 10-10-10    52
Retreat (f: sm bd ds [ff] [mf]) Cel-52: 10-9-9
Reward (m: mf [mm] seduction) Cel-52: 10-8-7
Rock (f: mf [ff] exhibitionism) Cel-137: 10-10-10
Romance (f: [ff] repression) Cel-53: 10-7-5
Roommate (f: mf ff ds sm bd) Cel-53: 10-8-8
Run (m: mf mm tv ds) Cel-4: 10-9-8
Seat (f: mf ds) Cel-137: 10-10-10
Secretary (f: [ff] [sm]) Cel-53: 10-8-7
Shop (f: [ff]) Cel-54: 10-10-10
Show (3: mf ff anal silly) Cel-137: 10-8-8
Sight (f: mf [ff]) Cel-54: 10-8-7
Sitter (f: ff mf bd sm ds) Cel-54: 10-8-7
Slave (f: [ff] ds) Cel-54: 10-9-9
Society (f: ff [mf] sm bd ds) Cel-54: 10-10-10
Spa (m: mf mm ff nc anal bd ds) Cel-54: 10-9-9
Spring (f: ff hypnotism) Cel-21: 10-10-10
Stars (f: mf [ff]) Cel-69: 10-9-9
Storm (m: mf anal ds ff sm) Cel-55: 10-10-10
Summer (m: mf [ff] ds anal mm bd nc) Cel-55: 10-9-9
Surprise (m: mf mm [ff] nc anal) Cel-55: 10-10-10
Swap (m: mm ff nc bd ds) Cel-56: 10-8-7
Sweet (m: mf [ff] bd nc) Cel-56: 10-9-9
Tape (m: mm mf anal nc) Cel-56: 10-8-8
Teacher (f: ff ds [mf]) Cel-57: 10-9-9
Tech (f: [ff] [mf] ds [sm]) Cel-57: 10-6-6
Temp (f: [ff] repression seduction ds) Cel-138: 10-8-8
Trial (f: mf ff [mff]) Cel-70: 10-10-10
Trip (m: mf [ff]) Cel-37: 10-10-10
Try (f: ff anal) Cel-57: 10-9-9
Tryout (f: ff ds [sm] bd) Cel-58: 10-9-9
Tutor (f: mf ff frustration) Cel-58: 10-9-9
Twin (m: mf nc) Cel-58: 10-10-10
Upstairs (m: ds sm [ff]) Cel-59: 10-9-9
Visit (f: ff [incest] ds sm) Cel-59: 10-9-9
Wait (f: mf) Cel-139: 10-8-7
Waitress (f: [ff] spanking) Cel-59: 10-10-10
Walk (f: mf public) Cel-38: 10-9-8
Wife (f: mf ds ff) Cel-139: 10-8-7
Witch (m: ff mf mm ds bd [sm])
Work (f: mf [ff] seduction) Cel-139: 10-8-7


doesn't like his stories reposted, so as a reposter, Ole Joe has left him alone. He will say that "Strip Chess," not Delta's favourite story, will forever remain one of his. This story was Celeste's #2 pick for 1995. "Anything" was Celeste's first pick for her Top 100 for 1996. Seven of Delta's 17 stories have made Celeste's Top 100 in 1995 or 1996. Jump in and read them. All are different and all very well executed. (Ole Joe: 'If I could get a steady diet of them, I'd be content to read Delta stories forever.')

Delta announced retirement in August of 2001. The beauty of Delta's stories, many of them, is that they feature characters who have a realistic, even fatalistic grasp of the world. They see the dirt, the workaday existance, the drab exterior and shabby furnishings. And despite this, some small part of their souls lifts them above, even if only for a moment. Some small act of kindness with no expectation of return; some act of charity despite cynicism; some tenderness when the first impulse is indifference turns these people into heroes. And sometimes they are rewarded. Delta didn't exactly write romance - Delta wrote romantically. Delta's stories have captured a bit of my heart. I consider Delta a must-read. (Start with the taxi stories.) -- Gary Jordan

A Cold Day in Hell (78k) (RP)
  CEL-157: 10-10-10, #84 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
A Question of Honour (1) CEL-326: 10-9-9 (24k) (RP)
Amphitheatre (14k) CRIM-29: [10,10,10,10],
Anything (34k)
  #1 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, CEL-189: 10-10-10
Autumnal Orgy (7k)
  {Dark Omega for Delta}
Coincidence (44k)
  #45 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, CEL-189: 10-10-10
Dark was the Path (10k)
  #48 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, CEL-189: 10-10-10
End Of The Line (66k) {WriterSwap}
Fast CEL-189: 10-9-9
Fire and Ice (13k; RP) CEL-275: 10-10-10
For Celeste CEL-189: 10-10-10
Guided Visualization (16k) CEL-167: 10-10-9
Heads or Tails (13k) CEL-272: 10-10-10
Hotsprings (1) (363k) CEL-189: 10-10-10
  #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Kin (34k; RP)
  #11 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, CEL-189: 10-10-10
Lucid Dreamer (Part 1) + (Part 2) (125k)
  CEL-171: 10-8-10; #54 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Make ***** Fast CEL-138: 10-10-10
Muse CEL-346: 10-10-8
One of Those Days CEL-83: 10-9.5-9.5
Revenge is a Dish Best Served ... CEL-368: 9-10-10 (27k)
Scars (29k)
Smalltown Scandal (18k)  CEL-273: 10-10-10, (RP)
Strip Chess (1) (209k)
  CEL-189: 10-10-10; #2 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Taxi Tales 1: Lost Fares (24k)  CEL-281: 10-10-10 (RP)
Taxi Tales 2: Missed Connections (22k) (RP)
Taxi Tales 3: Lost and Found (18k) CEL-284: 10-10-10 (RP)
The Cafeteria (67k) (RP)
The Chambermaid (12k) (RP) CEL-189: 10-10-10
The Darkening (31k)
The Fast (39k)  CEL-67: 10-9-9, (RP)
The Garden of Contemplation CEL-169: 10-10-10
The Good Neighbour (19k) (RP)
  #15 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995 CEL-189: 10-10-10
The Whipping Post (20k) CEL-168: 10-10-10, (RP)
  #97 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Winter's Night (14k)
You Can't Get There From Here (16k) (PC (late))


has posted about 40 stories and 9 poems to ASSM since 1998. The poems she wrote are: "The Bereft Pussy", "Sonnet 2", "Sonnet 1", "My Valentine", "Lurid Love", "A Haiku", "His Healing Touch" and "The Flames of Love".

At her website at she is hosting the Fishtank, a writer's workshop. After Ruthie died Desdmona also cares on Ruthie's Club (that's probably the reason, why I didn't see a new story of this talented author at ASSM for a long time).

(p) The Bereft Pussy (2k)
A Cool November Morning (9k) [Blanket-Party]
A Clue (3k)
A Gift For You CEL-291: 7-8-8 (9k)
A Night Out (1) (12k)
A Perfect Pose (11k) (Song Fest)
A Samhain Reward (24k)
A View To A Thrill (15k)
Abyss and Amuck and a Really Good Fuck (5k) CRIM-4: [10,10,--,9], (220 Challenge)
Agent Jackson Parks: The Pearly Gates (32k)
Alone (2k)
Anathema  (2k)
Anything You Ask (1) (49k)
Art Gallery (3k)
Bianca Sends a Warning (19k) [virago challenge]
Cage (3k)
Candy Bar Surprise (3k) [choco-erotica], CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10]
Cherry Blossoms CEL-375: 10-10-10, 21K
Chocolate Covered Cherries (20k) CRIM-19: [10,10,10,10]
Chocolate Covered Cherries (20k) (RP/POV)
Convalescence (3k)
County Fair (28k)
Curiosity (3k)
Deep Breath (15k) CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10]
Drumming Up Lust (9k)
Existence (2k)
Fated Lovers (17k)
From Dusk Til Dawn (30k) (P2C)
Georgia Peach (15k)
Grandma's Getting Naked On The Cam Again  (4k) (SpamGame)
Hand in Hand (4k) (Birth), CRIM-14: [10,10,10,10]
Hide-N-Seek (3k) [sapphic fest]
Howl At The Moon (1) (30k) (rp)
  (2) (22k)
Hurry (3k)
It's Just Ice (9k)
Journey Into Sexual Awareness (9k)
Kama Sutra: Position Twenty-Two (12k)
Lost (3k)
Moon Ghosts and Memory Boxes (25k) [summer rom fest]
No Substitute (2k) [flash fest]
Obsession (4k) [summer rom fest]
Oh, So Sweet! (16k)
Peach Satin and Ecru Lace (22k)
Photographs and Memories (33K) CEL-374: 10-10-10
Release Me (4k)
Revealing Vignette: Journey Into Sexual Awareness II (25k) (RP)
Rough Cut (19 chapters posted to ASSM in 2004)
Sea Legs (17k)
Seasonal Kisses (7k)
Some Itches You Have To Scratch (8k)
The Balcony (10k)
The Car (6k)
The Discernable Heart (12k)
The Kiss: A Ghost Story (1) (43k) CEL-344: 10-10-10 (with Poison Ivan)
The Lone Window (8k)
The Memory Star (16k)
The Nine-Minute Ritual (6k) CEL-378: 9-10-10
The Pussy Pact: Journey Into Sexual Awareness III (19k)
The Studebaker CEL-324: 9-9-9
The Think System (16k)
Til Death Do Us Part (15k)
What A Beautiful Day (8k) {Wedding}
Wilting Matilda (3k)


What do I say about DG? Most every story has been rated 10-10-10 by Celeste or an A by Lady Cyrrh. They are all a different, all very well done. Read some.

Adrenaline Games #35 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
  CEL-231: 10-10-10
A Cruise to Remember 10-10-10
A Scandal in Beverly Hills CEL-211: 10-10-9
A Three-Day Cruise CEL-269: 10-10-10
Banana Split CEL-272: 10-10-10
Blood and Sand CEL-275: 10-10-10
  (Note: A typographical error at the end of the review
   is stating 10-8-8 but 10-10-10 is correct.)
Blue Sky CEL-224: 10-9.5-9 (66k)
Don't Panic CEL-256: 10-10-9
Double Cross Fiddler: CEL-337: 10-8-10
Lady Killer CEL-336: 10-9-9
Night of the Camel *A rating Annex Reviews,
  CEL-212: 10-8-8
Remote-Control Wife
Snow Flake #33 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
  CEL-245: 10-10-10
That Mardi Gras Spirit CEL-292: Mike Ink: 10-10-9.5
The Call of Desire CEL-251: 10-10-10
The Gangbang - Seinfeld CEL-177: 10-10-10
The Garden Of Tranquility CEL-302: 10-10-10
The Houseguest CEL-191: 10-10-10
The Man Who Ate Women CEL-322: 10-10-10
The Tingle - Seinfeld CEL-226: 10-10-10
Therapy CEL-198: 10-10-5
Two Women, Two Fantasies CEL-262: 10-10-10
What Mary Needs CEL-270: 10-8-8
X-Files: Incubus (173k)


writes hypno-stories about celebrities and fan fiction (star trek and marvel comics). The stories are on his site at The writer is on hiatus at present.

Carmen Sandiego CEL-206: 6-5-5
  Sandiego1.txt - Sandiego2.txt - Sandiego3.txt - Sandiego4.txt
Celebrity Hypnotist
01 - Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, J Aniston and Lauren Holly
02 - Daphne Zuniga, Lisa Kudrow and Helen Hunt
  part 1 - part 2
03 - Tea Leoni, Mary Hart and Faith Ford
04 - A Silverstone, U Thurman, N Kidman, K Basinger,
  D Barrymore and M Pfeiffer
  ch04-1.txt - ch04-2.txt - ch04-3.txt - ch04-4.txt
05 - Same as 4 Part 1 - Part 2
06 - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heather Locklear
  ch06-1.txt - ch06-2.txt - ch06-3.txt - ch06-4.txt
07 - Neve Campbell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Debbe Dunning
  and Patricia Richardson
  ch07-1.txt - ch07-2.txt - ch07-3.txt - ch07-4.txt - ch07-5.txt
08 - Jenna Elfman, Carmen Elektra and Jenny McCarthy
  ch08-1.txt - ch08-2.txt - ch08-3.txt
09 - Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and Isabella Rosselinni
  ch09-1.txt - ch09-2.txt - ch09-3.txt - ch09-4.txt
10 - The Spice Girls
  ch10-1.txt - ch10-2.txt - ch10-3.txt - ch10-4.txt - ch10-5.txt
11 - Tyra Banks, Sandra Bullock
  ch11-1.txt - ch11-2.txt - ch11-3.txt - ch11-4.txt - ch11-5.txt
12 - Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta Jones & Claudia Schiffer
  ch12-1.txt - ch12-2.txt - ch12-3.txt
13 - Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie & Deborah Kara Unger
  ch13-1.txt - ch13-2.txt - ch13-3.txt - ch13-4.txt
14 - Liz Hurley, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor & Natalie Imbruglia
  ch14-1.txt - ch14-2.txt - ch14-3.txt
15 - Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain & Toni Braxton
  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
16 - Nicole Eggert, Yasmine Bleeth & Erika Eleniak
  ch16-1.txt - ch16-2.txt - ch16-3.txt
17 - Thandie Newton, Amanda Thompson, Kim Delaney and Gina Gershon
  ch17-1.txt - ch17-2.txt - ch17-3.txt - ch17-4.txt - ch17-5.txt
18 - Famke Janssen, Michelle Yeoh & Sophie Marceau
Celebrity Rapist
Cliches: A Cyber-Mockumentary CEL-328: 8-8-8, Annex 5/30/99: A
  Cliches01.txt - Cliches02.txt
College Haze CEL-198: 7-9-10, Part 1 - Part 2
Dr Quinn Meets Reality
Hypnotic Revenge - Payback
Infinity Gauntlet - Thanos Meets Reality
Infinity War - Universal Doom
JLA - Dark Angel Jla01.txt - Jla25.txt
JLA/Avengers - The Forgotten JA01.txt - JA15.txt
Marvel: Evolution. Mvlevo01.txt - Mvlevo45.txt
  - Age Of Onslaught Aoo01.txt - Aoo37.txt
  - Herald Of Armageddon. Marvel01.txt - Marvel23.txt
Seinfeld – No Man's Land CEL-309: 9-9-9
Seinfeld – The Blowjob CEL-177: 9-9-9
Smurfs Meet Reality CEL-202: 4-4-4
Spider-Man: Manipulations (169k)
Star Trek DS9: Immortal Voyagers Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Star Trek DS9: Logic. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Star Trek DS9: 3. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
Star Trek: Future Imperfect Tos01 - Tos04.txt
Star Trek: TNG - Complexities and Paradoxes CEL-179: 9-8-9, 
  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Star Trek: TNG - Shadows CEL-236: 10-10-10
  TNG2-1.txt - TNG2-7.txt
Star Trek: Voyager - Temptations Voy01.txt - Voy07.txt
Superman/L&C - Superman Meets Reality
TombRaider - Lara's Defeat CEL-276: Kim: 9-8-8
  Raider01.txt - Raider02.txt  Raider03.txt  Raider04.txt
Wonder Woman/Captain America: Alpha Child CEL-265: 8-8-6,
  Alpha01.txt - Alpha11.txt
X-Files: Grandmaster Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
X-Men: Crimson Dawn Crimson1.txt - Crimson7.txt
X-Men: Prof. X Meets Reality
X-Men: Something Sinister This Way Comes CEL-195: 5-8-6, X-Men1.txt - X-Men6.txt
eXcalibur: Inner Circle

dire wolf

(Stories about M+ff, teens, nc, fisting, toys, size, f/horse+)

Carmel's Nightly Jog (47k)
Destiny's Draw Part 1 (59k)
Destiny's Draw Part 2 (74k)
Hope's Initiation (26k)
Katie the Cocktease 1 (50k)
Katie the Cocktease 2 (41k)
Kristi's Mistake (47k)
Kristin's Conversion 1 (53k)
Kristin's Conversion 2 (28k)
Marisa the Horse Trainer (77k)
Reluctantly Willing 1 (41k)
Reluctantly Willing 3 (39k)
Star Trek Insertion 1 (49k)
  2 (43k)
  3 (40k)
  4 (31k)
Teen Katie's Diary:
  Entries 51k)
  The Gathering/1 (51k)
  The Gathering/2 (45k)
The Hulk (25k)
Wild College Girls 1 (31k)
Wild College Girls 2 (29k)
Wild College Girls 3 (17k)
Wild College Girls 4 (36k)
Wild College Girls 5 (21k)
Wild College Girls 6 (39k)
Wild College Girls 7 (39k)
Wild College Girls 8 (22k)
Margot's Story (79k)

dirty dawg

is not active any more. Celeste allocated 4 positions to Dirty Dawg in her Top 100 for 1995, including #1 for "Lynn." All were earned. {Most stories by 'Dirty Dawg' had been reposted by "Joseph Clayton" and are available at Google.

Becky (reposted by Red Dragon)
Brandy (Part 1) (John Dark repost)
  (Part 2) (John Dark repost)
Celeste (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
  #26 Celeste Top 100 of 1995, CEL-124: 10-10-10
Connie (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Courtney (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Dana (reposted by Joseph Clayton) CEL-124: 10-8-6
Duality (post by Dawson E. Rambo)
Eileen (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Ellen (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
  #19 Celeste Top 100 of 1995, CEL-124: 10-10-10
Holly (reposted by Joseph Clayton) CEL-124: 10-9-9 (with Tristmegistis)
Hope (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Jackie (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Jamie (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Jill (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Kris (reposted by Joseph Clayton) #25 Celeste Top 100 of 1995, CEL-124: 10-10-10
Lisa (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
  #60 Celeste Top 100 of 1996, CEL-124: 9.5-10-10
Lynn (RP at ASSM) #1 Celeste Top 100 of 1995, CEL-175: 10-10-10
  B+ rating Annex Rev 6-30-97 (32k) (RP) 
Marjorie (reposted by Joseph Clayton) CEL-76: 10-7-8
My Wife (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Nichole (reposted by Joseph Clayton) CEL-188: 9.5-9.5-9
Patty (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Shannon (reposted by Joseph Clayton) CEL-125: 10-10-10
Stef (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
The Party (post by Dawson E. Rambo)
Tracy (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Trish (reposted by Joseph Clayton)
Virginia (reposted by Joseph Clayton)

Note: A further story, "Patterns" was posted to ASS in 2001, but the story might not be authentic due to wrong style. Also there exists a continuation to "Holly" by an anonymous writer, posted to ASS in 1997.

doc masterson


Aplomb House
Compass Valley Training Center
Dominatrix for Hire
Hell Academy (14 parts)
Hollywood Hostage (212k) (OJC)


(MMF wife)

A Wife's Lunch Hour
Exotic Wife's Tale
Maria's Train Ride
My Gal's Truck Stop Fantasy
My Girlfriend Strays and Tells
My Wife Lets Me Watch
Playing with Fire CEL-85: 9.5-9.5-9.5
Sloppy Seconds Fantasy
Teasing Wife's Story
Under the Table CEL-84: 10-10-10
Wife in Back Room
Wife Takes the Plunge
Wife's Fortieth Birthday
Wife's Lunch Hour
Wife's Revenge

don boettger

Heat CEL-174: 9-9-9
Owning Corey #51 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
  CEL-208: 10-10-10

don roscoeny

Adult Video (10k)
Annual Sales Meeting (22k)
Aphrodite (31k)
Best Job in the World I (48k)
Brother William (35k)
Brothers in Arms Pt 1 (42k)
  Pt 2 (34k)
Carolina Queen (48k)
Catholic Guilt (8k)
Chloe (31k)
Classical Groupies (26k)
Company Playthings (15k)
Dionysian Orgy (43k)
Earth and Sky (21k)
Ellen and Suzi #1: The Scarlet V (24k)
Ellen and Suzi #2: The Lakehouse School (34k)
Ellen and Suzi #3: Dangerous Man (48k)
Ellen and Suzi #4: A Dangerous Woman (44k)
Ellen and Suzi #5: Desperate Measures (Part 1)
  (Part 2) (21k)
Ellen and Suzi #6: Duets and Trios (44k)
Ellen and Suzi #7: Virgin Surgeon, Part I
 Part II (24k)
Ellen and Suzi #8: Anniversary Party (25k)
Harem Slave (26k)
Hooker's Hookers (40k)
Just Lay Back and Enjoy It (31k)
Male Harem (23k)
Member's Only Sluts (28k)
The Mistress (36k) (Revised)
Plaything Retirement Village (24k)
Preparation for War (34k)
Private Treatment Facility (34k)
Race Suicide (31k)
Regime Change (29k)
Sales Conference (22k) (RP)
Sales Support in San Diego (18k)
Sex 101 (49k)
Sex 101 part II (rev.) (31k)
Slut Orgy (31k)
Slut Surprise Party (17k)
The Factory Girl (29k)
The Commune (37k)
The Count D'Escargot (35k)
The Dancer (38k)
The New Concubine, Part I; Part II (31k)
The Plaything (25k)
  A- rating Annex Reviews 6/20/02
The Plaything: Family Slut (35k)
The Plaything: Stud Service (25k)
The Plaything: The Initiation (24k)
The Plaything: Whorehouse (22k)
The Spoils of War (Part I); (Part 2) (29k)
The Sex Slave (25k)
The Whores of Wrong Wei (Part I); (Part II) (30k)
Third Year Law Student (36k)
User Friendly (29k)
Vivre la France (20k)
War and Peace (40k)
When Spanish Eyes Are Smiling (35k)
Why Sex Is Not an Olympic Sport (9k)

don winslow

is an internationally known author of erotic fiction. From time to time he posts stories that are parts of works in progress, or are "not ready for prime time" -- that is no publisher will touch them since they contain one or more of the taboos of adult book publishing. Though, non of his stories is disgusting or so what.

A Different Kind of Love (20k)
Big Sister (46k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 1 (10k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 2 (5k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 3 (8k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 4 (14k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 5 (17k)
How to Turn on a Ponygirl (12k)
I Like Girls (5k) [sapphic fest]
Joy Rider (7k)
Lyle's Revenge (101k) (RP)
Mounting Cortney (13k)
Mr Moto Returns (27k) (RP)
My Teacher, My Pet 1 (15k)
My Teacher, My Pet 2 (15k)
My Teacher, My Pet 3 (13k)
My Teacher, My Pet 4 (20k)
My Teacher, My Pet 5 (18k)
My Teacher, My Pet: The Sequel (1) (31k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 1 (17k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 2 (19k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 3 (20k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 4 (11k)
On The Strip: A Vegas Story 5 (23k)
Ridin' the Joystick (22k)
Six days, Seven Nights 1 (15k)
Six days, Seven Nights 2 (13k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 3 (22k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 4  (8k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 5 (10k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 6  (3k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 7  (5k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 8 (10k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 9 (10k)
The Blonde in the Office (9k) (RP)
The Girl with the Perfect Ass (1) (10k)
The Joy Toy (19k) (RP)
The Kiss (Part 1) (6k)
  (Part 2) (11k)
  (Part 3) (6k)
The Odd Couple in Room 210 (1) (26k)
The Sybian Rider (5k)


is a writer who writes both long stories and stand-alone stories. Many of his stories contain a (criminal) plot.

Jan Series - (Mf ff Mff anal oral)
Jan and Me (120k)
Jan Shares (2/5) (249k) BillyG: CEL-352: 10-10-10
Jan's First Time
Jan's Second Choice
Jan's Party
Kelly's Adventures 1-3 (459k)
Six Mothers (87k)
Marilyn's Return (90k)
Full Circle (484k)

The Next Door Neighbor Series - (Mf ff Ff inc MFf anal oral)
Next Door Neighbor (1.0M)
Amy and Friends (viol) (702k)
Protective Custody (viol) (600k)
Road Trip (viol) (200k)
Justice Served (327k)

The next two stories are a pair - (mf ff oral anal inc)
The Force (400k)
Force-ful (437k)

Standalone stories
A Family Affair (332k)
A Girl Reborn (250k)
A Night at the Movies (47k)
Justice Served (327k)
Better Living Through Chemistry (150k)
Dog Day Afternoon (205k)
Ikke Laengere Jomfru ("No More Virgin") (97k)
Kelly's Adventures (459k)
My Cousin Jane (Mf oral inc)
Scouting Family (307k)
Taxi - Ch. 1 (121k)
Taxi - Ch. 2 (61k)
Taxi - Ch. 3 (127k)
The Less You Know (94k)
The Tutor (153k)
The "Trained" Nurse (26k)



Constant Companion
Late Bloomer, Rogue Review No. 214: good
Mary and Joe - Beginnings (A Prequel)
Mary and Joe
Octopussy CEL-147: 10-9-9
Snake Priestess, Rogue Review No. 213: very good
The Homesteader, part 1
  part 2

dr charles forbin


Diaries of Ayesha

dr grits

(MMF wife)

My Wife Karen I (180k) YW18a
My Wife Karen II  (64k) YW18b
My Wife Karen III  YW18c

dr phil

(bondage, blackmail, spanking)

Hard Lessons - part 1
  part 2
  part 3
  part 4
Jillian's Tale, part 1
  part 2
  part 3
  part 4
Laura's Night Out
Mr. Hyde, Shame on You
Rachel, part 1 (by another author)
Rachel, part 2
The Bank Robbers (RP)
The Boss, part 1 B+ rating Annex Reviews
  part 2
  part 3
  part 4
The Gamblers
The Gamblers - Jack's Version
The Humiliation of Jane 5 (parts 1-4 by 3 different authors)
The Letter, part 1 (RP)
  part 2 (RP)
  part 3 (RP)
  part 4 (RP)
The Story of Theresa, part 1 (RP)
  part 2 (RP)
The Trophy
The Woods
Troublemaker (RP)

dr spin

(aka Neil Anthony) at: He won the Golden Clit Best new author (2000) (in a tie with Katie McN and Souvie). Ace Dyson Stories: Golden Clit Best story of 2000

1 Abducted By Aliens (43k) CEL-359: 10-10-10
2 Dyson Does Dunedin (13k)
3 Banged In Bahrain (15k)
4 The Colonel's Red Nails (35k)
5 Fair Suck of the Sausage (50k)
6 The Zhan Zhuang Mistress (60k)
. The Brat And The Rat (43k)
. Ladies Love Larrikins (50k)
. Bad Lady In Buenos Aires (33k)
. Russian Radiance (108k)
. Black Spider in B Cup, White (44k)
. Downhill Slopes at:
. The Gypsy's Armpit at:
A Bit of Consolation (12k) CEL-358: 10-10-10
A Model Payback (30k) CEL-375: 10-10-9
A Shot In The Dark (8k)
Amy in the Style of Her Mother (5k)
Betsy Fifty Bucks (23k)
Connie, Dark and Mills (23k)
Dead Wallaby Incident (26k) CEL-369: 10-10-10
Dot.Com Bimbo (25k)
E is for Ecstasy (25k) CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10]
Felicity The Beast (25k) CEL-354: Myers: No num. rating
Four Firm Friends: A Christmas Sharing Story (11k) CEL-350: 10-7-7
Hair of the Dog (6k)
Her Boyfriend's Back (8k)
Housewife 1946 1 (Germany) (16k)
Housewife 1946 2 (USA) (9k)
Housewife 1946 3 (UK) (11k)
Housewife 1946 4 (NSW) (13k)
Housewife 1946 5 (Ellis Island) (17k)
Housewife 1946 6 (Busan)  (7k)
Housewife 1946 7 (Haifa)  (9k)
Housewife 1946 8 (Speldham/Lyon) (17k)
It Started With A Kiss (28k)
Jen's Titillating Behaviour (22k) *A Rating Annex 5/27/00
Just Paul (9k) CEL-348: 9-9-9
Leggy And Legless (16k)
Maxine Superstar (20k)
Mother's Adulterous Affections (38k)
Ninespin (Nine New Stories) (89k) CEL-370: 10-9.5-9.5
Not A Pretty Woman (34k)
Other Men's Wives (29k)
R is for Reprise (6k)
Rachel's Remorse (24k)
Rondo a la Turk (39k)
Sandy Says Oh God A Few Times (18k)
Shoulder Straps  (10k) Myers: {No num. rating} CEL-361
Something to Tell (13k) CEL-363: 10-10-10
Succubus In Blue Checks (8k)
The Blueblood Slut (41k) CEL-355: 10-10-10
The Damnfool Husband (19k)
The Gravid Contract (35k)
The Great Jacko (13k) Myers: No Rating CEL-351
The Keeper's Wife (9k)
The Lacklustre Blonde (18k)
The Long Drink of Water (17k)
The Perfect Pair (19k)
The Red-Shouldered Mangrove Warbler (30k)  CEL-354: 10-10-10
La fauvette des marais a collier rouge (french, transl. by → Sala de Espera)
The Six Letter Word (19k) CEL-360: 9.5-10-10
The Stripper Who Knew Too Much (20k)
Timepiece (3k)
Watch Where You Put Your Hands Fiddler: (17k) CEL-355: 10-10-10
Wheelchair Wally and The Wog (14k)
Why Rose 36 Cried (52k) (RP)
Winsome Willie (61k)
You Whore (29k)

dr watson

Adventure of the Cross of St Simon CEL-72: 9-10-7
Case of the Tingling Clitoris CEL-12: 10
Jan the Slut 1 - Teacher's Pet and Other Things
Jan the Slut 2 - Old Man's Darling
Jan the Slut 3 - Go, Team, Go
Jan the Slut 4 - My Wife
Jan the Slut 5 - La Puta CEL-129: 9-9-9


The Drifter stories seem to cover most aspects of non-violent sexuality. No water sports and no pedophilia but just about everything else. Drifter likes his characters and loves his women. His women are eager, lusty, fun and good looking. Drifter usually portrays elements of bisexuality in his women characters and once or twice with men. He tends to write long tales with a lot of exploration. Tends toward character development and dialogue rather than detail descriptions of the sex act itself. (Available at Mr. Double's site.)

A New Life Style YW149
Adventures of Susan (86k)
Back to Work (113k) YW177
Evolution (Brandy) (62k) YW173
Career Boost
Dealing in Dallas (80k) YW233
Drifter's Dream Wife (41k) YW136
Gee (72k) YW151
Granddad (130k)
It Never Stays the Same (123k)
Jane's Fantasy (92k) YW175
John's Dilemmas (67k) CEL-248: 8-8-9
Linda (183k)
Laura YW188, YW226
Lovin' (272k) YW138 (115K)
My Boss, My Wife
My Brother's Girlfriend
My Buddy's Wife
My Daughter's Friend (64k) YW237
My Mom's Best Friend (52k)
Nancy (105k)
No Place Like Home (34k)
Our Getaway
Our Grandad 1-7 YW176, YW248
Support YW143
Styles (69k)
Tedi (75k) CEL-132: 8-7-6, YW174
The Deal YW240
The Evolution of Carol (170k) YW152
The Loving Step Mother (43k)
The Miller Family (39k)
Two Sides
Who Knew


is a teacher in the New England Area, who really appreciates good erotic fiction (and some bad as well!). Most of her work deal with MF, Rom, Cons, Oral, Cheat, reluc, a bit of fantasy, a bit of sd, voy, some slut, group, exhib... you rather unlikely will see same sex scenes.

(p) Fruit Flavored Lips
(p) Kingdom
(p) Resistance in [sapphic fest]
(p) The Deepest Dark of Night
(p) The Scent in [sapphic fest]
(p) The Shower
(p) Wandering through Rows
(p) Yearning
8 Hours (6k)
A Pirate's Party (15k) {Pirate}
A Woman Sits In Repose...Why?
Afraid (11k) CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
An Ode to a Chocoholic (2k) [Birthday],
  CRIM-22: [10,10,--,10]
Annsachd (23k)
Black Widow (one of her dreams at her website)
Blind Date (12k) CRIM-18: [9,8,8,7]
Chasing the Light (4k)
Cookie Crumbs (7k)
Dating Diary 1988 part 1 (16k) (10/20/88-10/28/88)
  2 (23k)
  3 (7k)
Dating Diaries '89 part 1 (10k)
Deep Sea Fishing (A Fisherman's Widow Tale) 5k)
Eddies (A Fisherman's Widow Story) (9k)
Escape (14k) CRIM-23: [9,10,10,10]
Fishtank (6k)
Free BJ (13k) [Mardi Gras]
Freudian Fudgicle (3k) [Birthday], CRIM-22: [10,10,10,10]
Gift (Written with Artie).

Dryad says on her website: It was an interesting collaboration, since I did most of the writing on 'Gift' (from the female perspective) and he did most the work on Healing (the male perspective).

Girl Talk (18k)
God in Heaven (3k)
Gone (9k)
  (The mirror story to "Return".)
Homecoming (11k)
In Thoughts of You (Mat Twassel's Challenge)
Insanity  (5k)
Judy's Turn to Cry (6k)
 Followup to Sir Fozzie's "Its My Party"
Late Night Ride
Letter Home (9k)
Moon Colony (one of her dreams at her website)
Mrs. Steven Rudy (3k)  CRIM-19: [9,9,10,10]
Ocean Mist (6k)
Panic Attack (12k) [song fest]
  CRIM-7: [8,10,10,10], A- rating Annex Reviews 9/10/02
Pine Trees (9k)
Polynesia (one of her dreams at her website)
  (The mirror story to "Gone".)
Rice Crispie Treats (12k)
Sanctuary (20k)
Saving a Seat (8k) {CURMUDGEON}
Saving Face (13k)
Showers 212 word flash 2/12/03
Snapshots (12k)
  (Nom. for June 2002 Silver Clit)
Snow Day (12k)
Stood Up (19k)
The Art of the Kiss
The Diner by Dryad (5k)
The Elevator
The Lighthouse's Tale (12k) [song fest]
The Night After (4k) [wedding]
The Paper (Desdmona Challenge) 1/11/03
The Price of Seduction (15k) [summer rom fest]
The Reluctant Sadist (5k)
The Session (14k) [sapphic fest]
The Storm (5k) [summer rom fest]
The Toll House Dance (3k)
The Wedding Dress (16k)
Too Late (15k) CRIM-28: [10,0,10,10]
Trivia Games
Winter Nights


Happy Valentine's Day CEL-256: 10-5-4
Intrusion 1-4
Room 56
Spanking the Teacher


(MMF wife)

Wife at a Topless Bar YW190
Wife In Whorehouse YW258
Topless Dancing YW360


(MMF wife voy)

Kelly's Night Out
Kelly's Wedding Adventure
Kelly's Vacation Adventure
Kelly's Fashion Show


wrote about 63 short romantic stories. Don't pass her by when you see the romance tag. There is a lot more to Dulcinea than just romance.

Dulcinea passed away in 1997. She leaves behind stories that have few peers – a wonderful legacy passed down to story lovers everywhere." -- Eli The Bearded

The wholesomeness and liveliness of her tales stood in marked contrast to the general style of ASS/M, and she will be sorely missed. – Apuleius

The reason more people don't write stories like this is that it was written by one of the finest – on some days I would say the finest -- writer on a.s.s. – Uther Pendragon

Dulcinea had a simple style – graceful, genuine, cheery and unassuming – and it fit her sweet stories perfectly. She wrote of ordinary people, couples who could be your neighbors, and of the delights, pleasures, goodness and small surprises they discover in each other and in sex. The plots contain sometimes some tease or twist, but invariably one that works towards bliss or at least happiness. [...] -- Mat Twassel

A Change in Plans CEL-161: 10-10-10
A Little Afternoon Fun CEL-163: 10-10-10
A New Scarf CEL-160: 10-10-10
A New Start CEL-141: 8-8-9
An Evening Out CEL-164: 10-10-10
At The Movies CEL-164: 10-10-10
Bike Rides CEL-143: 10-9-9
Birthday Surprise CEL-168: 10-10-10
The Box CEL-136: 10-8-8
Break Time! CEL-171: 10-8-9
Breakfast in Bed CEL-169: 10-10-10
Candy Cane CEL-145: 10-9-9
Computer Fun CEL-128: 10-10-10
Couch Potatoes CEL-172: 10-9-9
Dining Out
Dinner Time CEL-165: 10-9-10
Down By The Tracks CEL-173: 10-10-10
Gift Wrapping
Happy Birthday To You
Helping Hand CEL-133: 10-10-10
Her Turn CEL-160: 10-10-10
Hiccups CEL-134: 9.5-9-9
Homework CEL-174: 10-9-9
Ice Cream
Inspired by the View
The Letter CEL-174: 10-9-9
Long Drive Home CEL-174: 10-9-9
Lunchtime CEL-137: 10-10-10
The Massage CEL-169: 10-10-10
Memories of Summer CEL-142: 10-10-10
Miss You CEL-177: 10-8-10
Moving Day CEL-140: 10-8-8
The Next Morning
Nylon Toes CEL-177: 10-9-9
Oh Christmas Tree CEL-145: 10-9-10
One Of Those Days? CEL-142: 10-10-10
The Party CEL-137: 10-10-10
Party Time
Passing Grade
Pickles CEL-139: 10-8-8,
Pillow Fight
Prelude to a Weekend
Puzzled CEL-144: 10-9-9
Ride Home
Road Trip
The Seduction
Shaving Cream CEL-165: 10-10-10
Sick In Bed
Snowed In CEL-153: 10-10-10
Snowed In: Day 2
Spill the Wine
Stormy Weather
To The Point CEL-141: 10-8-8
The Toolbelt
Valentine's Surprise CEL-158: 10-10-10
Welcome Home
Winners and Losers?
Pregnant #1
Pregnant #2
The Tick
A is for Aphrodisiac CEL-135: 10-10-10
B is for Belt CEL-138: 10-10-10
C is for Control CEL-145: 10-10-10
D is for Driving CEL-154: 10-10-10
E is for Eyeliner CEL-156: 9-9-9
F is for Face CEL-171: 10-10-10

Once again, please remember there is no pretense that this is a complete list of authors or even a list of the best authors. It is a list of some of the more profilic authors, many of whom are still active on the group today, along with a few of the newer voices. If you have input, don't complain, send it.

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