Here are some of our favorite places to visit.
We've visited these sites and liked them.
However, we are not responsible for any of their content
and make no claims to the validity of any
opinions/statements they might represent.
They are in no particular order but that keeps things interesting!
Happy traveling...

The Troth


Vingolf Booklist

Frigga's Web

Irminsul Aettir


Jordsvin's Pages
has a great Seidhr/Spae section here

Northvegr Foundation - Online Texts

Suuny Way's Rune Pages (terrific)

Woden's Harrow-Art and Literature

Pagan page with Norse clip-art/gifs

Asatru Link page

Self-Bow Forum

Energy Strength
Chakra Balancing and TAT on the Outer Banks

Wildlife Rehabilitation on the Outer Banks

The Joy of Handspinning

Vanic Veh

Scandinavian Heritage (great shirts)

Medieval Mayhem

Tara Hill Designs

Ragweed Forge (great stuff)

Hammers by Weylandsdottir

Nordic Arts

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Beginner's Geneology at

The Pagan Net - (check out the crafts section)

American's United for Separation of Church and State

Old Norse for Beginners

Raymond's Quiet Press

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