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NEW in 1999, in association with Dr Clifford Pickover: A story that grows across the web like a fractal: Parallel Universe

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Click here for a link to a site where they think that for the 21th century Complexity of our worlds comes from the fact that many domains are connected with each other - and Fractal Theory has led this conciousness to a new degree - without even people exchanging their experience. Sometimes there are some discoveries made in a field by analogy with another one like Brownian Theory applied in the Stock Market Theory..

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Fractal Report 0

includes a general essay on fractals From Star Trek to the Stiperstones Ridge by Mark Datko, Random Generation of Fractals by John Sharp (including a short GW BASIC program), Enhancing Mandelbrot Fractals by Larry Cobb (including a low cost program disc offer for PCs), Mandelbrot Generators on the Macintosh II by Mark Datko, (offering PD software) Fractals Maths and Graphics by Simon Goodwin, and more.

Fractal Report 1

includes an important article by Dr Dietmar Saupe, editor of Science of Fractal Images, on speeding Mandelbrot images. A page of contacts and notices is followed by a short program and article Day's Squares. Fractals from the Solution of z^n=1 and z Trajectories make up the Fractal Report, together with two further Mandelbrot articles.

Fractal Report 2

includes many articles with practical program examples such as Affine Transformations, by Dr Keith Wood, plus A Variation on the Mandelbrot Set, Melting Mandelbrots, A short Mandelbrot program for the BBC B, Computing Julia Sets in C, The Consequences of Finite Arithmetic, A Space filling Curve, details of the first Larry Cobb awards, and more.

Fractal Report 3

ventures into the fourth dimension with Dr Entwistle's Quaternion Julia Sets, and continues in similar vein with Mark Datko's Faking Planets and Mark McCall's Warp Speed Mandelbrot Sets. There are More Affine Transformations from Keith Wood, and Dr Jules Verschuren provides More About Ineration Algorithms. John C. Topham finishes with some excellent Pictures from Dynamic Systems on his QL.

Fractal Report 4

gives those unfamiliar with Henon Maps a chance to catch up, and also some short simple Mandelbrot and Julia plotters. There are a number of software offers, such as 68000 Mandelbrot and Julia plotters all in machine code for QL and Amiga, and also some shareware for various machines. A Star Fractal program and other short items makes this a useful Fractal Report for those just starting.

Fractal Report 5

has as its main article a discussion of 3D images, and shows how just two lines added to the familiar Mandelbrot program can give a perspective view. Fractal Landscapes in C are also covered, with further news of the Larry Cobb prize. The use of the 8087 PC co-processor in Mandelbrot images is discussed in the final article.


Editorial John de Rivaz 2

Mandelbrot Images (advertisement) Jake Davies 3

High Powered Mandelbroids R.J.F. Stewart 4

The Numbers Game Dr Keith Wood 6

Speed, Mandelbrot and the Archimedes Tom Marlow 8

Fractal Art (advertisement) Jake Davies 9

The Henon Attractor Peter Davidson 10

Further Investigations of a Chaotic Dynamical System John C. Topham 13

YAMS - Yet Another Mandelbrot Speed-up D. Stevenson 16

The Third Larry T. Cobb Prize Awards Larry Cobb 19

Dynamical Systems and Fractals (Book Review) Dr Ian Entwistle 20


Editorial John de Rivaz 2

Pictures from Complex Polynomials using Newton's Algorithm John C. Topham 3

Announcements 4

A Three Dimensional Julia Plot with Z-Trajectories John de Rivaz 10

Space Filling Iterative Patterns Dr Hugh Daglish 11

Ikeda Map Dr John Corbit 14

Coloured IFS Tilings Dr Uwe Quasthoff 15

Intersecting Universes Michael Kirsch 18

Fractal Report 8

offers more of John Topham's Images from a Three Point Attractor. Dr Clifford Pickover calls for papers for The Pattern Book, while Bryan Dye look at Fractals for Children. The saga of Mandelbrot in 3D is continued with a contribution from Ettrick Thomson. Ian Austin discusses Fractal Curves and Plants and Stewart Russell describes his Julia Set Animations. The Fourth Larry T. Cobb Prize Awards are announced by none other than Larry Cobb, and this issue concludes with Fractals from zn+c by Andy Lunness, Fractalmaker II, an advertisement from Nigel Woodhead's organisation, and the editorial and announcements

Fractal Report 9

Martin's Mappings Paul Gailiunas 2

Fractals on the Apple II Series J.R. Parkes 4

A Brief Note on Time John de Rivaz 5

Equation Stability F.E. Alexander 6

Nothing But Zooms Amygdala 8

Bifurcation Diagrams - a Detailed Look John C. Topham 9

Program To Generate Land Surfaces Philip Hickin 16

Amiga Fractal Announcement Cade Roux 18

Editorial John de Rivaz 19

Announcements John de Rivaz 20

Fractal Report 10:

Wallpaper Peter Moon 2

Julia Sets - Part II Dr Ian Entwistle 4

Fractal File Formats Larry Cobb 7

More Martin's Mappings Dr Hugh N. Daglish 8

Bifurcated Sounds Leon Heller 13

Beyond Mandelbrot Tom Marlow 14

Ginger Bread Men Tom Marlow 15

Feigenbaum Diagram in C for the PC Leon Heller 16

Editorial John de Rivaz 17

Announcements John de Rivaz 18

Fractal Report 11

starts with some Hyperbolic Patterns from Dr Uwe Quasthoff. The Mandelbrot set is discussed again in Stereoscopic Mandelbrot by Ed Hersom, and Variations on the Mandelbrot Formula by Kate M. Crennell. There are some Book Reviews by Dr Ian Entwistle, and reviews of Shareware and Public Domain Programs for the PC by Jake Davies. A short TurboBasic program Three View Lorenz by José E. Murciano is followed by an essay and short program on Fractal Convolutions Terry Spitz. A Mandelbrot Monster by Paul Gailiunas and The Fifth Larry T. Cobb Prize Awards end the issue. Some excellent .wpg conversions of the .gif files show them off well.

Fractal Report 12

opens with some Simple Speedups from Paul McGilly. Faster and Nicer Fractals by Dr Jules Vereschuren follow, Spirals by Nigel Woodhead, and Shaded Three Dimensional Models by Howard Jones. Ettrik Thomsom shows us how to draw hyperbolic patterns with recursion, and Dr Daniel Wolf introduces his dust.


Simple Speedups Paul McGilly 2

Faster and Nicer Fractal Sets Dr Jules Verschueren 3

Area Preserving Mappings Paul Gailiunas 8

Spirals: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral or Fractal? Nigel Woodhead 10

Shaded Tree Dimensional Models Howard Jones 14

Hyperbolic Patterns with Recursion Ettrick Thomson 16

Wolf's Dust Dr Daniel Wolf 18

Announcements 20

Editorial John de Rivaz 20


The Sierpinski Curve E.J. Turl 2

Data Compression (Letter) Larry Cobb 2

A Bit More Detail, Please Graham Johnstone 4

Basic Landscape José E. Murciano 7

The Volterra-Lotka System E.J. Turl 8

The Bifurcation Diagram and Chebyshev Polynomials John Topham 10

Fractal Shareware on the Acorn Archimedes Phil Edmonds 15

x5-1 Newton Plot (image) Dr Ian Entwistle 16

Two Mandelbrot Images Cade Roux 17

Mandelbrot With Moving Colours José E. Murciano 19

Editorial and Announcements John de Rivaz 20


Julia Sets: Alternative Mappings Dr Ian Entwistle 2

Faster and Nicer Fractal Sets - Part 2 Dr Jules Vereschueren 7

A Fractal Tiling Tiziano Terranova 13

Editorial John de Rivaz 16

Möbius Mandelbrot Contortions Cade Roux 17

Announcements John de Rivaz 17

Fractal Calendar Competition Dr Ian Entwistle 20

Fractal Report 16

A long article on the Reimann Sphere by Roger Castle-Smith starts this issue. This should be of value to those interested in those arty projections. Another look at Mandelbrot Type Images From Newton's Method by John C. Topham and his trusty QL shows just what good results people with patience can achieve with almost any computer. Joyce Haslam uncovers the secrets of Ushiki's Phoenix for all to see and program into their computers. Finally Yvan Bozzonetti philosophises on What is Fractals Space


Fractal Landscapes Peter Berryman 2

Inside the Julia Set Joyce Haslam 4

Fractals from Laguerre's Method John Topham 6

Making Phopographs from the Computer Screen Howard Jones 11

The Method of Double Position Paul Gailiunas 12

Fractals From Any Polynomial Using Netwon's Method John Topham 14

Biomorfos José E. Murciano 18

Editorial and Announcements John de Rivaz 19


Julia Sets: Mappings with Decomposition Dr Ian D. Entwistle 2

Chaos in New Clothes and Some New Fractals John Sharp 7

Life in a Box: Lines Fractals and Being Human Dick T. Oliver 13

Editorial and Announcements John de Rivaz 16

The Blancmange Chris Sangwin 18


Images from Halley's Method John Topham 2

Rabbits and Foxes Dolores Garcia Garcia 7

L - Systems John Sharp 10

Editorial and Announcements John de Rivaz 16

Double Position for Functions of a Complex Variable Paul Gailiunas 18

Taking Photographs of Computer Screen Images

Using Focal Plane Shutter Cameras Roger Castle-Smith 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

Review: Fractals in the Fundamental and Applied Sciences Dr Ian Entwistle & John de Rivaz 7

Fractal Power Yvan Bozzonetti 5

Producing Sharp Fractals John Sharp 7

Fractal Music: the 1/f algorithm Dr Gabriel Landini 14

The Mandelbrot Explained: A Beginner's Guide Mike Curnow 20


reset type=formula formulafile=\fractint\susy.frm formulaname=RMCH1 corners=9.309089/-9.309087/-12.376526/12.447716/-9.309087/12.447716 params=1/0/0.5 inside=0 (rotated)

Editorial and Announcements 2

Fractint Corner: Suzy M. Yvan Bozzonetti 3

Mapping the Mandelbrot Filaments John A. Colls 4

Lyaponov Maps E.J. Turl 6

Julia Sets by the Inverse Iteration Method George Cotsikis 8

Functions with Symmetric Attractors Uwe Quasthoff 10

Letter Dr M.W. Ecker 13

Fractals form 3rd and Higher Order Taylor Methods John Topham 14

An Even/Oddity ( ... lovely as a tree?) Ed Hersom 18

More Blancmange Dr Hugh Daglish 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

A Brief Condemnation of Time - call for articles 5

Recursive Block Removal Algorithms Timothy Harris 6

Fractint Corner: More Parameters Please Yvan Bozzonetti 8

Colouring Symmetric Attractors Dr Hugh Daglish 12

Physics Software Review Larry Cobb 13

Gumowski and Mira Attractor Dr Ian Entwistle 14

Two Books on Symmetry - A Review John de Rivaz 15

Production of 1/f Music Series G.R. Turner 16


Editorial and Announcements 2

Using Complex Variables in QuickBasic for Fractals Cecil J. Freeman 4

Noises, noises and noises Dr Gabriel Landini 6

Symmetries in Patterns from Mira Paul Gailiunas 8

The F.A.S.T. Method to Speed-Up the Creation of Fractal Sets Dr Jules Verschuren 10

Fractals by the Hundred Professor John Greening 16

Recursion and Turtle Graphics Paul Gailiunas 18

Fractal Report 24

Fractint Corner - Some explanations. On the Track of Mandelbrot Bacteria Yvan Bozzonetti The Ikenaga Sets Joyce Haslam Images from other Iterative Functions John Topham Patterns on the x0-r Plane Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz IFS Explorer and Clip Art for the Macintosh Andy Hass Values of the Logistic Map with Periodic Forcing Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz QuasiJulia-1 José E. Murciano and José L. Villaneuva


Editorial and Announcements 2

Using Complex Variables in QuickBasic - II Cecil J. Freeman 4

Cheap Iterative Processes Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz 6

Fast Hyperbolic Patterns John Greening 10

Iterations with Transformed Argument Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz 12

Notes on the Newton-Ralphson Method Cade Roux 14

Review: Chaos Data Analyzer John de Rivaz 16

Patterns of Territories Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz 18

A Note on Distance Between Sequences Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

Fractal Aggregations- review John de Rivaz 5

Fractal Image Compression Demo Disk - review John de Rivaz 6

Review of CAL software, version 3.5 Larry Cobb 8

Visions of Tomorrow - review John de Rivaz 9

IFS from PI John de Rivaz 10

Fractint Corner - FRM files are Easy Joyce Haslam 12

QuasiJulia 2 Jose E. Murciano 15

QuasiMandelbrot - 1 Jose E. Murciano 16

More Rabbits and Foxes Dolores Garcia Garcia 17

Lasajous Figures and Strange Attractors U. Owenup 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 3

An Open Letter to Dr Meech Joyce Haslam 4

Coming Attraction Joyce Haslam 6

Quantum Fractals at least? Yvan Bozzonetti 7

Catching Fractals by the Short and Curlicues John Sharp 10

Fractals at the Seaside John de Rivaz 13

Curlicues from text John de Rivaz 14

Magazine Review: Fractals John de Rivaz 16

Harmonics in Fractals Gareth Jones 17

Fractal Galore Ed Hersom 18

Ginger - A Variation on Martin's Mappings Gareth Jones 20

The Face - Fiction John de Rivaz

Fractal Report 28

Legendre's Fractals, Cardinal Fractals Yvan Bozzonetti. José E. Murciano: Interset, Trimande, Popcorn Hugh Daglish, Power Curlicues John Reece Amiga Gallery


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 3

More on Legendre's Polynomials Yvan Bozzonetti 5

Hopalong Douglas Skrecky 7

Pickover's Variation of the Mandelbrot Set by Warut Roonguthai 9

Curlicue Advances Dr Hugh Daglish 10

Fractal Sets from Magnetic Model 2 Dr Jules Verschueren 11

Self Similarity in Modular Graphics G. R. Turner 18


Editorial and Announcements 2

Cos1.par Yvan Bozzonetti 3

Letters 4

The Mandelbrot Crop Formations Kobus Nieuwmeijer 7

Tree Maker Dolores García García 8

Complex Probability Beziers of Three Polynomials In Iteration Time Roger L. Bagula 9

Random And Pseudo-random Walks Roger L. Bagula 10

B.C.S. Superconductors, Renormalizationand Yang-lee Theory Roger L. Bagula 12

Exploring C3FBC4 Yvan Bozzonetti 14

Inflation Tilings Paul Gailiunas 16

Inverse Mapping for Newton's Method Paul Gailiunas 18


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 3

Two Algorithmic Composition Programmes Dr Gabriel Landini 4

Fractal Music II - Driving the MPU401 Interface Dr Gabriel Landini 6

Poetry and Computers Gerald England 8

A Simple Model of a Gravitational Lens John Topham 11

Fractal Models John Sharp 14

Applying the Epsilon Cross Method to the Mandelbrot Set Warut Roonguthai 16

A New Type of Fractal Procedure: Chase Functions Roger Bagula 18

Dimensional Iteration In The Mandelbrot Set Roger Bagula 19

On Good Books About Fractals Roger Bagula 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

Fractal Meanderings G.T. Swain 2

Compression Ed Hersom 3

Circle Residue Art Dr Mike Ecker 6

Fractals from cyclotonic polynomials Mikel Paternain 7

A Programme For Generating the Menger Sponge Roger Castle-Smith 8

Candy Jean van Mourik 14

Fractal Stars (in good time for) Christmas (1994) Dr Jules Verschueren 15

Strophoid Loops in Space-Time Simulated Roger Bagula 18

and Tachyon Transient Dimensions


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 4

Michael Barnsley Collectors Editions 5

Book Review: Frontiers of Scientific Visualisation John de Rivaz 6

Further Models of Gravitational lenses John Topham 7

Forty-one E. W. Shineman, Jr 15

More Amazing Number Arrangements John J. Schraub 15

Kaleidoscope Mal Lichenstein 16

Simulation of Smouldering of Paper Jean van Mourik 17

Migdal-Kadanoff and Ackerman Dual Recursions Roger Bagula 18

Fractals Without Chaos Yvan Bozzonetti 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 3

Merging Ordinary Logistics with Hoffensteadt Logistics John de Rivaz, & Mal Lichenstein 5

What Is The Fractalated Curriculum? Harold J. McWhinnie 7

Ordering Time Ideas. Yvan Bozzonetti 8

Book Review: The Muse in the Machine Robert C.W. Ettinger 13

Magic Squares John Greening 14

On The Use Of Moduar Group Procedure To Express The Klein Hyperbolic Model As A Fractal Roger Bagula 15

Hyperbolics John de Rivaz 16

On The Track of M Bacteria Yvan Bozzonetti 18


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 6

On Penny Saving/collecting As An Experimental Observation R. L. Bagula 10

Lorenz Butterfly Music Malcom Lichenstein 11

Lorenz Music for Tympani, Shakuachi, Piano and Pipe Organ John de Rivaz 12

The Sound of Chaos Dr Gabriel Landini 15

Fishtank Cecil J. Freeman 16

Pondering on a Bifurcation Yvan Bozzonetti 17

The Bagula Set Roger Bagula 19

Rabbits, Foxes and Oppossums Roger Bagula 19

Patterns of Repulsion Paul Gailiunas 20


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 3

Fractal DNA

Are Infinite Carotid-Kundalini Functions Fractal? Dr Clifford Pickover 7

Powerful Fractals Dr Jules Verschueren 11

Sunflower Spirals John Sharp 17

Fractals, Logic Functions and Bits Mikel Paternain Machin 19


Editorial and Announcements 2

Amgia Program Malcolm Lichenstein 5

Letters 6

Extraterrestial Messages in Our Genes Dr Clifford Pickover 8

A Plotter Hidden in Your Printer Roger Castle-Smith 13

Magic Figures Paul Gailiunas 19

Koan music - A unique new type of music 21

Astronomy with Computers Yvan Bozzonetti 23

International Workshop on Information Processing in Cells and Tissues Ray Paton 24

Skyglobe Mark A. Haney 25

Across My Dreams With Nets Of Wonder G.T. Swain 26

Roger Bagula's Listings Roger Bagula 28

Generating Fractals with Hardware in Real Time Tom Holroyd 31

All at the Press of a Button... Chrissie Loveday 32


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 4

Catastrophic Chaotic Attractor Malcolm Lichtenstein 7

Binary Decomposition Joyce Haslam 8

N-Color Decompositions Jules Verschueren 10

Conference News 11

Is the World a Superbrain? Yvan Bozzonetti 12

Fractal Compression Trefor Southwell 14

Complex Denominators Joyce Haslam 19

The Circular Tractrix and Trudrix John Sharp 28

Beyond Measure Theory into the Vacuum R. L. Bagula 32


Editorial and Announcements 2

Letters 4

Fractal Cosmos: The Art of Mathematical Design Book Review Dr Ian Entwistle 6

Fractal DNA Imager Software Review 7

Apollonian Circles Marius-F. Danca 8

The Pattern Book: Fractals, Art and Nature Book Review Cecil J. Freeman 13

Newton.frm Jules Verschueren 14

The Well Tempered Fractal Robert Greenhouse 20

More on Gravitational Lenses, Please Yvan Bozzonetti 21

A Fractal Window on Mars Yvan Bozzonetti 22

Images From a Three Point Attractor Marius-F. Danca 23

Magic not Squares John Sharp 28

Fractal Carpets Gabriel Landini 29

Fractal 97 Call for Papers Miroslav M. Novak 30

More Amiga Fractals Malcolm Lichtenstein 31

Spidermorph (Image only) Dr Ian Entwistle 32


Editorial and Announcements 2

Fractal Dreams Dr Clifford A. Pickover 4

Keys to Infinity Book Preview Dr Clifford A. Pickover 5

Fractal resources on the Internet 9

Neural Nets versus Digital Computers Dr Art Quaife 10

Future Health Book Preview Dr Clifford A. Pickover 12

Fractal Underwater Images Loretta DeMars 17

Mutating Fractals Paul Gailiunas 22

Julia Sets Part 5 Dr Ian Entwistle 23

Inner Loop Rhyming Schemes for "Mandel" Pairs Malcolm Lichtenstein and Roger Bagula 25

Various Internal Perturbations of the Mandelbrot Set Malcolm Lichtenstein 26

Fractint Formulae Roger Bagula 28

The Mogen David Fractal Malcolm Lichtenstein 30

Checkerboard Mandelbrot Malcolm Lichtenstein 31

Fractal Blind Spot Malcolm Lichtenstein 31

Sieprinski Process within Mandelbrot Malcolm Lichtenstein 32


Editorial and Announcements 2

The Logarithmic Spiral Dr Art Quaife 5

Pi fight, round n+2 Dr M. Ecker 7

Unusual Map Files for Fractint John Sharp 8

Ford Circles Malcolm Lichtenstein 10

Sierpinski Odd-even Cellular Automaton Malcolm Lichtenstein 11

Musical Ants Malcolm Lichtenstein 12

Fuzzy Mandelbrot Intersections Malcolm Lichtenstein 14

New Twist to the Mandelbrot Malcolm Lichtenstein 15

Kolmogorov Pre-Fuzzies Malcolm Lichtenstein 16

Bilinear Irreversibility Malcolm Lichtenstein 17

Radial Polar Transforms of Mandelbrot Iterations Roger Bagula 18

Future Basic - a bear with a byte Roger Bagula 19

Programming Environments Roger Bagula 20

Julia Effects in Mandelbrot Iterations Roger Bagula 21

Hop - Fractals in Motion Michael Peters 23

Mathematica coding Yvan Bozzonetti 25

New Book Dr Clifford Pickover 25

Synopsis of Pulsor Model for Space-Time Events David C. Manchester 26

Towards Justice Brian W. Haines 28

Relativistic Thermodynamics From Intermediate Nanomachines. Yvan Bozzonetti 31


Editorial Letters and Announcements 2

One Fill subroutine Marius -F. Danca 6

A Recipe for Intelligence John K. Clark 9

Chaos Demonstrations Ladye K. Wilkinson 11

New and Wonderful Fractal Formula! Gerry Mantha 13

Quantum Computers John K Clark 14

Sine-Cosine Curlicues and Feather Fractals Dr. Michael W. Ecker 15

A Composer's Thoughts on Fractal Music Chick Hebert 17

Magic Hexagon Jean Van Mourik 19

Logarithmic Spiral Jean Van Mourik 20

Appolonius Jean Van Mourik 20

A Gadget for Solving the Third Order Equation Marius-F. Danca 21

Van der Pohl System Marius-F. Danca 23

Mandelbrot Bull's Eye Malcolm Lichtenstein 29

Fuzzy SuperCalculus Malcolm Lichtenstein 29

Four Way Symmetries in Mandelbrot and BAM Malcolm Lichtenstein 30

Some QBASIC programs Roger Bagula 31


A Major Change for Fractal Report 2

Editorial, Announcements and Letters 4

Chaotic Justice G.T. Swain 9

Book Review: Pickover: VISUALIZING BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION Dr Gabriel Landini 12

What is Chaos Yvan Bozzonetti 13

Can Computing Devices Beat Physical Laws Yvan Bozzonetti 14

Impact of Computing Power Yvan Bozzonetti 20

The Statute of Virtual Worlds Yvan Bozzonetti 21

Bagula's Programs Roger Bagula 24

Tent operations on IFS Sierpinski Malcolm Lichtenstein 32


Fractal Report to Cease Publication - Editorial

Announcements and Letters

Interesting Ways of Filling the Interior of the Mandelbrot Set Jose Marques

The Most Impressive Fractal J. A. Muth

Acceleration Man Malcolm Lichtenstein

Tent Inside Man Malcolm Lichtenstein

Some BAM Designs Malcolm Lichtenstein

Auto Correalation BAM Pattern Malcolm Lichtenstein

A Fractal in Visual Basic: Martin's Mappings John de Rivaz

Julia Set Compatible Perturbations Jules Vereschueren

General Power Mandelbrot Roger Bagula

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