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My life goal is to find a way to help others be successful.  I believe that success is different for each individual, and it is necessary to identify what that looks like for each individual. 
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Hi!  My name is Felicia Samson...
I grew up in Sunnyvale, California (north of San Jose and south of San Francisco).  My oldest brother, his wife, and my parents live there.  My second oldest brother lives in Newark, California with his wife. 

My husband and I attended
UC Davis as undergrads.My best friend from college lives in Wisconsin with her husband.

Four years ago, we moved from California to 
Zuni, New Mexico.
Now, I'm finishing up my first year of teaching at Ramah Elementary School.

                                                          --updated on April 3, 2008
I enjoy music, dance, art, hiking, reading, drawing,and just hanging around with mi familia!  I can hadly believe that our baby is 13 months old!  It's fun to watch him and my two older sons (already teenagers!) playing together.
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