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September 2004
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     I come to Zuni from California, where I have worked since August 1997 in the Woodland Joint Unified School District, as a teacher and an administrator.  Prior to working with WJUSD, I was an Instructional Aide Specialist in the Davis Joint Unified School District.  I received my multiple subject teaching credential from the University of California, Davis in July of 1997, student teaching at Grades 3 and 4 in Winters and Davis.  Additionally, I possess my CLAD certification (equivalent to an ESL certification), a supplemental English credential, and Administrative credential for California.
     I believe that a village can make a difference.  In this past week (my first day with the students was September 1st... they started school on August 16th... thank you Ms. Socorro for the work you did with the students before I arrived!), I have been excited to see how the community at St. Anthony supports one another.  When I moved to Zuni, Ms. Mosqueda (our vice-principal), her family, and a student at St. Anthony were here to help me move in.  A week later, when Ms. Stowe (our first grade teacher) arrived, many members from the community were on-hand to help move her things into her rooms.  At Bingo night, many members from the community came to play, and the parents came to support the fundraiser.
     I expect my students to be appropriate in class, and to try their best.  Our brains can work more quickly than our mouths or hands can sometimes communicate, so students will develop skills to become effective communicators.  We all learn in different ways (kinesthetically, visually, through listening, or a combination of all our senses), and I strive to include all the learning modalities in my teaching.
     One of my goals is to learn from my students and their families, as I hope they are able to learn from me.  At times, I will be a facilitator of learning, while at other times, I will instruct.  I believe that a balance between the two is necessary for students to be successful.
     My classroom was once described as "healthy chaos."  Fear not, there is order to the classroom.  You can click on the "Weekly Schedule" link above  to see the class schedule for the week.  You can also explore this website to find what activities we cover during the school day.
     I look forward to a fruitful year at St. Anthony's!  This website will continue to be developed throughout the year.

"Ms. Felicia"
September 9, 2004
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